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Your model for today was born in San Francisco, California on December 7th, 1991.  She stands 5′ 7″ and measures 38 – 25 – 36 and 143 lbs.  Please check your breath and talk about Keto with Miss Laci Kay Somers!




  1. She thick.

  2. She doesn’t seem very fun.

  3. She is buoyant though.

  4. Two man band, huh. Wonder if they’re accepting resumes for a hype man.

  5. Bleached silicone blonde. I’m calling a DQ.

  6. Fantastic bod (although her upper is modded). Not a fan of the dyed-grey look.

    Only one facial expression, which does not betray a high IQ…

  7. I can see it now. “We’d like the stuffed crust pizza stuffed with cheese and sauce.”

  8. Kaci’s Smash Status is a 8 out of 10. I haven’t watched the videos so I may need to amend that

  9. Isn’t that just… breadsticks?

    Fuck it all. World’s gone mad, this is the End of Days.

  10. Have any of you seen Toy Story 4 or Aladdin?

    Asking for a friend.

  11. I may need to amend that


    I believe we have a pretty broad amend policy here at the H2. But definitely bring your receipt.

  12. I saw your mom ‘acting’ in a version of Toy Story 4, but it wasn’t shown in a regular theater. Pretty sure she has been filmed rubbing the living Hell out of Aladdin’s lamp, too.

  13. So, yesterday I went with some fam on a daytrip to Salem. Weird place. Very nice, though, by the ocean. All the little shops are witch-themed. It’s all rather silly.

    The going rate at restaurants for some rawbar oysters was 2.75-2.95 a piece, and that just seems idiotic.

  14. I can’t believe you would rank on my Mom’s acting skills. RUDE.

  15. I can see it now. “We’d like the stuffed crust pizza stuffed with cheese and sauce.”

    1) Perfect side business for the Chuck E Cheese next door. Kids eat all the pizza, pack up the crusts, and sell them next door!

    2) ?

    4) Profit!

  16. Paula took Ben to Salem with a couple of her friends a while ago. It was all “Witch this, Witch that” and I was glad I skipped it. Pretty sure they toured the House Of Seven Gables.

  17. So, ordinarily when recruiters hit me up on LinkedIn, I tell them where I live and that I cannot relocate, then ask if the work can be done remotely. 6/10 never respond, 3.99999999/10 say “no, has to be on-site in this urban shithole”.

    Today, for the first time ever, one said “I’ll check, can you send me a current resume?”

    It’s in Kazoo. I could commute a couple of times a week if I had to.

  18. Chicks with dicks.

  19. They are really just boys with boobs.

  20. Recruiter wants to talk at 11.

    I’m cautiously optimistic.

  21. Salem’s a tourist trap. Also, a scam.

  22. after this morning’s deployment adventures, I want to talk to a recruiter too.

  23. There were three climate change warriors who were standing on blocks of ice with nooses around their necks, anyone know if they hung themselves? It’s colossally stupid but I’ll give props if they gave their lives for their stupid cause.

  24. Expression on the cat’s face…..

  25. “For the love of God, someone please fuck her…”

  26. Epstein Dead Pool.

  27. The voles are back. While looking over the garden, I saw movement in my periphery….a fat little cute f*cker, destroyer of all things pretty in my garden, in no hurry to get under my porch.
    Closer inspection, half of the lobelia has been chewed to the ground.

    Will be setting traps later today.

  28. I sent that to my parents, Jay.

    In all seriousness, Epstein should be denied bail and kept in protective custody under suicide watch.

  29. I’d like to amend my 8/10 smash to a 6/10 smash after watching/skimming through the videos.

    #1. She needs a better sound man. Can barely hear her speaking.

    #b. What I did hear from her confirmed her vapidity. “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”.

    #z. Why did the Vlog called “Bikini’s In Breckenridge” use the possessive form of bikini?

    #&. She’s a couple of tacos away from a sad life of chasing MLM schemes and pining away for the good old days

  30. Huh, Acosta resigned. Probably to end the distraction of the Dems/MSM associating Trump with Epstein via him.

  31. wakey wakey

  32. I think Michael Hugo may be the densest person ever. And he can shove his socratic method of asking questions up his ass. He does it to avoid actual argument.

  33. trying to schedule the lasik surgery this fine day AND THEY’RE NOT CALLING ME BACK.

    I guess the gal who does the scheduling is doing shit. whatever.

  34. Quite the butterface.

  35. Damn near tranny face. I mean, San Francisco, come on…

  36. Is she using caulk for her cosmetics? That shit is thick.


  37. Rush is proudly mentioning there’s NOW 120 KNOCKOFFS!!!


  38. I’m listening too, Jimbro. But no one, NO ONE, has the fabric he uses. And the artwork . . .!

  39. On to Rush Revere!!!

  40. Rush was always a huckster among everything else, but it seems like he’s gone over the top now.

  41. hehe, can’t wait to get my knockoff that I bought before Rush had shirts.

    I even bought one for Paul Anka.

  42. Hugo is an ass. Nailed him with the census question as he was misleading someone else, and he wouldn’t admit a fact. Long form census is indeed a census form, and was counted. He was misleading to make it seem like it wasn’t.

  43. He totally dropped a deuce on that kid’s Rush Revere idea. Glad he got a new iPad, though.

  44. I’ve always identified him as a huckster. The whole “knockoff” thing has really been over the top.

  45. he makes millions for a reason. Used Car Salesman, New Car Salesman, all are salesmen.

  46. Rush’s shirts profits all go to the tunnels to towers charity.

    I think he’s really just trying to make a HUGE point, politically, and using the sale of the shirts to do it.

  47. I’m going to assume the knockoff shirts do NOT go to charity.

  48. I will not allow you people to disparage Rush. He’s done more to create new and younger conservatives than anyone. What other political analyst /huckster can you say that about? Jonah Goldberg? David Frum?

  49. And, no I don’t listen to him every day, although I used to. I mostly listen to metal music. Duh.

  50. Phone interview Monday at 430.

  51. Heh, I’m not trying to disparage him, just his over the top shirt huckstering.

  52. Sweet. Now you have the whole weekend to stress.

  53. Look, the man’s a huckster, and he’s brought up some fine talent in his wake. Both things are true. Stating one does not deny the other.

    Besides, he’s OUR huckster.

  54. Mapped it. If I can’t work from home most of the time it’s a non-starter. Bing says 96 minutes at 6am. They have another office in South Bend, but that might not be an option either.

  55. Going to look at a possible rental property tomorrow morning. I really should just retire early and become a slumlord like Tushar.

  56. Is he really a “huckter” if what he is hucking goes to charity?

  57. Considering the finances of most charities these days…

  58. Like Jay said, I’m not disparaging him at all. The shirt thing is over the top though. He mentioned he was on F&F this morning. That will drive sales up and increase profits for the charity which is a good thing. The shirt I bought also benefits a charity. No mention of that.

  59. Man didn’t get where he is without self-promotion. Not to say he hasn’t done a lot of good while he was at it. Just the nature of the game.

  60. they can’t really learn to code because they’re retards.
    Posted by: ace at July 12, 2019 03:34 PM

    ace, when you work with enough developers, you find that’s not an impenetrable barrier to entry.
    Posted by: Duncanthrax at July 12, 2019 03:38 PM (DMUuz)

  61. OK, looks like our soon-to-barely-be-a-hurricane will take a wide path around me. Just as well, we’ve had enough damage in the gulf from anything or anyone named “Barry” in the past decade.

  62. Aide: “Madam Speaker, your own freshman Democrats are accusing you of racism and the CBC is about ready to throw down against them.”
    Pelosi: “Could this day get any worse?”
    Aide: “President Trump just spoke up on your behalf…”

  63. Posted by: Duncanthrax at July 12, 2019 03:38 PM (DMUuz)


  64. damn ad blocker won’t let me read rick’s story

  65. Ross Perot supported veterans his whole life, and also the military in general. On Wings of Eagles Pretty good book too.

  66. I would say Pelosi would take up day drinking, but I suspect she’s a long-time veteran of the practice.

  67. Mare we saw Toy Story 4 last weekend. Decent but not great.

  68. I KNEW Clint would know!!

  69. ‘Sup, cunts?

  70. Going to look at a possible rental property tomorrow morning. are looking for more real estate to purchase?

  71. Hey, he’s on a roll……….

  72. He’s going to conquer Michigan by buying it one lot at a time.

  73. Cavil?

  74. Pork is in the Crock-Pot with a can of chipotles and a bottle of apple cider…

  75. * invents Crock Pot, Crossfit for fatties *

  76. Cross Pot


  77. This is a trailer on a small lot in Indiana farm country. Might be a good investment. Wife wants to make an offer contingent on selling the farmland near Kazoo.

  78. Cross Pot


    I might have shit myself a little bit laughing.

  79. Three burgers and a shake for time, then burpees.

  80. Instapots spy for China.

    The toaster is still loyal.

  81. I like Scott’s workout. except the burpees

  82. I think imma gonna give up the pizza job. not fun anymore. I’ll sub but just not on the schedule.

  83. I’m going in a little early at work tomorrow for an in-service education blurb. Bummer, because I was hoping to get one more mini-episode of kitchen freshening-prep in, before work.

  84. Mare, Guy Ritchie directed Aladdin. Action sequences were great. Very parkour. Jasmine is given a feminist anthem that sucked. I became emotionally involved with the magic carpet. Scene stealer! Will Smith surprised me.

  85. I forget to have restaurants hold the lettuce shred and cilantro. Not a fan of wipipo tacos.

  86. I was watching the Angels game on my phone, using Coors Field WiFi, because my Reds suck. I’ve watched the Reds in 6 stadiums. 2-4. Dan says that “I’m a Jinx.” (His boss doesn’t like me to watch Penguin hockey. She says that I’m a Jinx)

  87. Debt exacerbated Roberta’s problems.

  88. Thanks, Oso!!

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