MMM 381: Summer’s End

I knew  girl named Summer in high school.  She had a nice end.  I’ve got some work to do before the snow falls, so the break in the heat is welcome, but winter always brings difficulties.  Yes I know summer doesn’t really end for another 3 weeks or so with the Autumnal Equinox.  I don’t celebrate commie holidays, so I needed another theme.  I choose to celebrate Labor Day most years by working as hard as I can at something for which I won’t be paid, as a remembrance of what communism really is.

The toe of a dromedary.


Non-functional swimwear.


Tie dyed.


Thrusters or push press?


I be she loves soymilk pumpkin-spiced lattes with avocado toast.


Go get some work done, it’s Monday.


  1. We bought a new horse trailer on Saturday. Not just new to us, a 2019 model.

    Going to volunteer for overtime tomorrow.

  2. I’m guessing thrusters.

    Four miles on the treadmill last night. Today is squats, Romanian deadlift, barbell hip thrusts, and farmer’s walks.

  3. The workout killed it.

  4. I need to start formal exercise again. I’ve languished.

  5. Today we are going to hike to the ruins of a confederate paper mill.

    William Tecumseh Sherman fucked that shit up.

    I’m probably a neo-confederate for going to look at it though.

  6. The birthday party we had last nite at the kids country estate was mui bueno. Today is a bit busy, nephew has a foolsball game at 10 then i have to get home and pack for a week to two weeks in upper Wisconsin. Im the chosen one to escort my father in law up to the family campground as he cant make the trip alone and mil is no longer up for the camping lifestyle. We’ll be leaving at midnight ….why I dont know. Not really a good time for me to be making such a trip but its his favorite thing in the world and we dont know how many opportunities he’s going to get in the future.

    Im going to shun the internet and the outside world while im up there and take a break from this shit we see everyday in the news.

  7. You realize this camping trip and lack of communication with the outside world forms the basic starting plot of about half the post-apocalyptic novels out there, don’t you?

  8. It’s also the basic starting plot of many horror movies. Quite a few pr0n flicks too.

  9. Why yes I do, interesting you mention it as (the folks live right next door) I was just explaining to Dad that yes I know I’m crazy but thats why one of the ARs is going with along with 120 rounds in mags. I had to find a appropriate traveling space for my equipment in the truck. I even have a extraction plan I developed a few years back. Ill use the Mississippi to get to Quincy Il and then overland east south east to home………yes, I know im crazy…..but im harmless unless aggressed upon.

  10. Speaking of TRoys camping vacation, if you haven’t seen Tucker and Dale vs. Evil you really should.

  11. Always good to have a back up plan or two in the back pocket. For example, I bet MJ is packing white hoods and Stars And Bars flags in one bag and Antifa gear in another in case he gets in a jam at the Rebel paper mill today. (MJr will look so cute in his little white hood!)

    T&D vs Evil is a classic movie!

  12. Always assume you’re in a horror movie, even when it feels like a porn movie. It’s only prudent.

  13. Monday’s what? What belongs to Monday?

    Go back to school, you fail!!!

  14. Up at 3 am, tossed and turned.

    Insomnia is my least favorite somnia.

    I made that line up early this morning. It seemed amusing at the time.

  15. Please be careful Carin

  16. Aint found a way to kill me yet…..

    Yeaaaaah they come to snuff da roooster….oh yeaaaaah.

  17. I toured a WW2 landing ship yesterday. It was neat but hot as hades. I think I am still a little dehydrated.

    Replicas of the Nina and Pinta are also close, but I gotta get stuff done around the house before I spend another day on ships.

  18. That, and I’ve been on the Nina before.

  19. Hell of a job Hostage women!


    L to R: Hostages, Hostagettes

  20. Jimbro’s mom’s middle name is Nina.

    True story.

  21. Santa Maria!

  22. That, and I’ve been on the Nina before.

    Who hasn’t been on Nina?

  23. wakey wakey.

    I hate my rooster. I’ve begged everyone to kill it for me.

    Debating a run today, but not really “feeling” it. I work at 3 which I’m pissed about. WTF 3? normally it’s 4. Manager requested we come in at 3? “Why, so the morning people can leave an hour early”?


    Morning shift: 11:30 to (now) 3. Night shift 3- 9.

    It’s bullshit. we have to “volunteer” to work holidays, so this is under duress already.

  24. I’ll be lucky if my sales are $300. They’ve also got 10 servers on.

    It’s just really, really stupid.

  25. What salad dressings do you have? Anything artisanal?

  26. *points to salad*

    I didn’t know this would have onions on it. Please make one without onions.

  27. Do you serve the Betty Burger? If not, why not?

  28. Easy on the ice dear. That last soda was all ice you know.

  29. Pouring rain now

  30. I’m sure the traffic out of state is backed up to Freeport

  31. Looked for a formal recipe for the Betty Burger to no avail. I did find this list which only made me hungry

  32. Damnit. I saw the place in Portland Maine.

  33. Jimbro, Dan reads NMgastronome . Com and Gil listed the ingredients for the Betty in his review of Duke City Kitchen. We go to Winstead’s every time we’re in KC. Yummy greasy diner burger.

  34. Laura, that’s the same guy that owns the Duke City Kitchen. Wow!

  35. I used to share and office with this guy when I was a contractor on Fort Carson. Good guy. A little bit weird even then.

  36. Ten 45 minute town halls, back to back to back for 7.5 hours.

    Mare, you should watch that and report back.

  37. Hurricane hasn’t moved in 6 hours.

    I can’t imagine what that is like.

  38. If only we would allow Scoutmasters to marry.

  39. Pretty sure some joker here at work took a couple snack packs of mixed nuts and craisins out of my cubby.

    Leon, did you ever post the plans for Mostly Peaceful Protest online?

  40. Now you need to make up a couple of “special” laxative snak paks for your joker coworker…..

    Trucks packed. Ole man seems happy. Look out fish in Webster Wisconsin. Im coming and I’m bringing Hell wit me!

  41. Have a great time, TJ. Lauraw, someone took our yogurts out of work fridge. Didn’t eat them. Let them get warm. We can’t have video in breakroom. BS privacy BS. There should be a camera directly above work fridge.

  42. if you were making a bed frame for a king mattress, how much space would you allow on each side for play? is 1″ enough? 1X4 along the outsides to keep it from sliding.

  43. Laura, I bought the plans as a Kindle e-book. It’s no longer available from Amazon, but they haven’t killed my access to it, so I think the author may have pulled it. He still sells the pdf for $20, I got my copy for $8.

    I can ship you mine but you’ll have to supply the propane and CO2.

  44. And gasoline, obviously, basically I’m happy to supply the device if you need it for a little while, but I don’t want to ship compressed gases or flammables.

  45. Of interest to Leon and Co Alex

  46. She would bear me many strong sons.

    And then divorce my ass and live with her personal trainer.

  47. Let’s go to the animal park, it’ll be fun!

  48. Unicorns are way more violent in real life than on cartoons.

  49. Plus, they eventually steal your wife or girlfriend, or there’s a huge fight and bitter feelings all around.

  50. Well that’s the other kind of unicorn, but your point stands.

  51. In fairness both types are fatter and uglier than their mythological counterparts.

  52. Another Rambo movie??

    Last Blood.

    Not a joke.

  53. He’s 73.

  54. He probably still has more testosterone than half the soibois in Hollyweird right now put together.

  55. Yah, no. Dan is on his own. I never watched the last Rambo with him. Funny story, he never watched the first Rambo.

  56. Most of Sly’s T is injected these days, but he’s still man enough to choose it rather than IPAs and loot boxes.

  57. Euro Space Agency: SpaceX, we need you to move one of your satellites.

    SpaceX: LOLGF

  58. No workout today. I forgot that the gym closed early. I may go walk on the treadmill for an hour or so later on, if I get work done.

  59. My recent gun story. Dan wants a smaller gun than his last really cute 38. On sale at Sportsman’s. Dan goes to buy cute small gun. Clerk says they have 9 in stock. Dan wants to buy. Clerk says that only the display is available at the sale price. Dan becomes Karen. Manager stands by clerk. Dan responds by telling manager and clerk that he’s waiting for Black Friday sales. Tells manager that Cabelas will be putting their POS company out of business soon anyway.

  60. In a town with REI, Sportsman’s looked like the real deal. Bass/Cabelas says FU

  61. DiT was today. Pretty sure Beasn is tomorrow

  62. She would bear me many strong sons.

    And then divorce my ass and live with her personal trainer.

    But you would have those sons, and they would hate mom’s new boyfriend and hang with you.

  63. I’ll have a post up a little late tomorrow.

  64. Heh, Alyssa Milano challeging Ted Cruz to a gun rights debate?

  65. Cruz: Whatchu got?
    Milano: racist, misogynist, homophobe, xenophobe, transphobe, hater!!!!
    Cruz: What else you got?
    Milano: I’ve made my case.

  66. I was just kidding, Leon. Just trying to make it seem like I was planning an extreme reaction to having a couple snackies filched. Poorly executed.

    I hope all our H2/Moron peeps remain safe from the hurricane. And if I may be a tad selfish, I hope our NC vacay plans for next week are unaffected, too.

  67. My dad was apparently in NC this weekend visiting family. He just got home today.

  68. Defying expectations, Rick persevered.

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