MMM 379

I was gonna do a “hot, fit girls of antifa” edition in honor of the debacle that is Portland, OR, but ran into some issues. (1) MMM has a no-mask rule, (b) commies aren’t hot, and (III) commies aren’t fit.

So let’s go with the usual round of women trying to make money on instagram and via modeling and clothing endorsements.

Capitalism is beautiful.


Tasteful underboob.


She looks fun.  Maybe too fun.


Look at that chick on the right trying to be menacing ‘n’ shizz.


I like girls with big chains.


She looks like just the right amount of fun.


Have a great Monday.  Stay clear of the cities until we can wall them in.  If we keep tossing in food and new iPhones, they won’t even try to get out.


  1. Greetings, fellow Kulaks.

  2. I think our hay has been poisoned by aminopyralid/Grazontm. The pumpkins I planted in last year’s compost leafed out fine and had nice, big flowers, but the biggest pumpkin I can find on the vine is still the size of a golf ball.

    The bastards who make and sell this shit need to be beaten until they repent of the wickedness they have done.

  3. Seriously, how did this get to the market?

    It obliterates garden composting and makes manure worthless.

  4. I think aminopyralids show up right away in stem & foliage problems.

    Honestly, I haven’t had a great year for winter squash either. As usual, the accidental butternuts outperform everything else. I should just stop trying other squashes.

    Also, after doing all my paths in wood chips, I can see that I need to realign the paths AGAIN. They need to be laid out roughly SE to NW because there is so much shade being cast by tall crops. I’m gonna have some kinda weird diagonal garden but it’s going to be better.

  5. I wonder if that’s why miracle gro dirt is so bad for plants? Aminopyralids are getting in everything that contains compost.

  6. I really dodged a bullet with that last load of 20 bales of hay. Everything grew great in it. I’m kind of afraid to get any more, now.

  7. I think aminopyralids show up right away in stem & foliage problems.

    I can’t find a list of specific pumpkin symptoms, but supposedly cantaloupes grow nice, big vines, even flowers, but the fruit just never gets there.

  8. Our next year of hay is safe, we bought it from across the street. They don’t spray anything at all. Prior to that we were scrambling. Next year, God willing, we’ll have our own.

  9. So, which one of today’s models is using her Instagram account for prostitution?

  10. Is it prostitution if the guys paying only get screwed without any screwing?

  11. That said, Sandra is preggers.

  12. No, I thought that was called “marriage”.

  13. Nah, e-thots screw over way more than just one man at a time.

  14. Still takes government to screw us over on a truly industrial scale, though.

  15. I wonder if all the ink daddy has will affect the baby.

  16. Still takes government to screw us over on a truly industrial scale, though.

    The reason “protection” rackets are illegal is that the government hates competition.

    On that note:

  17. #1 has an enormous vagina. She kinda intimidates me.

  18. New dating app for CoAlex

  19. That’s… actually pretty clever.

    Also, we need to stop using the word “females” instead of “women”.

  20. No.

  21. Trust me, I’ve known more than a few females I’d never call women. Kinda like we all know males we’d never call men.

  22. Nice collection, Leon. WordPress won’t let me like the post for some reason.

  23. Works fine for me… /shrugs

  24. As it relates to the Grass Gestapo, about 10 years ago, we had someone put a note of disdain on our watering ‘train’. Husband would set it up the night before and turn it on before he left for work. Some neighbor f*ck OR one of the HOA fools doing their rounds, didn’t like us leaving it out.
    Husband, not one for upsetting the neighbors, started putting it in at night. When he told me a bit later about the note, I’m like, ‘R U f’ing kidding me? Where in the HOA guidelines does it say you cannot set a sprinkler up in your yard? If the nosey neighbors want us to put in a watering system, they can pony up the cash for install and yearly maintenance. Until then, they can eat a bag of dicks.’ I made sure the train thingie was out each night.

  25. Srsly, ten years on, wtf is the HOA or this particular neighbor? We have two neighbors in our subdivision who don’t do shit to maintain their yards. Bushes are overgrown and the grass/weeds are left to grow knee-high between cuttings. Perhaps the busy bodies are too afraid to say anything because these two neighbors have non-white privilege.

  26. #1 has an enormous vagina. She kinda intimidates me.

    She’s from Texas.

  27. leon, we have our lawn treated for weeds, once a month. Mr. Husband-who-wants-to-kill-his-wife has been dumping the grass clippings in our mulch pile. Round to the nearest 10, the number of tumors we’re going to start growing.

    Actually, his love for a pretty lawn makes him oblivious to anything else. Drives him nuts that I turned the bottom garden (SYWM) into a butterfly garden full of milkweeds….or that I caught him before he could totally kill my lilac.

    I told him to stop dumping the treated clippings into the pile we use for our veggie garden. He doesn’t have the grass at the farm or the rental bring those clippings here for our garden. He says that grass is mostly weeds and he doesn’t want to bring it to infect this yard. Hey Duh, it can’t because YOU’RE TREATING THIS YARD!.

    Can’t wait ’til the wild violets take off.

  28. On our way to see the baby yesterday, we passed a yard that had a mimosa tree. I could see a couple of hummingbirds flitting around it.

    I’ve always liked the mimosa. I think it’s pretty and it smells nice. Told the husband I wanted one and he about had a kitten.

    “Why do you like all the weedy things?”

    “Why do hate butterflies and birds and all things pretty?”

    “You can plant all of the weeds you want up at the farm………so long as they don’t block my view of the lake.” – – which means behind the house where there are two sheds taking up a third of the space, and the remaining space would be less than the sq footage of the house on the one side and the farm land being rented out (and heavily TREATED), on the other.

  29. So apparently Trump is serious about wanting to purchase Greenland.

  30. Ok, I’m unfamiliar with this tree, but Mr beasn may be right:

    Mimosa is short lived and very messy. It, in a very short time, shades large areas in the landscape which inhibit sun-loving shrubs and grasses. Seed pods litter both the tree and the ground, and the tree is considered an invasive species in North America.

    The seeds readily germinate and seedlings can cover your lawn and the surrounding area. The mimosa flower, to be honest, is beautiful but if the tree is shading outside property or over automobiles, you will have a major annual cleaning problem through the flowering season.

    The wood of mimosa is very brittle and weak and the multiple spreading branches are prone to breakage. This breakage is a major factor in its limited ability to live a long life. In addition to the breakage, the tree attracts webworm and vascular wilt which leads to an early demise.

  31. also:

    Typically, most of the root system grows from only two or three large-diameter roots originating at the base of the trunk. These can raise walks and patios as they grow in diameter and make for poor transplanting success as the tree grows larger.

  32. I planted a willow tree way down in the field near a seasonal stream. I used to mow a path all around my property but stopped a while ago. For years the willow was just a wee sapling and I wondered if it would ever take off. I cut a path last year and it finally looks like it found what it needed for success

  33. Ugh, mimosas. Had those around the former Casa Cavil, flowers and seeds got EVERYWHERE, and new ones would sprout if you didn’t pay attention. One got itself established near the cable junction…twenty years ago? Never got pulled up as a seedling. Suffice to say, the cable junction works around a tree now.

    I wonder how the new owners are handling those trees.

  34. finally looks like it found what it needed for success

    Roots in the septic system. So you got that going for you, which is nice.


    This is why I added the Secret Service to my prayer list. Some lefty nut is going to make an attempt, and I pray they catch him prior and no one gets hurt.

  36. So apparently Trump is serious about wanting to purchase Greenland.

    On my map it’s as big as Africa, and has enough iron deposits to mess up a compass, so I see this as a win.

  37. I was planning on planting it in the back of the yard next to a patch of ‘rough’. Yes, they are weedy and most likely I can go out to the side of a road somewhere and dig one up.
    I wish I would have planted a willow back there when we first moved here. When I was a little kid, we had two growing in our back yard. They were great to play under.

  38. The discharge tube for my iron filter sprayed itself out of the sump pit sometime between Friday afternoon and this morning. I mopped up about 3 gallons of water, but God knows how much it sprayed out on the floor before I went down there today. I had Dad Duty all weekend, and the basement isn’t kid safe, so I hadn’t been down there at all.

    And Michigan says I owe them $211 for 2018 state income taxes, so I’ve got that going for me.

  39. On my map it’s as big as Africa, and has enough iron deposits to mess up a compass, so I see this as a win.

    I guess there are a lot of minerals, coal, rare earths, oil, etc. under or around Greenland. We could probably earn back whatever we paid for it in a decade or two with judicious leasing of extraction rights. Plus, having US territory that far in the N. Atlantic is good for strategic reasons.

  40. Who doesn’t like Lemon Jello and Baby Ruths?

    WARNING: this link is gross. It should only be opened by those with a strong stomach, or an urge to construct a dessert item for a hospital team party.

  41. A missile base in Greenland could hit Putin in Russia.

    If you oppose this deal you are a Russian bot.

  42. Ironic that Greenland is a vast ice-covered wasteland and Iceland is a comparable paradise full of hot scandy chicks.

  43. It’s intriguing.

    And all of the smart people who are always wrong think it’s silly so I’m on board to learn about buying Greenland.

    As Trump said, not a front burner issue but fun to think about.

    By the end of the week there will be 200 think pieces about why buying Greenland is the worst idea ever, you guys.

  44. Ironic that Greenland is a vast ice-covered wasteland and Iceland is a comparable paradise full of hot scandy chicks.

    A thousand years ago it was a lush island where you could grow crops.

  45. I love Baby Ruth and lemon jello, but even for a Halloween party, that’d be a tad unnerving.

  46. Greenland was green when they found it. Ocean currents move and things change.

  47. This I think shows the fundamental difference between Trump and the right-wing political class: they’d not consider something like this because they’re too invested in maintaining the Geopolitical status quo. Trump isn’t.

  48. I’m closer than your mom is to her next client to getting Comstock sold on a land contract at favorable terms if not the price I was aiming for, and now the buyer is asking to pay property taxes directly rather than have them escrowed so I can make sure they get paid.

    No sir, I’ve seen your credit score. You signed up for escrow a week ago, and it’s that or the highway.

  49. I look forward to hearing from the first congressman from the great state of Greenland.

  50. Someone propose a straight up trade for Puerto Rico! Tropical paradise for the Danes!

  51. The more I think about it, the more I like it. Greenland as a US territory would be awesome.

  52. I like the trade for PR idea. Win – Win!

  53. Why is “too much fun” girl brandishing a skeleton backbone/pelvis like a club?

  54. No septic here, it’s not allowed in my town and I pay dearly for my water and sewer. We use enough water for the bill to be over $400 four times a year. I address my bill to the Water Cartel which I’m sure has landed me on a watch list.

  55. Maybe it’s a legbone I’m not a doctor.

  56. I think you’re getting to why I made the comment above the photo.

  57. Here’s an interesting thought…

    Say we invade Greenland and just take it. What is Denmark going to do? What would the UN do? NATO?

  58. Looks like wood

  59. Some people in Europe still like Americans

    This is the type of people that live in the midwest, away from the cities. Darn near all of them, too.

  60. Also, Greenland would make a decent base to counter the Russian anti-C’thulu torpedo.

  61. Danish Special Forces are pretty bad ass

    That being said, I’d wager on our badasses over their limited numbers

  62. My understanding is that French country folks, especially in northern France, are great and still love Americans.

  63. If you’re sad, this will make you smile

    A mix I haven’t seen.

  64. I’m sure the rural folks in Europe are the same as here. Hard work does that to you.

  65. I’d wager that America is liked more by the average world citizen than by our own typical homegrown leftist.

  66. I won’t take that bet!

    But you wouldn’t know it, by what you read and see. It’s amazing.

  67. They get most of what they believe about America from Hollywood and CNN international.

    Even if they hate us, what they hate isn’t actually “us”.

  68. Your mom is an expert on identifying wood by sight.

  69. In my favorite version of that, he’s done up as a 40k Commissar and is identifying heresy.

  70. For Leon.

  71. No sympathy, no sadness. GTFO.

  72. aww, broke the law, huh? That’s part of the process now, right?

  73. No additional pushback on the escrow issue, and the closing is Wednesday, so I’m optimistic it’s a done deal.

    I strongly suspect the guy is buying to build and then sell the house and land again for a profit. A 3 year land contract is amortized as a 30-year mortgage with a balloon payment at the end of 3 years, so we basically get his down payment now, 3 years of monthly nearly-100%-interest payments, then the rest of the owed principal. If he misses enough payments, we can foreclose and get the land back, plus anything he’s added to it in the meanwhile.

    I pray it doesn’t come to that. I’d hate to end up in court over this piece of dirt. I pray he makes payments steadily for like a year and then pays us off early.

  74. If you couldn’t build, how can he?

  75. I could have, it was a question of how much fill dirt would be needed or what sort of engineered septic would satisfy the DEQ.

  76. I’m risk-averse and a little cash-poor after the move and getting this place horse-ready, or I’d make the same gamble: build and sell.

    If this falls through and we get no other offers by Sept 1, I still might, though I’d try to do it through some sort of asset-protecting entity. Leon’s Speculative Homebuilder, LLC. or something similar.

  77. My grandfather sold his house to some guy who mailed checks to my mother for years. For years I wondered who the hell the Vega’s were and why envelopes would turn up in the mail until my mom told me the story. Mr Vega sort of paid when he could which was occasionally. It was a nice double lot that had an old house/barn deal on it as well as the house he lived in. We used to explore the old house as kids. It was full of old manual appliances with unfinished wooden floors. We were surprised to see the attached barn where my mom said my grandparents used to keep goats and sheep. There was a big arbor covered with grape vines. They used to farm the second lot and it was just covered with rows of vegetables growing there. Knowing the value of the antiques in that place makes me cringe knowing he probably sold the whole thing for next to nothing.


  79. All these years owning a pickup truck…I’ve been such a fool.
    I knew this existed, but forgot about it. I certainly didn’t know they were so cheap.

    Compost runs just got bigger.

  80. So apparently I’ve spent so much on medical expenses now that my latest refills were no expense to me. Yay?

  81. I put up a link to Harbor Freight. Death of a thread. Everybody’s shopping for gewgaws now.

    I do need to learn how to weld…

  82. Regarding the talk about protesters not being allowed to cover their faces….I’m all for it and then some. You can’t go in a government building, a bank, most places of business, wearing a mask….so why not a protest? Especially a protest.

  83. Not supposed to talk about gewgaws.

  84. People should be free legally to wear a mask at a protest, or anywhere else. It’s the illegality of their actions- assault, vandalism- that is the problem, and the police’s failure to capture them while they’re breaking the law.

    The only reason we want to make it illegal to wear a mask is because the police who are standing RIGHT THERE are doing nothing, and we are hoping another authority will intervene after their images and identities are found on social media.

    Masks could not protect these criminals if lefty strongholds weren’t overtly protecting their criminal activity.

  85. If the “Right Wing” protestors also wore bandanas covering their faces in Portland, there would be a “No Mask” law instantly.

  86. Oh God. There’s going to be a Kerbal Space Program 2.

    /feels need to send more kerbonauts to their fiery deaths

  87. Destruction engenders rapid progress.

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