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Your model for today was born in Lutsk, Volyn Oblast, Ukraine on May 20th, 1987.  She stands 5′ 7″ and measures 372736 and 120 lbs.  Please stop the collusion and welcome Miss Sasha Bonivola!




  1. Today’s musical selection is a daily banger, I haven’t found another song by that band that I like as much as this one.

  2. – cough –

    daily banger

    Bangor Daily

    I’ll try to listen to “Mix – Hermano – The Bottle” on youtube. First song is by KYUSS.

  3. The second video describes her as “Playboy’s Most Ample Playmate Ever” or some such thing. She makes the JV Squad here at the H2 BBF League

  4. Undecided on her facial features but from the neck on down she gets the “Like”. Definitely benefits from make up. As I’m sure I would too as I type away, face unshaven in my boxers and Black Rifle Coffee t-shirt, weighing in on a chick I’ve never met like the proud member of the patriarchy I am.

  5. Hefner was a piker.

  6. She has moments where she looks like Melissa Rauch’s raunchier sister. Approved.

  7. Roamy, that article about statues to drag queens, i.e.: MEN, to “celebrate women” was astounding to read. It’s almost like that was the plan from the beginning but they had to dress it up to look like that’s what the committee decided. Good Lord. I can imagine crowds of people toppling those statues a la Saddam Hussein’s statue in Baghdad when the revolution finally comes.

  8. I think she’s pretty, especially that first pic. Nice job, Pupster.

  9. Wow, I would have lost that bet. Rancid Tlaib asked for permission to visit relatives and said she would obey the rules and not stir up a boycott. I figured her for being a solid shithead and not beg Israel for anything, not even to visit Grandma.

  10. Paula gave me a text yesterday asking what I wanted for take out since she was driving Ben from Fort Knox to guitar lessons and they were stopping at a place in Bucksport. I went with a Reuben sandwich because I haven’t had one of those in ages. She left it back on the counter while I was outside reading and having a cigar. When I went in the house both dogs were looking at me funny. You can guess the rest of the story.

  11. Tlaib is likely to agitate while there regardless of any claims otherwise. I’m sure it will be intentional to test the Israelis. Any repercussions will be interpreted by CAIR et al as Muslim-hating and if she is detained at all we get to here about how the awful Jews imprisoned a member of Congress.

  12. Melissa Rauch’s raunchier sister. Approved.

    Yeah, that’s how I found her…I was going to do a Rauch BBF and was struggling to find enough worthy pics and up pops this Ukrainian imposter.

    My hover zoom plug in is fucking up, about half of the gifs won’t load and I’m ready to cut a bich. I sometimes block the popups and cookies and ads, but when I run this site wide open it still won’t preview some of the imgur gifs. Frustrating.

  13. She has moments where she looks like Melissa Rauch’s raunchier sister. Approved.

    Or Sophie Turner.

  14. One step closer to cat-girl androids…


    I don’t blame them one bit and agree that the organizers should cancel and start over. Antifa will riot anyway.

  16. Bangor Police Dept. has Duck of Justice decals for sale. I marked the Facedouche post so I can find it later. This was a serious mistake, as now I am getting notifications for every like and comment from a page followed by 300K people.

  17. Ww

  18. Agreed roamy. You can’t give them the smallest opportunity

  19. High-maintenance, but worth every penny, is my guess.

  20. Of course when she hits her 40s she’ll balloon up like the Goodyear blimp. Something in the way the face is built hints at it, I can too easily see it puffing up.

  21. Obviously an extremely talented lass.

  22. Yeah, maybe you should return the ring then and forget about the proposal, Cavil.

  23. Heh, since I don’t approve of spending $50 million on a healthy life center (it has a pool!) then I should prove why the community doesn’t need one, and why businesses haven’t opened one as a private venture.

    I love public groups.

  24. Greta Thunberg says meeting with Trump would be a waste. She’s right!

    The US hasn’t done enough to cut carbon. Yeah, I’m gonna have to stop you right there, sanctimonious 16 y/o.

  25. Ha! I’m on a budget, I gotta limit myself to window shopping only…

  26. FWIW I agreed with Laura’s comment last night. Although, one twist Will left out is that the VP of engineering (I think? I lose track of the job titles) is…my uncle. Dun dun dunn!

    I have looked into recruiters, but the problem is that what he really wants is to change industries, and I’ve read that that’s one time recruiters aren’t as helpful…I guess it’s worth at least asking.

  27. *uncomfortable*

    Ummm…sorry I called your uncle a douchebag, Mrs. Peel.

  28. Ukraine must be loaded with hot women. I’ve got a high school buddy that I follow on Facebook and he’s “married” a Ukrainian woman and she’s a scorcher. I asked him, via instant messenger, about the details and all hed say is as that they had an “arrangement”. I took that to mean she’s cheaper and easier to deal with than putting an American sugar baby through college.

  29. I married a woman from Scotland. I didn’t have to teach her to speak English. (Although there are times I have to ask her to repeat herself.)

  30. Was awakened this AM at 0400 by pain in my right kidney. Pain continued to escalate until I presented at the small town north of me “ER”. They determined that there is a 5 mm in my right ureter and wanted to transfer me by ambulance to the big city hospital only because I had “a line” in place. That’s a no go Ghostrider the pattern is full. Had em disconnect me and self transported. I have now been admitted and am in my room waiting. Cause I have no orders and no understanding of the approach to this problem or plan. There is no way this stone is getting past my prostate. Attending is the bitch nurse with no personality and a nurse that exudes “low energy”, this human moves at the speed of turtle and responds to efforts of communication just as slowly.

    This is not what I wanted to do today

  31. so, the doc isn’t responding?

  32. I’ve called him WAY worse, lauraw. No worries.

    Teeroy – I know your pain. I hope you get some competent help soon!

  33. Yikes. I’ve had stones pass before. Not fun in the slightest. Hoping it’s over relatively soon for ya, TeeRoy.

  34. So, I grew some papalo as a ‘try it and see’ type herb in the garden. I guess it’s a Mexico thing that tastes kind of like cilantro but takes the hot weather that cilantro won’t take.

    I can’t really describe the flavor. Not really like cilantro to me, but I can understand why people describe it that way. Has that bright flavor, a soapy quality, I guess. But it’s not for me. Just too weird.

  35. potatoes don’t taste like cilantro, come on!

  36. *claps J’Ames in irons, packs him in a crate, and ships him to Mumbai*

  37. mmm, tandoori chicken

  38. Ukraine must be loaded with hot women.
    Med school buddy of mine married a woman from Ukraine after divorcing his American wife. His first wife was in the class behind ours and I had visited them often. When they first divorced I was a little miffed with him since they had a 2 year old daughter. When I first met his new wife I was not blown away with her beauty and when she got big fakies and wore a tight sweater to a Christmas party I was even less impressed. Fast forward 20 years later and she now knows the English language like a native. She left a far better impression on me the last time I saw her.

  39. *uncomfortable*

  40. His thing is Disaster Medicine (he authored a text book on it) and met her after the 1990 earthquake in Ukraine while he was over there working. She was a nurse.

  41. Huh, a second edition!

  42. Prayers out, TTroy.

  43. Elsevier…*shudder*

  44. Thanks to all for the well wishes. Still waiting on the Uro…but he did put a pain mgmt order (dilaudid) in so Im thankful he thought ahead and kept me covered. Still under the “no eat & no drink” order and that’s going to be problem soon as I can feel my blood sugar dropping.

    This is frustrating more than anything else………mysterious ways and all that stuff at this point I guess.

  45. Toradol helped my pain when I had a stone. My urologist friend ordered that and Flomax to relax the smooth muscle of my GU tract. Don’t really remember how big the stone was but it passed without surgical intervention. He also had me drink copious amounts of water with lemon juice. I kept up with the lemon water for a couple of years after that because it was so unpleasant to have that pain. Hopefully he gives you a similar plan

  46. Work here. It’s “lapeer days” which means we’ll probably be slow. I don’t feel like doing anything … I powerwashed my camper, and maybe I’ll pop it up and clean it out. Other than that … no motivation.

  47. Hannah gets back from Peru tomorrow and I have to pick her up at Windsor late. Ugh.

  48. Elsevier sounds like something out of a Poe story.

  49. Plan a campout in the airport parking lot. I’ll bet Hannah would love that.

  50. Damn, I’m not supposed to read books. Sorry!

  51. Jay, A Column Of Fire, the third book in the Kingsbridge Trilogy by Ken Follet is a $1.99 kindle deal. The reviews are all over the place ranging from “masterpiece” to “not enough Kingsbridge”. Since I liked the first two I took the plunge.

  52. Elsevier reminds me of Stan Lee … Excelsior!

  53. didn’t know there was a third one, thanks! I’ve been rewatching Pillars of the Earth when I don’t have anything else to watch.

  54. I bet she has a back ache.

    8/10 would smash

  55. MJ, is your favorite superhero Ant Man?

  56. Comment by Car in on August 16, 2019 1:37 pm
    Hannah gets back from Peru tomorrow and I have to pick her up at Windsor late. Ugh.

    Isn’t that what her boyfriend is for?

  57. Boyfriend has to get his beauty sleep.

  58. It’s not like they live together, or anything.

  59. Some People Can’t Go Somewhere

  60. I’ve read that the Interior Ministry dude in Israel said he’d allow Tliab (sp?) in to visit her grandmother and Tliab said ‘no’. So she’s a lying POS.

  61. Y’all are making me jealous. I didn’t get pain meds for mine.

    Needless to say, I’ve never used that doc again.

  62. I should be a Great Auntie by the end of this weekend. My nephew’s wife was due next week but some high blood pressure issues have presented and they have been prepping her since yesterday to be induced. It’s slow going but she can eat whatever up until she’s 6cm.

  63. I don’t know anything about super heroes. I know a bit about super hos.

  64. TeeTroy, I hope you’ll be rid of your stone sooner than later.

  65. Question… It came out that both Epstein’s guards took a 3 hour nap. Is anyone else wondering if they could have been slipped a mickey?

  66. Hey RFH,

    I just read a great case study on the Columbia disaster and all I gotta say is that there were some pretty loose cannons making decisions at NASA.

  67. Beasn, I don’t. Big institutions like that always have a host of problems that get papered over until they suddenly can’t anymore.

  68. 1) boyfriend can not be trusted for such a thing and 2) he doesn’t have an enhanced DL and can’t cross the boarder, which 3) is ridiculous for ANYONE living in Detroit.

  69. They have planes in Canada?

  70. Plane to Toronto, train to Windsor. I have no idea why.

  71. I need to get my passport renewed.

  72. 1) boyfriend can not be trusted for such a thing and 2) he doesn’t have an enhanced DL and can’t cross the boarder, which 3) is ridiculous for ANYONE living in Detroit.

    My condolences that your daughter is dating an idiot.

  73. They have planes in Canada?

    They’re moose-powered.

  74. Your mother is also Moose powered.

  75. “My condolences that your daughter is dating an idiot.”

    It’s worse, he plays bass, evidently…..

    You’d think with all her music experience, Carin would have explained the facts of life to her daughter. Don’t date the bass player!!!!!

  76. At least she’s dating a musician, as opposed to a drummer.

  77. Carling Bassett was from Canada. She probably still is. But she most certainly was.

  78. Well, that is an obscure reference PD, what brought Carling Bassett to mind?

  79. Yeah, the CAIB report outlines a bunch of failures by management, including a strong push to maintain a schedule everyone knew was broken, with the effect that more risk was taken.

    You’ll be pleased to know that all the lessons have been fully taken on board for the Orion program. (She typed, with a straight face.)

  80. Well, that is an obscure reference PD, what brought Carling Bassett to mind?


    I used to kinda have a crush on her. The Anna Kornikova came along…..

  81. I used to have a crush on your mom. Then someone else’s mom came along.

  82. Hey RFH,

    I just read a great case study on the Columbia disaster and all I gotta say is that there were some pretty loose cannons making decisions at NASA.

    There was a lot of “cross your fingers and hope everything’s okay”. Hope is not an engineering value. We could have gotten spy satellite images of Columbia and seen the damage, they were offered and rejected. And for the naysayers who said there was nothing we could do, the crew was going to die anyway, fuck you with a pineapple sideways, by golly, we would have figured out some kind of fix. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

    The next suckiest part after losing crew and vehicle is that programs were cancelled left and right because we were going to take absolutely zero risk afterwards. There was one I put three years into, that was sitting on the launch pad, and got pulled. $50 million down the drain.


  84. Well, it showed up on Ars Technica, so I’m going to talk about it. The NASA administrator made a big announcement about the next lunar lander at 3 PM on a Friday. The managers sent out emails in the days prior, requiring people sign up to attend, because it would look really, really bad to have him make the announcement to an empty room. I did not sign up, I played in the lab instead. To tell the truth, I forgot about it. My boss tends to forget about me because I’m in another building and I don’t need handholding*, so I didn’t see any management all day today. I just figured everyone went home early for the weekend when it got quiet(er).

    *will still hold hands with Oso on the group W bench at lunchtime.

  85. I have awakened. Stone in ureter was 5mm wide by 7mm long. He then went into my kidney and flushed / removed 45 stones. I woke up pissy and got more pissy when then wouldn’t allow me to access the bathroom. Then i got even more pissy when they were saying i needed to overnite. Can you say “AMA” boys n girls? ALL of my past procedures were outpatient. Some of these healthcare professionals get a bit out of line when it comes to what i can and cannot do with my body. If they approached from a “it is strongly suggested and here’s why” it would stand a better chance of compliance vs. “You have to” delivered by RNs with a attitude. I dont HAVE to do a godamn thing cept whatever I want to do. Im paying for this SHIT. I am your customer and can decide not to be your customer whenever the fuck i feel like it, for whatever reason I want. They seem to consistently forget that concept.

    Yes, i am a dick.

  86. 5mm wide by 7mm long… flushed / removed 45 stones.

    Ow, ow, ow, ow. Hope you feel better, Teeroy. Is there a lot of calcium in the water or do you just generate a bunch of stones? Because I would get a reverse osmosis water filter if the former is true and is the cause of all that.

  87. That sounds like me, but I know why the RNs have an attitude..

    * whispers *

    it’s you

  88. I followed the link from the mothership for the parent ranting about Virginia Tech. Sad to see that happen to a good school, glad I stopped donating, and glad I didn’t send my kids there.

    So I asked Mini-me if they asked her what her pronouns were.

    “They wanted me to fill out some ‘identity finder’ page that I didn’t ’cause that was dumb and I didn’t care.”

    I love that kid.

  89. micrometers, right? Please tell me micro and not milli.

  90. Trump wants to buy Greenland because:
    1. Likes the sound of Trump Tower Thule.
    2. Wants a Siberia to banish all of his enemies to, and GITMO is far too small for populations of that size.
    3. Secretly believes in global warming and figures it won’t be long until Greenland is the only habitable land surface above water.
    4. Wants desperately to piss off those socialist Danes.
    5. Melania looks good in fur.

    (Liberal friend posted it, so I was amazed that a lefty could actually be funny.)

  91. Oh, so Greenland will turn green once again like it was at the time it was named Greenland.

  92. Yeah, TeeTroy, reverse osmose your water and start squeezing some lemons in it.

  93. I’ve been binging Netflix that Dan doesn’t like. Coco. Last season of Once Upon a Time. Rewatching Thor:Ragnorak. Dan is home and..
    Food network.

  94. Learn to love cranberry juice, TeeRoy.

    And I’m going to suspect that was millimeters.

  95. Damn, that’s a lot of stones

  96. TTroy,
    Yow! Hope you are all cleaned out and can address whatever source for the stones that you do do not have a reoccurance(sp).

    Plumber just left. He was here to replace the float-valve on the ‘air-bleed’ tank on the iron-filter.
    He had been given the wrong part. The threaded end was too large and, try as he might, he could not fit it into the valve-body. He cleaned the old float-valve and replaced it in the tank. We recharged the system
    and heard the bladder in the pressure-tank die.
    Now, we have a return trip scheduled to replace the float-valve *and* the pressure tank.

  97. April Ryan deserves a dose of xbrad. Discuss.

  98. Mrs Peel
    I have had good luck with recruiters. Some of them you have to stand up to because they are pushing for what makes them the most money, but they will find you a job.

  99. My dad did the 6 pack of coke to pass a 10mm stone after weeks of agony. It could have been 6 cokes in a half hour or it could have been just the time for it to pass, but it worked for him.

  100. What’s the difference between a large pizza and a bass player?

    A pizza can feed a family.

  101. Dewey’s eardrums ruptured permanently.

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