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  1. *snaps finger* girl, good post.

  2. https://tinyurl.com/y6odds8t

  3. I see this meme day is Savior Heavy.

  4. 100 degrees today and tomorrow.

    Work is going to suck.

  5. Lest we forget


    The bridge to Chappaquiddick is actually quite short but back then the island was less developed and they didn’t anticipate drunk Kennedy’s cruising in Delmont sedans late at night. The modern version has some higher rails on it.


  6. We’re going to be close to 100 but tomorrow it drops down to the 80’s.

  7. On this day 50 years ago, parking at NASA was so bad that these three guys…

  8. wake wake

  9. How are things in Newfieland?

  10. Just me and the dogs today. Moose is the “old man” and can’t play all day like the puppies do. Stella is hilarious though. Graham (visiting newfie – year old VERY big) is just a goof and Stella RULES him. She doesn’t take no shit from him, and it’s just the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

    Stella’s still small, but she’s pretty alpha. As alpha as a newfie gets, of course.

  11. My floors are a mess, though. Two newbies are hard enough. Three newbies? I’m just done.

  12. Obviously we’re going to need pictures.

  13. Stella’s coat though has gotten kind of dull. I don’t know if it’s just age – she’s lost that puppy fat look and pretty lean right now.

    I’m going to see what I can find to add some supplement to help her coat.

  14. Ok. I’ll try.

  15. I don’t know why you want pictures of my floors though.


  16. I tell you though, these dogs are SLEEPING like the dead at night.

    But when I got home from work last night, graham was all over me, and the other two were not happy with that.

  17. Heavy rain last night. Hay and grass cutting on hold until it’s a little dryer. Gotta find my paint and brush soon so I can at least get the painting done.

  18. I laughed too hard at the Premium Snap meme…

  19. Long story time (let the cut and paste begin):

    On Wednesday Paula told her boss she couldn’t work her Friday shift because she had to attend the older boy’s neuropsych eval. That was a whole other cluster to get scheduled since he had our insurance which is obviously inferior to being on the state. Fast forward to him moving out, he’s on the state plan now given his minimal income. So with that settled she went to Crossfit and managed to get a huge blood blister on her hand from some bar activity or another. She went to work the following day and within hours discovered her arm was swollen, painful and had a lymphangitic streak going up the entire forearm. The PA she was working with wrote for antibiotics (which she’s taking and they’re working). While at work the same day the neuropsych office called and cancelled the Friday appt she had told her boss she needed to miss work for on very short notice. When she got home that night and was getting ready for bed she discovered she had brought home a medication that she had shoved in her pocket while working. This meant a half hour trip down and back to the hospital to “waste” the medication with another nurse as a witness. Work had a 10-10 shift the next day but she couldn’t take it because I had to go to court and Ben needed rides to/fro work. My testimony was cancelled at the last minute. What a week.

  20. That’s a bunch excitement of suck.

  21. Here’s a sucky story – one of my crossfire buddies planned a hiking trip out west for a long weekend. Made plane reservations last November or something.

    They get to the airport – flight had been cancelled. Didn’t tell her and her friend. No flight out west. They couldn’t find ANYTHING to take them.

  22. My work week was sucky too. We have a mix of patients that is very difficult for staffing and to just deal with personally.

  23. We lost power last night at 8. Still out.

    I shot a woodchuck in my pajamas this morning.

  24. How did he get in your pajamas?

  25. I’ll never know.

  26. The peeled chicken nuggets? That is something I would have done as a kid.

    And the lollipop one – LOL…FU

  27. the “Senate Immersion Module.”

    I kid you not. Teddy never quite grasped the magnitude of his crime. Perhaps as a Kennedy he wasn’t capable of it. If he had been, he’d never have named his last dog Splash.”

    What that tells me is that ol’ Teddy just didn’t care. He may have grasped it a tiny bit had the Massholes not kept voting for him.

  28. Swimmer has had ten years of sobriety.

  29. HAHAHA, laura brings the funneh.

    Hotsytrot, maybe should put a snaptrap down his jammies.

  30. lauraw, is there a trick to growing bell peppers?

  31. Calcium and heat.

    Well, maybe not. It depends on what your problem is.

    My problems are usually lack of enough calcium, and heat.

    And they apparently hate leaf compost if it’s not COMPLETELY broken down. If there are leafy shreds in it they sit there doing nothing and looking bitchy.

    And don’t use Miracle gro dirt.

    OK, so that’s four things, calcium, heat, leaves, miracle gro…

    But really, they aren’t difficult as long as you get a variety that matures in your growing season.

    OK, five things…

  32. I’m growing just frying peppers this year. Three varieties. One has already made green peppers that are turning red. One has yellow peppers and is groaning down to the ground under the load of fruit. One is completely barren.

    This is why I keep a gardening journal. Who knows? Maybe the empty one will pull it off at the end of the season.

    But keep track of your varieties and the conditions they grew in. Your backyard will be slightly different from everybody else’s, and different from your front yard, too.

  33. Also trialing three different pickling cukes. One of them is an obvious superior to the other two.

  34. What are your peppers doing, Beasn?

  35. Probably meth.

  36. I’m growing the bell pepper in a pot. The first pepper that grew took awhile to get big enough because of the cool, wet, spring. But it turned out pretty good once picked. Now I’ve got four baby ones with more blossoms, popping.
    The biggest pepper has a blackish spot on the middle of it. I thought maybe blossom rot but it’s not where blossom rot usually is supposed to happen.
    We’ve got plenty of heat and I did mix in a bunch of crushed egg shells….but I used top soil and that veggie potting soil until I saw you guys discussing what shit Miracle Gro dirt is. Then I dug out as much of it as I could around the plant without hurting it, and replaced it with garden dirt. I’m tempted to ease the whole thing out and replace the dirt on the bottom with more garden dirt.

  37. Do peppers bruise? Husband did knock the whole thing over when he was mowing.

    I have some banana peppers in the garden. They’re doing much better this year as I made sure to mix in the crushed egg shells before planting. Last year they had tons of brown spots.

  38. Ethyl be tryin to get her some of that viagra caulk.

  39. No hay cutting today, rain in forecast. Found paint and brush, need dropcloth to protect the pavers.

  40. Court of Honor party for Mini-me on Thursday was kick-ass. Everything went very well, except 8 of the 49 people who RSVP’d didn’t show. 4 actually did let me know they weren’t going to be able to make it, but the other 4 just didn’t show. Wtf. Anyway, I have tons of leftovers, so I won’t have to cook this weekend. Dad and stepmom just left. Dad filibustered all day yesterday, and my ears are tired. I shouldn’t complain, I still have a dad around to talk to me, but I was exhausted. Still am.

    Mr. RFH and I are sitting in comfortable silence. Sometimes on Saturdays, I will have the TV on Food Network for background noise (and for making fun of what The Kitchen folks are doing), but not today. Mini-me is at an AHG leadership session, and Rocketboy is competing in the historical martial arts (swordfighting) tournament today. Rocketboy also turned 23 yesterday.

    It has been a very busy week.

  41. Good job roamy! You’ve had a very good week! And leftovers on top of it. Win win.

  42. Bahaha, moar Jeff Allen.

    “Understanding Your Love Language”

    If your wife ever says she’s fat, you become Mannequin Man…


  43. “I haven’t moved with purpose since I won the race at conception”

  44. I almost bought two more pounds of pulled pork because I was worried about not having enough food, especially with bottomless pit boys hanging around, and I’m glad Mini-me talked me out of it.

  45. Good luck to rocketboy. Remember, when in doubt bind and go for the grapple.

  46. Mmmm, pulled pork. Whenever we go to Sugarfire, husband gets me a pound of their pulled pork. I divide it up for lunches for the next several weeks.
    Mr. B’s friend makes some awesome pulled pork, too. Going to ask him if he’ll make me some for my birfday, this year.

  47. Hey Jay, did your shirt arrive yet? I still haven’t gotten notice if mine has shipped and I think I ordered it on the same day as you.

  48. Taking a rest between kitchen project and going out to buy more stuff for kitchen project. If I’m being honest, I’m pretty goddamned tired. Been kicking ass at work and at home for quite a while and I need some down time.

    Beer me.

  49. **sends one of Mr. RFH’s homebrews to Laura**

  50. Pat’s at work. Erin’s at work. Ian’s up but waiting to hang with his friends. Out of extreme boredom I tried to do some gardening, but it’s really too freakin hot. I’m going to do one more thing outside … and then I’m just chalking today up as a loss.

    Maybe run to the store. Peppers need food.

  51. Roamy — BEER ME

  52. *catches beer*

    Still cold!! Thanks sweetie pie!

  53. Regarding Carin’s friends with the cancelled flight … I always wonder if trip insurance would cover something like that. I rarely travel via plane and forget trip insurance every time. Any of you frequent fliers ever get it?

  54. Gratz to mini-Roamy!

    /puts on helmet for flying beers

  55. New Englanders report. If you had five days to vacation in New England what must you see? What’s over-rated? Wife is making noise about going somewhere this fall that we’ve never been. Also, if we go I’m not eating clam chowder and that’s my final answer.

  56. ME: Portland Old Port, Freeport for LL Bean, Rockport/Rockland for art museums, lighthouses and shopping stuff.

    NH: White Mountains and Kancamangus Highway

    VT: Weed and hippies selling organic produce

    MA: Boston Freedom Trail

    RI: Italian food and titty bars in Providence

    CT: Tollbooths

  57. **sends a margarita to Carin**

    You know you want one.

  58. If you fly into Logan in Boston you could spend a couple of days in town and shoot up to Maine for a couple of days.

  59. Jimbro, I bought trip insurance for the England and Israel trips, but I was more concerned with terrorism or a death in the family (Mr. RFH’s sister passed in between the two trips) than airline shenanigans.

  60. If you fly into Logan in Boston you could spend a couple of days in town and shoot up to Maine for a couple of days.

    Agreed. Freedom Trail in Boston then lighthouses and lobstah.

  61. Or if you’re going off season do Boston then Cape Cod all the way to P-Town which is actually quite nice despite it being a so called gay mecca. Wellfleet is my favorite place on the Cape

  62. Shoot up Maine for a couple of days?

    That’s how I read it anyway.

  63. Don’t go to the Cape in the summer unless you like traffic. My parents built a house in Osterville and sold it within 10 years because they hated dealing with getting off and on the Cape to visit friends and doctor appointments. It was nice if you stuck around town but any other trips sucked. It was nice when they had it. My nephews got to enjoy many days at the local beach

  64. We might go up to visit some friends in Orleans, Mass. this Fall. We went to Boston once. Last plane to land when they were hunting the marathon bombers. Out hotel was downtown, and you could see the forensic guys in white suits picking up debris. Area was deserted, so we got to see all the historic stuff with no crowds.

  65. Always love Meme Saturdays! I must be losing it, though, because I didn’t “get” the one with the 3 crosses. What am I missing?

  66. Ogunquit, Maine is gorgeous. And Kittery has a terrific shopping outlet mecca. And while you’re there, you can head up the coast and kick Jimbro in the punani.

  67. kitties

  68. I mean, tittes. AUTOCORRECT, I MEANT TITTIES. Stop changing it.

  69. I just ordered the dress mare loved/suggested from Nordstroms. When I went to put in an order the other day, they were out of the size I wanted — it said it ran big so order a size down — so I ordered ‘the size’ and figured if I really loved it, I could find someone to take it in.

    Checked today, and they had the smaller size. WoOT! Imma keep my fingers crossed that one of them will fit and look fabulous on.

  70. Credit card is smoking.

  71. Thanks!

  72. I have three running skirts in my cart, and I don’t even need ’em for important event. Don’t feel bad.

  73. SKORTS

  74. I would put the White Mountains in the must see category.

    Lots to do and see up there, and it is pretty much the exact opposite of Texas.

  75. I had a flurry of work this week, I do bids for construction jobs when the boss says to…and 3 big ones hit at about the same time. I try to be precise and correct with my work but there just isn’t always time and it stresses me out to put these bids out when I don’t have the time to cross every i and dot every t . Ended up working today and will also most of tomorrow on a monster project due Tuesday.

  76. Secretly sends this to Carin’s Crossfit coach


  77. Hey Roamie

    https://tinyurl.com/hunky-hump-day-south-of-the border

  78. https://tinyurl.com/yxqecuta

  79. Chick-fil-A has the best chocolate chip cookies.

  80. Just found out that CFA in NM has green chile on the menu.

  81. 97 with 15% humidity. Brutal here. Work provides hats, sunscreen, and Gatorade. Cart associate was in danger of heat exhaustion today. She was dehydrated. She’s a Native. Natives believe that melanin is sun screen. I work with Filipina and Egyptian that also believe in melanin.

  82. 90’s with 63% humidity.

  83. 97 with 15% humidity. Brutal here. Work provides hats, sunscreen, and Gatorade. Cart associate was in danger of heat exhaustion today. She was dehydrated. She’s a Native. Natives believe that melanin is sun screen. I work with Filipina and Egyptian that also believe in melanin.

    I believe in Melania.

  84. 91F and 105% humidity. Torrential rain.

  85. CoAlEx, she hasn’t had a single magazine cover. Donkey Chompers has graced at least 4. I feel sorry for Xochitl and Deb. Progressive bitches that can’t catch a Meme.

  86. We’re parish hunting again. Wish us luck.

  87. Thanks for feedback New Englanders. I’d kinda like to see some of the historic 1776 shit in and around Boston, but other than that it’s prolly all about the foliage and shit.

  88. Is there still a “Life” magazine? I mean, I hear what your saying about being on the cover, and I felt that…but then I thought WTF magazine would you trust to do it up right and nice, like the old school glossies used to do for the first lady?

  89. https://tinyurl.com/L-to-R-Pendejo-Wiserbud-Scott Jimbro, Jam2, Lauraw

  90. They have “Special” Re-issues that are WTF pricey.

  91. I can barely do double unders (But I finally can with consistency). I don’t know how those kids to that with jump ropes.

  92. All my fun things are getting closer …

    but right now I’m sitting in a house, alone, with three dogs.

    There is NADA at the movie theater, the tv sucks, and my dvd player is on the fritz. Pat still not home from work.

    I made some killer walking tacos tonight.

  93. Oh, and it’s raining.

  94. Driving in Boston is an experience you won’t soon forget.

  95. If you go to Mt Washington you will probably drive through North Conway.

    There is a breakfast place there called Peaches.

    Really good.

  96. If you want foliage then it’s Western MA, NH or VT. From Boston it’s easiest to drive up to NH. VT is a pain in the ass to get to from Boston. A lot of the ski resorts run their chairlifts to the summit and you can get great views. Western MA is great in the Berkshire region as an alternative but they have hills not mountains. No clam chowder in the woods, just pancakes with maple syrup and bacon.

  97. Hey Jimbro


  98. https://tinyurl.com/Hey-Oso

  99. That’s … different

  100. Sometimes I think the 1950’s was the height of American culture, then I remember all the fucked up casseroles they ate.

  101. https://tinyurl.com/speaking-of-the-height-of American culture

  102. That stupid man got beaned on the jimmie

  103. From the mothership

    608 All you people who hate the United States and its people. Why do you live here? Just leave. We’ll take up contributions to buy you a ticket anywhere else in the world – as long as you promise not to come back.

    Think how much happier you would be someplace else where you aren’t surrounded by smelly Walmart shoppers and Deplorables. We aren’t going to change no matter what you do. Why not go someplace where other people think the same way you do and you can Virtue Signal how wonderful you are all day long?

    Besides since we’re a bunch of Nazis, you know it is only time until we load you on trains and send you to the showers. Leave like your life depends on it.

    Posted by: An Observation at July 18, 2019 02:43 PM (CJ5ek)

    That last part, especially. Go tell all the libs the next Reichstag fire is right around the corner, and they need to get out now.

  104. High speed rail!

  105. The best part about mass transit is the fragility.

  106. It’s hard to imagine rail fragility, when I just saw a locomotive that weighs 1,250,000 lbs. I know what you mean, but still. And it’s from the 40’s.

  107. love that comment, roamy. It’s like the soundtrack playing in my head.

  108. Watching First Man. They didn’t get my money at the theater.

    Thinking about my uncle the test pilot. He knew Armstrong.

  109. Also roamy, what has Mr RFH been brewing? I haven’t done a batch in a while, whittling down the stock, and I drink less than I used to.

  110. Libs know darn well that they are the ones wanting to run those trains.

  111. Crashing a train requires nothing more than a minor track defect.

  112. Heck, you can halt an entire rail line for hours by blocking the track with a stolen car. The potential for terrorism is huge.

  113. Every once in a while a Dem sees the light. Including Jones, roamy!


  114. Sinema has been a pleasant surprise. I suspect that she’s probably positioning herself to pick up the pieces when the hard left gets creamed in 2020.

  115. more conservative than McCain or Flake. Pretty accurate!

  116. Still a safe dem vote on most issues, though. Gotta remember that.

  117. Wow, First Man is really preachy. Armstrong’s wife is quite a feminist, and race was a really big issue with America going to space!

    Glad I didn’t spend money on this.

  118. Latest was an amber ale like Fat Tire. Very drinkable.

    I keep leaning on him to brew lager now that we have a second fridge, but now I have party leftovers in it.

  119. Jones is still toast here. He has been described as the third senator from NY. No on Kavanaugh, yes on abortion at any time. He should be looking for a K Street job after 2020.

  120. I want to brew lager too. It’s more what I’m used to drinking. Getting another freezer soon, so maybe I’ll adapt the old chest freezer to a fermentation chamber/cold crash rig.

  121. the fat tire is one of my favorites to brew. I’ve done a few variations of it, all are tasty.

  122. I just hope we don’t nominate Roy Moore again.

  123. I saw he raised his head again.

  124. I have no interest in beer, but mead or fruit wine might be interesting to try.

  125. I’ve done apple cider, cranberry, and orange (very good!). Love it, and it’s easier than beer. Mead is honey.

  126. oh, forgot! beasn, yes, got our shirts. They also included a koozie! Nice material, and nice thick screen printing.

  127. Dawn eats rations pessimistically.

  128. https://tinyurl.com/y4qtgdxy

  129. I love the crack of Dawn.

  130. Camp got invaded by no-see-ums last night. Every window except one was closed to run the AC. The one window that was left open was in the bathroom. Paula was going back and forth to cycle laundry and left it on with the door closed. Around 10 I went in to brush my tooth and noticed a few flies near the sink. I mentioned it to Paula and she looked up at the ceiling … it was covered with bugs. Then I looked at the window. Holy shitballs, it was teeming with hundreds of them. The house smells like the all natural bug killer she fumigated the bathroom with.

  131. gloob memmeh

  132. The beauty of that comment roomy brought over from the mothership is that the fainting couch crowd reads that and decries the hate, and what have we come to that people are telling others to leave.

    No, you dumb fuck – it’s an ideological parry. If you’re to stupid to come up with a reasonable response (either – ok, I should leave, or back off on all the dumb shit you say) that’s not my problem. Sit down and let the big folks talk.

  133. Remember, they wanted to deport Melania. Seb Gorka too.

    Hypocrites, all.

  134. The sidebar story at Ace’s about the inventor of the flight recorder is pretty great.

  135. Let’s say you were laying the same 1’x2′ tile in a kitchen and the nearby bathroom. If you have a long kitchen leading into a hallway, and there’s a small bathroom off the hall with its length perpendicular to the kitchen, do you lay the tile in the bathroom in the same direction as the kitchen (making the tile run across the width), or to correspond with the length of the bathroom?

  136. Not sure that made sense.

    Ordinarily you would lay a rectangular tile so the long edge runs in the direction of the length of the room. In a bathroom that is only a few feet away from the kitchen, does it look better if the tile is running all in the same direction across both rooms, or does it look better to tile them independently?

  137. Lay it in the bathroom the best way it will fit without slivers. Dry run it a couple of times..move them this way and that before ‘setting’ any.

  138. I don’t think they have to be matchy. Lay them out both ways and decide which looks better from the door.

  139. Supposed to get rain later today…more likely overnight. I’m trying to decide if I should water NOW seeing as how it’ll be another scorcher until the system comes through.

  140. *looks at radar*

    I better lightly water stuff.

  141. “Let’s say you were laying the same 1’x2′ tile in a kitchen and the nearby bathroom. If you have a long kitchen leading into a hallway, and there’s a small bathroom off the hall with its length perpendicular to the kitchen, do you lay the tile in the bathroom in the same direction as the kitchen (making the tile run across the width), or to correspond with the length of the bathroom?”


  142. Still without power. Last night it came on for ten minutes about 10:30. While I was putting the generator away, I heard a loud boom a ways off. Then the lights went out.

  143. Decluttering. Amazing how many games and jigsaw puzzles we’ve accumulated over the years.

  144. Transformer blew, I’ll bet. I hope it wasn’t Optimus.

  145. Our store doesn’t have power. Up by me it’s hit or miss. We didn’t get it too bad . Lots of people with trees on their cars/house around town.

  146. 85 degrees with 71% humidity. Dying here. Just got inside after lawn mowing when we had a downpour that lasted about 10 minutes. A wave of cool air blew in with the storm and left just as quickly. Back to Africa

  147. And by “Back to Africa” I don’t mean it like Back to Africa Back to Africa IYKWIM

  148. We all know what you meant, racist.

  149. C’mon, I have a black friend! Well, it was in junior high school, but still, that counts.

  150. SEE? Ilhan is right. Just look at Jimbro.

  151. Just saw the budget post at AoS. Yeah, the national debt is out of control. I’d like to see an honest effort at reducing it. But every time it’s tried the GOP are portrayed as craven assholes who don’t care about the people and they end up folding in the end. This just skips the middle part.

  152. We should have a 9/11 type commission to look at the national debt and Carin’s skort habit

  153. Isn’t most of the national debt owed to the Federal Reserve?

    Erasing that would be super easy, barely an inconvenience.

  154. Trump has criticized policies, not hated America. It’s the difference between saying that you dislike Israel’s compulsory military service and saying Israel should be wiped off the map.

  155. Leon (or anyone else with this info), do you use a VPN at all? I sort of know how they work, just wondering if there are pros and cons to them and if the good outweighs the bad

  156. Most of what you get out of a VPN is not sharing your actual IP address with any site you visit. Some VPNs will let you have a fixed IP, too, which can be handy if your IP roams but you need to be whitelisted by a service or site.

    It won’t save you from a virus or malware directly, but it can make you harder to track, and some do offer malware/virus scanning. If you really want to browse completely safely, you’d need a virtual machine (either local or remote) that you spin up just long enough to browse, then connect that to your VPN, and destroy it as soon as you’re done using it. If you need to get downloaded content off of the VM, you’d want to upload it to yet another server (hopefully with additional scanning) then download it later.

  157. Jimbro, I got Nord VPN a while back. It has some security features, but it mainly keeps your service provider from keeping a record of what sites you visit, plus it blocks a lot of ads. I got tired of all the websites tracking me and doing the targeted ads.

  158. Sounds like it’s useful for some stuff. I use a g mail address for my email which probably gives them everything they need to target me. I search with DuckDuckGo on Firefox and they both claim to not track stuff for ads. If I wanted the next step my email should probably be Proton mail or something like that. The main reason I haven’t switched is inertia.

  159. Watching Chernobyl. Pretty depressing. I’m making it political, which it was, but fast forward to Venezuela and Democratic Socialism/Communism.

  160. I wish Troy would check in.

  161. Power’s back. It was out about 44 hours. Minor inconvenience compared to having your kid in a cage at the border.

  162. Why don’t you try paying your bill?

  163. https://tinyurl.com/y3yzzrsq

  164. lol, Carin!

  165. So I started playing around with the Stone Coat epoxy for mimicking stone effects, on some small pieces of mdf. OMG such fun. It’s almost too easy. You go slapping some colors around and then you hit it with a propane torch and move the streams of color around, and wallah, it looks like a slab of gorgeous marble.

  166. Would that work on the counters of my popup camper? I’m redoing the interior.

  167. https://narratively.com/when-you-die-ill-be-there-to-take-your-stuff/

    Reading this made me think of Scott. And the need to declutter.

  168. Carin, I can’t see why not. How many square feet?

  169. This is a good start-to-finish video. This is more of a granite look, I’m going to do a basic white marble. Maybe with a couple dramatic veins. Probably not, though. We’ll see.

  170. Summer, bleah. It stays light too long. It shouldn’t be half to six with the sun where it is. The tradeoff is I hate driving home in the dark in December. I must be a spring/autumn person.

  171. Mare, TTroy did check in, but under a new name. Let me find it.

  172. TeeRoy Jenkins, on the BBF poat.

  173. Tittyweb Jenkins?

  174. Lol. Certainly belongs here.

  175. It is a small counter space, and a table. It’s not a lot.

  176. does that epoxy leave cut marks?

  177. what do you mean? Cut marks?

  178. Is it easy to scratch or does it hold up pretty well when you’re chopping body parts on it?

  179. exactly. Does it show the occasional knife slip?

  180. At the beginning of my messing around, I had poured out the epoxy with nothing but a translucent white tint out on the mdf board. It settled out looking like a sheet of white glass. Scott was like, “How about just doing that?”

    I’m almost tempted to just forget all the little fancy paints I bought, and just pour it out like that, a sheet of white glass. Then clear coat it the next day and call it done. Would look just fine with the 4×8 white tile I’m putting up behind it as a backsplash.

  181. Holy shit, I’m tired. Didn’t sleep well and then had to go to my goddaughter’s bridal shower. Too bad I didn’t have a camera. She’s a little hottie.
    Her brother and SIL own the venue the shower was held AND the restraurant kiddy korner from it. My friend (the mom) says it stays pretty booked. Cashing in on the racket that is wedding/shower receptions or overflow when the line is long at the restaurant…they direct them over there for drinks while they wait.

  182. They say you treat it just like formica. So yeah, it cuts like formica. Not easily but don’t use it as a chopping block. If it does get cut, you can sand and buff it out.

  183. We want pictures when you’re done, laura. Sounds like it’s going to be a really nice space.

  184. I’m going to pour my countertop and I’ll review this product for you.

  185. Jimbro, how is Paula’s arm? That’s some scary crap. She should take Lysol wipes with her to crossfat. Wipe all the surfaces.

  186. Isn’t most of the national debt owed to the Federal Reserve?

    Erasing that would be super easy, barely an inconvenience.

    This is basically the argument of MMT: that treating the debt the same way we treat household debt is wrong. The ‘debt’ is an artifact of accounting. It just means that we’ve printed more dollars than we’ve taken in taxes.

  187. so what did we sell to China?

  188. Oh, we sold them US debt. And if they try to collect on it we’d simply print enough dollars to cover the debt. Chinese purchases of US debt has more to do with getting dollars out of circulation so that the value of the Yuan doesn’t rise relative to the dollar, hurting China’s ability to export.

  189. smells like accounting bs, but if actually collected it would burn the whole financial system down.

  190. Speaking of douchebags, where is MJ?

  191. His son is giving him a bath.

  192. Mariano Rivera was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. He began his speech with, “Why am I always last?”

    I always liked that he was the last player to wear #42.

  193. I didn’t care that they forced all the teams to retire #42, but at least they allowed the current players to keep wearing it, and Mariano wore it for another 16 years.

  194. Wow, so autism is a pre existing condition for health insurance? Just saw a really nasty political ad.

  195. Jay, only if you sign up for insurance after your kids has received his vaccinations.

  196. Despite everything, Randolph perished.

  197. Thank you, Roamy. I had no idea!

  198. Jimbro, how is Paula’s arm? That’s some scary crap. She should take Lysol wipes with her to crossfat. Wipe all the surfaces.
    Much better, thanks for asking. After the first 24 hours of Keflex it was much better. She gets blisters all the time, mainly from pull ups, and just washes her hands and powers on. She thinks this was somehow different, described it as a “blood blister”. So, probably deeper, and in a not so clean environment. My main concern with any kind of bacteremia is an infected prosthesis. After seeing infected total hips being treated I have a healthy respect for those and that would be devastating for her.

  199. It was so hot, humid and miserable last night we went to bed at 8 in the room with AC and as a result I’m up early. Still kind of humid although it is better than yesterday. We bitch about cold, overcast and rainy weather for months and look forward to it returning when we get this stuff.

  200. The “royal family” is full of “royal” turds. I want to puke when people speak of them as if they are special. The only thing special about them is their dumbness, horse faces and their creepiness.

    Andrew is a POS as are most of the “royals.” Besides nazism, a poor gene pool and being treated well when in fact you’re an idiot you can add pedophilia to the list of “royal” grossness.

  201. I used to subscribe to the Postsecret posts on Facedouche and read the Postsecret webpage every Sunday. He used to be apolitical or at least balanced. Not any more. I’m done.

  202. Jimbro, it looks like the Oceanarium in Bar Harbor is permanently closed. This makes me sad. It was run by a former teacher and her lobsterman husband, and it was a great place to go when the weather sucked. They have to be in their 80’s by now (assuming they are still alive), and I guess the kids didn’t want to take it over.

  203. What was Postsecret?

  204. Hopefully another young entrepreneur figures out how to make a living at it.

  205. This guy started with handing out postcards and asking people to anonymously submit a secret, something that they had never told anyone. People turned them into works of art and sometimes gut-wrenching revelations. A fair amount of the attraction is the titillation. I’m still struck by the one that said, “All the people who knew me before 9/11 think I’m dead” with a drawing of the smoking NYC skyline.

  206. The guy did do some good – he’s had several fundraisers for the suicide hotline. A lot of secrets deal with depression and suicidal thoughts. (A lot also admitted they pee in the shower, until he finally asked people to stop sending that particular secret.) I just can’t deal any more with “I hate people who like Trump, they are so full of hate.”

  207. I just can’t deal any more with “I hate people who like Trump, they are so full of hate.”


    That’s funny.

    Thanks, Roamy, I have seen these deal. Although not on facedick.

  208. Wake wakey everyone. Busy day. Busy week. Lots to do. I’m going to need moar coffee.

  209. Used to pick up skin infections at wrestling practice quite easily. we washed mats, bleach, disinfectant, etc, but it was still easy to prolong a rash.

  210. so postsecret is banning now too? I can’t boycott things I’ve never been too. Damn.

  211. wish I could find a restaurant opportunity like that. would be fun to run a place like that.

  212. Insomnia followed by early cake prep. Possum turns 4 this week, but we are celebrating tonight.

    MMM in 10-15 minutes.

  213. roamy, were you a Star Trek: The Next Generation fan? the new Picard series preview is out, and it looks pretty good.

  214. I cleaned the coffee machine last night, and ran a 1/2 pot through again. Forgot to empty the pot, and brewed this morning. Surprise! Really weak and cold coffee for the drive in!

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