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Your model for today was born in Warsaw, Poland on December 2nd, 1987.  She stands 5′ 8“, and measures 36 – 2436 and 95 lbs.  Please make yourself available to Miss Monika Pietrasinska AKA Banyka Dipell Dela Riva.






  1. 10/10 Smashable

  2. *beams with pride at first “No Like” post!*

  3. We’ve got one kid heading to glory with good decisions and hard work and another, his older brother, who has been spiraling downward with increasingly poor choices. I’ll spare Paula the embarrassment of describing the events of his last few months activities but will note it involves johnny law at this point. The contrast between the boys behavior is astounding.

  4. She seems nice.

  5. No one knows who they were or where they went.

  6. That’s a delightful article Jimbro. Analagous to “Have you quit beating your wife?”.
    I appreciate people who can distill issues down to their essence like both the sign poster and that writer did. Good stuff.

  7. Been up since 3:30. Still have a few hours until my first run.

  8. Sorry that the eldest kiddo is being stupid, Jimbro. My cousin went down the same path. He’s now in prison, probably for life. Broke his mother’s heart. She’s also raising her grandson because of the whole mess.

  9. 10/10 would smash

  10. Been up since 3:30. Still have a few hours until my first run.
    Good luck Car in!

  11. No tattoos, no vacant eyes, likely minimal daddy issues… very nice.

  12. 95# though. I’d need to feed her and get her to push hay a while.

  13. Holy crap, that body.

  14. She’s definitely going to make the “Hostage, BBF Love Bunny of The Year” list.

    Maybe I’ve said too much.

  15. No tattoos

    Um…yeah, bad news on that topic. She has a tattooed cross on the underside of her right bicep and a rosary around one of her ankles with the cross on her foot. You can see them on the video links. Also at some point between the red lingerie picture and the peach picture she got a boob job.

  16. Definitely a contender

  17. Don’t poop!

  18. Two contenders in a row. I like!

  19. She has a tattooed cross on the underside of her right bicep and a rosary around one of her ankles with the cross on her foot.

    I think I’d be very distracted trying to pray with that rosary.

  20. Nice find, Pupster!

  21. Yeah, but does she have any experience with word processing and spreadsheets? Plus she’ll need to make coffee and very morning. We don’t just hire a pretty face and a magnificent set of storebought sweater puppies around here unless you also got some skills.

  22. Kick ass, Carin!


  23. Poop!

  24. It’ll be a better story for us if you poop your pants a little.

    Just not so much that everyone notices.

  25. Now is the best possible time for a salt flush!

  26. Poland, great ally and lovely ladies too! Win win!

  27. Heh, I think Anheuser Busch will regret their decisions. It begins:

  28. I told her to pack in some TP with the Cry Room™, we’ll see if she listened.

  29. We’ll see if Anheuser Busch doubles down like Gillette did. Coming soon: TV commercials decrying the type of male aggression worsened by consuming beer!

  30. Drank coffee, played frisbee with Rowan three times, got the mail, ran an errand, loaded trash for dump trip, did dishes and filled my gas tank all without shitting myself


  31. Slept in, showered, grabbed some breakfast from the store on the way to work, and now I’m sitting here staring a spreadsheets. I’ve only shit myself once so far.


  32. Overslept, got into work late, having breakfast of yogurt at my desk.


  33. Oh, and I haven’t shit yet today

    #MyRagnar, part 2

  34. Impeachment Blowback: Pelosi Seals Democrat Doom, Guarantees Trump Reelection

    Keep fucking that chicken, dems.

  35. Woke up, had coffee, folded a load of laundry, emptied dishwasher, vacuumed, rode my bike for an hour and a half, wondered when the air conditioner guy is going to be able to show up and tell us we need a new compressor.


  36. Have I mentioned that Mitt Romney is a creepy, backstabbing, carpetbagging douche?

  37. If this is true, it would be impossible for me to tell you how much I hate this shady POS:

  38. Imagine the effing sociopath/narcissist and projection necessary for this bag of shit to say this IN FRONT OF a group of baby killers:

  39. Paul Ryan is an utter scumbag. He’s why I’ll never trust another Libertarian in a position of power in the GOP.

  40. I could bet behind this chick.

  41. 1) Got out of bed before 8.
    2) Didn’t fire up Skyrim before work.
    3) Didn’t watch any porn.
    4) Didn’t eat.
    5) Didn’t make coffee.
    6) Continued salt-water fast, now at 44 hours.


  42. Slept in after a crappy night’s sleep, read how althouse only talked/got upset about the Carson King story after the Register allegedly canned the ‘reporter’, put in a load of laundry, ate Cheerios, waiting to shit myself.


  43. Leon, do you have any thoughts on carnivore? I’ve been doing mostly rib-eye*, some smoked pork shoulder and a bit of cheese for a couple of weeks to “tighten up” my diet before a family get-together and my husband’s high school reunion.

    I feel great, lots of energy, no digestive surprises.

    I thought you tried carnivore or are still doing it, thoughts?

    *I got the rib-eye from Costco and I’ve surprisingly spent a lot LESS on groceries eating this way than my regular stuff. Wonder wtf I was buying??

  44. I’ve been eating a lot of salads lately, along with cheese and almonds. Unfortunately I’ve also fallen back into the habit of drinking half a Mountain Dew about mid-morning.

  45. My CSA is shutting down for 2020, sadness. They are offering to sell bulk meat, so I might buy a pig and a lamb.

  46. ribeyes from costco are a great budget item. I cut them into portions, and vacuum seal them before freezing. Then I can pop them into sous vide before I go to work, and presto, prime rib ready to sear when i get home from work.

    Cut into slices for ribeye steaks, also can sous vide and sear when you get home. It’s all in the seasoning and shape.

  47. If you’re mentally ill, you can comment here. Go ahead Greta.


    Hhahahahahahahah Is this from that jackass, Hotspur?

  48. Wish I had sown more Autumn crops in time, but as it is, the garden will be pumping out gorgeous escarole and sugarloaf chicory for the next few weeks. Tons of peppers out there to pick, tomatoes finishing up (or so I’ve thought for the last couple weeks), mustard greens, squahses, green beans, self-sown baby lettuces, cilantro and dill. Almost time to replant the garlic.

    I just finished making MJ’s curry recipe. I love lime leaves and I want to put them in erryting. The green curry paste I bought seems fairly flavorless so I supplemented with McCormick curry powder which is delicious and unauthentic, but oh well.

    I used regular long grain white rice, also unauthentic, but I added a little ground cardamom to the cooking water so it is still fragrant and lovely anyway.

    Other than that I followed the recipe to the T. My house smells amazing. Gonna dish some out shortly.

  49. Ugh, I can’t stand pop anymore. Feels wrong on the tongue. LaCroix is as close as I like to get.

    Mare, it’s likely a good elimination diet for most, but if you want to avoid deficiencies you’re going to have to get some organ meats (liver is key) now and then. And don’t drop salt from your diet, ever. I know a lot of people do it for long periods and do well on it, but I eventually start to crave vegetables or starches.

  50. Agree, Jay.

    *3 huge boneless rib-eyes at $9.99/lbs are about $42. Each of the rib-eyes was about 20-22 ounces. If I have rib-eye for 2 meals a day and eat about 6-7 ounces and not eating much else except for maybe an ounce of cheese (Jarlsberg which was also on sale and I cut and portioned in 1-ounce deals). (Oh, and if I get really snacky I eat the 4505 pork rinds with some sour cream) I’m eating cheaper than usual. Which is surprising because I eat A LOT of eggs.

    *All numbers are estimates so don’t be a dick and do the math and then argue about it. Not saying that to Jay, saying that to everybody.

  51. Laura, I find most of what I’m wanting in “curry” really comes from the garam masala and the cardamom.

  52. Gotcha, Leon. I don’t skimp on salt, ever. And I love vegetables so I’ll eat them again. This is more of a short term lean down device and your comments are consistent with what I was thinking.

  53. Jay, is there any move to get rid of the editor of the Register seeing as how it was her decision to print that story for ‘the common good’?

  54. Common good = communist bullshit

  55. Delicious. I love this. Scott won’t eat it with the crushed peanuts on top, but we all make mistakes in life.

  56. Woke at 4, fed dog, made coffee, cleaned up dog vomit, made rice, fed dog again, showered and got to work, updated proposal spreadsheet which broke 4 million (not bad for 6 months work), talked salesman 1 off ledge, wrote 2 more proposals, had Mexican for lunch with cerveza (a rarity).


  57. talked salesman 1 off ledge

    Why? You know they breed, don’t you?

  58. Chicken curry sounds delicious. With a shit-ton of bread. I’d take Lauraw’s sourdough, please.

  59. I worked on a project in Pittsburgh where they imported Indians and Pakistanis for PMs and Engineers, those dudes were pretty cool but had horrible B.O. and would always warm up yesterday’s curry fish and chicken in the community microwave, and I’ve never been able to smell curry anything without gagging ever since.

  60. Welp, Pupster just ruined curry for me.

    In fairness, I rarely eat it.

    Also, Cumin smells like BO. yikes.

  61. HA! I just had a flashback of Rosetta joking on spices and cumin was one of them. I can’t remember exactly but it was something dirty and funny.

  62. Salesman1 is actually a pretty good dude, he still thinks honesty, integrity, and a good work ethic matter.

    Silly salesdog.

  63. When I worked retail in college we had to convince people to sign up for the store credit card. I used to bust my ass and make my weekly quota, but kept getting passed by other guys so I was never in first place. Inevitably the top performers would end up getting caught faking applications and other shady shit, which I never did. So while I was never in first place, managers loved me.

  64. Mare, the Black Knights’ fourth string fullback is the son of one of my college teammates. I thought you’d want to know.

  65. I think I got a bad batch of Dog Chow, the Wonder Dog hasn’t been able to keep it down since last weekend, but has been fine for a week on rice and chickychicky. Tried a little bit of Chow with rice this morning and was cleaning up again soon after.

  66. I know what you’re talking about but it’s not that kind of curry, Pups. No cumin, and without the overwhelming onions.

    This is closer to thai curry.

  67. I eat a lot of cumin, I do smell of it often.

    No apologies, this is how I choose to live.

  68. Pupster, when my dogs started doing that it was usually because the oil in the dog food went rancid. Give it a whiff, the smell of old grease is telltale.

  69. Comment by Pendejo on September 27, 2019 12:57 pm
    Mare, the Black Knights’ fourth string fullback is the son of one of my college teammates. I thought you’d want to know.



  70. he still thinks honesty, integrity, and a good work ethic matter

    Well that explains his anxiety.

  71. Jay, is there any move to get rid of the editor of the Register seeing as how it was her decision to print that story for ‘the common good’?

    Only everyone that has read the story.

    Note: the reporter is “no longer with the paper”. They didn’t say fired. He probably quit, because he (properly) could tell he was no longer “going to be welcome in Iowa”.

    There were armed guards at the paper yesterday, supposedly “for threats”. I’m sure there were. Make of that what you will.

  72. cumin is one of my favorite spices (mmmm chili). Fight me.

  73. Idiot libs are also ignorant of the fact that this situation could be used against them, and are still bitching about people saying mean things on twitter.

    They can’t see the connection.

  74. Mare, the Black Knights’ fourth string fullback is the son of one of my college teammates. I thought you’d want to know.

    Yeah! Hope they can have a season like last one. Took some teams to the wire (Oklahoma!)

  75. I need to figure out how to grow cumin. That’s like the last mile between me and a full taco seasoning mix.

  76. Old bush hog guy found us a new bush hog guy. This guy is young, maybe mid to late 20’s. Hopefully he keeps the job going. He’s driving a tractor that looks a lot like the old guy’s tractor. Would not be shocked to find out it is

  77. cumin should be easy to grow, not sure on harvesting. Gotta get those seeds out. Would probably be like wheat, or canola.

  78. Never go Full Taco

  79. I managed with mustard seeds. Takes a little work, but it’s not too bad.

  80. Your mom enjoys cumin her taco.

  81. sounds like Car in is having fun running around. finished her first 6 mile run, another 3 miler coming up.

  82. You came in that thing?

  83. It’s raining here. It should be raining on my newly-planted hayfield, but getting everyone with the equipment to do the job either ghosts my wife or doesn’t answer the fucking phone.

    We shouldn’t have moved. I’ve got 8 acres of wasted space.

  84. Yeah! Hope they can have a season like last one. Took some teams to the wire (Oklahoma!)

    Jay, they played Michigan AT Michigan and took them to TWO overtimes before losing. It was the second game of their season.

  85. Contemplating that fact of summertime driving in the South, the left-arm tan.

    And it’s not even summer anymore, but nobody told the weather that.

  86. I don’t have a dog in the fight, but dad was Army, so they get my fandom. Sorry navy guys.

  87. and Air Force.

  88. It’s a beautiful fall day here Cavil. Can’t let my pups out or they’ll be bush hogged into little bits. They love running around in the fields after it’s done, lots of dead mice and voles to roll around on and get stinky

  89. Can’t let my pups out or they’ll be bush hogged into little bits. They love running around in the fields after it’s done, lots of dead mice and voles to roll around on and get stinky


    Dogs seem fun.

  90. I have seen a bunch of hilarious memes with Greta using her “You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words.”

    Stuff like…When your mom brings home generic Lunchables for your school lunches.

  91. I watched long snippets of Greta’s performance and man, that was horrible. Poor thing is mentally ill and if not a boring drama queen.

  92. Someone should do one of those Hitler parodies, except with Greta’s speech substituted for his actual lines.

  93. She’s not nearly as animated a speaker.

    Say what you will, Hitler could move a crowed and keep them listening. Greta makes anyone not paid to be there bolt for the doors.

  94. Wife has me stressed over the hayfield. I may have to end the fast.

  95. I’ve been assured that Greta possesses an extremely high amount of wisdom, and if you disagree, you are what is wrong with the human race.

  96. So what if the hayfield sits? Does it really matter?

  97. Leon, tonight before falling asleep, pose a question about needing creative solutions for your 8 acres to no one in particular, or to God, as you wish. Then put it completely out of your mind and go to sleep. You may need a coupletree nights for your subconscious to noodle on it, but you will come up with some good alternatives. Don’t get stuck in a box, and trust your brain.

    Are pumpkin fields at all lucrative in your area?

  98. If it sits, it’s not a hayfield, and we keep spending 2k/year on hay, rather than earning 1k/year selling our excess.

    So every year it’s not a hayfield is a $3000 loss.

  99. I’m mostly stressed out because she is. We agreed that she should handle this as she’s the horse lady. Months of no progress has made it both our problem.

  100. I’ve been assured that Greta possesses an extremely high amount of wisdom, and if you disagree, you are what is wrong with the human race.

    If by wisdom you mean what I refer to as jizm, then yeah, she possesses a high amount of it.

  101. That makes sense…..Wife is stressing me, think I’ll fuck up my dedication to the program to make things better…….works every time……LET. IT. GO. Francis. Work the problem or put it in Gods hands for a day or two then return….

  102. There you have it, leon. You have 0 control over it. don’t take on things you can’t control.

  103. I had someone say to us “that’s not the last $5000 mistake you’ll make.”

    The number really isn’t important because it’s relative, however, it’s the permission from ourselves to make the wrong decision. It happens to everyone. And it will not end life as we know it unless it’s some dummy like Biden fooling around and bragging about having access to the nuclear codes.

    My husband often says after we (or our children) make a decision, “now, make it the best decision.” Which of course means, make it work.

    Also, CAULK!!

  104. I had leftover carne adovada for breakfast. Got home from work at 5:40 am. Gave MaryAnn a treat. Slept for a few hours. Made chickychicky and reheated my carne adovada from Cervantes. Between being old af and the diabeetus…working overnights for inventory is kicking my butt. Boss wants me to go in at 3pm on Sunday and work through Monday until we’re done. Pray for oso

  105. Did your carne adovada do that fun thing where the heat factor doubles when it sits overnight? 🙂

  106. #MyRagnar is the new Pray for oso for this weekend only

  107. Dogs seem fun.

  108. Do you think Hillary is photoshopped?

  109. Hillary is so old she farts dust.

  110. George Soros wearing a wig.

  111. Pepe, OMG YES!!! I knew I couldn’t finish my Combo #1. Saved my carne. Cervantes already has the hottest red in the state. Two straight days of tears. Their sopaipillas are old school.

  112. Shoot, getting older is hard, I know, but come on, those bags, the true turkey neck, the terrible eye makeup, the sallow look, the hair, the yellow teeth. Yikes.

    By the way, anyone can improve their looks with inexpensive white strips from Target. I know with the money she’s grifted she can afford to have professional whitening done.

  113. This was/is a woman who thought she should represent the United States of America. Now I know Lincoln and others were no lookers, however, they were men of their times and even that gross faced Jimmy Carter could figure out how to buy a well-fitted suit.

    It’s not sexist to say, anyone who wants that position should at least be presentable, especially women who have the option of hair changing and makeup and tailoring to work with.

  114. Elizabeth Warren is another one who looks like an unmade bed. Uffffffff. The crazy lady who seems nice and the bitch who yells at her underlings at least look put together.

  115. Well, that felt good.

  116. Heh. Fauxcahontas wears the same black tee and pants and just changes her jacket. Not quit as Maoist as Felonia Von Pantsuit.

  117. Yesterday while we were driving around, Scott and I saw a yard that had a big silhouette of Bigfoot standing by the mailbox. I joked about how we need one of those standing out near the edge of our woods, maybe hiding partially behind a tree, looking suspicious.

    I keep thinking about it, and Im not joking anymore, we really need one very badly and we have needed one for years.

  118. That would be awesome. Throw in a chupacabra cutout for diversity.

  119. I need to craft some Elder Signs to hang in my woods.

  120. The real ones, not the faux-wiccan crapola.


  122. Zoomies!

  123. Urrrgh. Spent most of the day doing maintenance on the backhoe. I hate grease. Change oil, grease all the Zerks, replace some Zerks, fabricate a bracket to hold the exhaust stack, blow out the air cleaner, check the antifreeze, fix the door (hopefully, fingers crossed).

    Then spent way too long contorted on the floor trying to fix the parking brake. Someone pulled up on the very end where the adjusting nut is and snapped the bolt that holds the end of the cable. Unfortunately it is exactly even with the end of the lever so I can’t grab it and unscrew it. Hopefully I can cut a groove in it and unscrew the bolt without having to dismantle the entire unit.

    I also read up on how to remove the outrigger cylinder that is leaking. It weighs 154 pounds. Should be fun. We have to remove it and take it to be repaired, costs way too much to have someone drive out or haul the entire backhoe to a repair shop.

    I also left a bunch of setups for “your mom” jokes in this comment. You’re welcome!

  124. Getting Skyline chili for dinner. for the base, Dan for the 5 way chili Mac.

  125. Heh. I remember a million years ago when Dave in Texas tried Skyline Chili for the first time. “It’s spaghetti sauce with cinnamon”

    He’s not wrong. I miss the little skyliner coney dogs.

  126. Whoa…(heh) That horse is awesome!!!

  127. That sounds like not nearly as much fun as digging a bunch of dirt driving a backhoe, Pepe. I’m seriously impressed with your repair skills.

  128. Pupster, don’t watch

  129. Dan added Cayenne to the Skyline mix. Yummy. Kung Pao spaghetti is way mo bettah, yah.

  130. My son gifted me the new Borderlands (#3) for my Birthday. Its the entertainment for the night. Mucho Funno.

  131. Inside baseball post. Dan loves the Cardinals birds on bat logo. Has it on a powder blue tee. Jersey on sale. His mutant size is not available. The argument that gained a thousand comments….and his size is not available.

  132. I’m in a group text with mi familia. My Aunt In SD is a Trump Humper. She called out my mom. Shit is getting real. My uncle from Huntsville is playing mediator. I’m eating popcorn and watching.

  133. This wordpress page has been fucking up recently alot. I returned to the page and saw that Oso had commented after my 8:55p comment. I select her comment to read and it flashes over showing my 8:55 comment as being last (top of the stack). I’ve been noticing discrepancies for over a week now. Just minor things like comments appearing where they weren’t etc. etc. Anyone else noticing this kinda thing?

  134. Sorry. Used to talking to myself

  135. I’ve seen some weird shit on the editing side, but not what you are describing T Roy.

  136. I think it jumps around a lot when there are embedded twitter links. They mess with the height of the page.

  137. Everything is the fault of Twitter or Soros.

  138. and Facebook.

  139. Des Moines Register and Busch Light are trying to catch up.

  140. I’ve been boycotting both for my entire life.

  141. Scott is always right.

  142. I am not.

  143. I ate a corn dog a couple years ago.

  144. That was a mistake.

  145. Even Steven

  146. Beasn is our emotion. Scott is the intellect

  147. Corn dogs are delicious. You must be eating cattails from the pond.

  148. *wonders if Car in is sleep running yet.

  149. She pooped herself and has to go back tomorrow.

  150. At least there aren’t pictures of it. Right, Scott?

    Tell me there are no pictures.

  151. People here have both “be kind” and “F**k Trump” stickers on their cars. Not in MAGA country.

  152. you’re in Ames?

  153. I am in Oregon with Mr. RFH. Trip to see Crater Lake and redwoods is my early birthday present. Fitbit said 17k steps, equivalent of 70 flights of stairs

  154. Today, I told a roomful of adults GO TO YOUR ROOM, while I was also catching/ batting down the various blunt projectiles being hurled at them by one of their peers.

    And then I had to sit down and have a tete-a-tete about boundaries and poor choices, with a little lady who is trying to get herself violently laid while in the hospital.

    If you can’t have fun at this job, you’re just not doing it right.

  155. Violently laid? Sounds kinky

  156. Does Enrique raise poultry?

  157. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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