Shut Up and Meme

Yeah, there’s a song for this one too, but I’m not linking those front holes.
















Like button, people, you know where it is. You remember what happened to the The Dixie Chicks, rights?



  1. Another masterpiece. *rests for the 7th day

  2. 6 hours to go!! Wakey wakey.

    My favorite is the Doritos one.

  3. 5 hours.

  4. Enjoying the last few hours of walking normally?

  5. 4…..3……2…..1……liftoff. We have liftoff.

  6. James, are you having butt sex later?

  7. Oh wait. That was a question rather than a declaration. Sorry.

  8. Hey now, I’m not the one with the timer going.

  9. This one made me LOL, might have peed a little:

  10. Failure to see how computers merely manipulate symbols without understanding them can have serious economic, medical, and other practical consequences. Most examples involve data mining—poring over vast bodies of information to detect trends, patterns, and correlations. The speed of modern computers greatly facilitates this practice. But as Smith maintains, the conclusions that result are often fallacious, and the prestige that computers have lent data mining only makes it easier to commit the fallacies.

    From the article I linked in the other thread.

    I’m sure Leon could probably offer more in depth thoughts.

  11. That’s the black magic part of data mining. Context is king, and some people just know how to extract certain parts.

  12. I’m downloading new OS for my phone.

  13. Computers can handle larger volumes at greater speed. Still need a human to interpret what they yield. Plus someone had to program it, so that’s another source of potential error. I know computers far too well to ever entirely trust them.

    It’s like whether people can perfect themselves–we can’t even get computers right, what makes anyone think we can make better people?

  14. My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with the girl who saw Sean M. pass out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it’s pretty serious.

  15. AI and data mining largely deal in syntax, as he notes, which is different from semantics. It’s the difference between knowing that a “kitty” is a small cat, the potential winnings in a poker hand, or a slang reference to female exterior genitalia.

    Goolag and the others are working on the problem, but human language has been mutating to evade capture since Babel.

  16. The writer for Dustbury died. Car accident.

  17. Almost up to 2 G downloaded.

  18. Why, that’s practically from God’s mouth to your ears!

  19. If he won’t marry the girl I will.

  20. SAVE SEAN!

  21. He doesn’t deserve her. If he was a man, he’d sack up and cut off his bitch biscuit (man bun, translated for mare and beasn)

  22. 2 G on the 10th? I foresee an overage charge for Car in


    From the AOS homepage. This was already a novel, Jurassic Park (frog DNA)

  24. Sink update: I called the plumber, and we pulled the sink. Plot twist: cutting off the faucet with a saw-zall was an unexpected pleasure, and easy fix. Too bad I didn’t think of it.

  25. Trump just fired Bolton.

  26. ha ha ha … good one.

  27. not sure how I feel about Bolton being fired. Trump has every right to do it, but I agree with Bolton on a lot of things. If he’s going overboard on going to war, then I agree with the firing.

  28. Waz up meme addicts? Back from the wilds of Northern Wisconsin. Caught lots of fish and brought my VIP back happy, healthy, and refreshed. Lots of good Father / Son bonding stuff while living pretty primitive. Got cold (for me) a couple of days but overall very pleasant. Caught some really nice fish. I got a 3.5 foot sturgeon (considered not so big for the species) but it provided a good fight for about four – five minutes to get it in. Biggest fish I ever caught. Got a bunch of Bass, Northern, some fat Blue Gill, Perch adn a couple of catfish. No Crappie or Walleye. I showed mercy and practiced catch and release but got some pics when appropriate.

    Didnt watch a lick of news the entire time. Whatever happened to the Hurricane? Anyone know of any good resume writing resources? Free would be optimum but I would consider paying a reasonable cost if necessary.

  29. Wha? Didn’t eat ANY fish?

  30. 3-1/2 foot sturgeon would be a life record for me.

  31. 3.5 foot salmon is a lot more fun to get in the boat. Believe me.

  32. After all that work a salmon that size would make great eating

  33. best lake michigan trip ever!

  34. I’ve had my iPhone 7 for years. Pretty sure I got it when they first came out because my 5 took a toilet swim. Anyway, life was good until Friday when I updated the phone. I got a No Service notice for the cellular service. I tried to restart it a few times and it worked once then crapped out again. Finally went to Verizon this morning and waited an hour for help. The guy changed the SIM card and I hung around while he probably took his break out back. No phone service still. He then concluded my phone was one of the ones Apple has a recall on and I needed to go to BestBuy for service (meaning they ship it to Apple). I drive to BestBuy and find out I need to make a fucking appointment for service with the Geek Squad. They offered 4PM today. I made it for Thursday morning instead because I’m sick of dealing with it for now. I texted Paula (at home on WiFi) and she has gone down this road before with them. She said to just deal with Apple directly to save the trouble.

    At the bottom it says “only for the first 3 years”. I have a feeling there’s a new phone purchase in my future.

  35. Get a BidenPhone.

  36. JitterBug?

  37. Sams Club has some good rebates right now, jimbro. As in $200.


  39. No way, MJ, those are radioactive!

    I’d have a hard time keeping a straight face when using the banana phone

  41. Anyone looking for a TV?

    NSFW. Really this time.

  42. Meh…Im not a big “fish” guy. I like catching em though.

    Im always leary of “update downloads” , doesn’t matter what device . I normally do not update until forced to do so. Sorry yer having commo problems Jimbro.

  43. Quit buying all of that Apple shit, and you won’t have any problems.

  44. I’m gonna hide out here from all the whiny bitches over at the HQ.

  45. Phone shits the bed last Friday.

    New iPhones released today.

    Coincidence? I think not.

  46. Bolton, Coalex?

  47. heh, HS bashing apple

    That like turning down a call from your mom.

  48. Let’s just say this is the HQ’s take on Afghanistan…

  49. CT’s leading export

  50. Jay, yes.

    I honestly have no strong feelings one way or the other regarding Bolton. I think that he was a strongly hawkish interventionist whose views clashed with those of many others in the Admin.

    The way that many have turned on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq is silly. “OMG THEY’RE THE END OF THE WORLD AND THE GREATEST MISTAKE IN HUMAN HISTORY!!!!!” shit that just makes them sound stupid. Hysteria for hysteria’s sake.

  51. If we leave Afghanistan, it collapses, and goes back to the Taliban.

  52. AOS sure knows it’s hyperbole, doesn’t it?

  53. A place like Afghanistan is always going to be a basket case, because it sits on the edge of civilization. But the edge of civilization is where you send your legions, because that’s where you push back the barbarians.

    Honestly, and this is going to be an unpopular opinion, I think there’s value in continuing to be in Afghanistan just as a valuable training tool. Peacetime militaries get fat and dull, or they waste away to nearly nothing. And for most of human history, and most of US history, we’ve been in some sort of low-level conflict. Fighting off viking or desert raiders, small-scale warfare between city states, battles against Plains Indians or Mexican bandits, etc.

  54. Under saner circumstances I’d agree, but the bottom line is that I simply no longer trust those who would be calling the shots–with either party.

    We’ve got a whole menu of shit sandwiches with the ‘stan. Sometimes it’s what fires are breaking out at home that determine the course of action. It sucks, but welcome to 2019.

  55. I’m fine “being in Afghanistan” if all we do is operate a forward operating base with ruthless ROE. If we’re still nation-building it’s time to quit.

  56. Yes to “no nation building”.

    We are there to keep the peace, that’s it.

  57. If we’re going to leave Asscrackistan, we need to destroy the poppy fields on the way out. I see no reason to stay. If we are just waving the flag ….fuck that shit. There isnt a gawdman thing in that shithole worth ONE DROP of our sons & daughters blood. If we want to play world police I think we’d be better off pushing the muzzies back into Northern Africa as that is where we could actually change (or at least check) the muslim domination game, then again, they’ve already overrun Europe. We arent doing a thing to check muzzie expansion in Asscrack. Nuke it from orbit as we leave, the motherfuckers are polluting the world with opiates.

  58. That place has been chewing up empires and spitting them out since Alexander the Great. I see no need to continue sticking our junk in that meat grinder, especially with treasonous SOBs at home willing to give away any success we manage for a handful of nothing.

  59. If there’s anything we learned from the war on drugs, it’s that we will NEVER eliminate the source. Not until demand goes away. Won’t do any good to kill poppies.Plus, there’s still a medical use for opium, isn’t there?

  60. After all the lives lost and irrevocably harmed I can find little reason to stay in Afghanistan. Our service members have done what they’ve been asked for a long time. When I hear about another death there I find myself wondering how the hell they advanced the freedoms of those goat fuckers. Billions spent and we have car bombs still.

  61. We have gang violence in US too. It’s not about goat fuckers, it’s about power, and taking advantage of people.

    I don’t have the solution, but I don’t want to throw away what those guys died for.

  62. I’m not willing to throw more lives after the lives lost or ruined. At some point you have to say “no more”.

  63. Afghanistan is ideal for growing opium… which has legit uses.

    Why the fuck aren’t we just buying it from them and cutting out the synthetics made in China? Afghans get a real industry, we get real opium rather than fentanyl, and the Taliban gets to pound sand.

  64. That’s the part we’re missing. In our nation building, we aren’t actually building anything. We just throw money at some local warlords.

  65. I’m interested in how service members feel about the withdrawal, pro and con. Actual infantry/support soldiers who are walking around in a 360 degree battlefield. I tried searching for anything on it but there weren’t many hits.

  66. I agree that we should set up a system for allowing the Afghans to sell their opium legally to pharmaceutical companies. The problem is that there is a lot of opposition from anti-drug groups, pharmaceutical companies, and bureaucrats.

    Honestly, Afghanistan should be fucking Switzerland of Central Asia. Run a couple of train lines through there and you can ship goods from Europe/Africa to China/India, and back.

    Part of the reason that we don’t build anything is because everyone was so fucking eager to get out as soon as possible that they didn’t want to engage in long-term building. Hell, when I was there in 2011, ten years after we first went in, we still lived in tents and portable facilities, because we weren’t allowed to spend money to build permanent structures. This creates, IMHO, a paradox where the more we try to half ass it so we can leave as soon as possible, the longer it takes to accomplish anything.

  67. Good interview between Glenn Beck and Mr Reagan

    1:22:00 though. I thought it was worth it.

  68. good point, jimbro. i don’t mean to put my opinion above those that have been there, done that. You guys know that, I hope.

  69. The problem is that there is a lot of opposition from anti-drug groups, pharmaceutical companies, and bureaucrats.

    So, Afghans are fucked by our regulations, too. Why am I not surprised?

  70. Imagine if that path was built, and the Afghans could profit from it. Capitalism wins again, it would be like the trans continental railroad.

  71. Even if we did do a lot of building, would it be maintained? Or would it blend in with the other shitty stuff in 3-5 years?

  72. Panama did okay. A banana republic is still better than an Islamic one.

  73. if they can make money off of it, I’ll bet they would maintain it.

  74. Asheville is pretty cool. Lot of hippy-dippy atmosphere and terrific food. You get the feeling this is a very liberal outpost in NC.

    We got some excellent bbq today. Wow. Corn pudding, are you kidding me? Soooo good. Gonna look for some good source for smoked chicken tomorrow.

  75. Barbecue Pilgrimage 2019

  76. My parents live in Brevard, NC – fairly close to Asheville!

    I am back home for a few weeks; Mom is feeling okay right now, and they need to get things in order while she is feeling good.

  77. We are going to miss Brevard by a mile or two,

  78. Tomorrow is for hiking.

  79. I don’t know the front holes Jay is referencing in this poat. I thought “Shut Up and Kiss Me” was Mary Chapin Carpenter. Who is still a front hole, but singular.

  80. Roamie?

  81. Heh, not Mary Chapin Carpenter.

    I’m referring to the Dixie Chicks. Shut up and Sing.

  82. laura and scott know they don’t have to go on vacation to walk around, right?

  83. Elevation and waterfalls.

  84. No corn.

  85. sounds boring

  86. Pepe, heh, Mr. RFH gets a “get out of trouble free” card for driving me to my dad’s this weekend and putting up with me in the final throes of flight experiment delivery. I put 8,500 steps on my fitbit today and never left my building.

  87. I guess I quit listening to the Dixie Chicks before they had that song. I still have the CD with “Wide Open Spaces”, which is before they got stupid.

  88. wow, Tucker Carlson does NOT like Bolton.

  89. During exorcisms, Raymond preached.

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