MMM 374

With the death (sorta) of tumblr, these got harder to accumulate, but I managed with a few groups on Reddit.  With them having pseudo-banned The_Donald, I’m not sure I want to give them even a few clicks a month, plus a lot of those images are simply porn and I have to do a lot of sifting to find the non-nude, non-salacious images.  I might have to go back to mushrooms or figure something else out.

Pretty smile.


Orange suit.  Wonder if it’s ever been swum in.


I think this is Alice Matos (same as first girl).


Coffee time.


That frosted tip thing in her hair just looks weird.


Anllela can’t smile.


Have a great week.


  1. You want to share this, you do it the hard way, because fuck twitter.

  2. Only 36 more emails to read

  3. so what did Trump tweet? I see consternation amongst the libs today.

  4. He pointed out the ridiculousness of people coming here from shitholes and then telling us how to live rather than listening quietly when we tell them why their countries are shitholes and nodding when we tell them what’s what.

  5. USA: Welcome, refugee, you can start a new life here, we’ll help you get on your feet, you can worship as you please, you can even run for office to represent Americans, you have First Amendment freedom of speech here which you didn’t have in your old country. How do you like that?

    Omar: What a racist country. Death to Israel.

  6. And Tlaib was born in Detroit, but she might as well be Palastinian for her loyalties do not lie here, that’s for sure.

  7. Tlaib is worse, but doesn’t get as much press because she’s as ugly as Helen Thomas on a bad hair day. She’s far more dangerous.

  8. That first gal has a really cute face. I think MJ would 9/10 smash.

  9. So the democrats have long accused Trump of trying to make the GOP into the White Party.

    Do they really think attacking Pelosi for legit criticisms of freshman idiot members of her caucus as racist isn’t going to lose them some white votes? They’ve hit peak participation from every non-white demographic, attacking white people is electoral suicide.

  10. I took a sleeping pill out of desperation at 3 AM and feel like crap. Wish I hadn’t done that.

  11. Well, no wonder they are pissed. Still don’t think he’s a racist.

  12. The funny thing is that by posting his support for Pelosi, Trump pissed off the hard left and made her even more of a target. By then attacking Omar, he forced the Dems to shut up and play nice with one another while they rally around Omar. But the two Dem camps still hate each other, they just can’t air out their differences, which means it’s going to fester. Meanwhile, Trump just made Omar and Tlaib and AOC heroes to the left, which means that for the moment they’re untouchable by Pelosi.

  13. We can always do a Mariachi Music Monday.

  14. Mead Making Monday

  15. At some point, it’s entirely possible that Pelosi will decide to “get rid” of one of the Squad and make it look like right-wing assassin. Heck, if I were her (i.e. an amoral witch with Mafia ties) I’d have one of my goombas working on getting an unstable alt-right kid to do the work for me.

  16. If one of them does go down, I will believe absolutely nothing that is reported, nothing.

  17. PBC owners, this is my next try: Smoked Bacon

  18. I killed it with my nuttery, didn’t I?

    I’m reading a really interesting/weird book. I might talk about that later.

  19. I’m reading an article on Libra.

  20. Remnants of the gulf storm supposedly working it’s way here. Doesn’t look too horrible and I wonder if I should water anyway.

    I should probably set the traps too. Trash pickup is Weds..

  21. I read Trump’s tweets about the ungrateful, racist, jealous, harpies. No option to like them ten times.

  22. The best part is that he didn’t name anyone at all. If you knew who he was talking about, you automatically agreed with his assessment, whether or not you liked it.

    If you hear the whistle, you’re the dog.

  23. Test Caulk

  24. New work computer. Thankfully I remembered my pw

  25. If you hear the whistle, you’re the dog.


    Mare loves Leon

  26. In the video I poated yesterday, the guy was showing the tools of his trade. Shop vac, bee suit, bug spray, ball cap, and when he was showing the gloves..”Put the right hand in the right hole. That’s what she said.” Nerd.

  27. ww

  28. those hornets are scary.

  29. Good luck on the phone interview Leon.

  30. Thanks. I’m not especially optimistic. I think I can get the job, but I don’t think I can wrangle it down to nearly-full-time telecommuting.

  31. good luck, leon! just watch, it’ll be perfect, and they’ll say “yeah, you can telecommute 105%!”

    It’ll happen, just watch!

  32. I’ll get that in writing before committing to anything. Even then I may not. It’s big agrapharma, so the work is interesting (bioinformatics) but the sector is roughly as evil as Big Social Media.

  33. Check out the guy’s ‘bite’ from his angle grinder.

  34. Good luck, leon. You never know, you might be the smarty they’ve been looking for and will work with you.

  35. It’s big agrapharma, so the work is interesting (bioinformatics) but the sector is roughly as evil as Big Social Media.

    “What do you do?”
    “I work in bioinformatics for AgraCorp.”
    “That’s interesting. I bet you get a discount on a lot of their stuff.”
    “Oh no, since I started working there I don’t eat anything not grown by my own hands.”

  36. Pretty much. Keto, paleo, vegan, whatever, you really, really ought to know the providence and practices that went into what you eat.

  37. Dammit, got autocucumbered, that should be “provenance”, not “providence”.

  38. Majority of the kitchen floor, including under the appliances, is now degreased and primed with XIM UVM bonding primer. Tomorrow I cut out some old curled linoleum on the edges, patch and level, and start laying the center tiles. See how far I get. Pretty excited. Would be nice to bang this job out in the next two days. Still have some prep to do on the floors under some standing cabinets, but I’m going to tile up to them and paint the rest of the kitchen before I empty them, move them, and prep there. That’s a half day of work right there.

  39. XIM bonding primer is something else. Only been drying for an hour and I can’t scratch it off the old linoleum with my fingernail. Only slight scuffing where I dragged the appliances over. Wowee. The new floor is gonna STICK.

  40. Third-world cultures and third-world thinking produce third-world countries. The meat doesn’t matter. It’s how the meat thinks and acts.

  41. What fresh hell is this?

  42. Question: what would AOC do if Chakram Slartibartfast were imprisoned/deported and there was no one to write her script?

  43. I put down underlayment before flooring. Also used a quandrant strategy.

  44. Third-world cultures and third-world thinking produce third-world countries. The meat doesn’t matter. It’s how the meat thinks and acts.

    Even if there is some genetic basis for “being able to form a non-shithole culture” it’s no longer a question we’re allowed to ask.

    I suspect the FBI will stop keeping racial crime statistics soon for the same reason.

  45. New underlayment has been ruled out, for a couple of good reasons.

    Worky worky.

  46. Comment by beasn on July 15, 2019 2:30 pm
    What fresh hell is this?


    Beasnsnsnsnsns, that was so funny, you made my day! Was that idiot singing someone I should know?

  47. You should have beasn come do your flooring, she’s an esspert now.

  48. She only does little bitty tiles.

  49. I’m laughing at the Ana Navarro jokes at the HQ. I’m also wanting a lot of sopaipillas. Real lard sopas.

  50. This is the only quarter that doesn’t end with a big bill from the government..

    This can’t go on for much longer.

    Federal property tax will be due on 9/31.

  51. or the 30th.

  52. Their base is made up of renters and basement dwellers.

    It’s inevitable.

  53. Beasnsnsnsnsns, that was so funny, you made my day! Was that idiot singing someone I should know?

    I have no idea but he was making my trigger finger itchy.


  54. Our Frito Lay vendor gave up our route. Wanted one that didn’t rely on merchandisers making $14.75 to start. He picked up a small store route that he could merchandise himself. His replacement is a female. Her merchandiser quit after one day of merchandising our Club. She can’t physically handle our Club without a merchandiser. Frito Lay was making Mike help her, in addition to running his new route.

  55. Flooring – booo.

    Husband had to pull up like 3 layers, 1000 or so nails/screws, and replace the subfloor in both the bathroom and kitchen. I laid some medium sized ceramic tile in the john and we paid someone to lay the kitchen vinyl. Not sure I like it even though it was an upgrade. Drip paint on it and good luck wiping it off.

  56. I got some reduced-sugar-sweetened-with-honey ketchup at the grocery store. I’ll let you know after the brats are cooked.

    Phone interview went well, I thought. Not working on drugs directly, but livestock genetics a la 23&me for flocks and herds to help farmers make breeding decisions and forecast meat/milk/wool output. Might actually be something I could make use of myself when I’m buying animals or deciding which one of the litter will be the best to keep vs cull.

  57. She can’t physically handle our Club without a merchandiser.

    Eh? Boxes of chips aren’t that heavy.


  59. Beasn, volume. Our remodel has chips pallet driven, not shelf. Moved to the front of the Club. It is crazy. Dan has new Deli fixtures. Almost triple digit sales increase. He was already at profit levels. Getting deli product out of bunkers and at eye level is crazy. Members are bitching about change, but we are killing it in Sales. (My books/magazines are maintaining an $800 a month theft rate)

  60. Family camping trip this week. We’re going up on Thursday. Back on Thursday. I’ll be surrounded by racist Democrats. People that think Hatch chile is better than Pueblo chile. It isn’t. Pray for Oso. (Roamy, heard on the radio that Espanola Valley chile is going to the ISS. Experiment)

  61. That’s a lot of Bibles.

  62. Not all theft is Bibles. Mostly. Mostly. Good thing I don’t carry Douay.

  63. Roamy, he is right. Chimayo chile is better than Hatch.

  64. mmm fresh iowa sweet corn

  65. Never heard of a Dixie Chopper before. That thing looks amazing.

    Closest dealer is over an hour away.

  66. I have never heard of them either. There’s 3 dealers less than an hour away in Lagrange and Detroit (Dee-troit). The website for the one in Detroit doesn’t show them so I bet he either special orders them or just doe a once a year order and sells them until they’re gone.

  67. First bill for Mini-me’s college. And so it begins…

  68. brother says it’s a fast mower and does a good job.

  69. My lawn is so off camber I think a zero turn would be impossible to use. With my lawn tractor I’m frequently leaning uphill or holding on to the steering wheel praying for dear life.

  70. So the new 007 is female, black, anything else? Gotta check all the boxes.

  71. Cheetos on a sandwich is an inevitable step in the downfall of all mankind. I give the planet 12 years max.

  72. Green bean casserole? Try it with flaming hot cheetos instead of onions!

  73. When I read that I felt myself reacting to it and, after thinking about it, decided I didn’t give a flying fuck about it. I haven’t seen a Bond movie in years. I like to half watch the old ones if they’re on TV but other than reading about who the actor playing Bond is in the Entertainment media, it’s a hard pass for me. The guy doing it now looks like a proper Bond. It’s inevitable that Hollywood is going to do this at some point to all the characters we’ve known in the past. Yawning is my way of coping.

  74. Needs to be gay.

  75. The review I read said she rebuffed the old, retired-yet-called-back-to-help Bond’s romantic overtures to her. Wonder if that will be explained as either lesbianism, ageism or racism or simply left out there unexplained for the audience to fill in the blanks?

  76. I was reading about the learning curve for driving a zero turn mower.

    One person said ” start in the middle of your yard, far from anything you care about.”

    That made me want one even more.

    You are correct Jimbro, they aren’t good on really uneven lawns.

  77. Daniel Craig despises the actual character of James Bond. He has been fighting to make Bond more relevant. Less skeezy. More woke. Dan only reads Ian Fleming and Crais. I try.

  78. Sorry, 007 cannot be a woman. I liked the first two and then I was done.

  79. Dog’s wife Beth has passed. End of June.

    Bless him, his heart is broken. He’s having a hard time. Said he wanted to take her box of ashes and belt them in the front seat next to him.

  80. Craig is woke, but he’s a good Bond. Don’t really care who Bond is, but EVERY character has to be a girl now. It’s getting old.

  81. Very sad. He’s losing weight.

  82. Good night. Long day of travel.

  83. Great idea for a dying friend:

  84. Dogs need to live longer.

  85. Poat scheduled for whenever I feel like it.

  86. home again.

  87. welcome home! can I get you a big bowl of riced cauliflower?

  88. Doctors examined Ricky’s pancreas.

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