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Ok, another Larkin Poe for ya:


  1. ’m safely at the hotel. Some girl came walking down the hallway in short shorts and a low cut top that she was about to spill out of. My guess is that she and her boyfriend are heading to the Youth For Christ rally.

    That was probably that bitch STANDING on the seat a few rows down in front of me.

    I had to do some calming mantras, because I really want to climb over a few rows and pull her down by her effen messy bun.

  2. Anyone heard from CoAlex since last night?

    /looks at steamer suitcase, checks airholes

    He’s fine. The wifi reception probably just sucks in there.

  3. He must have commented from there late last night.

  4. Heh, Lance Armstrong takes one to the remaining marble:

    After retired cyclist Lance Armstrong posted a vulgar tweet gloating that he “blew the f**kin’ doors off” Vice President on a bike path, conservative commentator and Blexit movement leader Candace Owens replied with a sarcastic quiz.

    On Saturday, Armstrong tweeted:

    “I can’t drop many people on a bike these days but I just blew the fuckin’ doors off Mike Pence on a Nantucket bike path. Day. Made.”

    The next day, Owens replied by posting her quiz:

    “What do VP Mike Pence and Lance Armstrong have in common?

    “Neither of them has won a Tour de France.


  5. After action report:

    Coalex got to meet a work friend (laura) and a crossfit cult member – Kaylee. Kaylee’s recently divorced because her husband rudely went and got a girlfriend. Kaylee’s also a Ragnar team member – so crazy as f, right?

    We had a great time. Small stupid ticket snafu – but the box office fixed it for me. Not before I sweated buckets. It was HOT last night. We had sammiches in the parking lot and a few beers (CA found us pretty quickly – even though we got there about the same time, he was parked elsewhere which was weird). Skipped the opener. Made it in time for Gojira (were amazing). SKipped most of volbeat – I needed a t-shirt, and I’m not a huge fan. We saw at least half of their set which was plenty, let me tell you. The singer’s got a powerful voice, but their music … well, they’re dutch or something. That should explain it.

    Slipknot was crazy. Cory Taylor – I really don’t know how he does it. He’s been screaming and singing for that band for how many years, and he can still do it. I put a picture on facedouche of the set.

    My friend Kaylee took a group picture, because I suck at selfies. When she shares it, I’ll share it.

    Great night. Next think you know, Coalex is gonna start listening to QOTSA.

  6. He’s probably sleeping in. I don’t know how long it took him to get out of the parking lot. We actually LUCKED out. They opened the back way, and since we were in the back. I slept in as late as I good, and I’m still tired (got up early yesterday) . His hotel was close to the venue, so he’s probably sleeping

    /looks at steamer trunk

    Yea. “sleeping”.

  7. I push the like button but it doesn’t work on my phone.

  8. Bramble Jam
    Panda Ham
    Pam Belam

  9. I think this is the nutshell of what Ayn Rand missed in her polemics.

    The world doesn’t go off the rails when an “Atlas” shrugs. It goes off the rails when the average man shrugs. That’s when everything really falls apart. And the Left is pushing for that, because they want to gather power in the collapse, believing with the faith of martyrs and fools that there will still be any power to gather should this happen.

  10. Sounds like the concert was great!

    Rock on 🤘

  11. Car in said never again after the deuce on deck incident.


  12. Is the average man shrugging? Nah, he’s just saying “that’s how things are with politicians”. When they come for rights and freedoms, then you will really see average men shrugging.

    Shrugging off the government.

  13. We should have Lapeerpalooza right across the lake from her, where they were shooting guns that one time.

  14. I’m alive, but it turns out that when you don’t bring a Newfie pup and silkie pullets Car in has to cut you as a lesson to the others.

    I wasn’t trapped in the lot for long. I was actually pretty close to the exit, so I waited maybe fifteen minutes until the line was moving at a steady pace before I tried to get out. Volbrat was good, IMHO. A little too pop at times for some people’s taste, but I liked that there was some variety.

    Car in’s friends rocked. Also, she basically knew everyone there.

  15. I made cochinita pibil last night. Sooo good. I didn’t have any naranja agria, so I used lemon juice and a combination of preserved lemon and preserved tangerine skins in the achiote & spice paste.

    Finally used the banana leaves I’ve had in the freezer, to get the more authentic flavor. Scott smoked it wrapped in the banana leaves for a few hours then I heaved it all into the crock pot.

    Scott is gonna have some epic tacos for lunch today.

    sywm, thank you veddy much

  16. Shrugging off the government.

    Exactly. That’s why the fall of the Roman Empire took hundreds of years. It fell in pieces and regions, a little at a time, until London was more “Rome” than “Rome” was and the centurions had no home to go back to.

  17. cochinita pibil


  18. I was gonna make the taco joke, but guidelines clearly state that the low hanging fruit is xbrad bait, do not disturb.

  19. So Ben did not pass his road test. Everything was going well, parallel park, back up 50 feet, and the road part until they were driving back to the DMV. A fire truck was coming the other way with lights and siren on and he did what all the other cars in traffic did which was pull to the side but keep moving slowly. ZZZZZZTTTT! She had to fail him based on that. What are the odds of that happening? I told him that he got the shaft. He’s already submitted the form for a retest.

  20. aww man! Technical!

    Hope he isn’t too upset. Next time he’ll just stop traffic.

  21. He’s not as upset as I thought he’d be. I think the examiner telling him that he did great but she couldn’t let that go appealed to his sense of fairness. I’m more upset because that’s another probably month of me hauling his ass to work, school and guitar lessons

  22. *checks freezer … “Honey, we’re all out of banana leaves!”*

  23. I’m more upset because that’s another probably month of me hauling his ass to work, school and guitar lessons

    Dude, buy him a car and let him take his chances.

  24. That’s an excellent plan with no risk whatsoever.

  25. He’s got a Jeep Wrangler ready to go. He’s too much of a rule follower to go rogue. Right now he’s shredding on his guitar so I think he’ll be okay.

  26. Aww rats, that sucks for Ben — and you.

    He’ll nail it next time.

  27. After retired cyclist Lance Armstrong posted a vulgar tweet gloating that he “blew the f**kin’ doors off” Vice President on a bike path

    How old is Pence? How hard does Pence train on a bike? Armstrong, what a ball-less dick.

  28. How many cycles of Tren has Pence done?

  29. Pence has never had to listen to Sheryl Crowe’s blather in order to get pussy. Advantage: Pence.

  30. How old is Armstrong??? The thing that bothers me about the “I blew the doors off” is that it is juvenile. This is supposed to be a mature adult right? Besides the nonsense of a professional bike racer acting as if it was some kind of accomplishment to “blow the doors off” of a 50 plus year old politician and that he felt the need to “share” his achievement.

    Grow the fuck up Lance you cheating Fag.

  31. I forgot Armstrong lost his TdF titles. Which makes Candace Owens tweet even funnier because it reminds everyone that happened.

  32. Poor Mia. Still looking for validation for her poor life choices

  33. The TdF happened this year and if you didn’t look for coverage it was like it never happened. A Colombian guy won this year

  34. Jimbro,

    [From yesterday’s post about Double Indemnity]

    Double Indemnity is a very good film. Fred McMurray in an atypical bad-guy role, with Barbara Stanwyck as a femme-fatale. Definitely worth a look!

  35. Two week eye check up – everything is looking good. Except there went my entire morning.

  36. I take it Coalex made it home. He apparently chewed through the restraints and kicked open the steamer trunk.

    They just don’t make that shit like they used to. Fuckin China.

  37. I ordered the Blu-ray of Double Indemnity off Amazon this morning. Soon to be watched for confirmation

  38. Next time buy Amish-built

  39. are the lasers activated?

  40. Not yet. I should really look at the instructions.

  41. I’m reading this book now

    Pretty good so far. Post-earthquake LA. I think anyone who knows LA geography would appreciate the journey through the ruined city more than I am now. It’s not your typical post-apocalyptic read and it’s pretty funny in some sections. I bought it a while ago for .99¢ off a kindle deal, not sure what it goes for now.

  42. Car in’s having a meltdown on facebook, because I didn’t credit her for posting Larkin Poe last year in January.


  44. Now Warren is going to change the constitution on a whim:

    “I will introduce it in the first 100 days and I will help repeal the filibuster so that we can actually get it passed in Congress,” Warren said in Iowa.

    Good luck with that, Chief.

  45. If car in’s eye lasers we’re working that bish three rows in front of us would have sat the fuck down.

  46. Holy shit, another 100 degree day. Hot even for an Alabama August. Plus the humidity makes it even more hellish. This is why we have air conditioning and I stay inside.

  47. Hey Beasn……you folks anywhere near Sedalia, Mo.?

  48. I think summer is over here. We’ll have a few hot days now and then but already it’s feeling like fall. Less humidity and crisp nights. Using the AC less at night.

  49. If car in’s eye lasers we’re working that bish three rows in front of us would have sat the fuck down.

    OMG would that have been cool. I mean, I know with great power comes great responsibility, but that chick was OUT OF LINE.

  50. Hot here.

  51. OMG would that have been cool. I mean, I know with great power comes great responsibility, but that chick was OUT OF LINE.

    Sometimes, your responsibility when given great power is to lay the smack down for the good of all mankind.

  52. Exactly.

  53. Anyone hear about this?

    Sounds like the Overstock CEO does a lot of work with the FBI. See Sara Carter on Hannity a lot.

  54. Ok, I’m running to town. Anyone need anything?

  55. Laser sight, eggs, bag of manure, toilet plunger and a pack of Pop Tarts

  56. Overstock CEO needs to watch his back

  57. I need a bag of Dark Chocolate Medley if you see it.

  58. Ok, I’m running to town. Anyone need anything?
    Cap’n Crunch, piano tie, hair spray, avocados, velcro, assless chaps, spray paint (yellow), windshield from a 68 Jag E type, velour track suit, brill cream, whipping post, seed spreader, light bulbs, b vitamins, black ink refill for Montblanc pen, small microwave, dorm room philosophy 101 textbook, band-aids (x-large), vanity mirror, fake poop (dog), 5 gallon water jugs, penis pump, 36 inch ruler, thank you cards, credit card skimming machine, high tops sneakers (size 10), paper mâché kit, sprinkles, feather boa, speed boat.

  59. penis pump, 36 inch ruler

    Somebody’s being wayyyyyy too optimistic.

  60. That was a total accident. I laughed my ass off hoping you’d notice.

  61. Heh, how long until Trump tweets about Fredo Cuomo.

  62. Jay, he already did.

  63. Haha, no way!

  64. So, this is a new place up here. Really close to where CoAlex stayed last night.

  65. Ok, I’m running to town. Anyone need anything?

    Your mom.

  66. That escalated quickly.

  67. The Trollmaster has a webmaster.

  68. Someone got a spot bonus for that one, I’ll bet.

  69. Urrrgh, our old crappy riding mower died. Penelope bought a newer one from a friend. She’s now trying to mow the yard. She’s a little over 5′ tall and can’t really reach the pedals. For some inexplicable reason, she keeps driving into little corners and then can’t get out and kills it. Then she gets mad…….

  70. She finally figured out that the more you press the lever, the faster it goes. Now she’s moving at Mach 2.

  71. whatever you do, don’t laugh. The police aren’t very close.

  72. Get her a couple of wooden blocks and make Indiana Jones jokes.


  74. High fives MJ for his shopping list.

  75. I’d do a list, but damn, MJ raised the hell out of that bar.

  76. TeeRoy, we are about 3 hours from Sedalia.

  77. Dan’s family is originally from around Sedalia. Grandparents moved to STL. Sullivan.

  78. My mom is still in hospital. Pissed that everyone is going to Cali for a cousins wedding. Pissed that I won’t quit and take care of her.

  79. That is a bit much to ask.

  80. Mare should do it.

  81. Tell her you’ll quit if she signs over all the inheritance to you. Oh, you can’t do that…didn’t her boyfriend’s kids rob her blind? Why doesn’t she as your sister?

  82. Young man, across the street, got himself a beautiful new pitbull puppy. The puppy is a light silvery fawn color with ice blue eyes. He ran over to me for some pets and has not learned he can’t jump on people and scratched the shit out of my leg.
    I predict they’re going to have a problem with this dog if they don’t get it trained NOW. He’s not fully grown and his very muscle-y human could barely hold on to him and I had trouble trying to push him away.

  83. Prayers up for TiFW’s mom and Osita’s mom.

  84. Thumbs up for Double Indemnity here. It was nominated for Best Picture, Best Director and Barbara Stanwyck for Best Actress back when an Oscar meant something good.

  85. Dogs enjoy real poultry.

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