Summer’s Swan Song

Here it is, the unofficial end of summer. If your kids aren’t already back to school they’ll be there soon. Visions of paste and sharpened #2 pencils fill our heads. It already  feels a little like fall here. Nights are cooler and the humidity is long gone. When I went to the grocery store I saw the mums and Halloween candy out. Even the national burnt coffee chain has rolled out the PSL before Labor Day. We’ll probably have another heat wave or two before fall begins in earnest. I wish someone would let the ticks and mosquitoes know it’s time to go away.


It’s hard to find any Labor Day  cartoons from a conservative perspective





Have some COTC and lobster



Wash it down with an icy Dr. Pepper



Last chance for fireworks!


Let the footballs begin!








  1. Hold my beer. Foist!

  2. Rain rain rain

  3. Wky wky

  4. What’s the TTT Carin?

    Are you measuring in days or hours now?

  5. Carpenter coming over to give estimates for a few projects at our house and camp. Pray for Oso

  6. Mattis lives in town in a very modest house and doesn’t live an extravagant life, so I’ve heard. He’s probably doing it because he believes it. It’s just all very weird how some have just gone off the rails since Trump. Maybe they think we have all lost it too.

    This is what puzzles me. At what point, at what thought, which one made them think “they are wrong, I am right”. Where is the divide? I honestly can’t point it out. Not sure if the flaw is mine, or theirs.

  7. fucking estimates.

    the word that employs all our managers, and thus, becomes the focal point of our lives.

  8. DC is a corrosive atmosphere.

    I’m trying to get some wiring done in the kitchen. I replaced one light switch myself but the other stuff needs more wires run, etc.

    First electrician I contacted made a date to come look at the work and provide an estimate. No show, no call.

    Houseguest has a cousin who’s an electrician, and she said she would call her cousin. He came over and looked at the work, said no problem, he would get back to us later when he could come back and work on it.

    Days later:
    Me: Has so&so texted you back yet about coming back?


    Me: …

    Scott: We’ll be waiting for a while.

    Me: What? Why?

    Scott: When a guy is doing a favor for his cousin, he’s not gonna feel comfortable to charge full boat. He’s going to take care of his ‘real’ customers first and get to us, whenever.

    Me: Oh. Yeah. (inside: well, shit.)

    Good thing I’m not in any hurry.

  9. I’m not sure exactly when the album is released – midnight? The single they released early was supposed to be an 8 am deal – but appeared on iTunes around 7:30 am.

    I ordered the limited edition CD, etc, but that won’t be here until later in the day. WHich – I keep checking to see if it’s shipped, because EVEN THOUGH I ordered it the first day, within an hour of it being available for pre-sale …some people have gotten boned and aren’t getting it. All of Aus and New Zealand are out.

  10. You’ve got a monkey on your back, Carin.


  12. Car in is going to be sitting by the window bouncing up and down in anticipation of the postman.

  13. You wanna know why folks went nuts? We have two very different cultures/worldviews that have been rapidly diverging for a generation or two at least, and the one that thought it was completely in control just got a rude awakening from the other one. When you see someone making a statement or writing an op/ed that seems completely out of touch with reality, it’s because they’re writing to their fellows in the other one, for whom that IS reality.

    We’re not headed for a national divorce. We’re working through a national psychotic break.

  14. I’ll probably be at work when the cd is delivered. Thankfully, I have iTunes so I will be listening as soon as I wake up. And when I get home, I will have that wonderful bit of goodness waiting for me.

  15. I just ate the best eggs ever. I’ve been doing city tacos or whatever they’re called. Addicted to them. But roasting jalapenos … well, added all the city taco things to my eggs. OMG yum.

  16. City taco?

  17. street taco. I knew taht was wrong.

  18. I just looked up “city taco” on Urban Dictionary.

    Car in is a freak.

  19. /checks amazon to see if they’ve shipped my cd yet


    Today isn’t the day to play me, people. I may lash out.

  21. Hey there weirdos.

  22. What’s new MJ? Have you picked a new place to move yet?

  23. Is it wrong of me that every time I see one of those little videos of dogs being in horrible situations (and being rescued) … that I have a strong urge to show my dogs the video?

    “SEE? Look how good you got it …”

    I can be petty.

  24. Yeah, I think we’re moving to…

    Just kidding. We’re staying here for a bit. How are things in NC? Do you like it? Have you been to the WWC?

  25. Hola, futhers of muck.

  26. NC is nice, I love it here. I tried to go to the WWC but it was shut down during a protest by BLM until they agreed to be more inclusive by adding purple coloring to the water.

  27. Everyone will be safer once we confiscate the guns …

    … or not

  28. We have a vacay coming up and are going to be seeing Pupster soon. Probably. Maybe. In any case, he won’t know about it until it’s too late.

  29. Man, I need to get into some new music. Never could get into Tool, though. Frankly most of what I like was last century and Christ on a crutch do I feel old putting it that way, I gotta lighten up.

  30. The universe is hostile, Brother C. So impersonal.

  31. Let me know if you get there. I can run over for work and spend the night.

  32. From Jbros link:

    The researchers did not want to speculate about the reason for the explosive increase, possibly because of the fact that it may reflect on immigrants, a sensitive topic. According to them, the registration of such incidents by the police also leaves something to be desired, so that little is known about the motives.

    They’ve lost their will to survive.

  33. This is what puzzles me. At what point, at what thought, which one made them think “they are wrong, I am right”. Where is the divide? I honestly can’t point it out. Not sure if the flaw is mine, or theirs.

    Pretty confident the flaw isn’t mine. To hear the left going on about the racism and the fascism, it is clear they are not living in reality.

  34. Regarding DC being toxic and electricians –

    it’s not DC. It’s the whole country. There aren’t enough electricians. They can pick and choose when they want to work.

  35. The carpenter came to look at our list and gave a fair estimate. Seemed credible. We had a local guy give us an estimate for similar work last fall and he no showed a few times and came in with an astronomically high estimate about 6 weeks after he finally showed. We didn’t bite on that one.

  36. Trying to wrap my mind around the breaking news about Comey. Essentially, he committed a crime yet won’t be charged. Seems to be the norm. Why do we even bother with the investigations? If you’re not going to charge people, why waste the money on it in the first place?

  37. jimbro, so our betters can use it on their resume, when someone is looking for opposition research

  38. When I lived in NYC it seemed like 4x a year someone would get pissed and toss a grenade into a bar or club or something like. My thoughts were also along the lines of Jimbro, those have never been legal but there seems to be a ready supply

  39. Wha? I’ve never heard of a grenade set off in a club.

    Fragging in Nam, yes.

  40. Oh, and HI VMAX!

  41. Howdy Ja’mes

  42. Dave Chapelle’s new comedy thing on Netflix is pretty funny. I suggest watching just to hear someone say the word faggot a lot.

  43. Heh heh…..”dont piss off the alphabet people”


    *goes to read it

  45. I’ll bet Elijah says Trump did sometin bad.

  46. It’s a dick pic, isn’t it?

  47. Rather than building an economy and health care system that works for everyone, Donald Trump spends his time lashing out, attacking American cities like Baltimore and elected officials like me.

    Sounds pretty bad, I better read more…

    *no dick pic

  48. Jimbro, that punk rolled into the wrong ‘hood on the wrong day…

  49. Home again, had a nice mini-vacay. House didn’t burn down and the residents therein appear to be well fed.

    Tuesday night we had dinner here, surrounded by snooty country-clubbers. I just searched for a steakhouse and this popped up, I didn’t realize what it was until the valet was reaching for my door handle. Nice joint, kinda faaancy.

    Hey Hotspur…the whole place was stone walls and pillars, is there a name for this type of construction/masonry? The fireplaces are built out of freaking boulders. Very cool.

  50. Y’know that’s probably all facades and such, right? Nobody ACTUALLY builds that way, the code enforcement folks would have grand mal seizures just hearing about it…

  51. Post-modern pretentious.

  52. Opened in 1913, pretty sure the whole joint is stacked up granite and mortar.

  53. Thank you all.

  54. Congrats, Sean!

  55. You da man!

  56. Work brought us to Portland Maine.

    We had lobstah on a boat.

  57. I contend that lobster is only consumed as a socially acceptable way to eat a small bowl of butter.

  58. 2 days without an accident.

    Good to know that Seanbot is keeping time. Also good job, sir.

  59. Congrats to Sean.

    And Possum.

    There’s a joke there somewhere.

  60. How many days since Carin peed her pants?

  61. I bet Sean hasn’t peed his pants in at least 8 years.

  62. I wouldn’t take that bet. Sean pees other peoples pants.

  63. Pupster and valet

  64. Fuel savings almost paid for the rental car.

    Rental cars kick ass.

  65. I ate a huge bowl of butter today.

  66. Or you can have a car that gets 40mpg.


  67. Have a little lobster with your butter? For flavor?

  68. No, just the butter. I didn’t want to be some pretentious poser.

  69. Besides, we might have started in on whether or not lobster’s a bug, and I don’t think any of us want THAT trauma to start back up.

  70. We called lobster bugs in Florida. It is bug season!

  71. Congratulations, Sean, good work.

  72. Thanks again to all of you. It’s been a good day.

    Deflation enables recovery’s promises.

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