Some tweets to celebrate the institution of marriage.


  1. I think those IB’ers stole the right side of our blog page

  2. Updated to downsize most of it. Weird how they got cut off. Most of the images I import are about the right size “as is” and only rarely do I need to resize them. Still not to the OCD level I prefer but after 2 attempts I’m letting you all either edit again or get twitchy knowing you’re looking at a portion on an image.

  3. From a WSJ newsletter

    “July 23, 1967
    Detroit Race Riots Begin

    Five days of riots in Detroit began after an early morning raid of an illegal after-hours drinking club by white police officers in a predominantly African-American neighborhood. By the time the riots concluded, hundreds of buildings across the city had been damaged or destroyed leaving thousands of people homeless, 7,000 people had been arrested and 43 people were killed, including 33 African Americans.”

    The more things change …

  4. Me: Jay knocked it out of the park with this one!

    Also Me: Now go get that ball back.

  5. Agreed. There’s some gold in this post. The tube of toothpaste schism is real in sebaka’s master bathroom.

    Got my nine-line trucker’s cap. I love it. They sell a good product.

    Don’t know who listened to Rush yesterday but he mentioned EIB had donated $2.5 million from the sale of the shirts. Good for him.

    He said he couldn’t get to his last caller, but will try and have him on (maybe today). It’s some guy who worked at NASA. He’s supposed to talk about the engine they uses to get the Eagle Lander back to the Command Module.

    Don’t know who can stream it, but Smithsonian has a great series (watched most of i this last weekend) called Apollo: Moonshot.

  6. “Standing in front of the kitchen drawer…..”

    Nailed it. I’m in the kitchen for 5 minutes fixing lunch, and that is the exact time Penelope has to come and stand in front of the counter/drawer/cabinet/refrigerator. Drives me crazy.

  7. what happened to the page?

  8. one of my instructors in college worked on the probes that came out of the lunar lander feet. Interesting stories! And my wife’s uncle was one of the doctors at NASA.

  9. wake wake.

  10. car in’s droppin her y’s today

  11. Ain’t nobody got time for y’s!

    She’s got a full day. Newfies to play with, chirrun to strangle, miles to run, burpees to put off.

  12. leon’s new company?

    Also, that seems unwise.

  13. Rest day today exercise-wise. But cleaning, grocery and “return stuff to a store I don’t want to drive to” day.

    Scrambled eggs with butter, piece of smoked salmon for breakfast. No snacks today. Homemade chicken wings for dinner.

  14. 2.5 million from his shirt sales??? No wonder he didn’t want them ripped off. And all to charity. Good on Rush.

  15. Also, that seems unwise.



  16. Jay, all the content below the Mawwiage video was super sized and the right 20-25% was cut off from view.

  17. I REALLY enjoy Ace’s riffs on the cuck weasels. The sidebar stuff is great too. I love this line:

    “Instead of posting these “I live such a full and satisfying life that I am compelled daily to seek companionship and human connection on Twitter” posts every day, why don’t you just try having sex with your wife once and while?”

  18. It’s the stupid browser I’m using. My firefox shit the bed last week, and I’m back to safari. It apparently knows better . I don’t know how long it’s going to take to make it my bitch and let me write wakey wakey w/o having to type it effen twice.

  19. Erin is jamming “Crazy on you” by heart right now.

    Sniff sniff.

    I didn’t fuck up with her.

  20. If I heard Rush correctly, it was 2.5 donated. I’m sure there is overhead to pay to the crack team of knock-off killers that are targeting the now 230+ ripoffs out there. Still, that’s a lot of shirts.

  21. Stella woke me up in the middle of the night – I assumed to go potty.
    Go outside, and I can hear a coyote pup barking literally in the woods next to my house.
    Dragged her DIRECTLY back in.
    Guess she can pee in the house!

  22. Work was busy last night because a lot of people still don’t have power up here.

  23. Heart is playing in Bangor tonight at the Waterfront

  24. Hoo boy. Legislation got prefiled here in the Heart of Deepshit to replace the current state tax structure with a consumption tax.

    Prediction: Clusterfuck, followed by a goatrope, wrapped in a massive dumpster fire.

  25. There may be hope for the country.

    in my late 20s, I began to notice that some of my classmates were turning toward the Catholic faith. It surprised me: My high school was ostentatiously secular. We had a steel statue on the front lawn depicting the triumph of mathematical logic. Our senior class president wore a giant calculator costume to football games. When my government class held a mock debate over abortion, only two students out of 18 volunteered to argue the “pro-life” case.

    And near the end of the 2000s, a half-dozen old friends I’d remembered as logical skeptics and trend-forward internet connoisseurs had become deeply religious. Some of them had been raised loosely Catholic, some had not. They blogged. They wrote Facebook posts about their conversions and shared memes about contraception-free family planning. They seemed to want to celebrate their lives.

  26. The FAA regulating drone operation is the only interesting part of that article, Jay. The rest seems like a handy way to do flame-weeding on trees and wasp’s nests.

  27. More excerpts.

    These young women have one last surprise: They tend to be far more doctrinally conservative than their predecessors. If you go deeper into their social media feeds, past the wacky photos of habited nuns making the hang-loose sign, you’ll find a firm devotion to the most traditional of Catholic beliefs. They fervently protest abortion. They celebrate virginity not as a necessity to free up time to serve God—how some “liberal” sisters see it—but as something in itself holy.

    And 60 percent of those women, Tuohy said, explicitly asked if they could join an order that would force them to wear a habit. (Currently, only about 20 percent of sisters in America wear one.) Amid all their freedoms, Tuohy deduced, these young women wanted to be led. Even constrained.

  28. One more…

    It was partly a bitter joke, but partly a sincere thought. “There is nothing consistent in the secular world,” Rachael reflected. Catholicism, by contrast, taught that “truth is a fact.” Your obligations to other people and God couldn’t be trumped by your “personal truth.”

  29. hmm, wonder why the pictures grew. They were fine when I previewed and created. They were hotlinks, so I’m sure it’s due to that.

  30. Cats are so effen stupid.

  31. Truth isn’t personal. The author is grappling with the idea that relativism is an unworkable falsehood.

  32. I’m house/babysitting a small parrot. I opened the cage to change out one of the water dishes. Little jerk bit me. If I hold on to one side of the cage for leverage while trying to open the little windows holding said dishes, he’ll go after that hand.

  33. Vole ate the remaining violet. It was so big and lush yesterday morning. But these violets seem a hardy plant as new growth unfurls from the center rather quickly. I cut about a four inch section of milk jug and pushed it around the outside of the violet to prevent anymore vole munching.
    Now to figure out how to do that for the entire garden. The snakes, cats, and raptors have been slacking.

  34. Everyone in the beasn household has gotten their own tube of toothpaste for years.

  35. My poor MIL, the bumps are slowly going down but as they do, they’re replaced with bruising. The area around her left eye is solid purple. Her hand is also bruising up and it’s hard for her to use it.
    Any pain she felt in the bumps is gone. She was up early doing laundry but is going to pass on going shopping. Today is a beautiful day so hopefully she’ll go sit out on her patio.

  36. Great timing, Jay, today is Mr. RFH’s and my 31st wedding anniversary.

  37. happy anniversary!

  38. Happy Anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Hydrant! Go have some fun!


  40. Congrats to Roamy and Mr. Hydrant!

  41. Ooooh, looks like Ace has a post up about ball waxing. see y’all later. I bet there are some gold quality comments.

  42. Well done, Roamy!

    To paraphrase:

    “You did not choose poorly.”

  43. SEXY TIME!!

    Wait, that reminds me, where the hell has Oso been?

  44. in the family bed, mare.

  45. Rush raised 2.5M and it’s going to pay off the mortgages for the immediate families of first responders. That’s pretty cool.

    My dad doesn’t like Rush. I wonder what he’d think if he knew about the above and Rush’s fundraising for Leukemia/Lymphoma Society and the Marine Corps/Law Enforcement Foundation.

  46. Only mention that because my dad is a retired cop whose love for Obummer staled at Ferguson.

  47. I’ll wax the dude’s nutsack. It’s be hanging from my rear view mirror by dinner tonight.
    Posted by: rickb223 at July 23, 2019 12:59 PM (Ak/GS)

  48. Hmmm. I think they should have paid off mortgages or refits for veterans who have lost limbs in battle.

    Little disappointed.

  49. Happy Anniversary to roamy & Mr.!

  50. You know when you have a family member who is making a serious mistake, and you try to talk them out of it? And they go and do it anyway?

    Mini-me’s cousin is the same age and will be starting college next month in engineering. We talked to him last year when the decision was still up in the air, and he spoke about going to a really, really expensive private school. Mr. RFH and I know a little bit about choosing engineering schools, and we said that kind of money was unreasonable to ask from his parents or take on as a loan, that he could get just as good (if not better) degree from in-state public college, even some of the out-of-state public colleges (Virginia Tech, NC State, Florida State, Clemson, Auburn, etc.) and still come out cheaper.

    Apparently money is no object. ((shudder))

  51. Lol, Scott

  52. Thank you, everyone.

  53. Happy Anniversary, Roamie! :)

  54. Yeah, I get that, roamy. I cringed when I found out elder nephew was going to Cornell. Younger is in Virginia State. Praying to God their mother is riding heard to make sure no nonsense is taking route. (Honestly, my brother/their father I’m less sure of the politics on.)

  55. Pretty much.

  56. This is on the same level as Cornell. It’s nuts. He won some scholarships but only about 10% of the tuition.

  57. He won some scholarships but only about 10% of the tuition.


    10% That’s not winning. That’s a bait and switch.

  58. One of the 4 or 5 colleges I applied to was BU. They offered me a, seriously, not joking here, $500 scholarship if I played football as a walk on. I hadn’t planned on playing college football, I had the common sense to know I was now a relative minnow at the college level. Talk about bait and switch, the tuition back then was around 20+k/year and living expenses. Pass

  59. Finally got a PCP. One of the residents when I first got to Bangor has been in practice for close to 20 years and he’s good. I’m sure my prostate is going to be palpated in a scholarly manner today. Pray for Oso.

  60. All you people who like audiobooks probably know about this site but in case you don’t

  61. Happy Anniversary, Roamy and Mr Roamy!

  62. Hey, thanks, Jimbro. Did not know about that site although we do have audible.

  63. OSO!! How are things, little bear?

  64. FIL told me today:

    Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones are the same person

    The Dec of Independence (1776) was based on the Dec of the Rights of Man (1789)

    Hate Speech is a real designation and people have been prosecuted for it in the US

    America was founded as a socialist nation

    USSR wasn’t real communism

    Marx was just talking about the natural evolution of man, not advocating revolution

    Europeans have all the right that Americans do, and more


  65. Does your FIL go to CO and WA a lot?

  66. dec of the rights of man? WTF is that?

  67. oh, the french revolution. Which happened after the Revolution. Nice

  68. Mare, almost finished with Club remodel. Went up to BFE NM, to be with family. Swamp Cooler has hit the humidity point where it doesn’t work. Our portable AC has crapped out after 15 years. I’m sweating off #Lbs Watching TV. How exciting for you and Beasn. 🎉🎊🍾🥂

  69. FIL has been hitting the shrooms.

  70. Good news: No prostate massage

    Other news: He’ll be looking at my colon at a date TBD

  71. MJ do you ever look him in the eye and suggest he get his head out of his ass?

  72. Does FIL believe we landed on the moon?

  73. Oso, post some before and afters!!

    MJ’s FIL sounds insane like all lefties do…BECAUSE THEY ARE!

  74. Roamy, how did Mini-Me’s party go??

  75. Mr. B. is going to take his mom to the E.R. to have her checked out. She’s been moving around okay. Pupils fine. Speech fine. Energy level normal. Pain is the usual aches. But the bruising (bleeding?) is spreading down her face and has now started by her other eye. She is on a blood thinner. <–I don't know why I didn't remember that.

  76. Head CT seems likely given the blood thinner. Hopefully fine and she goes home with a warning to turn the light on next time

  77. Husband says the E.R. is super busy but they only had to wait 15 minutes because 90 and her face looks pretty bad. The guy with chest pains jumped over everyone.
    Nurse says gravity is still working on that bump. Waiting for the doctor to come in now.
    On the one hand we wanted to avoid wasting a trip, on the other hand, if she went downhill even if it was something else that causes it, husband would be forever beating himself up.

  78. Chest pains FTW.

  79. Sorry, Mare. I suck at non GCCB photos. New restaurant is known for the Betty. I can’t see paying $13 for a burger. We will be experimenting with our version of a Betty. Green chile, PB, Jelly, and a burger.

  80. Chest pains?

    Don’t be an idiot.

  81. Just found out non-autistic kid of co-worker is going to NM Tech.

  82. Just checked in on fish and bird. Women taking care of the cat had the cat out. I better go take a shower. Eesh.

  83. Waves at STL Noah.

  84. Super sexy buy in to the life of OSO: Swamp is defeated. Relying on fans. Multiple fans. Swamp is 80 degree effective. MA has decided to glom on Oso. See also Dan. Neighbors smoke in garage after work. 2AM. Don’t follow local law. We are torn between using HOA and waiting for NM Justice. Pretty sure we out number them with guns. Stupid graduated response laws

  85. MJ’s fil is … just … I don’t know. Him and my mother would probably get along famously.

    Or they’d HATE each other. Because reasons.

  86. Picklepalooza has begun.

  87. Pickle one of everything!

  88. Just cucumbers.

  89. Make all the dirty pickle jokes!

  90. One of the reasons I decided to do second date w Ms. Pendejo back in 79 is because I heard her older sister and mother cursing the Kennedys when I picked her up for the first date. That, and she had decent tits.

  91. One more frakking day of the infusions and I go back to normal wake-up times and not having this tube in my arm. If this doesn’t make the infection go away I’m charging it rent.

  92. Once that tube is out, schedule your surgery, Bro Cavil!

  93. MIL CT scan and x-ray are all good. The bruising will continue to spread as that bump works itself out. Could take three weeks before she starts looking pretty again.

  94. Oh, and that fatass Erica whatsherface in GA? What a cunt. Turns out the guy who called her a lazy bitch is also a big demrat. And a white hispanic.

  95. I’m 59. And I’m pretty sure I could one punch Cory Booker. Shit talking east coast lock jawed pussy. Also, I’ve had a few beers.

  96. Yeah, but his boyfriend’s gonna kick your ass

  97. Happy Anniversary, Roamie!

  98. Dreamily, Edgar recalled Polynesia.

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