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Your model for today was born on August 30th, 1996 in Los Angeles, CA.  She stands 5′ 5″ and measures 362636 and 120 lbs.  Please put your best foot forward and welcome Miss Kinsey Wolanski!







  1. Fun Bag Friday

  2. Comment by osoloco11 on September 5, 2019 9:30 pm

    I want universal AC before this climate BS.
    Universal AC is a human right

  3. Cheeseheads: 10 – Da Bears: 3

    I turned it off after the first quarter. Early season football, offenses are still all not on the same page and it showed. That was a game of interest to their fans only.

  4. My landlord for 4 of my years in Worcester had a last name of Wolanski. No relation to Kinsey I’m sure. Through a series of random associations, going from Wolanski to Worcester to hot Polish women I thought of the brief cultural fad of the Coors Light Twins (last name Klimaszewski) since they were from a nearby town though were frequently cited as being “from Worcester”.

    Looking at their pictures now, even the old ones, it’s clear our BBF model is more attractive. Say what you will about the twins, those titties sold a lot of beer.

  5. My middle ear is plugged up with fluid on one side. Probably allergies since I don’t feel sick otherwise. I’ll take some Claritin this morning. We have some fake Sudafed (Pseudo-Sudafed?) and I’ll try that if no improvement by noon.

    I’ve heard you can buy pseudoephedrine from the pharmacist but need to show your license. I’ve never done that. Any of you tweakers here ever hear of that or do it?

  6. I have done that, Jimbro. At Kroger’s, you sign a logbook and show your driver’s license.

    Congrats to Ben for getting his license!

  7. It’s either ragweed or goldenrod here, and it’s awful. We need rain.

  8. She’s yugely talented, and definitely mammalian.

  9. What in the hell is #sharpiegate?

    Is this one of those totally dorky things that effete men and pearl clutching women (BIRM) pretend to care about?

  10. Robert Mugabe is riding Satan’s barbed cock. Good riddance.

  11. wakey wakey

  12. “What in the hell is #sharpiegate?”


  13. I’ll have my Mom call MJ and explain it to him.

  14. You need to google that.

    It’s almost as big as watergate.

  15. My mother had TWELVE posts about it yesterday. 12.

  16. It kept Joe’s eye out of the news.

  17. So we have a post called sharpiegate and it doesn’t involve drawing dicks on faces.

    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  18. Joe Biden had a brain bleed on live TV. That seems kinda important.

  19. I heard Biden had it removed yesterday, because now he’ll have a wartime story to share.

  20. The sharpie posts continue. Another one this morning.

  21. Sharpiegeddon

  22. 13

  23. Drawing on a NOAA map is illegal. Drumpf is done this time!

    –nervously twitching man for the 3568th time

  24. Heh, not even my group of libs are that dedicated. Most of mine are stuck on Crenshaw/AOC and loaning guns.

  25. It’s … insane.

  26. I just don’t even listen to libtards any more. My BP doesn’t need it, and I can get the early warning chatter from better sources.

  27. And since I want to vent – have any of you EVER asked anyone why they don’t drink alcohol? Perhaps Sean can tell us how often he’s asked… but I honestly don’t care. I’ve mentioned getting a beer or something, and suddenly I’ve gotten a little lecture about that they don’t drink or whatever. Occasionally someone has said simply “I’ll go, but I don’t drink”. And leave it at that. And I”ve never asked why because it doesn’t really matter and it’s none of my business.

    Chick posted something about she’s so sick of explaining to people why she stopped drinking … and I just get this “i’m better than you and I’m pointing it out” vibe.

    Perhaps I’m just prickly this morning.

  28. Quite fetching. Well done, pup.

  29. I don’t know what made me think of this but I miss Rosetta’s history lessons.

  30. No kidding, PG. funneh stuff, then serious.


  32. Car in, if I don’t want to drink I just ask for a come and don’t worry about it. The woman complaining is anbidiot.

  33. My wife just forgets it’s an option. She’s not opposed to drinking, there’s just other stuff to do.

  34. Like , for instance, we’ll do some workout together and when inviting folks we’ll say, and stick around afterwards for a few beers and company.

    “I don’t drink”.

    Well, I guess you’re shit out of luck and we don’t want to talk to you?

    Honestly – I wouldn’t even pay attention if they were drinking or not. Perhaps they are so damaged by something, that for them NOT drinking is so major. But for many of us … it’s nothing.

  35. Car in, if I don’t want to drink I just ask for a come and don’t worry about it.

    This is the greatest typo I’ll see all day.

  36. The funniest is when I go to a table and ask if I can get them something to drink.



    You can’t believe how often I get that.

    I think I have said, (it slipped out once) when they then replied that they wanted a coke …that … “Coke … IS a drink.”

  37. It’s interesting to think about “I don’t drink” versus “I’ll just have a Coke”. The former is a negative response whereas the latter is a positive response. I would imagine that for a lot of people. their response is indicative of how they often respond to the world around them.

  38. All I can imagine in the defense of the Idontdrink lady is perhaps she is recently sober and feels like if she attends any event with drinking she will slip up. In the world of Venn diagrams that would be the tiny purple sliver in a sea of pink “Asshole Superiority Complex”

  39. I have a policy of never drinking at all if I’m driving. The only time I’ll ever get a beer when we’re out is if Paula is driving. She drinks the equivalent of less than a 6 pack per year.

  40. I say, “Soda water with a lemon twist.”

    One time a chick brought me a glass that looked a bit brown. I asked her what kind of soda it was, and she said, “Oh, it’s whiskey and soda. I thought that’s what you meant.”


  41. I go with lemonade around here. If it’s a fancy place or at a meeting it’s soda water with lime, looks just like a G&T.


    This load is trying to go around the original judge (and the will of the majority of the citizens of MA) to get some of that sweet restorative justice

  43. On my way home from a meeting this morning I stopped at Dunkin for a coffee. On the way in I held the door for a fat chick who returned the favor by stepping up to the register and ordering the drink run for whatever place she works at. At first I thought the guy behind the counter was a little slow (Narrator voice: “He was indeed slow”) but then he started handing her multiple receipts. I took that as my cue to GTFO of Dunkin and just get a coffee at my local gas station.

  44. A couple weeks ago I held the door open at a convenience store/gas station for some fat surly looking wagon. She just walked through and didn’t say a word. I said in my cheeriest eff you voice, “You’re welcome!”

  45. It’s just weird that people assume I’m asking if they want something FROM THE BAR when I say “Can I bring you something to drink.”

    It’s just weird. You CAN just say “Water, please”. I don’t need to hear about your sobriety.

  46. So what’s with the hatred of straws? I don’t get it? Is it just a test case to see if they can ban something dumb so they can ban other things?

    Staws? WTF?

  47. It’s virtue signalling, combined with a moral panic, with a dash of authoritarianism thrown it. The left got hooked on a meme that plastic straws were super bad for the environment, and then a couple of rich lefty towns voted to ban plastic straws, so now every good progressive wants to do it. Meanwhile, the authoritarians love the idea of controlling our lives through these “little changes” that make us slightly more miserable.

    Meanwhile, China, India, and Africa continue to be the source of over 95% of the plastic in the oceans.

  48. I had a GF give me crap about not drinking at a cookout. “Why aren’t you drinking? I want you to relax and have fun. Come ON, have a drink.” She looked so concerned and sad, it was weird. Finally I got pissed off and said, “What does it matter TO YOU if *I* don’t have a drink?”

    Jesus Christ, that was weird. It’s not like I’m not equally boring both ways. And she herself is not much of a drinker.

  49. I love the line about not having to ask the government if I can have a cheeseburger. So true.

    Economic freedom includes a lot of things people don’t want messed with, but the Left is courting utter disaster when they mess with people’s food. Issues like food scarcity, lack of choice, and high costs have caused civil wars. People will not stand for it. And that includes the avocado-toast crowd.

  50. Even though the drinking age when I was in college was 21 (I was grandfathered at 20 because of a change in the law) most of the dorms turned a blind eye to kids drinking as long as it didn’t get out of control. We were able to drink at Brother Mike’s, the college pub at the legal age. By the time we were seniors it was obvious who the problem drinkers were. After 4 years most of us were just social drinkers except for a few who drank like freshmen away from home for the first time. In med school it was Thursday pitchers of beer at the Wexford House tavern, scorpion bowls after exams and the occasional kegger a couple of times a year.

  51. How’s your N.C. trip looking Lauraw?

  52. Pretty good! Our first destination is inland.

  53. Good!

  54. I’ve had a few people bug me about it if they notice. (I don’t ever mention it.) But most, if they notice, just say, “Good for you.”

    If they ask me “How come?” I just say, “I drink too much, and cutting back doesn’t work for me.” It almost always drops there.

  55. *prints out weather map*

    *draws some lines in it with a sharpie*

    *SWAT team bursts through door and executes violent takedown*

  56. I’ve lost my will to live.

  57. Comment by Car in on September 6, 2019 3:01 pm
    I’ve lost my will to live.

    I’m sure there will be another Tool concert.

  58. I really don’t understand why some short answer is such an ordeal (like Hostpur’s response). Or, I’m just not in the mood. Or whatever. The meme says :

    “Alcohol is the only drug I have to explain not using”.

    ANd she added “I have to explain why I don’t drink more than I should have to”.

    Which … weird. I mean, either she is constantly out with a different batch of friends who don’t know, or she’s a …. drama queen.

    I’m going with b.

    She quit my gym because her son has a health issue (that had about 95% chance of resolving itself – which it did) and she wanted to put her membership on hold, etc. I stayed out of it. Way too much drama.

  59. My husband rarely drinks and he never has to explain it or doesn’t care if anyone asks.


  61. Aww, ThinkProgress is shutting down. And I thought it represented such a popular viewpoint!

  62. Pretty sure I read Tool broke up.

  63. Maynard has decided to retire and focus on growing wine grapes in Antarctica.

  64. Aww, ThinkProgress is shutting down.

    The Freemason conspiracy to achieve a single global secular humanist culture ended too. It didn’t end because it failed…

  65. The Freemason conspiracy to achieve a single global secular humanist culture ended too. It didn’t end because it failed…

    Wait… what?

  66. How did I miss India landing on the moon?

  67. Forget it, alex, it’s leon.

  68. So Kroger announced a no Open Carry policy in their stores, while the owner of Meijer announced that he wasn’t going to host down-syndrome drag queens because he was concerned that they couldn’t give informed consent.

    I know which store is getting more of my money from now on.

  69. India is landing on the moon, and we can’t even have orbital vehicles. Unbelievable.

  70. 36 mins, wow.

  71. The reason the freemason conspiracy talk is a joke now is because they stopped bothering. They won. Globalism is a self-perpetuating force unto itself in the New World Order.

  72. The Brexit fail is just the latest sign.

  73. Looks like the Moon Nazi Air Defense Corps scored another victory.

  74. Who doesn’t love Christmas?

  75. Comment by Car in on September 6, 2019 3:01 pm
    I’ve lost my will to live.

    Now you know the pain Taylor Swift/Justin Beiber fans feel……. That’s what happens when you jump on a trendy group’s bandwagon.

  76. Watching the live feed of the Indian lunar lander on final approach. The tension and anticipation could be cut with a knife.

  77. Something went wrong?

  78. Did Pepe just call me trendy?

  79. Watch the feed of mission control: there aren’t enough crew cuts for it to be a successful moon shot.

    Roamy will back me up here.

  80. They speak english in the control room?

  81. White shirts and black ties, must be necessary.

  82. Did they lose the lander? That sucks.

    Oh well, it IS rocket science, after all.

  83. So close, too. That’s gotta be a heartbreaker.

  84. They lost communication at about 2km

  85. Maybe they should get to that whole “indoor toilets” thing first.

  86. Going out for Mexican tonight, local shithole dump place. I passed it by many times thinking it was scary looking, but I finally went inside and it was really nice and the food was great.

  87. Hole in the wall Mexican is either damn good or food poisoning.

  88. I had a GF give me crap about not drinking at a cookout. “Why aren’t you drinking? I want you to relax and have fun. Come ON, have a drink.” She looked so concerned and sad, it was weird. Finally I got pissed off and said, “What does it matter TO YOU if *I* don’t have a drink?”

    This, from multiple vectors throughout college. Some people are convinced you can’t have fun and be sociable without booze in your system. I came to the conclusion that my sobriety made them uncomfortable because projection.

    Hasn’t really been a problem recently since Mrs. Peel and her folks are also dry.

  89. Comment by Brother Cavil on September 6, 2019 5:30 pm
    Hole in the wall Mexican is either damn good or food poisoning.

    El Paso was like that. Sometimes both. You knew a health inspector had never set foot inside, and that you’d pay for your decision tomorrow, but damn if it wasn’t good.

  90. Current Salmonella outbreak is from pig ear dog treats.

  91. We buy bags of sheep ears and bull pizzles for the pups. Haven’t bought pig ears in a while.


  93. I had to google pizzles.

    “And pet owners might not even know that the stick is made from an uncooked, dried bull penis.”

    Your dogs are gay.

  94. Most of my friends who don’t drink have pretty much told me or I found out and really that’s about the extent of subject. Their business, don’t care. The people who are irritating are the ones who go on and on about it. And then it a form of virtue signaling. I’m not referring to people who are in recovery. Maybe – just maybe – the people who are irritating actually did have a problem, but never admitted. So now they don’t drink and say they are healthier etc . At which point I whisper in my head “because you were an alcoholic.”

    My best friend doesn’t drink. My husband doesn’t drink.

  95. Dried bull penis sticks.


  96. Spartan race tomorrow but I’m kind of deflated about it.

  97. We call them bull dicks around our house. Since this is a family blog I went with the safer description of bull pizzle. Star is a neutered bitch. Rowan is a neutered male who likes to hump pillows if he hasn’t had enough exercise. He might be gay.

  98. CNN spent another day on the sharpie incident.

  99. They are crazy. They think Pence staying at a Trump hotel could be cause for impeachment.

    I guarantee Trump let them stay for free. He just wanted to give democrats another stupid investigation that will fail miserably.

  100. Did you hear about the American AIrlines mechanic that sabotaged a plane?

    Most news outlets forget to mention his name.

    Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani

    * shocked face *

    If I were president I would deport everyone with more than 4 a’s in their name.

  101. Aaron A. Aaronson would like to have a word.

  102. If there were a three A limit, 9/11 wouldn’t have happened.

    15 of 19 wouldn’t have been here.

  103. Do they have blue eyes?

  104. Totally weird I haven’t heard that Scott. Let me go find my shocked face

  105. We are flying to MN for a Vikings game. I am terrified. We had planned on staying by the MOA and riding the Metro. I kept linking Dan with all the Little Mogadishu crime. We are staying at a really nice Indian Casino (Mystic Lake) and riding their bus.

  106. Mystic Lake is nice. I know people that have liked it.

  107. I am not crazy.

    Find a white QB in the hall of fame with brown eyes.

    Tool will come out with 2 new albums before you solve that.

  108. The one thing I miss about Minnesota is nothing.

  109. I still need to go to Minnesota at some point.

    My niece got married today. I don’t know if I wasn’t invited because it was a small wedding (I don’t know how big a deal it was) or if my sister is being loony. Either way, I’m off the hook for a gift.

  110. Minnesota / Michigan……it’s all the same.

  111. Tango tonight. Theme is black and white. Scottish grad student is here wearing white booty shorts and high heels.

  112. I’ve been to Michigan. The same model telephone Mr. RFH had as a child was in the Ford Museum.

    I have seven states left on my bucket list. Going to see one of them for my birfday present later this month.

  113. I’m going to get hit by lightning by laughing at the ONT, aren’t I.

  114. J’ames, we stayed there last year. It is lovely. We didn’t realize that the Metro Police were riding with us to Target Field for reasons.

  115. I still have family there. I was originally going to a family reunion there with dad in ’14. Yeah…that didn’t happen.

    It’s been 27 years since I set foot there, and about the last I’ve seen any of that crowd was…I think mom’s funeral nearly 15 years ago. I would love to see them again before I die, but life does not seem to co-operate, and I’m afraid by the time it’s possible it’s going to be someplace no longer worth going.

    So. Either I let go of that wish or I live with the regrets. I really gotta learn to let go, these regrets are heavy as hell.

  116. Damn, I’m a downer. This is why I need to stick to shitposting.

  117. I hear that rural Minnesota is nice. Full of corn, beans, and Scandis. Maybe a few Germans.

  118. Pupster on September 6, 2019 at 9:56 pm
    The one thing I miss about Minnesota is nothing.



  119. I wonder if the psycho AA employee was vetted.

    FFS…a mechanic???????

  120. pm
    Minnesota / Michigan……it’s all the same.


    Scott knows shit.

  121. ^^^the above was an affirmation of Scott’s comment. Not a comment disparaging what Scott actually knows!!!

  122. Well there’s also the Wisconsin Demilitarized Zone, but close enough.

  123. Deciding early, Ralph prospered.

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