MMM 382

Last gasp of Summer this week, forecast says 80s and 90s from tomorrow on.  60s right now.  We shall see.

Looks warm there.


Poor girl can’t afford a bikini that fits.


She’s never going to get that shut.  Should have stayed off the surgeon’s table.


Ahhhh, natural unnatural beauty, as God intended or something.


Stupid hat won’t let me see her face.


Much mo bettah.  Pretty eyes.


I love braids.


Happy Monday, all, enjoy the warmth while it lasts.


  1. Pretty eyes is the best, followed by braids (who comes in second place due to the suspected stench of pumpkin spice and an astrological sign tattoo hidden somewhere.

  2. wakey wakey

  3. Nice collection. Didn’t see any tuckers this morning.

  4. Pretty sure most of these girls stink of PSL. Except the crossfit chick. She might be paleo.

    I got two decent pumpkins, had to clip them off the vine yesterday and start them curing in the sunroom.

  5. Morning derelicts and wanna be grifters.

  6. I think I just accidentally saw the sharpie thing. I was watching Trump take questions from the media and right before he held up a map of the hurricane path that had a little squiggle on it from a sharpie.

    Is this seriously it? I assumed he gave some sort of dissertation on hurricanes and made a prediction and drew some shit on a map, freaking people out.

    He seriously held up a map for like 5-6 seconds. That was it.

  7. Everything is fake. I’m with Scottw.

  8. Everything is fake and stupid. I can’t even give credit for well-done fake. It’s like a bunch of slow second graders running roughshod over everything. It’s pathetic.

    Also, pretty eyes is a lip biter. That’s on the list of Tells of Cray-Cray.

  9. MJ, I completely mistook that for a weather report/prediction and had the state of Alabama evacuated, just in case.

    Roamy is pretty pissed off at me right now. BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY.

  10. Also, pretty eyes is a lip biter. That’s on the list of Tells of Cray-Cray.

    Yeah, but man she’d be worth it. She’s got a bit of a “best buddy’s kid sister” vibe.

  11. I’m so old I remember when ABUNDANCE OF CAUTION was the catchphrase all of these paste eaters were using.

    Member that?

  12. Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  13. We should evacuate democrats from the coasts, for their safety.

  14. Leon, no, because where would we put them but in Red states where they’d do more damage.

  15. Oh no, they need to be really safe from hurricanes. We’ll put them all in Guam.

  16. Wouldn’t work. All the lefty women would go to sunrise yoga and the weight imbalance would tip the island over.

  17. … and?

  18. I’m with leon, not seeing a downside there.

  19. There’s already too much garbage in the oceans.

  20. In the class I’m taking, the case study of a poor implementation is the Obamacare portal and Obamacare itself. LOL.

    Even Harvard hates Obama. Probably racist.

  21. Sharks, start your engines……..

  22. There’s already too much garbage in the oceans.
    HAHAHAHAHA. Nicely done, doofuses.

  23. Also, if they all tipped over into the ocean, we’d never get rid of the Japanese whaling boats.

  24. 3.2.2 What Not to Do
    LOL This keeps getting better and better.

  25. Liberals are biodegradable and the coral reefs will flourish.

  26. MJ, what class are you taking?

  27. This is eliminationist rhetoric. It pales in comparison to what libs say on twitter, of course.

  28. Management Essentials at HBS. It’s a 10 week, online only class. No admission requirement other than an essay.

    Really good so far.

  29. Airport. Pretty sure Im sitting across froma HeShe at the gate.

  30. They like to sit in the center of the web at night, admiring their work and waiting for customers.

    I checked on mine at 1am. She was in the middle with legs fully extended looking all badass. I left the back light on hoping to attract her some lunch.

  31. I really hate it when people look at their phone in a manner suggesting they are filming in my direction. Like, why hold your phone straight up across from me so Im looking down your camera lens? Its effing rude.

  32. I wonder if HeShe is taking pics of normal people so HeShe can try to emulate this with HisHer makeup kit later.

  33. He seriously held up a map for like 5-6 seconds.

    Yeah, and the NOAA confirmed them giving him the info when the predictors had the storm heading that way…while slapping down the NWS for being dicks.

    I didn’t pay attention to the brouhaha because of the predictable media dialing up to ELEVENTY all the time but the husband mentioned it to me. I couldn’t tell if he did because Orange Man Bad did stupid again or what so I made sure to tell him all about the NOAA’s press release. Then he tried to quiz me on who has more heft in the game…the NOAA or the local NWS. *eyeroll*

  34. I wonder if HeShe is taking pics of normal people so HeShe can try to emulate this with HisHer makeup kit later.


  35. My mom is still posting sharpie memes

  36. Here Car in, poat this on her stupid sharpie meme posts.

  37. I’m not allowed to comment on her posts.

  38. They aren’t interested in facts, only with things that make Trump look bad.

  39. Now that I’ve watched more of the press conference, it’s pretty obvious: they did a good job, Trump sounded normal, and frankly it was pretty boring.

    Therefore make shit up to freak out about.

  40. MJ, someone really hit the nail on the head for me when they said the media was all hyped up to attack Trump’s handling of a US coastline disaster, and when that looked like it wasn’t going to happen, they were left with sharpiegate.

  41. Ok, it’s the 9th. The Ragnar is the 27th. What have I done? Why didn’t you guys try to talk me out of it?

    If it needs to happen, one of you may have to kidnap me for a few days. I could break something, but I hate pain.

  42. The only ones who can suffer in a film are wypipo. And then they deserve it.

  43. You’ll be fine. Get out there, Car in.

  44. What if I’m not? I refuse to take responsibility for my stupid decisions. Someone else must be blamed.

    Fucking mare.

  45. some wypipo sure made a good career out of being harmed in a movie (Jamie Lee Curtis, Halloween).

    Pretty soon they will bitch that there aren’t enough minorities being killed in movies.

  46. Where did this idea come from that principles were an all-or-nothing suicide pact? That you couldn’t have provisos “this for the trustworthy, that for scum”?

  47. Do you mean the establishment’s “principles”? Their guiding principle is to do what’s best for the establishment.

  48. More that the idea that good people have to treat bad people as if they were good people, no matter what, to the point of having their throats slit.

    It’s just dumb.

  49. It’s stupid. “Love your enemies” doesn’t mean you don’t have any, or that you should roll over and show your belly.

    If someone treats you poorly, push back. You can do so in a way that is forceful and self-respecting but still not lowering yourself to their behavior. And cut toxic friends and family out of your life.

  50. Correcting someone who insists on violating divine or natural law is “loving them”. It’s not always nice, but idiots conflate the two.

  51. Everyone get your thoughts and prayers in order. Sean has a summer cold, and needs our support.

  52. I’ll prepare a eulogy.

  53. A Sarah McLaughlan song is being prepared right now.

  54. Who?

  55. Excuse me, Sarah McLachlan.

  56. The point is, won’t you donate now to help us end summer mancold forever?

  57. Mancold only affects men.

    Sarah ain’t gonna do shit.

  58. Heh, Mrs Alan Greenspan tries to get Mattis to bad mouth Trump, fails miserably:

  59. Tulsi Gabbard on Rubin Report? Interesting.

  60. I bought a new computer over the weekend. It needed to be done, since my current laptop is seven years old and was crap when I bought it. This new desktop should last at least a decade, especially if I upgrade it down the line. That said, I hate that I’m broke from now until Friday, and cash will be tight for the next month or two until I can rebuild a bit more cushion in my bank account.

  61. New computer? Let me send you this cool link, just click it…

  62. We bought a new horse trailer weekend before last.

    That hurt. I’m holding off on replacing the toilets until the account has a chance to recover.

  63. I probably could have saved some money by buying online, but I wouldn’t have ever pulled the trigger on buying a new computer if I was just browsing Amazon. I’m El Cheapo, hero to Messican peasants everywhere.

  64. Correction, Sean has a summer MANcold.

  65. Sarah Palin is back on the market.

  66. Saw that. Bet she does anal.

  67. 10/10 would smash

  68. Sarah still looks good. My enthusiasm for her candidacy has waned, though.



  71. Jeez, just heard an old friend I met through my work just died. She sold her private practice about 10 years ago and joined the corporate place for a few years before retiring.

    She had a smile that would light up a room. Classy woman, smart and not afraid to give her opinion.

  72. Sorry to hear it, Jim.

  73. Cute


  74. Member that?

    Comment by Colorado Alex In Exile on September 9, 2019 10:11 am
    Pepperidge Farm remembers



  75. Who the fuck lets a dog get that close to an immobile infant? WTF?

  76. I dealt with dolts and deadbeats at work today.

  77. Speaking of dolts,

    Parkland school administrators have a lot of ‘plaining to do. Everybody wringing their hands about what an awful kid he was, how psychotic he was, and what do they do? They signed him up for JROTC and let him practice shooting.

  78. Leon bait…..

  79. My first babysitter was a german shepherd.

  80. Explains a lot.

  81. Comment by scott on September 9, 2019 8:46 pm
    My first babysitter was a german shepherd.


    An actual dog? or a guy in lederhosen named Hans?

  82. We found pretty nice jamaican restaurant tonight.

    Jerk sauce kicks ass.

    We’ll double down on barbeque starting tomorrow.

  83. mmm, dried beef sandwich with horseradish sauce. Delish.

  84. Man, now you got me wanting some home BBQ. I need some Brunswick stew or Carolina hash. They put okra in Brunswick stew here (gross) and no one makes hash in AL.

  85. jerk is delish.

  86. didn’t think you were a spice fan. jerk can be quite hot.

  87. have to make brunswick stew someday

  88. heh, Nice Deb blasted Stelter on twitter.

  89. Never had jamaican food before. I really liked it.

    Jamaican places near home are all located in no-go zones.

  90. I like spice in moderation, not the stuff that makes you sweat.

  91. jerk is a nice mix. I’m that type, too, I like hot balanced. Not just hot for eating hot.

  92. Moderate today would have been hot as hell 20 years ago.
    Don’t know what changed.

    Getting old probably.

  93. tuesday post will be late. Have to do it in the AM

  94. Jerk seasoning is often just as spicy on the way out.

  95. ice dong is for that

  96. I saw Ice Dong open for Steely Dan at Red Rocks in ‘15.



  99. And now we wait.

  100. I have to update my phone in order to download the app for my race … and my computer says it’s going to take 7 hours. WHen it started it said 55. Been going for about an hour so far.

  101. You asked for it:

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