I Wear My Meme Glasses at Night

Yeah, you probably saw that one coming.














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  1. The hurricane is affecting college football schedules. This must not stand.

  2. The cone passes by me on Saturday and so far it looks like it will stay out to sea and end up hitting the eastern end of Nova Scotia. So it probably passes by NC later this week, also out to sea, if the model is still accurate.

  3. Oso, look up Davidson’s Gallery of Guns. They have a huge selection and will ship to a local FFL. The smaller FFL’s have an incentive to ask less for the firearm to drive traffic. There’s a mom and pop gun store in Bucksport that they run out of their house which often has the best prices in comparison to the bigger shops.

  4. Your Daily Tinfoil Hat Alert:



    Last line from the second link: “My comment: I wonder if Ilhan Omar is pregnant. That would make her in a hurry to get remarried…..can’t wait 6 months for a divorce to go through.”

  5. H3?

  6. I was just kidding, Leon. Just trying to make it seem like I was planning an extreme reaction to having a couple snackies filched. Poorly executed.

    Part of the straight man performance in comedy is taking the other guy at face value and amplifying by implication.

  7. wakey wakey

  8. I don’t really think there’s much going on with Ilhan Omar that can’t be explained by assuming she’s just a third world grifter.

  9. Imagine coming to the US on a grift and then becoming a professional grifter. No wonder she has an ego.

    And the whole affair thing is just a grift too. She’s paying that dude a few hundred thousand a year and then he’s funneling the money right back into her lifestyle. Trips, dinners, etc.

    I kind of admire her balls.

  10. so it’s a big money laundering scam? I’ll buy it.

  11. But you would have those sons, and they would hate mom’s new boyfriend and hang with you.

    True, and I can then date women twenty years my junior and buy a corvette.

  12. How are you guys liking Good Eats The Return?

  13. Vixens experienced get woke: go broke.

  14. Lol


  15. heh

  16. There’s a high-pitched whine coming from the ceiling above my cubicle. This is not an auspicious start to the week.

  17. Check out the woman at 7:27


  18. Atlantic/Gulf really starting to get hopping. May have NHC site open nonstop for a while.

  19. Plumber stopped by to replace a faucet and check the shut off valves which are not working properly and, as God is my witness, the dude didn’t wear a fucking belt. At first I paid attention to the work to learn some shit but the second he tried the shut off valves under the sink it became “I’m out!” time. Must be in the Plumber’s Code

  20. That’s how they get you to stop being a pest, watching them over their shoulder while they work. I do that at work all the time.

  21. Exhibit a Plumber’s crack?

  22. Plumbers didn’t copyright it. A crack is a crack.

  23. Contractors got here a little after the plumber. I watched them cut the drywall out to get the yellowjacket nest out. For the past few days we’ve had a few Yellowjackets coming out of the wall and crawling around near my shoes. They’re clearly poisoned and crawling around half dead. The nest must have had larvae still hatching who never got to terrorize the world with their presence.

  24. Oh, I get it, Nurse’s Crack!

  25. There’s a lot going on here. Plumber, 2 contractors, 2 dogs, an adult child and updating the at-work-Paula. I should ask her how she gets rid of annoying family members at work.

  26. Did they find the whole nest? Seems important to get rid of that.

  27. Gardening content


  28. Yeah, all gone. It was tucked into a corner. Plugged the access hole outdoors too!

  29. shapely yard balls

  30. Didn’t need the extreme closeup of Pepe shaving his bushy balls, but I do appreciate the technique and specialized equipment.

  31. where are the half dead ones coming from?

  32. Sometimes you need to dress up the front porch, put some nicely trimmed balls out there. Your neighbors will take notice.

  33. two bush balls right by the flagpole is effective

  34. Only 1 at Lance Armstrong’s house.

  35. *searches internet for more ways to work the word ‘balls’ into sentences*

  36. like he’d have a flagpole…

  37. Whenever I’m entertaining a young lady and her mother at my house, I always make sure my yard balls and front hedges are neatly trimmed. It always impresses the ladies.

  38. youtu.be/5v9RURr5hjg

  39. That’s the innate reason for mowing the lawn, yannow. Keeping the yard neat, natch!

  40. So, if you mow the lawn, you actually just want to have sex.

  41. Woke Supremacy. I love it!


  42. The half dead ones must be larva that were already in the nest. They hatched, inhaled or contacted the poison and stumbled out the hole in the wall to die on my carpet

  43. I only mow the lawn because I want to have sex.

  44. those round monstrosities are why some people hate gardening.

  45. No idea why Jimbro was complaining about his new plumber….


  46. Looks like she’s been worked hard

  47. “It’sa me, Whorio!”

  48. Heh, Ted Cruz accepts your challenge, Alyssa!


  49. Afternoon, cunts.

  50. Hi Hotdouche.

    Leon, I’m going to try overseeding my garden with more diverse winter cover crops and see if I can avoid ever having to get and transport hay again and also avoid the aminopyralid issue entirely. Ill let you know how it works. I wonder if you could do the same thing but use the growing area as pasture for your useless horses.

  51. That’s Mr. Cunt to you, old man.

  52. So, Wal Mart wants to stop selling guns, too.

  53. I need to check again. Wife says she saw a couple of normal-sized fruits on the vine last time she looked. I’m skeptical but that would be welcome news.

  54. Wife says she saw a couple of normal-sized fruits on the vine last time she looked.
    Was that right after you trimmed the bushes?

  55. Wal Mart gets serious about a problem that kills more people than guns:


  56. Thanks, Jimbro. Looks like we’ll be buying ammo online, too.

  57. They’re kinda pissy about their suppliers of Cheap Chinese Shit getting pricier, too. Given how many smaller stores they put out of business, I’m starting to think the only time they care about the American worker is when they can get more money out of them.

    Make that “certain in thinking”. Eff Walmart.

  58. Heh. Noticed they aren’t doing an RTV. Sell through of inventory. Dan is buying ammo for our current guns and future gun. Subsequently lost in the Rio.

  59. Stock is at $114.

  60. Sam’s club should really start carrying cases/pallets of ammo.

  61. IKR?

  62. OT. Corn has been horrible this Summer. Horrible. Kroger/Smiths has had decent corn, recently. Produce guy: Colorado Sweet Corn. Oso: Why not Moriarty? Produce guy: We can’t afford it.

  63. You fuckers are funny today.

  64. Shut it, doggie. I just had yummy CO sweet corn with Finlandia butter.

  65. Waiting on ribs. The rub was pretty ordinary. I H8 low and slow.

  66. “butter”


  67. Couldn’t open Scott’s link. Sorrey. (I identify as Canadian)

  68. Today’s lumper was 19.

    I am old enough to be his grandfather and he couldn’t keep up.

  69. corn has been good in Iowa. As usual.

  70. CO Corn was excellent. This year has been bad for local produce. Krispy Kreme counts.

  71. Krispy Kreme bombed here.

    Dunkin Donuts kicked their ass.

  72. Today’s lumper was 19.

    I am old enough to be his grandfather and he couldn’t keep up.

    How does the saying go? “If you need a lump, get one with a hump!”

  73. If Car in lived closer I could save her from crossfit.

  74. Trying to do low-carb, so I haven’t had any corn this year. Lots of other farmer’s market stuff. Roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon last night, broiled zucchini tonight.

  75. She pays people to lift stuff.


  76. Carin?


  77. Beasnette wedding ideas



  78. When LauraW was a little girl


  79. My dad and stepmom flew to NC last weekend to visit her brother. My sister flew out to join them. Brother in law didnt go. Apparently my sis isn’t coming to Christmas because BIL is afraid of flying.

  80. Don’t emphasize routine problems.

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