To Meme, or not to Meme

Sounds deep, doesn’t it? Well, it’s really just…

On to the memes!

This is an exercise program I can really get behind.


Perfect for this place.


And they get it!


Heh, never bet against the internet when an insult is needed.


*sad face


Sometimes your argument isn’t as good as it first sounded.


Everybody should wait tables, for a week.


Hotspur has a new advisor?


Bonus wordplay!





Keep those likes coming, or else!




  1. Lauraw doesn’t get that last one.

  2. took me a minute to get it.

    My Betsy Ross hat came in. Ordered it from Warrior Code. They sent the wrong size, and honestly, it’s not good. Not sure I even want the correct size. Will probably just return for refund. Ugh. The lid search continues.

  3. My Betsy Ross flag shirt shipped last night. Hoping it both fits and the material/construction is good

  4. Jimbro, let me know how yours turns out. I want to get one. Of course, I have to be prepared to have a milkshake thrown on me because now it will be racist to wear one. That is the crazy we live in now.

  5. Crazy world, ain’t it?

    I will. It’ll hopefully be here before the weekend.

  6. WSJ newsletter reminded me that it was 20 years ago when JFK Jr ditched his plane in the drink. The reason I remember where I was when I heard that is because I was standing in line in a bank to cash out my account with all my possessions in a moving van parked outside ready to drive from St Louis to Maine.

  7. 50 years ago today.

  8. bummer my shirt isn’t shipping yet

  9. Wakey wakey.

  10. Worked until almost midnight. It’s already been a long day.

  11. Watch out ordering tee shirts online.

    I ordered one a while back and it took three weeks to ship. It turns out they wait for a certain number of orders before they send the shirts to the printer.

    Fucking scam.

  12. We keep looking at Trump’s actions and saying “Troll Level: Grandmaster”.

    One day, many years hence, that level will simply be known as “Troll Level: Trump”.

  13. These shirts were marketed as a special run. Orders were taken with the caveat that production and shipping would happen later on.

  14. mine must be a later run than yours jimbro

  15. The other side simply can’t see Trump’s actions as anything but racism. It’s annoying but you just can’t get past that with people.

  16. And they can’t not react, either. They have an attack surface a mile wide and armor a micron thick.

  17. Ain’t that the truth! Gonna listen to Bill Whittle break that down, he’s got a youtube on it this morning.

  18. When Bill isn’t reading from a teleprompter he’s kind of hard to listen to. He has good ideas, he just has a hard time being succinct.

  19. I think he gives lots of detail, and I like that.

  20. bummer my shirt isn’t shipping yet

    We ordered from the same place and what Jimbro said. I saw the caveat. For some reason the 19th is sticking in my head. But then they emailed that it might be longer due to the record number of orders. Which I’m okay with because they’re keeping us in the loop.

  21. The other side simply can’t see Trump’s actions as anything but racism.

    Nah, that’s just their schtick. Remember between 2008 and 2016, anyone criticizing the JEF was racist.
    Doesn’t matter what Trump does, it’s all negative. Even guys like Byron York, French, and Erikson always have to take the knee jerk negative angle on Trump while barely breathing a word about anything demrats say/do. York and Erikson were having the vapors over Trump’s tweets telling the anti-American swine to go back to shitholes and fix them.

  22. If Trump stabs someone in the face on TV, I MAY not vote for him. If he stabs some ISIS or AQ dunce I’ll knock people over at the voting place in order to vote for him earlier.

    My point? I’m voting for Trump and it’s going to take some life-shattering deal for me not to. And who knows, I still might vote for him.


    Many, many of the concerns I had about President Trump in 2016 have been addressed by him and his administration through sound public policy. No candidate and no administration is perfect and I will continue to speak up when I disagree. But President Trump offers a vision for the United States with a strong economic record to back it up. The Democrats offer attempted mass assassinations of Republicans, fire bombings of immigration facilities, Mexican flags replacing American flags, the harvesting and selling of chidren’s body parts, the continued destruction of our healthcare system, the championing of lawlessness, and open persecution of people of faith by government bureaucrats.I have donated to President Trump’s re-election campaign and was happy to do — made more happy after watching that pitiful press conference by the suicide squad of the Hate America First crowd.

  24. If he deports Omar and declares himself King I’ll support the new monarchy.

  25. I missed the mower discussion yesterday.

    I haven’t sprung for a zero-turn because I’m not convinced that the extra expense is worth it. My tractor has an 18″ turning radius and can mow in reverse, which does the job on the ~2 acres I actually mow with it. Where it fails are places where you’d have to use a weed whacker anyhow, like over downspouts and in inside corners of the fencing.

  26. Bidet
    Kamal Toe
    de Ballsio

    Plus a few more cum guzzlers.

    Trump could choke the pope and still get elected.

  27. Penelope is looking for a new phone. Recommendations?

  28. Carin?

  29. Buttgoop
    Ok, that shit was funny. Buttgoop is laying low lately, which is right where he needs to be.

    Harris and Biden are taking out Biden. Warren is slowly consolidating Sanders’ voters.

    When it’s Harris v Warren, Buttgoop will spring forth from the opening!

  30. ok, that’s a disturbing visual. Thanks MJ!

  31. I poop in the tall tall grass, where any respectable country road runner poops.

    Pools are for the bourgeoisie.

  32. Trump could choke the pope and still get elected.

    Pretty sure he’s not a fapper.

  33. This guy is my hero.

    I should probably get a drone before they’re outlawed.

  34. he’s got people to choke the pope for him

  35. It’s gonna be hard (TWSS) for any of those Commies to pivot and appeal to non-commie, so-called swing voters.

    My money is on Fauchahontas and Bidet at the convention. The one who can tell the most lies wins the nomination.

  36. Trump could choke the pope and still get elected.


    I can only dream.

  37. Comment by Hotspur on July 16, 2019 12:32 pm


    People are effing animals.

  38. Have any of you seen the cameras at the self check out lines at Target? They are horrendous. They make you look horrendous. Now there are memes about Target self check out line cameras and I feel better that I’m not the only one who looks 80 on the screen.

    Shut up, I’ll say what I want.

  39. I think Fauxcohontas. She’s the only one mentioning the economy.

  40. 80? Kilos?


  41. Buttgoop!

  42. The democrappers don’t give two shits about the economy. They’d prefer that it be bad so they would have something to run on.

    Think about it. They’d rather we were in a recession (or worse) so they could have an issue.

    Americans will not fall for open borders, unvetted immigration, Medicare for all, free college, queers, unisex toilets, gun grabbing, infant killing, or fascist antifa beating the shit out of law abiding Americans.

    What else have they got?

  43. Of course the hard core lefties think that way, but they need the 20% in the middle to win an election. Hence their lurch to the right during a general election.

  44. I think Fauxcohontas. She’s the only one mentioning the economy.


    What’s she saying that could make sense to even the silliest dunce?

  45. Lizzie Warren does “authenticity” about as well as Hillary.

    “Here … let me … get … a … beer. Want one hun?”

  46. If SNL had any humor left, they would have parodied how she took a swig of that beer.

  47. That beer deal with Warren was so cringe-worthy I couldn’t finish it.

  48. Who is the complete jackass that watches that Warren beer deal and says, “Hey, you know what? That’s just the type of gal I want for President!”

  49. Even her husband was uninterested. Lord, these people.

  50. Did I miss Brother Cavil going into the hospital? I saw someone mention it at Ace’s.

  51. Is everyone at H3?

    You sons of bitches.

  52. Busy finishing the workday.

  53. what? heard nothing of BC going to the hospital, but he was complaining of something recently.

  54. Oh, man. What are the chances of Warren not only not being Native American but also a decendent of slave owners.

  55. Yeah, he was going in for a voluntary circumnavigating or something.

    What in tarnation.

  56. Kitchen floor is looking great. Almost done.

  57. I’m here. Just super bored/boring.

  58. I have all sorts of fun things coming up, but today I’m just here … waiting.

    Eye thing is 31st. Concert next week. Concert middle of august. Then my “run season” starts.

    But today I’m just boring.

  59. Those soresto collars (for dogs and cats) are freakin amazing.

  60. “I haven’t sprung for a zero-turn because I’m not convinced that the extra expense is worth it.”

    I am coming to the same conclusion.

  61. I want out of this damn hospital so bad! Yesterday’s IV antibiotics escalated when my BP read 190s. Fucker has gone down slowly, may get out tomorrow. Hoping renal impact is negligible.

    But still no diabeetus. And hopefully no cardiac issues, no other real signs.


    We now return you to your regularly scheduled threads, already in progress.

  62. * does math *

    If it saves me 20 minutes a week, 20 times a year for 15 years…the cost difference works out to $10 per hour.

    If I can buy time for $10 an hour, I am back on the zero turn wagon.

  63. So, they put you in the clink for your antibiotics?

  64. 👋🏻 Bro cav

  65. Plus, zero turn is FUN!

  66. don’t goose the nurse, BC. She’ll saran wrap the bedpan.

  67. hmmm, $43 for a 1TB hard drive. Do I rebuild the home computer?

  68. Bump.

  69. Disgusted, Erwin rejected Pippa.

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