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Your model for today was born in Pennsylvania, USA on August 16th, 1995.  She stands 5′ 6″ and measures 322232 and 114 lbs.  Please check your six and welcome Miss Lily Ivy!





  1. Fantastic model Pups.

    I can even forgive the globe on her upper thigh!

  2. She’ll do.

  3. She seems nice.

  4. She looks like your boss’s teenaged daughter. The one who is agressively flirting with you whenever she comes around the office, and you know you would get fired but man it would be worth it…

  5. Mandolin Orange is great. They do a cover of Boots of Spanish Leather that I love.

  6. I liked this song because she is the main vocalist, most of their stuff the dude sings and she is chorus and harmony. She looks and sounds like my older sister, who is also very talented musically.

    If you look at their youtube mix there is a video of them doing a radio interview that is really sweet, they are a very talented pair.

  7. So Jeannette Ng began her acceptance speech for the Campbell Award for Best New Writer with “John Campbell was a fucking fascist.” Y’know, most people either say thank you for an award, or if they are that offended by it, politely decline the award. E.g., if you were to offer me the Hillary Clinton Award for whatever, I would say no thank you. Maybe it was just to get a free trip to Dublin.

    The Hugos were already going downhill, now I’m pretty sure the entire awards list is a no-go for me.

  8. Wakey wakey

    Happy be-lated anniversary to TiFW. Pat and I celebrated 26 years last week.

    Gott run to flint this morning because I decided last minute to run the Crim (10 mile – AWESOME run … really a great time). Boys are coming up this weekend. I work tonight. Gotta spot clean. etc.

    Tool comes out in one week. Just thought everyone needed to know.

  9. 5/10 would smash

  10. One of the Koch Brothers of Koch Brothers fame is dead

    Wonder what he knew about Bill or Hill?

  11. Half the evil in the world is gone! /lefty cheer

  12. Eh.

  13. Upon further review…

    8/10 would smash

  14. MJ, are you drinking already?

  15. No ISU buckets at Lowes, BOOOOOO!


    From the article, it sounds like someone should be in prison for this.

  17. Pic of Hotspur’s mom.


    The article is a bit silly, but does bring up some valid points about how we’ve created a system that is destroying a whole generation. It goes to what Ace likes to talk about: how we have “elites” whose sole accomplishment is that they tested well at age 18, and who are credentialed but no accomplished.

  19. the guy got folded in half in the elevator. The 5 left are gonna have PTSD.

  20. One of my fellow residents used to tell a story about a guy who got crushed by an elevator at his hospital in Cincinnati where he either did his internship or med school (I forget which). After that they used to call that particular elevator “The Mangler”

  21. Wow, actually arresting people for comments made on game platforms?


    Ok, continue with your day.

  23. The kid shouldn’t be convicted of a felony, but a misdemeanor wouldn’t be out of line, I think. Making threats online isn’t a joke.

  24. I agree with scaring the crap out of him, and making an example. Just make sure other kids see it.

  25. Colex, that meritocracy article was interesting but did have some snort-worthy moments:

    The rich now dominate society not idly but effortfully. The familiar arguments that once defeated aristocratic inequality do not apply to an economic system based on rewarding effort and skill.

    I think he underestimates the degree to which this is actually just nepotism and back-scratching, not merit. So many of these ‘elites’ are really nothing special at all in the brains and skill dept.

    Also, I wonder what his position on school choice is? Can we endanger the interests of teachers’ unions to help kids do better- by merit?

    Also, his proposal to force colleges to take a massive swath of people from poor backgrounds in exchange for public money is only guaranteed to make things worse. You’ll have even larger shittier public-funded universities and small, rarified-air style private colleges in which the credientialed-bullshit elite will become even more concentrated.

  26. Laura, I noticed that as well. Hence my comment about Ace’s observation: the people in the “elite” really aren’t elite at all. All we did is create the same problems as before, but with the illusion that those in charge were the “best and brightest” and therefor if you weren’t part of that class it was because of your failings as a person.

  27. Quite simply, this socioeconomic stratification that he has identified as a problem is something that isn’t going away until people don’t want it and won’t pay for it.

    Getting people to not want what they believe is a good life for their kids is gonna be a tough sell.

  28. The real solution is decentralization of power, pushing it down to the lowest levels so that locals have control over their lives and the whole country isn’t being micromanaged by the latest Harvard class. Additionally, removing the regulatory impediments that foster credentialing would reduce the need for useless degrees.

  29. Getting people to not want what they believe is a good life for their kids is gonna be a tough sell.

    The problems stem from the fact that, IMHO, the current governing class views any socioeconomic lifestyle other than their own to be inferior, and thus has no qualms about imposing policies which make it difficult for anyone to find “the good life” without engaging in the same nuttery that the current governing class engages in.

    Hence policies that destroyed American manufacturing, turning a blind eye to IP theft, and imported millions of third-world workers.

  30. The elevator story….brrr. Elevators give me the willies. Back in college, occasionally the elevators in our 12 story dorm would go wonky…doors would open – no elevator or they’d open when the car was between floors.

  31. Bingo, CoAlex. These fuckers got theirs and then pulled up the ladder behind them. Now they’re hell bent on making sure not only can nobody do what they did to succeed, but nobody can live as nicely as they can, because that somehow diminishes their “accomplishments”.

    I hope they all burn.

  32. Lol, also in that article he mentions that the so-called elites can earn less and still be happy, but he never talks about them changing their career trajectory; in actual practice, if his kid showed up at the family picnic after work in mechanic’s overalls, this would be a disgrace, and don’t try to lie to me and tell me it wouldn’t be. They are horrified by us, and would prefer we become just a tad more like them, not the other way around.

  33. They don’t want us like them. They want us to do as they say and know our place.

  34. Looks like an article I have to read.

  35. Got this far before I said my first bullshit:

    “Hardworking outsiders no longer enjoy genuine opportunity. “

  36. Is antisemitism racism, bigotry, discrimination or religious bias?

  37. I’m only asking because salesdog1 called salesdog2 “Jesus killer” when I told him he was Jewish.

  38. If you hate all semites (sons of Shem, which includes most Arabs and Jews), it’s racism.

    It’s bigotry if you hate them because they aren’t whatever you are, but not specifically for being semites.

    It’s discrimination for sure, because you’re discerning a difference between two or more things.

    If you hate them because they believe in the God of Abraham, that’s religious bias. Since many are secular, this is actually the least likely.


  40. Nice, leon.

    Technically, salesdog1 is correct factually.

  41. From the link above:

    The most important political book of the past year just might be a grammatically challenged manifesto in favor of nude sunbathing written under the pen name Bronze Age Pervert.

    Where Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” inspired generations of libertarians to enter politics, and Aaron Sorkin’s “The West Wing” did the same for idealistic liberals, a cohort of young, right-wing men are today gravitating toward “Bronze Age Mindset.” The self-published book urges them to join the armed forces in preparation for the onset of military rule.

    Since its publication in June 2018, the book has gained a following online, and its author, known to his fans as BAP for short, has come to the attention of notable figures on the Trumpist right. Earlier this month, the book was the subject of a 5,000-word review by Michael Anton, a conservative intellectual who served as a spokesman for Donald Trump’s National Security Council. Anton concludes by warning, “In the spiritual war for the hearts and minds of the disaffected youth on the right, conservatism is losing. BAP-ism is winning.”

  42. And here is a review of the book, which describes it in more detail.

  43. Comment by Colorado Alex In Exile on August 23, 2019 11:23 am
    The real solution is decentralization of power, pushing it down to the lowest levels so that locals have control over their lives and the whole country isn’t being micromanaged……….


    Amen, nationally, the coasts force their will on the rest of the US. On the state scale, the cities force their will on the rest of the state. People in Albuquerque, elect people who make laws affecting the rural areas they have no clue about. The latest genius move, after requiring all firearms transfers to go through an FFL (even gifting one to your son) is trying to mandate a background check on the buyer AND and the seller of a firearm.

  44. Sorry for being so quiet. Today has been an absolute cluster of every bad thing I told the customer we should never, ever do and was then overruled on coming together all at once in a beautiful cacophony of I-fucking-told-you-dipshits-not-to-do-this.

  45. “As forcefully as I can say this, do not do this. Drop this terrible idea in the dumpster and don’t look back. This will end badly.”

    “This is a terrible idea because of X, Y, and Z. We should push back on those asking and help them find another way forward. This will end badly.”

    The end is here!

  46. Good luck, Leon. Pray for Oso!

  47. Ever have to sit and listen to someone BS someone else, knowing it’s false, but you can’t say a word, because it wouldn’t do any good?

  48. RBG in the news!

  49. wouldn’t wish Pancreatic cancer on anyone.

  50. Ever have to sit and listen to someone BS someone else, knowing it’s false, but you can’t say a word, because it wouldn’t do any good?

    My contract has some very self-impressed would-be boffins from Carnegie-Mellon. They write code. Not software, because software actually works and gets support and the authors answer reasonable questions. These guys need to #learn2weld

  51. Or maybe #learn2mop mayhap?

  52. Anything to humble them. They do science projects and then sell them to .gov at prices well above production code, then refuse to support it and treat anyone asking questions like morons.

    If they were also transwomyn it would be the perfect storm of all that befouls the modern academy.

  53. Did you tell everyone, “I really need to start that septic pumping business. At least there I get paid proportional to the amount of shit I’m cleaning up!”

  54. Not today. I save that for when the cleanup is done.

    I might ask for OT and be really thorough in my regression testing. A little bonus would be nice.

  55. Well, coffee afternoon coffee drank. Time to clean the toilets.


  56. So fucking help me, the next person who uses “Christian” to refer exclusively to Protestants, I’m strangling with a rosary.

  57. *insert Catholic joke here

  58. Eastern Orthodox says hi, too.

    Stupid parochial fuckers.

  59. Beasn, did you see the MO woman that had a brown recluse in her ear? AUGH ☄️🔥🔥🔥🔥

  60. BC I saw that over at the HQ. Then he doubled down by starting in on the Jack Chick crap.

  61. If Catholicism doesnt fall under the umbrella of “Christianity” where does it fall?

  62. According to some whackjobs it’s either a satanic conspiracy, a pagan religion, or some other sort of plot (probably the lizardroids).

  63. HS in Texas, Buckle on the Bible Belt, Catholics aren’t Christian. We haz Saints and worship the Virgin Mary. Yawn. My sister is an evangelical that believes G-d doesn’t hear “Catholic” Prayers. Protesters in HK are singing Catholic Hymns.

  64. Most protestants don’t have the slightest idea what they are protesting anymore.

  65. I don’t know what crickets need to have a population explosion but they apparently got it.

    They are everywhere.

    Wet spring maybe?

  66. Empty groundhog den and fresh mulch/compost.

  67. I cut my way into the forsythia bush to gain access to that den.

    Yesterday I shoved about 40 lbs of bricks and rocks into the hole.

    Today I topped it off with 80 lbs of wet concrete,

  68. *sad cricket noises*

  69. Lost comment. Gist. Dan is Rayciss. We didn’t have hot dog buns. He wouldn’t grill hotdogs and use tortillas. Had corn dogs. Bought hot dog buns today. Having white people hot dogs.

  70. I kinda feel like Oso is appropriating my culture …

  71. You use hot dog buns only? No bread? No tortilla?

  72. Hot dogs are best wrapped in slices of white bread and slathered with ketchup.

  73. WTW? No catsup on Hot Dogs!!!

  74. Detroit hot dog vendor quit in lieu of putting ketchup on a dog. Good G-d man! This is America. (Don’t get me started on weirdos that put Mayo on Hot Dogs)

  75. Nutella

  76. When I was a kid, the Woolworths downtown had a lunch counter, and they had these hotdog buns that were just folded texas toast, they buttered them and put them on the hot grill top with the hotdogs.
    I still remember the taste.

  77. I like ketchup on hot dogs. Along with a slice of American cheese.

  78. Kurt Schlicter’s latest at Townhall, captures the disdain we all feel for those who think they are elite.

  79. Coleslaw on a hotdog is one of my favorites, hadn’t seen mayo until last week when we had a cookout after work with the crew.

  80. I like hot links with cheese on a hamburger bun. Onions. I’m not a purist. I’m ok with generic hot dogs. Dan is team Hebrew National. I bought a case of Nutella M&Ms. On clearance. Hazelnut M&Ms. Whatevs.

  81. Dan is gross. Sauerkraut. Coleslaw is ok. I like jalapeño sweet relish.

  82. Y’all need to watch Endgame.


    As a kid we used to get Tex Barry’s chili dogs at the bus stop in downtown Brockton, Just chili and chopped onions. The cheese looks like a new addition at their new place. So good …

  84. Sauerkraut on brats with spicy mustard.

  85. I average 1 hot dog per decade, maybe less.

  86. No Beans Chili, cheese, and onions. Sauerkraut does not belong on civilized brats/dogs. Serial. Fresh roasted green chile. No condiments.

  87. I remember your first corndog.

    Good times.

  88. 1st corndog – “these are pretty good.”

    2nd corndog – “I think I am about to throw up.”

  89. Chile relleno corn dogs. Serial.

  90. They can be made two ways. Chile in the batter. Meh. Hot dog stuffed with cheese in a green chile and battered. Yum.

  91. Never had a corndog

  92. Cockpit’s waxed and polished.

  93. Mom says you do good work Hotspur.

  94. Mustard, brown.

  95. Crickets here are about 60 dB right now. Louder in the field itself.

  96. Wet spring?

  97. I’ve been here for 30 years and have never seen so many crickets.

    I was attacked by dozens of them today.

    Pray for Oso.

  98. Very wet spring.

  99. less crickets than normal, here

  100. *packs 15 shipping cartons full of baby crickets*

    J’Ames, what’s your address? Just curious.

  101. Incredibly difficult evening at work tonight. Awful. I need hugs, shots of booze, and meaningful talks.

    Since it’s 1 AM, I will only be getting 1/3 of these.

    OH. And snacks. Add snacks to the mix. Which can be accomplished

    Oooo, I will be getting 2/4, now.

    See? Snacks make everything better.

  102. Dagmar espoused reviving paganism.

  103. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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