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  1. *hugs dog*

  2. therapist: and what do we do when we feel sad?

    carin: crank tool

    therapist: -reaches for Rx pad and blue papers-

  3. Good comment by late night Thermie

    Comment by Thermadin on August 31, 2019 1:13 am

    If you are using hoover zoom you may want to look at this. That extension has been know to be doing a lot of spying.


    Food for thought. I skimmed it and will re-read later. Thanks

  4. Good luck with the job hunt, BroCav.

  5. I can’t decide which one is my favorite. Knottsferatu, the pinata, the Lion King, and the flies all had me chuckling.

    Instead of “Don’t Do Anything Stupid”, I have “Say No to Assholes” on my computer monitor at work. Co-worker put it there in response to a very bad week. I also have a Beeman’s gum wrapper taped next to it, to remind me of “The Right Stuff”.

  6. It would be hilarious if hoverzoom was spying on me, since I really only use it here at H2 on Pupster gifs which are 98% Friday boobs.

  7. Hoverboob

  8. Last night was a good time. My family is loud and obnoxious and they did not disappoint.

    Poor Scott. I’m doing this again tomorrow night, with some friends I made while working at Lowe’s.

    I tell him I’m having people over and he gasps like he’s been stung. “Wha-a-a-at??” It’s hilarious.

  9. Front flowerbed is amazing. Everybody who drives up stands there to gawp at it for a while. I’d take pictures of it but you assholes said ‘no more gardening talk’ so fuck you, really.


  10. Just thinking about it, I have a lot of people in my life that can’t be mixed. I could not have these other people over at the same time as my Dad and brother. One of these ladies is liberal and the other one is incredibly loud. Some kind of explosion would ensue.

    Same thing with my friends from nursing school. Gotta split them up and see them separately.

    Do any of you guys compartmentalize your friends/family like this?

  11. I wonder if anybody ‘manages’ me like this.

    *narrows eyes and looks around*

  12. wakey wakey

    Rush’s Betsy Ross shirt sales build 6 houses for disabled vets.

  13. /remembers when Lauraw made fun of my flower garden fascination.

  14. saw the casket one but the second picture said “I do crossfit”.

  15. I don’t remember that.

  16. I’m having people over and he gasps like he’s been stung. “Wha-a-a-at??” It’s hilarious.


  17. I wonder if anybody ‘manages’ me like this.

    *closes three tabs on my browser*

  18. *plays catch-up*

    Why can’t these fucking parents WAIT. Why are they identifying their children sexually when they are still very immature……

    I assume you’re familiar with Munchausen by proxy? These people are desperate to be special in some way. Rather than achievement or service, they’ve chosen infirmity……..

    The parents get a special badge for being so brave and supportive, etc. And the kid gets a LOT of attention. It is interesting because they have two kids, a little over a year apart. The trans kid is younger, and you basically NEVER hear about the other one.

    Yes and yes and yes.

    Have you seen ‘I am Jazz’? Describes that bag of nuts to a ‘T’. It appears the whole family revolves around the obnoxious son and his equally annoying mother. The rest of the family – 2 or 3 other siblings and an emasculated father, are just room ornaments.

    Now my SIL’s niece, who decided she’s a he…..her parent’s are beside themselves with WTF?

  19. Do we know for sure there’s no gay gene or are they just saying that to avoid the abortionists?

  20. But right now mostly because I’m a fuckup.

    Welcome to the club.

    Good luck on your search Bro Cavil! You’ll find something.

  21. Do any of you guys compartmentalize your friends/family like this?

    If I were still associating with some family, I would have to.

  22. That cat in the hat, up yonder, is Cuffy’s wife.

  23. RE: climate change

    Week or two ago, heard some radio blurb about ‘world leaders’ warning about the record heat set around the world.

    *cough* bullshit *cough*

    Not here in MO. Going back as far as I can remember, summers can get stinky, sticky, Africa hot. By the end of it, most yards and gardens are cooked brown. It’s a struggle to keep shit alive through August.
    The past several – maybe up to 10 years, the battle has been with critters.

    This August is looking to be nearly as cool and rainy as our spring was and my gardens are very much alive….even the one in front (SYWM) with the half-alive ash giving half the amount of shade.

  24. We had a rainy August here. Usually by now the lawn is mostly brown and the September rains revive it enough to warrant a couple of cuts before winter. Also not seeing trees losing their leaves or changing colors early because they got enough water and aren’t stressed.

  25. Paula brought the dogs to the groomer earlier and I think I’ve looked for them at least 4 or 5 times out of habit.

  26. OSU 21 FAU 0

  27. That calls for a Betty Burger!

  28. Everything is dying here. Very dry.

  29. I grabbed a few things we needed this morning and, out of curiosity, checked the jelly spot for blackberry preserves. I didn’t get any, it was just a recon mission but I did pick one of these bad boys up


    Calling it jam and putting it near the other classic forms of jam and jelly is a little disingenuous but it motherfocking BACON JAM!

  30. OSU 28 FAU 0

  31. Comment by Pupster on August 31, 2019 10:08 am
    I’m having people over and he gasps like he’s been stung. “Wha-a-a-at??” It’s hilarious.


    Ha ha haaa! You, too? I don’t get it. What’s the problem?

  32. I could explain it but it would require a whiteboard.

  33. Niece came over to visit her grandma and me, and brought some fried ‘pies’ for me and daughter’s bdays. (They went to a farmer’s market this morning.) She’s a nice kid and I hope she finds herself a nice boy and has lots of babies in the future. (Yes, it is something she wants.) She’s 22 or 23.

  34. Then my husband, who is going fishing, called and I talked to him and his buddy on speaker phone.
    Both of his buddy’s daughters are big lefties. Both invited themselves to his/wife’s vacation. On the first day, he brought up MO’s heartbeat bill and the one daughter went off for about an hour about how bad it is for women. This may have been the same one who believed Trump was going to rough up all teh gheys. His wife told him to can it because she didn’t want to get in a fight with the dopey daughters on their vacation…especially the first day. So that prompted him asked them if they thought the U.S. ever did anything good, to which they responded, ‘It never has or was.’

    That attitude would bring about a nuclear meltdown in my house were they my daughters. The lives of innocent babies will always win out over any loyalty/love I have for my kids.

    The one lives in San Francisco with a fiance she doesn’t want to ditch because ‘I’m too old to find anyone else’. So they live in a too small studio paying too much rent…and don’t even talk to each other. All of her friends are gay.

  35. ’round up’…not rough up

  36. She’s 27, btw.
    Maybe I should introduce her to CoAlex, who can properly spank her into some sanity.

  37. OSU 28 FAU 3

  38. Go FAU!

    *Nervously looks around*

  39. Beasn, I’m always willing to give it the old college try.

  40. You really should get out to a gameday Alex, if you haven’t already.

  41. Didn’t Jay go to a football bacchanalia this morning? Sports radio was talking up Iowa St. this morning.

  42. https://tinyurl.com/yxvkruh8

  43. OSU 28 FAU 6

  44. “if they thought the U.S. ever did anything good, to which they responded, ‘It never has or was.”

    This is the tell. Its not about abortion, its about destroying the US. Fuck them, you dont like it…get the fuck out. You have places to go that have exactly the form of .gov you want. I, on the other hand do not have that “out”. I am cornered. Animals don’t behave well when cornered. Someone really needs to explain the “dynamics” of this situation to them and why its ends badly for all .

    Buy more Ammo.


  45. https://tinyurl.com/y6ozvbzp

  46. OSU 35 FAU 6

  47. Had to look up SAT CONG. I’ve seen it before but never quite knew what it meant.

    Kill a commie or a VC during the Southeast Asia unpleasantries. Which led me to a site describing the AoS as the death card.


    Way more info than I ever imagined

  48. OSU 35 FAU 14

  49. OSU 42 FAU 14

  50. Jay’s game looks pretty amazing.

  51. OSU 42 FAU 21

  52. Pupster and Mrs. Pupster must be blitzed on touchdown shots.

  53. The game has been over for almost an hour.

  54. We got blackberry preserves at WalMart. They had them at Sprouts, but not Kroger.

  55. >> – SAT CONG

    Husband asked his buddy where they got all this crap from and he said they picked it up at college. First mistake was to pay their entire way through out-of-state colleges. One was in a two year art program out in CA, which cost 3-4x as much as what my daughter paid for five years at an in-state university (it was a six year program that required a masters…she got one year out of the way in high school). The second was on dance scholarship in Utah. That was the second mistake.
    We told our kids, the family scholarship – with requirements and available for 2 years – does not cover majors that do not pay for themselves. You want art or wimmens studies, you’re on your own. We got off easy. We only covered one year as they found jobs that paid the vast majority of their costs.

  56. Black Betty Burger review:

    Good, the peanut butter dominated but I like it. Couldn’t find any green chilis to roast, just used the diced ones in a can, next time I’ll shop a tienda de comestibles.

  57. I’ve been looking up how to make bone broth. I’m seeing boil first, then roast, then simmer….or roast 45 minutes first at 425, then simmer 8-12 hours….or roast for 30 min at 350, then simmer 48 hours. Wtf.

  58. The game has been over for almost an hour.

    I have Hulu, and I pause it for when I have to do stuff. Hulu won’t let you fast forward something that is still playing, so I can either watch on delay or go straight to live and not be able to watch the delayed part until after it is over. It is kind of clunky. Also if it goes to overtime and you are not recording the next thing on the same channel, or the network moves the game, you are shitoutofluck.

  59. beasn, the only purpose of roasting is to get that ‘browned’ flavor and color into the broth. It doesn’t really do anything else to the bones. Just broil or roast, turning until the bones are browned well here and there. You don’t even need to roast all of them. Just enough to get that caramelized flavor.

    The main part, extracting minerals and gelatin from bones, cartilage, and tendons, is done in the simmer. Go as long as you like, longer is better. A pressure cooker works best, frankly. You can get all the goodness out of the bones so that the cartilage melts and the bones are weak and chalky, in like 1.5 hours with the pressure cooker, instead of two goddamn days.

  60. Beansesdfesdf, we just make it in the instant pot on soup/broth setting. We don’t roast the bones, and we strain the broth. Also if you are doing beef it kinda smells like the rendering plant down by the stockyards.

  61. I love that smell. Be sure to save the tallow for frying potatoes.

  62. Well. Funny thing, indeed has this series of tests that check various work-related skills. Some I did well on and expected it. Some utterly surprised me how well I did. For example, somehow I did well on the medical recording one despite never having done it a day in my life.

    Yeah, doesn’t give me confidence in those tests either.

  63. Those tests are pretty scary accurate sometimes, Cavil. You should make yourself open to the possibility of good things happening for you.

  64. https://tinyurl.com/yy266vj4

  65. https://tinyurl.com/y5cbnb9u

  66. Thanks guys.

    *puts pressure cooker/instapot on Christmas list*

  67. Beasn, this years toy is the Ninja Foodi Grill. Pricey. I’m calling it as the most wanted kitchen toy.

  68. Pupster!!! Dan is thinking of roasting jalapeño peppers for the next Betty!

  69. The idea that I may have supervisory chops is staggering. Since I’m an introvert with dubious people skills and no experience in that area, and all that. Still, might be handy.

  70. I think jalapeños roasted and sliced thin would be good, I’d have to experiment.

  71. Peanut butter on meat?

    Never happening here.

  72. Just you wait, Enry Iggins, just you wait-Eliza Doolittle’d

  73. Chocolate has a better chance.

  74. our game was good if you’re a UNI fan. They played great, lots of gutty play, and their kicker is for real.

    ISU defense was good, offense was so vanilla it was bad. We miss our 2 playmakers that went to the NFL early (Montgomery for the Bears and Butler for the Cardinals).

  75. We got 733 gallons of propane at $0.88/gal.
    Very nice price.
    Propane guy said; “See you next year!”

  76. 10,000 quadrillion dollars? (1 quadrillion = 1000 trillion).

    Let’s mine 16-Psyche

    This is a great idea.

  77. The “I’m vegan” made me Lol as well as every other meme so… 10 million points for booze and condoms for Pups!!

  78. Pro: Someone manages to mine the thing, we’re all rich

    Con: Someone manages to drop the damn thing on the planet, we’re all fucked

    Y’know, it’s not like I planned on living forever anyway…

  79. Honestly, who would want to live in this world forever to begin with? It’s a fallen world. All the people you care about would die. Then you get new ones and then they die. It’s like being the sole human around with a steadily revolving stream of pets. One of the key points that makes life tolerable is that no matter how bad it sucks, eventually it’s done.

    Besides, I got people I look forward to seeing again afterwards. So yeah, I’ll take the time-limited life, thanks.

  80. Disoriented, Eddie remained prostrate.

  81. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/carolineodonovan/amazon-next-day-delivery-deaths

    I know, I know, it’s Buzzfeed. But the article is interesting.

    Amazon: We’re going to lease you shitty vans, monitor each of them in real time, harass you if you fall behind, and pile on a load of deliveries that you can’t possibly make in the time allotted unless you break numerous traffic laws.

    *accident occurs*

    Amazon: What the hell are you looking at us for?! These were independent contractors whom we have no control over!

  82. Peanut butter on meat?

    Never happening here.

    *scribbles out line on menu*

    *searches for roasted persimmon recipe*

  83. “persimmon”


  84. Alex, it was a bit too long to read but I read enough to get the gist of it. Sometimes buzzfeed does real journalism and that was a good article. Now lets get back to the articles about predicting your spirit animal based on your order at olive garden.

  85. You say no peanut butter on meat, but I have a Thai peanut beef recipe and a chicken satay recipe that are pretty good.

  86. Some of my co-workers are doing stuff with ionic liquids that would let you process the iron and nickel out of meteorites or 16-Psyche without having to smelt it.

  87. ww

  88. We used to make peanut butter chicken all the time, it’s good.

  89. I forgot about peanut butter and bacon sandwiches.

  90. https://tinyurl.com/y2u58mgz

  91. Won’t the flood of metal debase the value thereof and reduce it to like, only a quadrillion dollars?

    Barely worth it, really.

  92. The idea that the USA could bring that down and basically back the currency with it and eliminate the entirety of all unfunded liabilities is extremely tempting.

    Buuuuuuut, congress would have us broke again in a month.

  93. That is incorrect. If the government was in charge, we’d have already spent the money before launch.

  94. Who says we didn’t?

  95. Yeah, at this point we absolutely have to do it.

  96. We are celebrating my sons 20th birthday today. He’s a good guy, has a good job and is planning on buying his first home in the spring. He’s had the same girlfriend since 1st grade when he came home and announced she was his girlfriend with the exception of a year “break” their sophomore year. They intend to marry in two years and we support that decision. She is a wonderful person (not to mention a stone cold hammer) and should produce healthy happy grandchildren when the time comes. (Cmooooon grandson! Heh heh)

    I hope we were able to provide him a childhood that he will remember fondly……feeling old now…..

  97. First packets down splash HARD outside DC, NYC, Chicago, LA, and San Fran.

    Then the message: “We’re renegotiating the terms…”

    Be careful who you give the high ground. They may have read Heinlein.

  98. Happy Birthday TJr, be proud Dad your boy sounds like a solid citizen.

  99. And happy B’day to TJr. Clearly it gave MrsTJ a new spin for “Labor Day”.

  100. The value in an asteroid that big is in orbital shipbuilding.

  101. STFU Alex. Everybody knows the value is in that sweet, sweet alien putang.

  102. Solid kid Teeroy. Congrats man!

  103. One of my HS classmates and a fellow Boy Scout met a girl from Sweden on an exchange here in the US and ended up marrying her. He was more of my brother’s friend and he visited him over there a couple of times. I haven’t seen him in ages, probably since 1982 or so when we graduated. He was a handsome guy, dumb as a bag of rocks. He ended up working for her father according to my brother.

  104. Question: can I take cuttings from a perennial hibiscus, get them to root in a pot, and plant them this year? Think they would survive? Or should I just let them grow over the winter in pots, and plant them in spring?

  105. Turn the sound on.


  106. so many speedy ducks

  107. They might need a duck cleaning service.

  108. That’s a lotta ducks.



  111. I don’t know the first thing about that plant, Jay, but it seems too late to start cuttings of most perennials and expect to overwinter them, even in a protected position like a sunny but unheated porch.

    See if you can find a local who has specialized knowledge about these hibiscus in your area?

  112. I’ll just start them, and keep them inside overwinter. Mom’s died, and I want to give her another red one. These are the hardy perennials.

  113. Are session musicians a thing anymore? I was just thinking about that for some reason.

  114. We have dogs for that now.

  115. BC, they are. Nashville.

  116. Internet friend is all about rescue and training. She rescues and trains Belgian Malinois. She previously did Dachshund and French Bulldog rescue. Her Frenchies were media stars. Her Belgians are trained in multiple areas. Sniff training. Dock diving. Companion dogs. She makes them work for their living. I showed MaryAnn multiple videos. Not impressed. I have the Democrat Socialist Dog.

  117. Elliot isn’t coordinated enough for those type of things.

  118. Elliot and MaryAnn aren’t going to be dog shamed by Vicki’s working dogs.

  119. We had big breakfast after church. Sausage, biscuits, and gravy. Gravy needed green chile.

  120. Just got home from Vegas. Good show, but I’m wiped out.

  121. Good show? You misspelled “Best Of Show”. Congrats!

  122. Thanks, J’Ames.

  123. Yes, congrats, Pepe!

  124. For Car in


  125. For all you cooks….. Amazing chili recipe!


  126. Well done, Pepe!!

  127. BWAAHAHA, good one, Pepe. That guy needs a good knife!!

  128. chili that clinks coming out of the pan is good chili

  129. Dennis emerged, reeking, pestilent.

  130. Somebody tell CARin her chickens are superfluous.


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