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  1. Can’t decide on whether this poat is more memetastic or puntastic.

    Either way, bravo profundo Pupster

  2. Top one is pictoral evidence of Hotspur.


  4. Okay, when I click on Imgur links on this tablet, it has a full page of memes. This was on Pups “biggest mole” link

  5. Outstanding work. Sparkling catapult, *wipes away tears*

  6. What a glorious morning. Windows open, yay!!

  7. buy curios hit me in the funny bone

  8. Housemate used to have a dog back in the day that used to make holes like that. She would crawl down into the ground and lie down in there on a hot day.

  9. Jeffrey Epstein is dead.

    Suicide while on suicide watch.

  10. A day after he started naming names.

    Not suspicious in the least. I pray he had a dead man’s switch file drop to Wikileaks.

  11. Add that to the list of Hillary’s accomplishments.

  12. Burn it all down. What a crock of shit. Third world bananna republic garbage…

  13. Arkancide, nothing to see here.

  14. I lol’d at the Indian moon landing.

  15. Mini-me is off to Rolla. **sniff**

  16. I’ve worked suicide watch. Suicide on suicide watch is literally impossible, if the guard isn’t incapacitated. Suicide watch has existed for a long time, and behind every policy (doortop alarms, no shoelaces, etc) there is a body that demonstrated some new ingenious idea for killing itself. Every possible thing a person can do to themselves is known and planned for. We don’t let people even have or use dental floss by themselves, for Christ’s sake!

  17. You get no bedsheets, just a ‘suicide blanket’ that is made so it can’t be rolled or twisted. Literally the only thing you can have that you might be able to kill yourself with is your clothing. You could use underwear, a long sleeve shirt or your pant legs. You could tie that fabric around your neck, twist it and asphyxiate yourself or at least occlude the carotid arteries. BUT NOT IF SOMEONE’S WATCHING.

  18. I mean, this is just a shameful embarrassing baldfaced lie and therefore an obvious murder.

  19. Guards were threatened or bribed or both. Had to be.

  20. From alexthechick, “At least the one thing that is bringing us unity is that no one on the planet believes that Epstein just so happened to be able to commit suicide.”

  21. Lauraw, – Pretty sure some people believe it. My mom. MJ’s fil. Beasn’s relatives.

  22. No way. They think Trump ordered it, we know it was arkancide.

  23. It took me a long time to get to the comments because I had to tell wifey why I was laughing so much. She really liked the weiner pit one. (Your bocas de puta should remain inactive).

  24. My relatives believe anything so long as it’s a democrat telling them shit. Anyone else, you’re a lying liar racist face.

  25. My sister’s already started. Trump gave him the rope.

  26. barb is handling her nicely.

  27. That’s a pity.

  28. So I’m mentoring this nice young lady about gardening. She came over today to learn how to make the half sour pickles. She brought me some Indian sweets, these little balls made of a mixture of jaggery sugar and wheat flour I guess is what she said it was.

    Sometimes I love Indian food and sometimes my tastebuds just don’t understand what’s happening. This was the latter, unfortunately. Sweet kid, but when she left I just had to throw that stuff away. She’s excited about sharing this stuff with me.

    Anyway I gave her some other goodies from the garden and she said she was going to bring me some dal (lentils) made with the chard she got from me. Her family are tamil Indian and they don’t eat animal products, so I anticipate I may have to add bacon or smoked sausage to whatever she brings me.

  29. Laura might like this video about making half-sour pickles.

  30. The new slipknot album is awesome running material. Nice pace.

  31. Car in, I have no need for running music. What do you recommend for beer drinking music?

  32. Then do Pickle Making Music

  33. Funny video! I never tried fermenting them in the fridge for ten days. I usually just go a coupletree days on the kitchen counter then shove them in the fridge. I guess mine are more garlic-dills than halfsours, really. But they’re still better than what you get from the store.

    Although, in winter when I can’t make my own, Ba-tampte brand makes perfectly good natural garlic-dills and half sours. So fresh and yummy. In the refrigerator case, try them if your store carries them.

  34. My sister has had to watch prisoners on suicide watch. They don’t even get blankets.

  35. We learned about Cream Filled Long Johns

    Now I’m thinking about White Iced Yeast Rings

  36. Ba-tempte pickles are great. I pick a jar up every so often. Since I’m the only one eating them they last a while. Bread and Butter pickles go faster around here.

  37. Just saw a NYPost update about Epstein.

    Not on suicide watch at time of death

  38. Beer drinking music – Dropkick murphies.

  39. and sometimes my tastebuds just don’t understand what’s happening.

    Years ago, one of husband’s Indian coworkers invited us over to dinner. That is exactly what happened in my mouth. Especially when I tried the cookies covered in gold leaf. They were dry and bland and gold doesn’t taste as pretty as it looks. Bleh.

  40. Pickle making music is a bit harder, but I found this. It kind of sucks, but I think that just insures you don’t dilly dally and draw out the process.

  41. >>>>Not on suicide watch at time of death

    Mmm hmm. How convenient. Quit lying you f*ckers, we know it was a hit.

  42. Best Indian food I’ve ever had was at the home of my chief resident when I was on the Urology Service. My month on the service coincided with him having everyone over for a feast. I don’t remember whether it was made by his mother or mother in law who lived with them. His wife was an anesthesiologist at the medical center. Once the Indian mom realized I was enjoying the food she made a point of refilling my plate. At some point I had to cry uncle before I turned it into a Roman feast

  43. Well, how else is he going to suicide himself? Duh.

  44. Ok, doing three runs today. It’s stupid to shower between the runs because … right, why?

    But I already smell so bad, and have only done one run.

  45. ahh, the Dropkick Murphys. Otherwise known as “Serious Coding Music”

  46. *puts out an air freshener, sprays Febreze at Car in

  47. defrosted the dorm/beer fridge. This thing collects a lot of frost when it’s humid. Otherwise known as summer, or “Mrs Jay wants to run the humidifier costantly in winter”.

  48. Comment by lauraw on August 10, 2019 12:48 pm
    Funny video! I never tried fermenting them in the fridge for ten days. I usually just go a coupletree days on the kitchen counter then shove them in the fridge. I guess mine are more garlic-dills than halfsours, really. But they’re still better than what you get from the store.

    The rest of the videos are good as well. I want to try making tepeche like he does. Look up his sourdonut videos (three of them in all) where he and “Half-Sour Saffitz” try to make donuts.

  49. He seems like he smokes a lot of dope.

  50. Pretty much.

  51. It’s stupid to shower between the runs because … right, why?

    Just wait ’til you start having hotflashes and you get dozens in a day, throughout the summer. You get as ripe as running 3x a day. Wet undergarments are the worst.

  52. The funniest thing just happened to me in the garden. It’s something that would send oso shrieking like her hair’s on fire.
    I was watering the back garden and bent down to pluck out some nutgrass – your whore mouths, shut them – and heard a several small peeps to my right. I look over and there was a hummingbird hovering about two feet away, cussing me out. “Well, hello there!”…and he flew away.
    I could have reached right out and grabbed him. Made my day.

  53. Did you know hummingbirds vocalized? I didn’t. Certainly didn’t know what they sounded like.

  54. Guys used to call your mom Hummerbird. I really never knew why.

  55. An extremely high profile prisoner who tried to hang himself three weeks ago is not on suicide watch. Rrriiiiiiggghhhttttttttt. Not even a smidgen of corruption is what I heard another punk say one time.

  56. You either believe Putin killed him to protect Trump or you’re a conspiracy theorist

  57. hmm, Russian Collusion. Hadn’t thought of that angle.

  58. That’s because it’s absolutely absurd, Jay.

  59. 1961

  60. What ? Anyhoo, I have never seen anything like that one.

  61. Looks like a custom job

  62. Joe Scarborough believes

  63. Scarborough has his head up his ass. Lying POS.

  64. Not custom. It’s a double cab pickup.

    They sold them for a while, just didn’t sell many.

  65. When Moose really wants to go for a ride.

  66. ?

  67. I play french horn. Tuba is an easy transition.


  69. tuba has a huge mouthpiece, quite easy

  70. It will be interesting to see what comes from the investigations, but I will never believe it to be anything but a hit.

  71. Reports are the cameras in the prison either ‘malfunctioned’ or were off at the time of the murder.


  73. what’s with the big manta ray in the pool?

  74. Part of me also thinks that Epstein didn’t die.

    He could be on an island partying with Bill Clinton and a bunch of 14 year olds RIGHT NOW

  75. Aquaman, pirating a submarine? Hahahahaha

  76. In band, we always said the baritone and tuba players needed so much air to play their instruments, they ended up being oxygen-deprived, and that explained why they were always so crazy.

  77. I have big lungs. I was pretty good on the horn until braces wrecked my embouchure. I coulda managed tuba without O2 dep, methinks.

  78. Or it was being in the back row that they attempted more shenanigans.

    I kept playing, even with braces.


  80. Heh.

  81. OMG, the cheese factor of Aquaman is overwhelming

  82. Tubas in the back row, yes, there was mucho shenanigans

  83. Aquaman is DC Thor. AKA shut up and ab watch.

  84. Dorothy eventually resumed playing.


  86. Haven’t seen Aquaman yet. I watched Creed last night, and that was better than I expected.

  87. Roamy, Aquaman was a hoot. Very good.

  88. @ jimbro

    Correct, the very same people that have no problem “doxing” and “swating” people (which red flag is a form of, police with guns show up and take your gun) would never use the red flag laws inappropriately against their “enemies.”

  89. Not going to repost it here (I’m sure some are still eating breakfast), but Al Gore now has upside-down V eyebrows. Looks alien.

  90. I fucking knew it.

    Clint’s gay.

  91. I didn’t let braces get in the way of playing the cello when I was a kid.

  92. ww

  93. File under “Living well is the best revenge”: Holocaust survivor turns 104, celebrates surrounded by 400 descendants:


    The new software upgrade continues a record of good performance.

  95. Circular saw in 10 minutes.

    If you aren’t up by noon you probably should be.

  96. Couple of comments from althouse blerg:

    “Government has an obligation — ah, yes. After several years in which officials of the U.S. government first mobilized to prevent the election of a politician they despised and then, mobilized to remove him and undermine his administration, Althouse keeps the faith — government has an obligation! an obligation to do the right thing! just as the NYT has an obligation to avoid misleading headlines!

    Look, I’d prefer to live in Althouseworld. But out here in the real world, obligations are for suckers.

    8/10/19, 9:00 AM”

    “This was a mercy killing. Thousands of wealthy men all over the world were close to peak stressed out until this last minute reprieve was announced for them. It was the fastest spread good News ever seen.

    8/10/19, 9:05 AM


  97. Another good one:

    I’m Full of Soup said…
    Government can’t keep this high value perp alive in jail, can’t secure the border, can’t balance its books, lets both the state and the feds devote scarce time and money and manpower to prosecute the ElPaso killer for the same crimes, etc yet we seem to think govt can manage new Red Flag laws?

    8/10/19, 9:23 AM

  98. How do you end up with 400 descendants in 70 years, after starting out with 4 kids?

  99. Lindsay Graham was actually stating what goes on when SHTF in a disaster.
    Fellow collector friend lived in NO when Katrina struck. She stayed because her husband was a cop and she was a 911 operator. She told how bad it got. If you weren’t armed, you and your property were easy pickins for the roaming bands of thugs. It was every man for himself –though the law-abiding did form their own groups for protection and to deter looters. Yes, they saw you standing there with your weapon, they moved on.

  100. How do you end up with 400 descendants in 70 years, after starting out with 4 kids?

  101. *clicks on link*

    *panties fly around the room*

    *reminds me of Cyn*

    *hopes she’s doing well*


  103. We ended up going back to our original parish. Armed security. Close to first responders. Local pols worship there. Several concealed carriers. Dude, learn how to hold the Bible cover. Sheesh. I wasn’t happy that today’s security officer was in the church in a pew. Oh well.

  104. Mini-me moved into the dorm this morning. She is in the same dorm, different wing, different floor from the one Rocketboy stayed in. 4 North is like a fraternity (complete with the drinking), so they still know Rocketboy even though he graduated a year ago. Mr. RFH walked into the lounge, announced that he was Rocketboy’s dad, and was greeted with “raucous cheering”. Mini-me was welcomed.

    Every year they have a move-in day bingo game which is pretty funny. Fedora, mullet, hot mom, “hold the door!” had already been marked off, a U-Haul and being asked to erase the bingo game had not.

  105. Every year they have a move-in day bingo game which is pretty funny. Fedora, mullet, hot mom,

    *Roamy walks into the dorm*

    Student: BINGO!

  106. LOL, thanks, CoAlex. I didn’t go on the dorm dropoff because I know my limits and didn’t want to embarrass Mini-me.

    That, and she took half the house, I don’t think there was room for me in the car without using the roof rack.

  107. Pretty cool, Romacita. Co-Workers kid is going to NM Tech. That’s his “Cool” kid. Older kid is barely verbal autistic that also works at The Club. He watches anime and listens to JPop and KPop. Whenever I have a task that requires 8Chan level skills, I tag older kid.

  108. U-Haul is busy.

    I was there Saturday morning and their computers were crawling.

    Took them 15 minutes to process a cash purchase,

    Instead of waiting for the receipt to print they offered to run it out to my truck.

    Probably running Windows 98.

  109. Roamy has an empty nest now.

    /prepares for more “content” here at the H2.

  110. Piggypalooza!

  111. Where’s Coalex???? It’s time to make plans for tomorrow NIGHT.

    I sure hope he had a black t-shirt. Black jeans. Black shoes.

    (actually, Ian work a bright colored shirt to Open Air in chicago, and it was nice because I could find him in the crowd … then he bought a shirt and changed … then I couldn’t find him anymore)

  112. Black jeans and boots, probably a red polo shirt and a black leather jacket.

  113. Also, spiked codpiece, colander face-mask, and nipple rings.

  114. If you get to meet Moose, spread your arms wide open and yell MOOSE in a high pitched happy voice and see what happens.

  115. Heh. White privilege – that Epstein could get a more effective noose in jail than Smollett as a free man.

  116. He could come meet moose if he wanted but that would mean more driving. I’m about … 30 minutes further than he needs to go. If he’s early he could run up here. Meeting moose might be worth it.

  117. It was a fun ride.

  118. I get a surprise box every month from Israel with various goodies in it. Halva, olive oil, dates, some kind of beauty aid, usually some little crafty thing from an Israeli artist. I got one some time ago with dried mushrooms. I made a beef and mushroom soup tonight that was pretty tasty. That was only the second time I ever cooked dried mushrooms – the first time was a hot and sour soup kit. I’m gonna have to look for more of those.

  119. It’s worth it.

  120. Roamy, look for the surprise box with the Desert Eagle.

    .50 caliber made by badass Hebrews.

  121. If you get to meet Moose, spread your arms wide open and yell MOOSE in a high pitched happy voice and see what happens.

    I mean, why else would I want to meet any of you? It’s all about Der Mooser.

  122. I’m watching Bring the Funny. One that made me lol talked about how Trump can’t be the most racist person EVAH, he’s got eight people on his mother’s side of the family that are easily more racist. Trump might be racist, but he wouldn’t draft him until the ninth round and would still trade him for a kicker. Applause for not being politically correct.

  123. 🤣🤣🤣

  124. I had my daughter and niece over for supper and a fashion show for 12 MOB dresses. We have the field narrowed to three. Two short black ones – and one longish, beaded, dark gray one. The girls voted for the latter — they said it had the right wow factor. I’m not sure. It’s heavy.

  125. On the plus side, I can return the other nine tomorrow.

  126. Can you not just wear some black wrangler jeans, a bright red pearl snap shirt, a black felt Stetson cowboy hat, and some ostrich skin roper boots? Or is that just MOBs around here?

  127. I have determined, after much observation and thought, I am the least interesting person most anyplace I am.

    I have also determined that this is not necessarily a bad thing in all respects.

  128. Daniel expected rain, presently.


  130. Oh man, good one! Ha ha ha haaa!

    There are some wonderfully talented people making hilarious shit happen on the internet.

  131. People are talking about the fencing medalist who knelt during the national anthem, but they missed the track-and-field woman who had her fist in the air and scowled the whole time. Black woman with weird blue lipstick. I was thinking, holy cow, if you’re that unhappy that you won, go away and let the silver medalist enjoy the limelight.

  132. Are they Olympics happening or something?

    Way to kill any remaining relevance, guys.

  133. Perseids peak tonight, but the moon is going to be bright enough to make it difficult to see very many.

  134. Pan-American Games in Peru. Basically a run-up to the Olympics, which are next year in Tokyo. These two protesters might have lost their spots on the team, and I’m okay with that.

  135. I was up in the middle of the night with Stella, and the sky finally got clear – but not really clear enough that made it worth it to say up. I’ve got a long day today and needed my sleep.

  136. I forgot that was going on in Peru – while Hannah is there. WOnder if she’s run into issues because of it?

  137. How long until Taurids?

    MMM in about 10-15. Resource gathering is done, just need to pour coffee and do some writing.

  138. Taurids are in November.

  139. Geminids are better, and those are in mid-December.

  140. Behold, my next Spring greenhouse, once the $49 pipe-and-fitting one from the dollar store falls apart:

    We always have some of those giant rolls of shrinkwrap for freight around here.

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