Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.






Your model for today was born in California, USA on May 4th, 1988.  She stands 5′ 2″ , topmost measurement is 32DD and the displacement is 108 lbs.  Please gather supplies and welcome Miss Austin White!




  1. Morning Bitches.

  2. very curvaceous. me likey..

  3. Hi everybody. Long time, no see. She looks like my sister but older. Muah xoxo

  4. If boobs were brains, she’d be a rocket scientist.
    Nice job, Pupster.

  5. If boobs were brains, she’d be a rocket scientist.
    Nice job, Pupster.

  6. Double D required Double post.

  7. Soul-stealing ginger. But high quality!

  8. I keep looking for something to complain about, but I got nothing.

    I’m turning down a job in 45 minutes. I think. If anything seriously pisses me off before 9am on a Friday, all bets are off.

  9. First picture demonstrates the sheer force of elastic fabric restraining her rack. Several thumbs up for a genuinely attractive woman with no visible tattoos unlike our Appalachian chanteuse

  10. The blue dress pic is amazing.

  11. Hey Roamie, you might have heard of this fellow. He was a friend of mine. Super smaht.

  12. It looks like she’s had a bit of work done on her face. Do not approve.

    The rest is nice.

  13. Dad stuff

  14. wakey wakey

  15. Her eyes are weird. Dealbreaker. 0/10.

  16. Which – is it a little sad? Yes. But he was mentally ill, had committed many crimes, was basically abandoned by his family and decided to not fight his deportation in court because … why?

  17. Michigan police records show that Aldaoud pleaded guilty to criminal charges at least 15 times over the course of nearly 20 years prior to his deportation. Those include assault, breaking and entering, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and home invasion.

    “If you look at the list of criminal convictions, yeah — it looks pretty bad,” said Schaedig. “But if you go a little bit under the surface — if there’s anyone willing to do that — it was someone who just needed help and who is committing the pettiest of petty crimes.” Most of the crimes could be linked to homelessness and serious mental health issues, he said.

    B&E and Home Invasion are now petty. Good to know when the End Times™ come around.

  18. Mentally ill foreigners aren’t needed here, sorry.

  19. Should have sent him to Dan’s house.

  20. Not much of a Chaldean Christian. All those arrests.

  21. I am not a fan of gingers….my mother is a ginger, my step father is a ginger, my brother is a ginger…with that said, this one’s symmetry allows this model to be categorized as a 7.5 / 10 would smash and kick out of the house before sun up . Probably going to have to hit the “like button” on this one. Definitely not ghey …..

  22. Story from the guy who started the Twitter thread about the Vietnam Vet being returned to Dallas:

  23. It’s just interesting, because the family is upset that somehow society didn’t take care of him. When THEY kicked him out, didn’t do shit for him – besides saying “how nice” he way. They didn’t even do enough to get him some help. But NPR isn’t going to let that get in the way of the narrative.

  24. I’m starting to worry that Biden’s going to get knocked out too early to get blown TFO in the general election.

  25. Biden is in the clear lead at Cast Your Kernal at the Iowa State Fair. Buttplug is #2. (for Dems. Trump is at 48% of total votes)

  26. Biden is in the clear lead at Cast Your Kernal at the Iowa State Fair. Buttplug is #2. (for Dems. Trump is at 48% of total votes)

    Iowa is nothing but racist misogynists /CNN

  27. That Vanity Fair article is pure sophistry.

  28. So NPR is saying it’s a tragedy that we refuse to be the world’s toxic human dumping grounds?

    To hell with that, we have enough locally sourced whackjobs and jackasses.

  29. CoAlex knows sophistry. He’s been to the Argument Room

  30. Pretty sure no liberal really understands Trumpism, because their starting point of understanding is based on a lie.

  31. Michigan Public Radio played that story for all it was worth yesterday. Anyone with a brain could listen and know that there was way more to the story than what was being reported.

    And of course NPR goes full Trayvon by posting the photo from when he was an innocent teenager.

  32. Trump triggers the daddy issues in every leftist.

  33. I can’t read any more of that Vanity Fair article. This was the last bit I could stand:

    Adherents would rather know less, and as a result risk stagnation and decline, than come into contact with information that complicates their view of America as a red, white, and blue “We’re #1!” foam finger. Virginity-until-marriage proponents offer a similar promise: If you don’t know any better, you’ll never want anything more.

  34. Not wanting to see the culture and country you grew up in erased by any means is the worst of racist xenophobia if you’re a republican of any race or creed, and perfectly fine if you’re anything else.

  35. nd of course NPR goes full Trayvon by posting the photo from when he was an innocent teenager.

    Yea, of course. Noticed that right away. The story that appears on the facebook link is that one. That way, most people can read the headline, look at the picture and just think “THOSE MONSTERS” w/o even reading.

  36. Virginity-until-marriage proponents offer a similar promise: If you don’t know any better, you’ll never want anything more.

    This whore hates science, which tells us very clearly that lower notch counts correlate to better outcomes. Like, every better outcome, not just higher personal satisfaction with sex lives.

    But she doesn’t like that. Because she’s a filthy whore addicted to self-destructive novelty-seeking.

  37. If girls grew into women who recognized, validated, and acted on their desires, what would happen?

    Based on the past two generations? Single-motherhood, broken homes, barren spinsters bitter at their life choices, young women confused and ashamed by their desire for motherhood, a massive rise in sexual assault allegations, and rampant STDs.

    And for men troubled by changing family structures and expanded female power, there was one more obvious benefit to marrying a virgin: You’d never be found to be sexually inadequate.

    If I said the women slut-shamed (and the majority of slut shaming comes from other women) because they were afraid that guys would realize how bad most women are in bed, the screeching would be non-stop.

    Sexual adequacy is more about the connection you have with your partner than any one technique. Want to have good sex? Find someone that you trust and care enough about that you care about their experience, and they care about yours. Trust each other enough that you are willing to experiment. Stick with someone long enough that you can learn about their needs and likes.

    The fear that this rise will strip away unearned advantages from whites is just as well founded as the virginity-men’s anxiety that sexual experience would make women more romantically discerning.

    Except it hasn’t made them more romantically discerning. If anything, free love has made them less so. By turning the dating scene into a meat market full of rutting animals, you put women who want to be discerning at a disadvantage. You turn sex into a purely mechanical act, devoid of any emotional connection, and that in turn strips away much of what makes sex a wonderful experience.

    We might even entirely reject the idea that marriage and childbearing should be our primary purpose and greatest aspiration.

    You could also reject the idea that human beings can’t fly. Biology, however, doesn’t give a damn about your ideas. The vast majority of women want marriage and children, and if they had to choose between that and a career climbing the corporate ladder they’d choose the former in a heartbeat. What you’re proposing has been a recipe for misery.

  38. unearned advantages

    Parents must be forbade from giving things to their children. The children themselves haven’t earned them, so they must be denied them. For fairness.

    That whole “for ourselves and our posterity” thing in the Declaration was a mistake to be overturned in the Glorious Revolution, Comrades!

  39. We might even entirely reject the idea that marriage and childbearing should be our primary purpose and greatest aspiration.

    When men reject their primary purpose and greatest aspiration, we call them things like “worthless”, “criminal”, or the ever-popular “deadbeat dad” (many of whom were cut out by harridans rather than ran off).

  40. How many psychiatric drugs is the author on, I wonder?

  41. Clearly the wrong ones.

  42. I can almost guarantee she’s on something for depression and anxiety.

  43. So am I. I’m not THAT batshit.

  44. 5/10 would smash

  45. 1/4 women like the author are medicated for depression. Now, maybe that’s always been true and women before the availability of such drugs just had an anti-depressant deficiency.

    Or maybe being a filthy whore is depressing and should be discouraged.

  46. My mom has now posted two articles this
    Morning about the deported dude

  47. My mom has now posted two articles this
    Morning about the deported dude

    Prayers for oso.

  48. Sometimes I get depressed. But then I look at my behaviors and recognize it’s usually a factor of my choices and not chemicals.

    Not that this is true for everyone, but I bet it is for a lot of people.

  49. Sometimes it’s chicken and egg. When it’s really long term, though, odds are your chemicals are out of whack.

  50. The past hour worth of comments makes up for having to wade through gardening and fitness bullshit around here. Thanks Leon, Colex, and Carin for making your thoughts available to the rest of us this morning. Colex fisking at 10:05 is a masterpiece.

  51. Alex is a schmaht guy. We like him.

  52. When my FIL was here I told him I listen to NPR when I want to know what dumb people think.


    He was finally, thankfully, silent for a few seconds.

  53. I listen to NPR to hear what Russia wants us to think.

  54. Alex is a schmaht guy. We like him.

    Wow, I’ve managed to completely fool all of you.

    I’m secretly an idiot.

  55. In all seriousness, I listen to NPR quite a bit. I like it.

    But I understand that it’s radio meant for older, wealthy, educated, urban white people.

    It isn’t remotely representative of a broad perspective.

  56. I honestly can’t stand it for more than a few minutes. The worldview is too alien and I end up angry.

  57. it’s radio meant for older, wealthy, educated, urban white people.

    The people who drive by you when you’re broken down on the side of the highway.

    Most of the country is inhabited by the people who stop to see if they can help.

    Someday I hope to be living among the second kind.

  58. I listen to it so you don’t have to.


  60. I’ve been helped on the side of the road in Michigan and Indiana. It helps to be in farm country.

    Plus snow kills bugs and lizards. And idiots.

  61. Lizards are cool though.

    I listen to it so you don’t have to.

    If I wanted to hear an asshole, I’d read Hotspur’s comments out loud.

  62. MIL screeched up the stairs, this morning. Some critter got to the two large tomatoes we were going to pick this morning. Critter couldn’t just eat the one …no, it had to eat half of both.
    MIL was nearly in tears.

    And I am so farking hot, I could cut a bish.

  63. Too bad car in’s mom blocked me.

  64. I honestly can’t stand it for more than a few minutes. The worldview is too alien and I end up angry.

    If there are talking things non-political and don’t put any snide commentary when it’s completely not warranted … it can be entertaining. But they can’t help themselves. They could do a segment on craft beer and they’d have some ORange man bad comment.

  65. Scorpions gotta sting, communists gotta destroy nations.

  66. Re: the guy deported back to Iraq

    How do we really know he’s really dead? How do we know he wouldn’t have been dead had he stayed ‘on the streets’ here?

    Car in, is your mom housing any of these criminal x 2 illegals her own self? If not, perhaps she should keep quiet per the rules of her own team.

  67. This girl is cute, and the video is fun.

  68. See, my mom housing illegals illustrates my idea of making conversations “smaller”. “We” (not we) talk about immigrants as if they’re all fleeing death and rape in their home country. They’re not. If they were, how come so many of the mexicans at MY work go home for visits rather frequently, staying for months upon months each time. When they return, we hear about how great it is there.

    So … you fled … what exactly? Certainly there are some who come from “shitholes”, but not all, and to give the “I just want to make more money” immigrants the same pass and sob story is just dishonest (this comes from a conversation I read this morning elsewhere.) many don’t come from a hell hole. They just like it BETTER here. Which we/they can’t really acknowledge as a reason for immigration, because America is the worst COUNTRY EVER 1!! 11111! with the racism, sexism, homophobia, gun violence, white rednecks …

    No. The only reason MUST be that they are fleeing something horrible.

    Which socialism IS horrible. Amiright?

  69. So, no. My mom, if you asked her – would actually have to take a look at some of these immigrants and ask herself if she would house them. That would be a big no, because … I mean, I bet they don’t even listen to NPR. Let alone speak English.

    No. They like the idea of immigrants. Not the reality.

  70. Friend of mine (gay friend, very liberal) adopted a mexican kid from an immigrant family (out of Pontiac, which has a huge mexican immigrant population). Something like 12 kids in the family, all neglected. Probably Trump’s fault.

  71. I replaced a lightswitch for the above-the sink fixture (new one looks so nice!) and then took apart the combination outlet switch near the range. No neutral wire. FAAAACK. Old houses.

    I bought a GFCI for the switch in the backsplash. I took the old outlet apart and viola, one wire in, one wire out, no ground wire.

    I need to call an electrician and go on a seven-state crime spree.

  72. Remember when Indians (feather not dot) were noble savages?

    Same thing, different victim group.

  73. LOL Dicktubes

  74. Just bury some wire and stick a fork in it, laura.

  75. Is that code?

  76. It’s code for something!

  77. Educating Liberals@Education4Libs
    Gun violence would drop by 90% if Democrats stopped shooting people.

    So instead of passing red flag laws that would infringe upon our 2A, Democrats should just turn in their guns like they’ve wanted to anyways.

    Problem solved.


    Trump should retweet that.

  78. Haha, a Hostage must have designed the cups for McDonalds Japan:

  79. See, my mom housing illegals illustrates my idea of making conversations “smaller”. “We” (not we) talk about immigrants as if they’re all fleeing death and rape in their home country. They’re not.

    Here’s the thing. You make the conversation smaller or ‘local’ and on a good day, the lefty in your family would see what you are pointing out and agree. But they go back to shrieking and boycotting and voting for the party pushing drivers licenses/welfare/healthcare/voting for illegals. And scratch their heads when their cities are shit and say, “My city is shit but I’m still team obama, all the way.”

    Like my mom. She hates the city…it’s a crime-ridden, corrupt, shithole of a dump in most parts. Her head spins talking about it. When asked who has been running that city for the past 4 or 5 decades which brought it to shithole status, she replies, “The n*ggers”. And she called me racist for not swooning over the JEF.

    They escaped the city with the rest of the ‘white flight’ and moved to the suburbs of St. Louis Co and continued to vote democrat. St. Louis Co. has gone blue and now they’re getting upset again because here and there, it’s slowly rolling to shit. Yeah, I don’t want to hear about it.

  80. McDonalds Japan….isn’t it Japan where they hold some sausage festival and carry around giant dildos and sell wiener shaped ice creams or is that some place else?
    They’re a little whacky in Japan.

  81. Coupla nukes will do that.

  82. Coupla nukes will do that.

    You do know that the streetcorners of ancient Athens had statues with giant penises pointing in important directions, right?

  83. Yep, Japanese are weird.

    Herma statue

  84. Dammit, imago no resolvo.

  85. streetcorners of ancient Athens

    Buttsex will do that.

  86. I remember seeing a show about all the public penis art in ancient Pompeii/ Rome. The Romans decorated everything with a dick, basically.

  87. The prevalence of buttsex in that culture is debatable, I really think it’s more hype than sodomitic substance, but it still speaks strongly to the existential cultural risk of having an excess of olive oil handy.

  88. I put my car in the shop yesterday and drove Monster to werk. 95 degrees and no AC. Luckily I drove really, really fast.

  89. So, yeah, ’tweren’t the nukes.

  90. … and here’s why

    We need a reason?

  91. IIRC, Roman battering rams were stylized as giant phalii too, which is hilarious to imagine and would be amazing to see done as a straight scene in a movie.

  92. … in Rome and in war, penetration with a penis carried a mountain of subtext.
    Some things never change

  93. I didn’t cook anything for dinner. I bought some fancy shrimp gumbo things from the pre-made dinners place that Scott loves. The containers are sitting in the fridge waiting for him to come home from work.

    Houseguest came home a few minutes ago, with apparently nothing to eat again. She’s doing some dishes right now. It’s nice of her.

    But I really, really, hope she had dinner before she got home. Either that or she needs to go buy or make her own food tonight instead of asking to have some of ours, since she hasn’t cooked anything in three weeks and this stuff was expensive.

    Let’s wait and see what happens. Please. PLEASE don’t put me in this position. I hate being the bitch (IRL). It just seems like whenever she feeds us, it’s cheap pork and stuffing, or she’ll buy steak, but it’s two steaks for three people.

  94. I’m being a bitch, right? Yeah. Goddammit.

  95. Lauraw is Dan? (At work, people buy food and share with everyone. Dan bought bread, cheese, and lunchmeat. Co-worker “Can I have a sandwich?”. Dan “No”.)

  96. YUP. So after I throw food in the oven for me and Scott, she comes out of her room and announces she’s going to cook the sweetcorn she brought home on Monday and has had sitting out on the kitchen counter since then.

    Presumably, thinking we are also going to share our shrimp gumbo with her, that she just heard us talking about.

    Me: Is that all you’re having for dinner, your corn?

    She: No, OUR corn.

    Me: No, it’s YOUR corn. WE are having gumbo that I bought, but it was expensive…

    She: …


    She: Well, I’m just going to cook this corn and we can have it.

    Me. OK.

    See? I can predict this shit now.

    A few weeks ago she was home all day and did fuckall, while I was doing stuff in the house and going out and running errands. I prepped some chickens in the afternoon and Scott put them on the smoker in the evening. They came off the grill at 8PM and just at that fucking moment when the kitchen is fragrant with hot meat, she comes out of her room and asks what is there to eat.

    I put my hands on her shoulders at that second and told her, “You need to start cooking more. Please.”

    She did for a coupletree weeks, then she fell off again.

    I think I’m just going to separate our stuff, tell her to start fending for herself and she can use the mini fridge in the porch for her shit.

  97. She lives here for free. I asked her to cook once in a while. She is not living up to the bargain.

  98. How long has she been living there?

  99. I commit myself to buying too much food, mostly because I hate to go to the store. In other news…

  100. Since November 3, 2017.

  101. Honestly, if you had to have a houseguest, she is ideal except for this food thing. And the milky coffee cup on the counter every morning that I have to rinse out before the milk sets a ring.

    But that’s it. Otherwise you don’t even know she’s here.

  102. I just don’t know how you come home from work with no fucking earthly idea about how you’re going to feed yourself, and act surprised about this.

  103. And she monitors when produce is ready in my garden. I purposely give that shit away to my family then, just to make a point.

  104. Yeah, I’m about done with this. I love her and I’m glad she’s safe, but it’s almost time’s up.

  105. Kitchen looks great!

  106. is that a dig?

  107. Just tell her ‘head’s up, there is only enough for me and scott, because crazy pricey, so you may need to fix you up something if you haven’t had dinner yet’

  108. Nope. Did you see the present I made you?

  109. I made myself a chocolate milkshake for dinner, I suggest y’all do the same because it was pretty awesome.

  110. I don’t think so, unless you’re talking about the cute raccoon stuck in a sewer, in which case, uh thanks…?

  111. Oops, should refreshed before poating a reply. Tell her she’s got to shop and cook two days a week. She might be an airhead like my daughter. Though my daughter would give me attitude when I asked her to contribute. Which she never did ….which is on me for not kicking her ass.

  112. Kid is one thing, that’s family. This lady is practically family, but…no. I’d ask even my sister to help out with bills or meals. I need to have a talk.

  113. Nope. I found two pics on tumblr and I made a gif and added text.

  114. The big gray pumpkin is the kind I always grow. Super tasty.

  115. Saturday and sunday menu will be swedish meatballs and chicken cordon bleu. I think the family is getting sick of me grilling all the time on weekends, but I love to do it. Sometimes it doesn’t turn out, like last weekend I tried to smoke a ham and it was…not good. Then I grilled some chicken kabobs that didn’t turn out either. Most of the time I’m pretty much on point but last weekend was two clunkers in a row.

    I haven’t cooked the meatballs in a year almost, I use this recipe but I use a big skillet for the browning because the instant pot is so deep it is hard to turn the meatballs. Oh, I also don’t use shallots because what the fuck is a shallot?

  116. You should try them.

  117. Shallot burgers are a thing here.

  118. Two major gaffes in two days, both public. Either the knives are out for Biden, or he’s such a mess that he really can’t be covered for and properly medicated.

    Dammit, he was the easy one to beat. It’s going to be Buttplug and Booker, isn’t it?

  119. Today my coworker bet me $50 that I would not lick the fly paper in the kitchen.

    I have $50.

  120. Shallots are the mule you get when an onion bangs some garlic with leeks watching.

  121. Ewwwwwwww, Jewstin. Ewwwwww.

  122. Totally worth it. I think the bartender threw up in his mouth.

  123. Dan found a recipe for Sweet Potato Salad. It is yummy. Needs Jalapeños. We have sweet jalapeño relish for our hot dogs. Also, yummy.

  124. *throws Jewstin another $50 for licking that flypaper*

    There, it’s 50% less disgusting now.

  125. Yep. I bet that $50 will cover your co-pay at the ER. Totally worth it.

  126. I don’t think I could pick a shallot out of a lineup. Rutabaga either. I was happier before I knew about kale, too. I’ve got one persimmon growing upside down, facing the sun, that is starting to turn yellow.

  127. Tastes like glue except crunchy.

  128. I think the family is getting sick of me grilling all the time on weekends,

    Those words don’t make sense in that order.

  129. JEWSTIN! Will you lick this mousetrap for $5?

  130. laura, maybe houseguest can do some “wiring” for ya?

    *hands over a fork

  131. For Oso

  132. Pops! $5 for peanut butter. $10 for cheez whiz.

  133. I should make meatballs as well this weekend.

  134. Good Eats: the Return will premiere on 8/25/19.

    Checkmate, athiests.

  135. Good Eats: the Return will premiere on 8/25/19.

    *pees self*

  136. I might have to get a Roku. Not seeing it for pre-order on Amazon yet.

  137. I think it is available on Sling as well/

  138. Our APES are like all other APES. We’ve lost so many cases with liberal judges that all we do is compile video for trial. Big push from people to stop WalMart from using local police to prosecute shoplifters. WalMart has insurance. Not fair to put people in jail for theft.

  139. APES?

  140. Asset Protection. We call them APES, because it pisses them off. Traditionally, AP were goons that couldn’t get jobs as bouncers.

  141. They need to start cracking some skulls.

    Steal a bible? Someone follows them home and rearranges their teeth.

  142. Our Regional APE was in our Club recently. We need to focus on paperwork error. She doesn’t believe in shoplifting stops…ever. We have really aggressive panhandlers. We are supposed to request their departure. I can’t carry at work. WalMart has no rules about personal vehicles in parking lot.

  143. would the panhandlers watch the bibles if you gave them one?

  144. Heh. I was ready to shoot a panhandler last week. Fucking bitch calling me “White” and calling me “Rich” because I don’t carry cash.

  145. So, your buddy Richardson was a pimp with Epstein?

  146. Oh, the Barnes and Noble in our parking lot has moved Bibles, to Online only. 🤣🤣🤣🤣👊🏻

  147. Richardson was dirtier than any pol I know. In NM, that means something. TFG stopped the DOJ investigation into Gov Fat Ass

  148. I’ve picked about two dozen sweet banana peppers off two plants in the past two days. There are about 2 dozen baby ones left and more flowering. No brown spots on a one. Crushed eggshells for the win!

    I’m liking them a lot better than bell peppers. They’re milder and they have a better texture – for me. My tastebuds prefer bland.

  149. sweet banana peppers? Not spicy ones?

  150. I thought the only thing milder than a bell pepper was an ice cube.

  151. Tastes like glue except crunchy.


    How many flies were on it? Or was it fresh?

  152. My mom is back in hospital. Refuses home care or nursing home care. Her sisters and cousins are great. My Madrina thinks I need to “Step up”. Trying to navigate without hurting feelings. Dan is ready to draw fire.

  153. you get extra crunch during June Bug season

  154. Not fair to put people in jail for theft.

    Total b.s.. Depending on the amount, they should be named and shamed, or shot in the ass with some b.b.s.

  155. jay, they are ‘sweet’. They’re a degree milder than green bell peppers…speaking of which, I counted 7 baby bell peppers on my one plant.
    I don’t do spicy. Spiciest I’ll go is horseradish. *adds that to the list before I forget again*

  156. My Madrina thinks I need to “Step up”.

    Are your siblings stepping up? If not, go about your life and ignore Madrina.

  157. Hello, Buckaroos. Scamp Walker time again.


  159. Total b.s.. Depending on the amount, they should be named and shamed, or shot in the ass with some b.b.s.

    Whipping post.

    Fifty lasheswould teach them a lesson.

  160. Sierra Ferrel is kinda sexy in an Arquette sister’s sort of way.

    7.8625/10. Would smash.

  161. It’s kinda sad that Jewstin came back only to tell us about how he made $50 right before he died of fly-paper poison.

    Lauraw – it’s been almost 2 years. It’s time. ugh.

  162. Drunk regular going on and on (and on) about Trump. Ugh, just SHUT UP. Anyway, he got completely wasted, and they wanted me to drive him home. Which I would have done, but he wanted me to drive his Porsche. hard pass. I drive you in my car, and you figure your shit out tomorrow. Plus, I told his drunk ass that he so much as say’s the name Trump and I’m leaving him on 24.

    Another gal drove him home who wanted to drive his Porsche. Honestly, I couldn’t care less. I guess I’m weird.

  163. Haha, nice Car in!


  164. He wanted you to drive him home? Nice bartender

    The day I got back from Afghanistan, I ended up at the local
    dive bar where a group was celebrating a birthday. Next thing I know I’m six shots of tequila in and can barely walk. The bar manager drove me back to my hotel in her car.

  165. Daniel envied Roberta’s perspicacity.

  166. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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