MMM 383

Not really feeling it today.  I realized that looking for these pictures is starting to feel like a real chore.  Not sure if I’m bored, distressed at all the e-thots, or just tired of doing these after 383 posts.  I need to think up some new content for Mondays.

In the meanwhile, it looks warm there.


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Try and Make Meme















































Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.




Your model for today was born July 22nd, 1991 in Moscow, Russia.  She stands 5‘ 6″ and measures 362034 and 112 lbs.  Please get cleaned up for Miss Yana Yatskovskaya AKA Яна Яцковская .


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It’s Only Thursday Dammit!

Not sure why but this week is dragging on for me. Time slowing down is a good thing in certain instances like if you’re the W.’s who are on vacation. Any time I take a vacation time seems to speed up. Weird thing that, isn’t it? Here’s some blah blah filler crap. The jury is still out on the upside of the New England Patriots hiring accused rapist Antonio Brown at this point. Man, that guy’s life is a roller coaster. I know the Dem party line is #believeeverywoman* (* unless she’s a conservative woman attacking a progressive politician or celebrity) but I question the timing. Like CBF who sat on her Kavanaugh accusations until just the right time this civil suit was filed at just the right time. Almost like some lawyers knew the time was right to get some money.




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Shut Up and Meme

Yeah, there’s a song for this one too, but I’m not linking those front holes.


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MMM 382

Last gasp of Summer this week, forecast says 80s and 90s from tomorrow on.  60s right now.  We shall see.

Looks warm there.


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Yeah You Know Meme

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