1. Sweet memes!

  2. Sitting here at 4:30 waiting for #1 Son to pick me up. He needs help preg testing cows. No fun at all #myragnar

  3. Rowan is hoarse from barking at the bush hog guy and the pest management company technician. He sounds like a little ankle biter barking to get me to play frisbee

  4. Must be a bitch getting the cows to pee on the strip

  5. From a Boston Herald sports column:

    — The NFL wants easier officiating and more scoring, right? Well, I’m here to help. Just switch to the college rule for a catch that requires just one foot in bounds. More offense, fewer replay issues.

    You’re welcome, Roger.
    Interesting idea. It would definitely increase scoring to ridiculous levels and offenses would need a couple of years to adjust but hundred point games might become the new normal.

  6. The guy doing the fields was much slower than the ones who have done it before. He got about half the job done before the sunlight started to fade. He’ll be back today to finish. He’s doing a good job though, really getting under the trees and pushing the edges back whereas the other ones took the easy route and finished in under 5-6 hours. Crows are flocking to the cut areas to eat the fresh protein before it becomes rotten.

  7. Niiiiiiiiice.

  8. Anyone else believe this?

    I believe she wants it, I just don’t think her party wants her in it

  9. Hello 911. Id like to report a murder in Jimbro’s field. He’s bragging about it online…..

  10. Thunderstorms ALL night long inside and outside the house. Better half decided not use her machine, and a series of storms rolled through…

    Run Car in RUN

  11. Same storms here, 2 flash flood warnings on my phone last night.

  12. be dead, maybe this will work.

    SAT CONG boys n girls. The clock be a ticking away

    Prepare now to

    Fight Back
    Provide Support
    Provide Communications
    Provide Medical

    Our Nation is under Attack from within

    Or in the end, when they ask what you did, you can tell them you were a coward that hid in the shadow of men and women better than yourself.

    PS. The link is just to a Johnny Cash song

  13. Dump run then attacked the pantry. Yesterday as I walked by it I noticed an odor. Like something died in there. We haven’t done a complete douching of our pantry closet in a couple of years so it was time anyway. After a half hour of unstacking I finally located the culprit. I bought two frozen food entrees that we’ve never had before and they come in boxes. Paula helped me put things away and just put them on the shelf.

    In her defense, I was working for a half hour before I even noticed what was wrong.

  14. Run, Carin, run!

    Even if the shit doesn’t hit the fan, Teeroy, it’s good to be prepared. One of the things I thought was so stupid during the Boston bomber lockdown was the woman crying because her kids needed milk. You couldn’t make it 12 hours without a trip to the grocery store? You couldn’t get by with some juice for half a day?

  15. Better that than a dead mouse, Jimbro.

  16. That’s what I was expecting!

  17. Here’s the thing, its my understanding that Rush Limbaugh used the words “civil war” during his broadcast this week and it wasn’t in the context of factional fighting within the political parties. When Rush fucking Limbaugh uses those words its a big indicator.

    What do you folks think would happen if Rush stated in his broadcast that it was time to get your guns and go to DC? Crazy talk? It’s what happened fairly recently in Rwanda resulting in a genocide that hasn’t been seen since Cambodia. Conversely, what if his leftist polar opposite did the same thing? What I want (peace) is irrelevant at this point. I can chose a side, or the side will be chosen for me. Actually, I chose my side many years ago. I firmly believe that this is what “they” want as they think they can prevail. The old security guy in me says “Prepare for the worst and everything else is gravy.”

  18. Awoo

  19. I love those wolf cartoons. Very much.

    Awoo, hostages.

    Reminds me of that commercial where someone taught their dog to say ‘I love you’ except of course it came out “Aw ROO roo!”

    I liked it so much, that’s how I said I love you to Scott for YEARS, lol.

  20. Oh my gosh, the Greta “you have stolen my dreams and my childhood” memes are hilarious.

    I just saw one titled: 14 year old me looking at my first paycheck.


  21. Speaking of Scott, yesterday he said Hillary looks like Soros in a wig and not 10 minutes later I was looking at instagram and someone had posted a “people look like their pets” deal and the last one was a side by side of Soros and Hillary. Scott nailed it again. *cough*

  22. Isn’t there a joke where the punchline is “death by roo roo?”

  23. If it interfered with Rush selling Rush Revere books, SimpliSafe, Norton VPN or Betsy Ross shirts he wouldn’t say it on air. I keed, I keed … I just can’t imagine Rush calling for armed rebellion at this point. I do think more and more people are becoming aware that, as Kurt Schlichter is fond of saying, “the left hates you, act accordingly”

  24. Another Greta meme…

    Her saying HOW DARE YOU with a stupid face

    And the caption is: when your neighbors mow their lawn early Saturday morning.

  25. Snu snu, Mare. From Futurama.

  26. We’ve all been there …

  27. I’m familiar with the snu snu joke in a different format involving adventurers in Africa captured by a tribe and offered death or bunga bunga. After the first two choose bunga bunga the third and final guy realizes they were running a train on the guys. He tells the Chief “Death”. Chief says, “Okay, death. But first bunga bunga!” I don’t know, I think it’s funnier after a few beers.

  28. Run Carin, run!

  29. Scary, if true:

    And all because they lost an election.

  30. I do think more and more people are becoming aware that, as Kurt Schlichter is fond of saying, “the left hates you, act accordingly”

    After showing the husband the story of what happened to Carson King and discussing the shitshow, led by Pencil Neck of what they continue to do to Trump, and that dick Paul Ryan….I think a light is starting to flicker in husband’s brain. He doesn’t like Trump but may be realizing why Trump tweets what he tweets.

    Again I had to reinforce, ‘it’s never been about Trump’. They hate you and it’s about time people start growing some balls and fighting back. Because if you don’t, it only gets worse. You have to punch them in the snoot and make it hurt.

  31. Mr. 10-inch todger is kinda gross. I think he may get off on waving it at people.

  32. On a lighter note…some fatass update.

    MARE, MARE….I bought a pair of denim skinny jean jegging things in a size 8, from Land’s End….AND THEY FIT!!


  33. Related to TeeTroy’s SATCONG and for roamy’s HHD —

  34. MARE, MARE….I bought a pair of denim skinny jean jegging things in a size 8, from Land’s End….AND THEY FIT!!

    Obviously we need pictures or it didn’t happen.

  35. All that talk of being prepared and I didn’t bring a spare pair of shoes on this trip.

  36. *fist bump for beasn HooRah and congrats on the skinny jeans

  37. Sigh. What a shitty time to be unarmed, unskilled, and depressive.

  38. Though to be honest there is some potential in my position. What that IS I will not, of course, speak of in open channels because I’m not a fucking imbecile.

  39. @ BC. Not every one is a fighter, some of us old fighters have reached a point where we’d best serve teaching youngins. Point being is that there are very real supportive things you can do. You can learn commo (im working on that now) you can provide refuge, transpo, basic supply. You can gather information. Most of all, you can stand tall in your convictions and wave the flag when appropriate.

    Its been said that the tip of the spear is 3%, the rest is logistics. I intend to perform to my maximum capability until the day that I die to defeat these evil motherfuckers. They can have the rest of the World, THIS LAND IS MINE. It was my fathers land and his father before him and on back to the beginning and I absolutely refuse to give it up without a fight.

    Everybody brings something to the table, all you have to do is be ready to eat. And in the end, if you’ve done nothing more than shown others the way regarding God, Country, Good vs. Evil, Honor, Morality, Integrity, you will have done well.

    Go thee forth and be fruitful while having no fucks to giveth

  40. Which Hostage SUV is sporting this?

  41. Iowa State battling back

  42. Of course, Baylor’s field goal is the guy’s first career one.

  43. Watching UCF vs UConn.
    UCF is up 28-0 in the first quarter.

    They got a pick six and three touchdown drives of 43 seconds, 12 seconds, and 11 seconds.


  44. 35 – 0

  45. 18 second drive.

    42 – 0


    Excellent. Always good to be feeling slimmer for the wedding pics!

    (they are around a looooooong time)


    They are now longing for the dignity and respect of a Rob Ford administration.

  48. He might identify as black.

    That would make you racist.

  49. If only Trump had done it.

  50. Central division can’t get any closer. Wow, bad for my team, good for baseball.

  51. Spent all day working cattle. No pee strip, Jimbro, they used an ultrasound. But has a little monitor like a monocle that clips to his hat. Really neat.

  52. Went to an Irish pub after the vigil Mass. There was a bachelorette party in progress. They must have done a little pre-gaming because one girl was cut off after the first round when she started puking. (I discreetly inquired what was going on, as I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a problem with the food. Would have believed an allergic reaction. She looked terrible.)

  53. Jay, is there just one game left?

  54. yes, tomorrow. Unless there’s a tie, then one more game Monday

  55. Went to a contra dance, but it was a bust so I left after ten minutes. Bought a cigar and went to the local dive bar and smoked it out on the patio while reading a book. Salvaged the evening.

  56. Good time to leave Crater Lake. It’s snowing.

  57. Deborah’s emeralds require polishing.

  58. Good morning assorted sunshines and persistent rain clouds

  59. Made pulled pork yesterday which came out pretty good. It’ll be reheated for football food today along with one of the umpteen cans of baked beans discovered in our pantry spelunking yesterday

  60. I also learned Boston butt, which comes from a pig, is shoulder meat. Who was the genius who came up with that one?

  61. Someone with an ax to grind about Boston?

  62. Pats play the Bills at 1 today. Both are 3-0. I heard a stat, haven’t confirmed it, the Patriots have beaten teams with a combined 0-9 win record. So the Bills have a chance to get atop the AFC East

  63. There’s a long line of those!

    Off to camp to mow the lawn one last time

  64. Stat is correct. However, the Bills have beaten teams with a combined record of 1-8.

    The one win is the Giants. I think you watched that.

  65. Alive. On a coffee search because bunk mates are still sleeping. Made it and kept to respectable pace. Those hills!!! 5 leg had the last mile all uphill 250 feet. Power walked the hills in the last two legs, which was a winning strategy. Came in 10 min under my predicted pace in my last run . Didn’t see that coming – I thought it was going to be really slow. 33.3 miles on 2 hours of sleep.

  66. KICK ASS!

    Thanks for the update, is it over now?

  67. Needs sound.

  68. Maxine says they will get Pence next.

    Is President Pelosi the goal?

  69. Maxine says they will get Pence next.
    Is President Pelosi the goal?

    Yes. No one should be surprised that they want to impeach Pence as well. The goal was always to nullify the 2016 elections, regain power, and then modify the rules to ensure that they never lose power again.

  70. We need to do a funeral poat tomorrow in honor of Car in, who tragically died this weekend while huddled on the floor of a pop-up changing tent.

  71. FFS, husband says he doesn’t believe voter fraud is as bad as ‘some’ people say it is. “I have never heard of over 50% of any population of any city coming out to vote.” Well, then once again he proves that he doesn’t listen to anything I say or he went pure senile or he needs to look beyond NPR or yahoo for his news. How he can watch what is going on RIGHT NOW and think that?

    I’ve got a few stories saved highlighting voter fraud. If you’re so inclined link any you can think of.

  72. *so not in a good mood due to lack of sleep as thoughts of evil f*cks roll through my brain*

  73. Did not know the Bills beat teams with a combined 1-8 record. That’s a bit of reassurance because, as always with the Patriots, I take nothing for granted. There are literally very few games where I say “They got this game in the bag”. Mainly in the post season.

  74. We let the lawn go about 6 weeks without mowing and the grass was mid shin level. I ran the mower deck full height first pass and 3” for a second pass. I’m glad I did it rather than Ben because there was a huge hole full of wasps next to the garage and he probably would have not spotted it. He’s still dealing with the stings he got at his cross country meet on Friday.

    *adds wasp killer to list*

  75. Regarding going for Pence next … I always feel like we’re playing defense against the Dems. How long have we waited for Trump to unleash the hounds on the whole Russiagate BS? Meanwhile the Dems are plotting their next coup attempt and probably a few others we can’t even imagine. Just get the feeling we’re playing the part of Charlie Brown to their Lucy holding the football.

  76. The more I think about not gardening much (or at all) next year, the more I like.

    I think I’m going to throw my extra good seeds in the deep freeze with some gel dessicant and take next year off, for the most part. I want to have fun and I want to work on my house.

    I also want to spend time with my MIL, because I love her, she’s turning 90, and she needs somebody to go to the opera with.

  77. The more I think about not gardening much (or at all) next year, the more I like.


  78. I took a year off from bees this summer. New bees run $100+ and there’s no guarantee they’ll survive the winter. Normally we’re not around here much during the summer and hive maintenance is on the back burner which leads to a weak hive. We have so much leftover honey I can go a while without them until I get the urge to start a nuc again. If they were less expensive I’d be more willing to take a half assed stab at it.

  79. Im not certain next year would be a good time to stop gardening.

    They want our ENSLAVEMENT. Not just us. The entire world. I used to think it was all tinfoil hat shit. Its not.Some of it is, contrails and weather control for example. Some of it is not, I give you Bilderburgs meetings. If your husband believes anything coming out of the mass propagandists I question his intellect. Sorry, but I just dont see how any rational human cannot see the manipulation, lies of omission, intentional mis-characterization. and blatant partisanship that is our current “media.” Again, I’m sorry but some folks need to wake the fuck up as to exactly what is happening.

    This is some fucked up evil shit and it is doing nothing but escalating. The saddest thing of all is that history has recent examples starting back in the beginning of the last century, and the examples occurred every fucking decade just as they are occurring today yet we just don’t learn.


  80. Troy, please consider taking a social media vacation. In real life, I work with people of all different political persuasions, as well as love them in my family. They work well with me and love me right back. You are being propagandize by political garbage that doesn’t exist out here in real life. There is no civil war brewing. I don’t know why people want you to believe that there is, but don’t fall for it.

  81. A friend of mine, who is 70, started running a couple of years ago. Yesterday he did a charity run. It was a timed event. He ended up running 29 miles in 8 hours. Pretty amazing.

  82. We finished yesterday at 4:10. Took 34 hrs and 40 minutes. I got 2 hours of sleep during that 34 hours. It was a super fun time. There weren’t a lot of ultra teams, so most folks seemed a lot more relaxed than us. We did two cars, so we’d occasionally get two or three hours of downtime, but we’d have to make sure we were at the next exchange in time.

  83. How dare that insane, stupid, bitch say they’re going to get Pence next.


  84. Three times this morning the Wonder Dog bumped her head into something while turning around, very unusual. Just a few minutes ago Boy2 noticed her eye was all red, blood under the lens. She is at the Vet right now. Don’t know what happened but the causes and available tests and treatments seem far ranging.

    Don’t click if you don’t want to know.

  85. Laura I will take your suggestion in the spirit with which I believe it was delivered and express my appreciation for your intent. However, I strongly disagree and am willing to back my position with hard undeniable evidence. As you can see the Speaker of the House just said that they are going to go after Vice President Pence NEXT. For WHAT?? As you are aware, a mainstream Presidential Candidate just stated “Hell yes we’re going to take your guns.” And I could go on and on and on…….but I guess there is nothing to see here and I’ll just be moving along. Good Luck and I pray that you are correct and I’m wrong.

  86. Hope the Wonder Dog is ok:(

  87. 😦

    Bummer, Pupster. I hope she’s okay.

    I’ve got 16 half-pints of corn relish in the canner. Still have tons of relish to can up. Need to run to the store and get more canning lids. Right after I ran to the store to get more vinegar…poor planning strategies today. It’s like if I know I have all day to do something, I manage it in the least efficient way possible. Bleargh.

  88. The spirit with which I am corresponding is one of absolute concern and care for your well being. These people you reference are merely flapping their jaws to please their extremist base, which composes about 15% of the citizenry. Less than 10% of the population uses Twitter. The majority of people are not political or ideological at all. They are the vast plodding force of inertia that prevents this country from swaying from one extreme to the other. They have zero chance, ability, or manpower to remove the guns from one city block of lefty-run Hartford, Connecticut, never mind anyplace else. Any impressions to the contrary are illusory.

    Look at the success of Chik-fil-A and think about what would have happened to that company if the Left with a capital L were really as powerful as they try to project. They are the Wizard of Oz, a lot of smoke and holograms backed up by myths and weaklings. Believe it not and have faith in your country.

  89. I’ve been trying to cut down on the social media. Deleted my Twitter account and avoid the HQ comments. I realized my mental health was suffering and those places provide no value.

  90. I assumed that the media would pretend that Trump is being impeached.

    They are talking about it as if it’s underway. There will be no vote, and no impeachment.

    But I say let’s get them on record. Soon if possible.


  92. It is incredible what the press can MAKE YOU THINK is the zeitgeist* of the country when in fact it’s a small group in a bubble. Now, their bubble is loud and it has control of the media but it’s a never as big as THEY want you to believe.

    *Not sure if I’m using the term correctly but you know what I mean, I hope.

  93. I liked this tip (SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTHS):

  94. You know what is good for your mental health? A nice Ragnar Ultra.
    You’ll thank me.

  95. I’m probably gonna give up the Spartans and Mudders. Ragnars. That’s where it’s at.

  96. “They are the vast plodding force of inertia that prevents this country from swaying from one extreme to the other.”

    They are Sheep. Tell me about the disarmament of the Brits and Australians please. Or maybe about the Venezuelans and the New Zealanders? Give me real world examples or where this was tried and failed without violence. PLEASE.

    I know all this is very very uncomfortable for you to consider, but the Sheep will buy ANYTHING if its sold to them and right now what is for sale is unrestricted immigration is good (how’s that working out for the Euro’s?) that White people are bad and need to be minimized, that homosexuality and transgender is perfectly normal and Ok, Its ok to kill babies in the womb, not only ok but something to be celebrated that makes you strong. That Christianity is bad but Islam is good, and nobody needs a gun….just like they have every place else they’ve overrun.

    Lets talk about people being doxed BY THE MEDIA for saying things the media doesn’t like and losing their job. Lets talk about kids being falsely betrayed by the media (Covington Kids) as racists for having the audacity of doing nothing more than wearing a HAT. Lets talk about the BIG social media sites BANNING people for speech they dont like, Lets talk about ANTIFA and how its impacted Portland and lets talk to the Portland PD about the restrictions placed on them when dealing with same. Lets talk about removing historical Statues. Lets talk about kneeling during the National Anthem and the absolute LIE that is BLM. How many more examples do you need to understand that we have a big effing problem and IT IS escalating. Denial in the face of absolute proof is a mental issue too. Again, it is my sincerest prayer and wish that I am wrong. But I have a tendency to believe people when they demonstrate and tell me what they want to do.

    I’ve said my piece and I’m done. We disagree on this and its Ok. You’ve given me something to think about and I will use it to re-evaluate my position, and for that I thank you. No disrespect is intended and I harbor no animosity.

  97. I’m probably gonna give up the Spartans and Mudders. Ragnars. That’s where it’s at.

    Narrator: She did not, in fact, give up Spartans and Mudders.

  98. LOL, I think that’s the only Pat will let me do more. I really had a great time. It was super hard, and honestly more challenging (metally, etc) than the obstacle races. i’ve done a lot of those. I think I’m ready to call it a day on those. He was REALLY hesitant about this race, because he thought I wasn’t going to be able to … do it. As we got closer, I think he became more confident.

    But, something’s gotta give. If I had a choice (which is pretty much what it’s gonna come to) – I choose the runs.

  99. Comment by Car in

    “If I had a choice – I choose the runs.”

    That just sounds wrong.


  101. I didn’t choose the Ragnar Life. The Ragnar Life chose me.

  102. I had no idea salt could be mined in WVa

    This place seems kind of “artisanal”

  103. Vet thought there was probably some eye trauma, antibiotics, eye-drops, pain/anxiety meds, and some tummy medicine. There still is a chance it was a more sinister cause but we’ll wait and see if this clears up.

  104. Oh, Pups, I hope your doggie is okay and soon!

  105. Did the vet check the eye pressures?

  106. We don’t know what all they did for the exam and tests. Nessie was being all crazy trying to protect Mrs. Pupster from the scary strangers, so they took her back alone for the exam.

    Her eye looks makes her look like demon devil dog from hell.

  107. Pup I hope Nessie heals up fast.

  108. Are u all using the dark arts to communicate w/c ar’i n?

  109. Necromancer?

  110. Seance?

  111. Toodles…

  112. Ragnar = ruined a good night and ran.

  113. jam with the driveby

    HI JAM!

  114. butts aren’t named for the position on the body, they are named for what they were transported in (kegs, or barrels, latin is buttis). Less desirable portions of the pig were packed in barrels (shoulders and hams). Ham is actual butt. Now its a type of meat.

  115. TT is right in one way, the left is dragging the dems farther from the center. With them goes the media, so they are getting more extreme.

  116. That’s not the only way, guess I should have said it differently.

  117. 2020 should be fun.

    Watching Nancy give up her gavel will be a highlight for me.

  118. I’m not sure we’ll take the House. Retirements, and replacements.

  119. I expect a backlash that is at least 2X greater than what polls show;

  120. Do we have a poat for tomorrow?


  122. Poat prepped for the morning. If someone has something else feel free to run with it instead.

  123. Dennis expected Rudy’s ploy.

  124. Been up two hours. Haven’t eaten since Saturday. Stretching last of funds to keep roof over head and lights on. Do or die, no help coming. I’m the only one that can do this and I still hate myself.

    Just another lovely day, but don’t mind me whining. Enjoy yours.

  125. I don’t want to mess up the next poat by embedding, but this is just incredible. it’s only 2 minutes long but, I’m speechless:

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