MMM 383

Not really feeling it today.  I realized that looking for these pictures is starting to feel like a real chore.  Not sure if I’m bored, distressed at all the e-thots, or just tired of doing these after 383 posts.  I need to think up some new content for Mondays.

In the meanwhile, it looks warm there.


There too.


I hate this knock-kneed pose.  Are you skiing or something?


Pretty hair.


Might be mushrooms again next week.  Maybe sea monsters.


  1. Hey COALEX, I signed up for a class starting in Jan (analytics, econ, finance/accounting). Lemme know if you want the particulars. Work will probably pay for it if you’re interested.

    *desire to know more intensifies*

  2. Wakey wakey. Even though I’ve been up 2 and a half hours.

    This new sober life … I just don’t know…

    (not drinking at all until after the Ragnar … maybe not until after the half marathon)

  3. Monsters would be a fun topic; you could get jiggy with it and incorporate current events/ people/ work issues/ inlaws, etc.

    MJ, curry recipe would be great, I’m psyched to learn something new.

  4. I’ll send it to your hump mail!

  5. LOL–All of the Sunday shows focused on how racist Biden is.

    I love me a good circular firing squad.

  6. I’m not drinking until my pants are comfortable again.

  7. MJ, I’d love the details.

    Also, Carrot-Top got really buff, judging by that first picture.

  8. tsatziki, mmm you can eat that stuff as dip, it’s so good. One of these days I’ll have some leftover and I’ll try making other things with it. sour cream/greek yogurt and cucumbers, so simple. well, some spices too.

  9. I’m not drinking until I get home.

  10. Fanks MJ!

  11. Seriously though, the South straight-up assassinates those collard greens. Poor little collards. You did nothing to deserve this.

  12. You have insulted my honor. Prepare to duel!

  13. isn’t curry just a word for “what I think spicy indian food tastes like”?

  14. Episode 12 of the Evergreen story posted yesterday.

    The Complete Evergreen Story (12)

  15. Fine, I’ll just work then.

  16. I agree, Laura. Collards and turnips might be palatable if cooked differently than the standard recipe here.

    Dad was happy with the restaurant, but I think I would have rather cooked. There’s a buffet restaurant in Troy called Sisters, and they have a much better variety of vegetables – peas, lima or butter beans, green beans, squash, and a nice salad bar. The one we went to yesterday, well, I could have opened a can of creamed corn and fixed instant mashed potatoes just as well as they did.

    Please post the curry recipe to hostagerecipes or email it to me. That sounds good.

  17. Way to phone it in, Leon.

  18. Meal plans for today is fancy scrambled eggs for lunch (onion, bell pepper, zucchini, mushrooms, ham, feta cheese) and shrimp etouffee for dinner. Taking Dad to physical therapy this afternoon. Going to check the flowers on Mom’s grave this morning and probably get a fall-type bouquet to replace what’s there.

  19. etouffe, mmmm.

  20. what’s the difference between etouffe and gumbo?

  21. Dad loved collard greens Southern style. Which considering his Minnesota roots I never could make heads or tails of.

  22. And you are right on the spelling. I’ve been spelling it wrong.

  23. Way to phone it in, Leon.

    I looked for pics for like 25 minutes, which usually gets me 10-15 good ones, of which I end up using 6-9 that day and banking the remainder. Today this was all I could stand. I’m not sure if it’s depression or mid-life crisis talking, but I just have no taste for this anymore. It feels like being broke and reading the menu outside a restaurant.

  24. Heh, I love the suggestion that Beto has a trial run on confiscating AR15s in Chicago, the illegal ones.

  25. My sister showed up for my extra tomatoes that the garden generated while I was gone. I think I gave her fifteen pounds, at least.

    Don’t feel like canning toms this year. The store bought canned tomatoes ‘Tuttorosso’ are really excellent, I can’t beat it for $1 a giant 28-oz can.

  26. Its amazing that capitalism can produce a product that is just as good that it can beat the price of tomatoes grown from a seed. (when you figure in cost of production at home)

  27. Recipe sent and info about class sent to Leon. I don’t think I have Alex’s email address.

  28. Wait, no Sean M. derp last night?

  29. (Deleting my email addy since it’s no longer needed -Alex)

  30. Its amazing that capitalism can produce a product that is just as good that it can beat the price of tomatoes grown from a seed.
    Jay, you’ve got it all wrong. This is socialism. It’s a bit different than what you think of socialism because of how you were raised and the biases that you have. If only you weren’t so dumb and brainwashed you would see this.

    Or at least this is what my FIL is constantly telling me.

  31. Etouffee is one meat plus onion, bell pepper, and celery. Gumbo can be multiple meats and usually has okra and tomatoes in addition to the previous veggies. Jambalaya has whatever meat plus smoked sausage and the three veggies. The amount of liquid varies with each, but that tends to vary on how far I’m trying to stretch it.

    I am not a Cajun, but I play one online.

  32. All I know is that when you remove the carrots from the incentive package in your economy then all you have left is the sticks. But there are never enough sticks to make more than a few work as hard as they did when there were carrots. A country with an incentiveless economic model is doomed. Throw in your usual amount of corruption at every turn and you’re seriously doomed. Ima get off my soapbox and go buy ammo now.

  33. Boiled okra is wretched, even in Cajun food.

  34. Most of what you want out of “curry” is curry powder, garam masala, and cardamom in some kind of meat or cauliflower. Gravy optional.

  35. onion, bell pepper, and celery

    Trinity. Those Cajuns are a heretical bunch, aren’t they?

  36. Swap the bell pepper with carrots and you’re in France.

  37. Mirepoix, Soffrito.

  38. Huh, who would have seen this coming?

    Same amount of ice in the Arctic as 2007. Same amount in Antarctica as 1979.

  39. The shift back to “we have to stop burning fossil fuels to halt the coming Ice Age!” will be marvelous to behold.

  40. I kinda think I know the answer, but here goes.

    I kicked the bed on Saturday night, now the 4th toe is sore and black and blue. Not much I can do about it, is there? Just kick the shoe off when I can?

    Not worth a trip to the doc, is there? It’s better than yesterday.

  41. Etouffee…… Gumbo…….. Jambalaya

    Add paella and you have all 4 food groups.

  42. At most they will pull on it, to straighten it if necessary, and tape it to it’s neighbor.

  43. Broken toes will usually heal without intervention, Jay. I broke a couple in Aikido back in the day and just hobbled for a week or so.

  44. No recipe received. Did you send it to hotmail?

  45. That’s what I figured.

  46. OK< apparently people are still talking to me at my old gmail addy. I'm shocked I remembered my old password! Guys please delete that one and change it to hotmail.

  47. Gotcha. Hotmail.

  48. No worries! I already forwarded it to myself.

  49. And thank you!! I’m curious to know what kind of curry paste you use, but it’s probably good no matter what.

  50. *emails gmail

    *bounces back


  52. positionality. you can just make up words right?

  53. I like the prik king but I usually just grab a color I like. I made it from scratch recently but liked the little can better.

  54. I like the prik king

    *immature chortling*


  56. Leon, we do enjoy MMM, but if it’s getting to be a chore, take a break. Maybe Carin can post some Tool shit for us to ignore.

  57. I could do a rock music post every now and then. I won’t do Tool always.

  58. What about hip-hop? Country?

  59. Jay, busy office day here. No one cares about toe fractures except the patient. Pull it straight if it’s crooked and buddy tape if it won’t stay. And yeah, you probably broke it with the pain, swelling and bruising. No marathons or ragnars for at least a month.

    LePage signed constitutional carry into law years ago and the predicted bloodbath … just never happened. Every time there’s a shooting, which is not all that often, you can be assured the media would highlight the fact it was some deplorable going off the handle if it were. Somehow the people doing the shooting are (almost) always criminals who would not qualify to purchase much less carry a firearm.

  60. Rub some curry on your toe

    Ancient Indian healing technique

  61. I’m pretty sure I can find more belly and tango dancers.

  62. I really really enjoyed listening to country music all last week, too. So novel to me.

  63. It’s a nice switch once in a while.

  64. How many clan members did you run into? Round to the nearest million.

  65. Alex, if you want Mondays for a while, go for it.

  66. how will you wake up on Mondays then, leon?

  67. I don’t know how I wake up now, Jay. Or why.

  68. My plans…Life

  69. lots of music tomorrow, tune in at 4!

  70. There is a lot more comedy in country.

    Rock music has never made me laugh.

  71. What about hip-hop? Country?

    They actually have Country Rap aka “Hick Hop”….

  72. I see a new category

  73. Heh, Kid Rock is listed under Hick Hop

  74. No bro country, please.

  75. Medic-Unit -vs- Elk…

  76. Colt Ford

  77. Lucky the EMS truck was tall. Usually elk are tall enough that they roll up the hood and come right through the windshield.

  78. Penelope: What’s wrong with her? She’s got a huge nose ring….

    Me: ……..

    LOL, that’s funny. Did you explain why she put it in her nose besides her ornery streak?

  79. Pepe, how much did your grandson weigh?

  80. I just told her She was goofy….

    7 pounds 10 ounces??

  81. Going on two and a half weeks of 90+ heat/500% humidity. Ten degrees above normal. This is July/August heat. We had a super mild August.

  82. No doubt he’s adorable.

  83. Odd day. I need to make an eye doc appointment, I think I need new lenses. Also, can’t concentrate, and yes I’m on my meds, they just got upped recently even, including the ADD one. Never had side effects before, WTF?

  84. I just watched a clip of Robert Frances O’Rourke on meet the press trying to defend his gun grabbing rhetoric. It’s the first time I’ve ever bothered to listen to him talk. He sounds like a fucking reject from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Most Texans wish El Paso belonged to New Mexico because they’re so culturally separated from the rest of the state, but goddamn…….he gives off zero vibes of being a Texan.

  85. BroCav, drink heavily.

  86. With the shit I’m on? That would probably rank among my top three worst life choices.

  87. HotBride is now the proud owner of one of these here:

    The grip is too small for my hand, but it fits hers perfectly.

  88. Purty. 357?

  89. Yep. But it also fires 38 Special, which is a little easier on the hands and ears for target shooting.

  90. yeah, that would kick a little less.

  91. Nice. I’ve been thinking about building an AR just because assholes on the Left don’t want me to.

    I’m not sure my logic is rational but fuck it.

  92. As alexthechick likes to say: these people fail to properly understand the political power of spite.

    Seriously, even the NeverTrumpers are pissed about the Kavanaugh accusations. The left may very well drive a lot of NTs back to supporting Trump.


  94. Leon, we do enjoy MMM, but if it’s getting to be a chore, take a break.

    I agree.

  95. posting is supposed to be fun. If it isn’t, don’t do it. Someone else can.

  96. I’ve been thinking about building an AR just because assholes on the Left don’t want me to.

    I never wanted to own a gun until Clinton’s ban.

  97. Dad and I got into it over my diet. He argued that my cholesterol is going to go through the roof, my regular checkups say no, and my triglycerides have dropped. He and stepmom use canola oil, stevia, aspartame, low-fat everything.

  98. Roamy, glad you stuck up for yourself with facts.

  99. I want an AR just because Beto says I can’t have one. My latest guilty pleasure, Lost in Vegas on YouTube. People suggest classic rock and country songs for them to listen to and Review. Another guy, the Mathews fam, keeps getting songs to make him cry.

  100. I never wanted to own a gun until Clinton’s ban.

    I had some at the time, but the year of the ban I bought more. Mrs. Pupster got a Detective Special .38 for Christmas that year, Santa brought me a high capacity 9MM. Too bad about the canoe accident.

  101. Nice handgun Hotspur. I’ve heard lots of praise for the Ruger SP101. My .357 is a S&W 686. I run mostly .38 through it when I actually shoot it. .357 is more expensive and has a hell of a recoil.

  102. Everyone must be excited for Jets vs Browns tonight.

  103. I’d probably watch it just to see if Baker Mayfield plays well. Missing TV for the first time in 6 months or so. I really like football, pretty much the only thing I will watch other than local news in the morning.

  104. Is your internet fast enough for something like Sling?

  105. Not really. I tried streaming something and it’s pixellated and glitchy.

  106. Not willing to do a 2 year subscription to Dish or DirecTV at $150/month or so just to watch a few games on the weekend. Bastards….

  107. I have multiple things streaming pretty much all day, but I have a fat pipe.

  108. Browns have a good shot at beating the Jets. Darnold has mono and it’ll be weeks before his spleen can take a hit.

  109. This is amazing, you have to watch until the end.

  110. For Leon only!!!! Nobody else click!!!

  111. Comment by PepeLp on September 16, 2019 7:54 pm
    For Leon only!!!! Nobody else click!!!


  112. Nobody on ESPN is giving the Jets a chance.
    I’ll take the Jets + 6.5

  113. I have multiple things streaming pretty much all day, but I have a fat pipe.

    The ladies call me “Tuna Can”.

  114. She is well-developed, Pepe.

    I bet she’d appreciate my fat pipe. 50 Mbs gets the ladies essited.

  115. What color are the Jets’ quarterback’s eyes?

  116. Booger is on color.

  117. Both QBs have light colored eyes.

  118. I had an app that was supposed to block spam phone calls.
    Turns out it was doing the opposite.

    Mr Number is a scam.

  119. mr number just tells you about spam calls, doesn’t it?

  120. It blocks them as well.

    I think they make money by selling your number to telemarketers.
    Since deleting it I went from 3-4 bogus calls a day to 0-1.

  121. During installation, it asks for permission to access your contacts.

  122. it has to, so you don’t block the wrong calls

  123. I won the dinner battle. The hell I was going to go to the effort to make shrimp etouffee with Walmart-knockoff I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter in the roux. Not sure the roux would even be a roux with that.

    I used Yes Dammit It’s Real Honest to God Butter With Fat Fat Butter Fat. Dad and Mr. RFH had seconds, so there aren’t any leftovers. So there.

  124. None of my contacts would be reported as spam to Mr Number.

    Dunno. All I know is the spam stopped when I lost the app.

  125. Dinner was Jambalaya.

    The 2nd best food group.

  126. I have an older Galaxy Android phone, and the only way to block a number is to make it a contact first. I have asshole1 – 8 in my contacts list.

  127. The Jets are getting to know Cleveland’s fat pipe very well.


    2nd pic of her in the red outfit and a later pic of her in a blue sweater that matches her eyes – nice. Plus the egg joke is funny.

  129. Not sure the roux would even be a roux with that.

    Heh, it would be roux, but why not use vegetable oil then?

  130. Everyone should build their own Americas Rifle 15. At the minimum it makes for a good inheritance pass down for a son or daughter. If you raise your children right they will appreciate it.

  131. I had a major crush on Erin Gray when I was a little girl……

  132. Everyone should be familiar with the American Rifle 15, and the Commie Rifle 47. They are common, so if you happen to find one in time of need, you should know how to run them.

  133. Heh, it would be roux, but why not use vegetable oil then?

    The knockoff fake butter has a lot of water in it, so I’m not sure it would brown like it should. Dad’s recipe calls for butter or margarine, which is how this whole thing got started.

  134. Deciding early? Remain prepared.

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