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Get it while it’s hot. Bangor State Fair opens today which means back to school shopping and pumpkin spiced drinks won’t be far behind. Breathe it all in while you can!



  1. Nice, Jimbro!!

    Why do we have this category? Sherwin Fucking Williams

    I may not know why but I like it.

  2. Not sure why the SFW category exists. I’m sure it was briefly relevant but the meaning has disappeared in the mists of time or something like that. I’m always amused when searching the category list to pick them out.

  3. My new PCP ordered labs and his MA said I needed to be NPO for them. I asked about black coffee and she said stick to water. That’s gonna have to wait until Monday when I can fill my thermos at home, get blood drawn a the lab downstairs and head up to my office to sip something hot, black and tasty.

    -yeah, LHF left to get things going around here-

  4. I had a busy day yesterday and completely missed the Mueller imbroglio. What little I did hear about was not good for the Dems. I’ll try to read a few takes on it today to get caught up but it’s almost preordained what they will be.

    Fox News: Embarrassing day for Mueller and all the Dems

    MSM/Dems: Clearly gave us what we need to impeach!

  5. Alright, off to get some stuffs done … BBL

  6. Is Jimbro starting to sound like OSO? I didn’t know any of his abbreviations.

  7. I need to tidy up my facial hair and then drive to Battle Creek. Anyone need any cereal or have something amusing they want me to shout at the Saturday heretics?



  9. Thanks Pups!

  10. Wakey wakey

    Chevelle was amazing. SO good. BB was good as well, but I’ve seen them before.

  11. Carin is also speaking in a language I do not understand.

  12. Left work early yesterday, go home, and fell asleep around 5pm. Woke up at 10:30pm and slept in fits and starts the rest of the night. We’ll see how today goes.

  13. We are experiencing an unusual morning storm. Thunder, lightening, tons of rain.

  14. Concerts last night.

    this is them (from the previous concert though)

  15. Pick me up a box of Fruity Pebbles please!

  16. Singer and drummer are brothers. Bass player used to be a third brother, who left the band years ago because reasons … so Pete (the singer) invited his BIL to join the band.

    I just kind of get a kick out of that.

  17. I love Chevelle, and am envious of Car in. That said have you ever tried to understand what they are singing? They must have a random incomplete sentence generator that they use for lyrics

  18. Their lyrics are actually pretty poetic. I dig ’em.

  19. I used to get a raff or two from watching the Dave Chavelle show. Haven’t seen him around in a while.

  20. How many dicks did Mueller take up the ass last night? Round to the nearest 100.

  21. Comment by Hotspur on July 25, 2019 8:59 am
    How many dicks did Mueller take up the ass last night? Round to the nearest 100.

    AVN is giving him their coveted Annabelle Chong Award.

  22. I used to get a raff or two from watching the Dave Chavelle show. Haven’t seen him around in a while.



  23. Mare, if you multiply NPO by pi you get NBM, or nothing by mouth.

  24. Mare:
    PCP = primary care physician
    MA = medical assistant?
    NPO = something in Latin that translates to no food or drink. The N is nil, I remember that much, and I’m too lazy to look it up.
    LHF = no clue

  25. I feel human today. No ports to manage. No getting up early and dragging across town to chill for an hour while an IV works. Just normal morning. And the weather’s still nice, too!

    (Watch this, some jackhole’s going to fuck up my weekend.)

  26. LHF = left handed faggot

  27. Thanks for the interpreter help.

    Brother Cavil, simply enjoy this time when you do feel human.

  28. Epstein injured in prison, multiplied by pi = Hillary missed

  29. Yeah, I’m tryin’. It’s actually kind of nice. Gotta not think of this as “down time between crises”.

  30. Pretty sure BB = Breaking Benjamin. They are good – I saw them with Shinedown and Sevendust, and they were the best act.

  31. Carin talks about defunct Chevrolets but posts pictures of bands. I don’t get it, do you?

  32. Carin talks about defunct Chevrolets but posts pictures of bands. I don’t get it, do you?


  33. Epstein is most likely dead man walking. He needs to unload on all the high-profile turds and take them with him. Keeping mum isn’t going to save him.

  34. It’s good to have goals.

  35. I heard Epstein committed suicide next week.

  36. BB was VERY good, but my snobby sons didn’t like it. @@. They like Chevelle, and that was the band I specifically wanted to see (saw BB last summer). BUT they did a much longer set this time, and were on point. Ben’s voice was great.

    Ethan last night really enjoyed BB, but after driving home with my two snobs – it turned into “They were ok.” That was NOT what he said to me during the show.

    BB can be a bit poppy, but I don’t care. I like them.

  37. When they were in high school, there was a big anti-BB thing. Diary of Jane was too big of a hit, you see.


  38. Ben is a nice guy, a geek, supports the military, and not your typical rockstar asshole. He’s gone through some tough times, and isn’t sitting around feeling sorry for himself.

    I like ’em.

  39. Here’s one of my favorite live performances of BB. Pretty sure this is AFTER he was diagnosed with whatever it is he has.

  40. Wait wait wait.

    Trump is not going to In Peashed?

  41. Second tier musicians can’t have a hit because that indicates they’re now relevant to the peasantry and thus no longer relevant. Texas Country musicians have to be careful not to spend too much time in Nashville or they get hammered w this. Wiser prolly has a theory on this.

  42. Local radio talker says he spoke with a Republican Congressman last night. Congressman said they never called on Mueller when they ran the house because he was told Mueller was doddering and wouldn’t look good. Congressman says Dems knew this but called on him to testify anyway.
    I didn’t watch, but heard the Dems were doing a lot of reading of the report and ending their questions with, “Right?”
    Makes sense now

  43. Xtactly Penjejo.

    Mixed up world of music – if you get big you’ve obviously “sold out ” or something.

    Whatever. I don’t care. If I’m a weirdo for listening the BB one second, and Gojira the next – I don’t give a foch..

  44. But for three years, he was a combination of Sgt. Rock and The Punisher, fighting the Cong with one hand and Mafia hoods with the other, and banging out bills of indictment with his prehensile yet girthy manhood.

    Haha, this is the Ace that I love to read.

  45. LHF = Low Hanging Fruit
    BBL = Be Back Later
    SFW = Sherwin Fucking Williams
    NPO = Nil per os
    MA = Medical Assistant
    PCP = Primary Care Provider (“Provider” includes PA’s, NP’s and MD/DO)

    I actually didn’t realize I had used that many acronyms!

  46. I checked with Paula who has the same PCP about the black coffee. She said Dan told her black coffee still counted as NPO. I said fukkit and had my labs drawn this morning since I last ate at 6:00 last night. If I end up getting an urgent call for stat administration of cholesterol meds I’ll know he really meant “No coffee” for real.

  47. I love that Ace too, Alex.

    Morning Joe was on in the break room this morning. Joe was hyping Mueller’s Nam chops. GMAFB.

    I have no sympathy at all for Mueller. He and his team ruined lives.

  48. LHF = Little hate finger
    BBL = Burt Bacharach, ladies
    SFW = Slutty fuck wiser
    NPO = Nothing, per osoloco
    MA = Massachussets asshole
    PCP = PCP

  49. I haven’t given a crap about most bands in a decade or more. My favorites are all either geriatric or disbanded, with one or two exceptions. And most of what I like is from the previous century.

    Not sure if I should be issuing ultimatums to vacate the green space in front of my domicile, or getting my meds adjusted.

  50. Honestly, sometimes I wonder whether my near complete withdrawl from what passes for popular culture is a result of rebelling against it being crap, or just the progress of my brain chemistry’s encrappening. I’m guessing “and” is involved, though.

  51. Modern popular culture is designed to induce and sustain brain damage. An aversion to it is a healthy defense mechanism.

  52. I had the misfortune of listening to music radio on a long morning drive. Half the “celebrity birthday” names could have been bogus and I’d never have known.

  53. You know, I soft of wonder BC.

    I’ve noticed I spend more time listening, reading, and doing things I already like rather than trying new things.

    I think it’s the realization that I only have so much time and I’d rather really enjoy it.

  54. New things. Huh.

    I’ve never really thought much about it, but I think I like a mix. I do like discovering new music. New authors. Even new people.

    I really don’t know how I hang with all you “old people”.

  55. I still try new things, but I’m definitely much more picky about how I’ll spend my time.

  56. I really don’t know how I hang with all you “old people”.

    I really have almost no lust for life left. I’m just counting days until I go to my eternal punishment.

  57. What do you think it will be like? Fire and brimstone?

  58. Hell is just an eternal line at the celestial DMV.

  59. I’ll be left alone forever with the knowledge that I chose to be so.

    Or burning constant pain and irritation.

    Likely both at once.

  60. Subject I don’t care to dwell on, personally.

  61. So … are we preparing an intervention for Leon or what?

  62. I don’t either, Cavil. I’m pretty sure I’m going there though, and that leaves me unenthused for pretty much everything. I put up appearances to keep others from worrying, and my sense of obligation to my family is too strong for me to hasten the inevitable, but that just makes me feel even more isolated.

  63. I’ve discovered a handful of new musical performers in the past few years that I like. In a genre I used to ignore with prejudice.

    Other than John Sandford I haven’t found an author in the last 10 years who really grabs my gears. Brad Thor’s latest is unreadable. Baldaci is meh. The guys writing under Clancy’s banner ain’t got it.

    My wife watches a good bit of tv. She was as watching some shit called euphoria on hbo the other night I hen I got in from work. It was as such a piece of Shit i wanted to shoot the tv. She says it’s her guilty pleasure…….wtf?

  64. What the actual fuck?

    If you leave me alone to run Cargo Shorts and Handsome Man Weed Farm all by myself I’ll be livid.

    I’ve been testing out different strains for 20 years in preparation for this venture. Think of the R&D write off alone. Jeez.

  65. See? My obligations run too deep. I can’t check out early.

  66. You should see the weed farm I’ve got going right now. We left it fallow and the foxtail is up to my chest in places.

  67. So … are we preparing an intervention for Leon or what?
    You know, I have the muddler.

  68. Don’t accidentally shove it up your ass.

  69. Heaven forbid. Wouldn’t be able to fit the bullwhips in if you did.

  70. How does one accidentally shove something up their wiser?

  71. Falling while hanging curtains.

  72. I used my very first legit senior discount today. Saved 60 cents. I had my ID ready, waitress never asked.

  73. Falling while while hanging the roast beef curtains

  74. Okay car in and leon, what’s a good way to perk up my behind in 10 weeks time?

    MARE, I ordered the same dress you wore to the wedding, but in black/nude. I love the neckline…not loving the chunks shoved into it but it may be a keeper, at least for my goddaughter’s wedding.

  75. How does one accidentally shove something up their wiser?

    By getting too close to my foot.

  76. Hmm, too bad the dress doesn’t come in black/black.

  77. Butt toning….stairs and hills? Don’t think I want to go to a gym. Not for 10 weeks.

  78. MiL now has two black eyes. Looks like she is wearing a superhero mask. Hopefully the leakage downwards is going to slow up here soon as the bump is smaller and her forehead is beginning to turn green/yellow.

  79. Squats? I don’t know. I don’t exercise. Lunges? Monty Python Silly Walks?

  80. Silly walks it is!! Lunges not so good for the knees.
    Hmm, I vaguely remember having an exercise chart for buttage.

  81. https://tinyurl.com/orjhdv7

  82. Squats and deadlifts, plus weighted hip thrusts. If your knees are hurting that’s a sign that your form is off.

    If you don’t want to go to the gym, get some dumbbells and do dumbbell thrusters, romanian deadlifts, and you can do weighted hip thrusts with something heavy like a sand bag/medicine ball.

  83. I’m not a fan of lunges either, not an especially natural movement. Alex’s advice is pretty solid.

  84. Also, one way to help your butt is to work on your core, so you don’t naturally slouch. When you slouch, your pelvis rolls forward.

  85. https://tinyurl.com/y6jcxmhd

  86. Pupster, my husband suggests the same. I have to remind him it’s supposed to be a 30 minute workout, not a 30 second workout.

  87. Well, as my good friend DaveinTexas says “How can it be premature when I’ve been thinking about it all day?”

  88. I can do two of those three you suggest, CoAlex. Not doing the deadlift. I’m a mid-fifties potato. I don’t want to break anything.

  89. >>>>as my good friend DaveinTexas says


  90. I have about a third of the tile job in. OMG, looks so nice! I decided to do a 90-degree herringbone pattern instead of 45-degree because I don’t want to spend twice as long on this job doing all the cutting. So it’s not as cool looking as it could be, but it’s going in faster and it still looks so much better than what I had.

  91. Also, I’ve never really worked on fixing my diastasis recti. Not all of it. Nine pounders tend to do that to a person.

  92. lauraw, show us a picture when you’re done. I’ve yet to do the backsplash at the rental.

  93. I walked outside today. Reinforced my hatred of hiking. I will never understand people that enjoy walking. Outside. Sunscreen doesn’t protect me from my extreme heat/cold allergy. Swelling is going down

  94. We need to get you one of those balls you can put hamsters in but in elfin size so you can go outside, Bubble Girl.

  95. I can do two of those three you suggest, CoAlex. Not doing the deadlift. I’m a mid-fifties potato. I don’t want to break anything.

    Romanian deadlifts with dumbbells or a sandbag won’t break anything. It’s a good workout for your glutes and hamstrings. Thrusters work your glutes and quads, and the hip thrusts work your glutes even more.

  96. We need to get you one of those balls you can put hamsters in but in elfin size so you can go outside, Bubble Girl.

    Then, when she’s not looking, we put a hopper in there with her.

  97. OMG There were Hoppers in the parking lot!!! Hummingbirds in the Intel walkway. I was seriously tweaking before my heat allergy kicked in and I started to swell up…

  98. Swoloso

  99. Serial swoll.

  100. This gif has no sound, but swear I can hear the dude at the end snap his glasses together and say “Oh, so fuck me then.”


  101. I hope you feel better soon, Oso. I have a comment on your blog that has been waiting for almost seven years to get approved. Thought it might be a good time.

  102. I have a blog?

  103. https://osoloco11.wordpress.com/

  104. If you make me an admin there I fill it up with green chilli pron.

  105. I have no idea how to do that.

  106. Heh.

  107. Now I have an unapproved comment too. I see a trend here.

    You know what to do, people.

  108. laura, I use non stick spray first

  109. *sprays Oso’s blog with Pam™*

  110. Can I do Romanian deadlifts with cans of green beans?

  111. “this dudes really strong”

    Not really. Looks like the street is on a slight hill and he put in just enough ‘enh’ to get gravity to do most of the work.

  112. Beasn, 10 weeks isn’t enough time to reverse the ass effects of being over 50. Just only eat between the hours of 11AM and 7PM and love your life.

    And use duct tape under your clothes to pop that booty up where you want it. Make sure its symmetrical.

  113. The gif is reversed, benashfheas.

  114. Put a potato in your pants, and they won’t notice your ass.

  115. Donnie’s expertise? Registering patents.

  116. MARE, I ordered the same dress you wore to the wedding, but in black/nude. I love the neckline…not loving the chunks shoved into it but it may be a keeper, at least for my goddaughter’s wedding.



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