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  1. These are fun. As I scroll down I think “This is my favorite one” and by the time I get to the bottom it’s been replaced by a few others.

  2. Space is a vacuum cracked me up, that one is getting shared at work.

    The cicadas are the ones making all the noise here.

  3. How are things going, Roamie? Have you started to fill the empty nest with cats yet?

  4. Mr RFH has instituted Naked Saturdays in celebration of all the kids being out of the house.

  5. https://tinyurl.com/y69djcgq

  6. Scott is taking my truck to the transfer station to get a load of compost and test out my new cargo unloader from Harbor Freight.

    This is terribly exciting.

    I just don’t have the energy this morning. Got home late from work, couldn’t settle down until almost 3AM, and woke up after only about 5.5 hours sleep, still thinking about work. WTF.

  7. We have had two forsythia hedges eating the yard for 20+ years. Scott has been beating it back every Spring or two by a couple feet here and there but nothing was really stopping the march of its progress. Every arching tip makes a new plant and the stumps regrow with astonishing swiftness each season.

    Finally Scott decided to buy a chainsaw on a stick.

    Boy, howdy. Was that the right tool, I’ll say it was. The one in the back of the yard that was 30+ feet wide is GONE.

    He took it down in a couple hours, dragged the brush into the woods, and yesterday chopped out the stumps. He’s going to spread compost all over the area and I’ll overseed with winter rye to prep the area for grass seed next Spring.

    It’s so nice to see that area all cleared out. Can’t believe we allowed that mess to continue just for want of the correct tool for the job.

  8. How many hobos were living in there?

  9. The presence of a few dismembered hobo bits doesn’t mean any were ‘living’ in there.

  10. Mr. RFH?

  11. This is why I continue to support Trump. None of the other GOP candidates would have the balls to continue to support this effort.

  12. The balls-johnson dance! That was a funny movie.

  13. No cats, I’m allergic to them.

    Rocketboy is 15 minutes away, so that helps if I need to mom on somebody. Thursday was a long day for everybody, so I picked up Zaxby’s take-out and we had dinner together.

    Mini-me has been really good about a text every now and then to put my mind at ease. She is on a campout this weekend and warned me she would be offline.

  14. The BLM move is brilliant and should be done with all of the agencies, to break up the concentration of power in DC and make a bunch of bureaucrats retire. At NASA, it seemed to be one new hire for every two retirees. I would prefer more engineers than bean-counters and HR wonks, but I’m probably not going to get that. Over half of MSFC is eligible to retire, and there has been a wave this year.

  15. Favorite comment on Lieawatha’s boogeying on stage, “Did it rain?”

  16. Going up on the roof to clean gutters today.

    Pray for Oso.

  17. Have you tried a chainsaw on a stick?

    I had an old neighbor show me once, the typical spatula will fit in the bottom tray of your typical gutter. Handy dandy.

  18. Don’t give Scott any ideas. He’s this [] close to figuring out how to set fires with the thing.

    I just sliced up a yuuuge oxheart tomato for a tomato sammich. Two slices swamped the bread. I weighed it before cutting it up; 1 1/2 pounds. Saved some seeds. I’m labeling them ‘Lord Humongous.’

  19. wakey wakey

  20. The tomato plant down in the pot on my MIL’s patio has been growing big tomatoes – not Lord Humongous size – but plenty big. Some critter has been pulling off the near ripe ones, eating half, and kindly leaving the rest for my MIL.
    I’ll be rigging up some chickenwire sometime today.

    There is a light down there with a motion detector but MIL keeps turning it off. Though, if it’s a raccoon, they don’t spook so easily.

  21. One word for the millennials in my life. Dumbass.

    MOH sent out invitations for bridal shower. Didn’t list where daughter is registered. It slipped her mind and she didn’t even know where.

    Daughter still hasn’t ordered invitations to wedding. “Um, don’t forget you have to give the venue a final count, two weeks out.”

  22. Daughter’s wedding band arrived.


  23. Fighting Faceplant‘s censorship

  24. Leon or Jay might find this interesting. The guy is walking step by step through building an NES emulator

  25. Beasn, that’s pretty.

  26. Loverly ring.

    Sorry that the bridal party is being absent-minded.

  27. No shrimp or he die.

  28. I had to cancel a trip to VT for my friend’s wedding this weekend. It could be a long story in the Cut And Paste tradition but I’ll try to sum it up in a few lines. We’ve heard noises behind the wall in our bedroom and thought it was mice. I set traps and didn’t catch any. Ben went to touch the wall near the noise and watched in horror as the paint fell away and stinging insects flew out. YELLOWJACKETS !!! I put my bee suit on and plugged the hole with cardboard and sucked up the ones that escaped the wall with the vacuum. Pest control guy came today and sprayed inside and out. Now I need to find a carpenter to patch the entry gap where they entered as well as fix the wall where they munched through the drywall.

  29. That Harbor Freight unloader thingy is worth every penny. Hell, I would pay 3X what it cost us and still be happy.

  30. As much as that all sucks I am thankful for several things:

    The timing. Imagine if they burrowed through in the middle of the night with us sleeping with the door closed and AC on?

    I’m glad I had a bee suit and veil, otherwise we would have had to evacuate the whole house. Everyone panicked and left all the doors open. There were frigging yellow jackets everywhere upstairs.

    It saved me 12 hours of driving to and from VT for a 4 hour event

    I booked with Expedia for the first time with this trip and got a full refund a mere 8 hours before check in time

  31. You should put a video of it in action on your YouTube channel Scott

  32. A very different version of As the World Turns.


  33. ROCK!


  34. Holy crap, Jimbro, yeah, I would have been “Abandon ship!” Glad you had the beekeeper equipment.

  35. KPRC2 in Houston reported that Worden had a son prior to meeting McClain “conceived through in vitro fertilization carried by a surrogate.”

    “He is mine biologically, I had him all by myself,” Worden told the outlet.

    Wait… what?

  36. Cats have apparently taken over the Washington Compost. (Article on why dogs are bad for the planet. That’ll improve circulation pronto.)

  37. Damn, Jimbro. I’ve seen on YouSuckTube videos of folks taking care of hives of those damn things. It’s on my list of “shit I never ever ever want to put up with”.

    As for chainsaw on a stick, I’m forced to note many weapons of the middle ages were repurposed agricultural implements. I can only imagine some army camped out to meet its enemy when ranks of soldiers with chainsaws-on-sticks marched over the hill…

    /makes notes for the Burning Times

  38. Chainsaws-on-a-stick are no match for our pumpkin trebuchets.

  39. Also, wtf was NASA thinking, sending an astronaut who is having personal problems on a 6-month mission?

  40. Add to my list of things I’m grateful for; that I was home when it happened. Paula told me she would have abandoned ship if I was at work.

  41. The unloader looks slick!

  42. I helped ‘unload’ half a bed full of compost with one hand, coffee in the other, giggling the whole time. It’s easy peasy. Why did I discover this frickin’ thing after having my truck for 16 years already?? Do you people even understand how much manure and compost and big rocks I have had to move by hand?? DAMMIT.

  43. Tulsi didn’t make the list for the next debate. Too bad, Trump needs to tap her for a cabinet position in his next administration.

  44. File the unloader under Work smarter, not harder

  45. Yikes, Jimbro! Motherf*ckin bootleg yellowjackets!

  46. It is an absolutely beautiful day here in the usual Africa-hot-all-August, August day. Low 80’s, low humidity, cool breeze. Should be this way all weekend into early next week.

  47. Sorry that the bridal party is being absent-minded.

    It’s annoying in that 1. she only has two bridesmaids and 2. when she was the MOH for her now MOH, she did her very best to give her a lovely shower (here at my house on mostly my dime but whatevs) and a bachelorette weekend at our farm (MOH does not drink/party).

  48. Could be worse, Beasn, my MOH didn’t invite anyone in my family. Not entirely sure she invited anyone at all by mail, I think it was all word-of-mouth to friends and telling Mr. RFH to invite his mom and sisters. Probably one of the reasons my parents didn’t come to the wedding.

  49. Any significant value in A+ certification? ( question for puter pros)

  50. No TR

  51. Are there any IT certs actually worth one’s while?

  52. Certified Ethical Hacker is still worth getting.

  53. I had thought I’d be pulling up handfuls of maple seeds. No. About 50# of the old roof, sediment washed out of the new shingles, rusty nails, and roof staples. I’m about 2/3 done. Went and got a taller stepladder rather than scamper around on the roof all day.

  54. I am not going up there anymore.

    I will blow it out from the down spout with the leaf blower, or make an attachment for the Shop Vac out of PVC.

  55. I always wondered what it would look like if someone had to use one of those runaway truck ramps. Smokey, apparently.


  56. I didn’t have a shower. Dan didn’t have a bachelor party. I H8 shower games. And people. Mostly games. Mostly. My grammo’s house had a hive of bees take over a bathroom wall. Outhouse with no door became a really nice alternative. This Summer, 2nd Mountain Lion moved into Grammo’s attic.

  57. Jimbro has never had a corn dog? (Corny Dog In TX). Does ME have a State Fair?

  58. I know, right? Next thing you know he’ll say he never had an elephant ear or funnel cake.

  59. Dan didn’t have a bachelor party.

    Nuh-uh, I have exclusive footage. (Dan’s the guy with the chair.)


  60. College football is back!

  61. Pups, 🤣🤣🤣. Dan is going to a breastaurant with his BFF tonight. I’m getting the remote. No more golf. No more Dodgers. Scott, the genius management team I work with decided to put Lobo hats and Stadium seats up in the steel. Selling too fast to maintain.

  62. Oso, go look at the bing home page RIGHT NOW! They’ve got a picture of you and Dan.

  63. I think it was all word-of-mouth to friends and telling Mr. RFH to invite his mom and sisters. Probably one of the reasons my parents didn’t come to the wedding.

    Wth? Talk about being asleep at the wheel.

    We went over to daughter’s place to start putting in pantry shelves. I forgot to ask about the list she gave her MOH for the shower. Oh..oh, and while I was there, she FINALLY decided to order her wedding invitations. I think it was less than $150 for 60 + matching envelopes, from Vista Print. No mention of either set of parents…and all rsvps will go to her phone or email.

  64. Dan: That’s me asking you to do something, and you ignoring me. 🤣🤣🤣

  65. Mrs Jay had a male for MOH. He had fun at the batchelorette party.

  66. wow, 24 years ago

  67. I didn’t pay for RSVP stuff and stamps, because Mexicans don’t RSVP. Didn’t notice when proofing the invitation that the time of the wedding wasn’t there. Able to get an RSVP list by people calling to ask “What Time?” People thought it was a “Genius move” when it was actually a working 80+ hours a week move.

  68. Our 21st is in a couple of days.

  69. Your marriage is legal and can drink now! Wiser owes you Margaritas

  70. Wait, a month and a couple of days.

  71. This game is great. I hate the stupid Gators.

    Their fans are obnoxious.

  72. Chomp this.

  73. Pretty sure you can get Wiser Margs more than once. Getting ready to vacate Bears/Colts and watch Netflix.

  74. Dan’s BFF has a 15 year old son. His mom pulled him out of football 3 years ago. Soccer only. He was the kicker on his HS team. Started vaping. On his third outward bound type program. This year. Dan’s BFF is ready to go Old School. His wife is more understanding and open to options. We haz dog. Dan has to just be a friend. Can’t have an opinion. Progressive parenting y’all

  75. vaping would be hard on parents. I was just a smoker

  76. How is Montgomery doing for the Bears? ISU star last year.

  77. Bears are winning. Can’t really tell. Pre-season. Chiefs/Steelers tomorrow

  78. HAHAHA!
    *wonders if I should suggest this as a game for the bridal shower*


  79. Hasbro Has a New ‘Monopoly: Socialism’ Game and Socialists Are Not Happy


  80. J’ames watching 2 different parenting styles collide in real time. See it with my brothers kids as well. Wealthy kid privilege.

  81. You should be an Ozuna fan this weekend. His nickname is The Big Bear.

  82. Ooh…yah no. Pretty cool name though

  83. Last year at this time (apple fall), we had a young(spike) elk show up at 1845-1900 each evening to check the apples at our trees and the neighbors.
    My baby sister and BIL stopped here last year on the way back from BC. They bitched about not seeing ‘Wild Animals’ and I looked at my watch and told BiL to look to the south east. He did and saw the elk coming. BiL got out his phone and took lots of snaps. “There’s an elk in your yard’! He’s back this year, but as a two-point, and much larger. He showed-up last night and was under our apple tree right on the highway. People were pulling-off the road, rolling windows down and getting their phones out to take pictures/movies of him. It’s almost like he’s “Running a Route” of apple trees.
    It’s interesting to watch the city folks reactions to life out here. Co-Alex has been here and knows the territory…

  84. The all-white and all-black baseball uniforms this weekend make it look like Spy vs. Spy on the ballfield.

  85. You can’t read the white uniforms.

  86. ISU rolled out all black uniforms last year. They grew on me, hated them when they came out.

  87. Still love watching The Darkest Hour, when he’s on the train. That’s what I imagine most people are like in the US. Even in the city.

  88. Chris and Anita’s property is beautiful. Adding elk? Even better.

  89. RE: the Monopoly for Millennials game…

    The reason that we don’t own property is that it’s fucking expensive, especially since often no one builds starter homes anymore. During the early aughts it was all mcmansions and townhomes, combined with increasing regulations and zoning restrictions by boomer-controlled city governments. Add in the fact that you’re almost guaranteed to have to move once or twice while changing jobs, or follow your career to a city where the price of housing is outrageous, plus many of the industries that supported small towns and middle-America have been gutted by our regulations and trade policies, and the result is a generation that would rather spend their money on a nice apartment where you can leave at the end of your lease rather than get trapped with a 30 year mortgage.

  90. Derek enjoys ribald puns.

  91. he’ll say he never had an elephant ear or funnel cake.
    Wait, what?

  92. My fair food has always been just one thing: fried dough with powdered sugar and cinnamon powder. Eat one and life is good. Two and stay off the rides just to be safe. Three or more? Chewing tobacco scene in The Sandlot movie.

  93. Fried dough? Never heard of it, sounds gross.


  94. Haha haaaa, I’m sure nobody in NH was pissed off about that. It’s not like people in NH make fun of people in VT. Noooosireebob.

  95. Is Colex making stealth Meatups all over the place? This is some bullsh.

  96. Laura, I met Chris and Anita when I was working in Colorado Springs and traveling a lot for work. I spent three weeks up at Fort Lewis, WA and they kindly invited me to dinner one night.

    I got lost and was an hour late.

  97. Mmmm Hmmm. *squints eyes*

  98. If I had been sent to Connecticut as part of work I would have made time to Meet The Ws.

  99. *squinches harder*

    I’m having an amazing varied diet all on one plate today. I just cleaned out the fridge.

  100. I don’t believe in Connecticut.

  101. Connecticut is a scam.

  102. Poland is calling for Alex

  103. *disappears in a puff of purple smoke*

    *ghostly laughter*

  104. No boys for a decade is kind of frightening.

  105. I’m sure the girls are happy their village wasn’t in China

  106. Wakey wakey2

  107. More like deathy deathy

  108. Quiet day here. No yellowjackets seen. Mowed the lawn like it should be done. Ben does a half ass job but makes the lawn presentable to the neighbors which is good enough. Paula likes me to do it every so often so it doesn’t get too out of control. Made a second dump run this morning. After all that I had a cigar and listened to sports radio talking about Andrew Luck retiring at age 29. I think he’s justified in his decision. He’s spent more time recovering from injury than playing. Also researched Meralgia Paresthetica for Paula since she apparently has it for unknown reasons.

  109. When I mowed the back lot behind the garage I wished I had a chainsaw on a stick. The hedgerow behind it is out of control. Bittersweet and forsythia bushes are thriving back there.

  110. Forsythia is going to take over the world.

  111. More wood varnished and polished.

  112. I went to the gym, then mass, and then tango class. Now I’m getting ready to go to the gym again in about thirty minutes for yoga class.

  113. We went to Mass. Dan didn’t want to pay for breakfast. Left after breakfast to buy a gun. Sportsman’s Warehouse is a fucking joke. Won’t honor their print ad. Send you to their online ad. Some IT fucked up and the gun isn’t available online. Or in store. Even though minimum wage tard said they had 9 on hand. We don’t really Need any more guns. Need isn’t part of the 2A

  114. What where you getting if you don’t mind me axing?

    I’ve been wanting to test drive one of these:


  115. Smith and Wesson Bodyguard MP pistol

  116. Thanks, Pups. Dan is now tracking your link. Oso waves goodbye to 💰

  117. Yeah, saw those on sale on the flyer. That was a good price if they weren’t such weasel-dicks.

    Right now Boy2 is changing the oil in Monster, then I’m going to take it for a spin to check his work.


  118. Mini-me cut up hot peppers without gloves. Any advice to help with burning skin?

  119. For Pupster


  120. Any advice to help with burning skin?

    Don’t masturbate.

  121. @pupster

    The 365 is “snappy”. It also seems to have found a ergonomic “sweet spot” cause it does “feel” good in hand. My SIL has one while his buddy has the latest Glock. I prefer the Sig (especially with the enhanced front sight).

    Whats the best gun in the world?

    The one that goes bang when you want it to.

  122. Gotta neutralize the oil. Luke warm water and dish soap

  123. I’m still alive. I know you were concerned

  124. Any advice to help with burning skin?

    Has she tried chainsaw on a stick?

  125. Where you been, J?

  126. yes oil neutralizer

  127. What kind of pepper burns your skin?

  128. Jalopenoes.

  129. They will burn my eyes if I rub them, but they have never burned my skin.

  130. However, unlike Hotspur, I have never rubbed them on my junk.

  131. Okay, dafuq is with that town in Poland? No boys for a full decade is one of those things that says “something in this environment is fucked”.

    Also, does Sean have a list of all his derps so he doesn’t repeat or something?

  132. Sean hasn’t actually been here since 2017. He has a script that writes derps at the tail end of threads so we don’t worry or call him.

  133. There’s no computer program that could produce high art fancy derps the way Sean does. Shush.

  134. Daniel emulated respectable people.

  135. See, Sean doesn’t even take the bait when called out as a bot. Only a bot would do that.


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