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Round One, “The Easy One” Picture ID … GO!





Common Milkweed

Answers: (Highlight to see clearer)

1. Chokeberry

2. Skunk cabbage

3. Joe Pye Weed

4. Pokeberry

5. Common Milkweed

This was an easy one, next time it will be harder, just like your mom likes it. Have a great Thursday!


  1. Huh, I’ve always put 2 b’s in kibosh but when I used it in an email to a colleague my spell check wanted me to use one b. Sure enough, most of the dictionary entries on DuckDuckGo were kibosh. I’m not sure anyone gives a crap about it either way but in the future all my kiboshes will be 1b kiboshes. Carry on

  2. Morning, good people!

  3. Not sure, skunkweed, swampweed, milkweed, chokeberry .

    Wakey wakey

  4. ^order is wrong though.

  5. chokeberry, then milkweed

  6. *adding “Lifeline” feature to Stump The Hump competitions for Carin*

  7. I had dreams (nightmares) about the Ragnar last night.

    /gets worried

  8. Part of my problem is that I have a hard time running in the heat, and it’s been HOT the last two weeks. It’s creeping into my psyche.

    Also, I had stopped doing that ETP stuff, and I needed to get back to properly fueling my body. Which I started this week.

    So back to bowls of cereal before bed.

  9. Third one is Eupatorium, Joe Pye Weed. I don’t know what the first one is. Carin got the rest, except what she calls ‘chokeberry’ is called Pokeweed around here.

  10. Now I have to go look up chokeberry.

  11. Joe Pie weed and swampweed look a lot alike. It grows wild here, and I’ve incorporated into my garden.

  12. OMG. It’s july 11th.

    They are loading school supplies into the seasonal area of Meijers.

  13. this is the last year I will have a high schooler.

  14. I got a packet of Joe Pye seed at some seed swap thing for free a long time ago.After not planting it for a couple of years I said what the hell and dumped the packet of seeds on a hillside in the field out back. La and behold, there’ a nice cluster of it there and it grows back every year.

  15. Lo

    Stupid spell check

  16. Many (not all) on the Women’s National Soccer Team are just complete white trash. Gross. An embarrassment:

  17. ^^watch the little video…WATCH IT!!^^

  18. I think I have pokeberry. The birds eat the berries and poop everywhere.

  19. Mare, I have Social Fixer for Faceplant, and I added “Rapinoe” and “soccer” to the “hide post” filter.

  20. Was just forced to listen to Megan Rapinoe on the morning show here.

    Mare, the video didn’t load, I just saw a bunch of code.

  21. Wow. Just watched it. What a trifling, ratchet street urchin.

    YOU PLAY SOCCER. Get over yourself.

  22. Okay, once we started talking about weddings I did not want to look like I was raining on Beasnsnsnns parade or trying a “one-up” kind of deal. Anyhoo, my daughter got married this last weekend. Because my other daughter could only come to town on specific dates we had to plan the wedding in 4 and a half months. No, she’s not pregnant, but I would be thrilled if she was!

    It was a very small… 23 people in TOTAL (which my husband and I now highly recommend to anyone who can get away with it). Beautiful Catholic Blessing Ceremony at 11:00am in our Church, a cocktail/appetizer hour in the hotel lounge, then a sit-down, order from specific menu 3-course lunch in the gorgeous private dining room. After that, up to the rooftop bar overlooking the Gulf and all of St Pete, where cabanas with air conditioning were reserved for people to have a no-host enjoyable, relaxed, after party.

    By some miracle, the weather held out until 7:30pm when the deluge came we all went back down to the lounge until 11:30 pm (others stayed later). It rained the day before the wedding and since the wedding we’ve had horrible weather. So… thanks, God!!

    I’m working on getting some pics into the media deal so you can see a few. I’ll let you know.

    It was perfect and lovely and we are all still on cloud nine. Although, I’m exhausted and did nothing but plan, run around town and worry for almost 5 months.


  23. Congratulations, Mare!

  24. Yaaay! Congratulations Mares!

  25. congrats, mare! Please share when you have news like that. You are always so happy for everyone else’s news, we like hearing yours too.

  26. Congrats to Marespawn!


    “… possible hate crime”


  28. Congratulations to the Mare Family!

  29. “… possible hate crime”

    What, did they draw a dick on her face? FAKE NEWS!

  30. I figured out how to upload some pics in the media library. A couple of pics are not showing up. The blonde in the front of one pic is my younger daughter.

  31. Thanks to all of you. You’re very sweet.

  32. Marijuana, peyote, opium poppy, hemp, crackweed

  33. I see the pothead looks at the world through “certain” eyes.

  34. Silly Hotspur, peyote’s a cactus, and Laura specifically said “no western plants”.

    Congrats, Mare.

  35. Mare, you’re a babe and so are your daughters. Your younger daughter looks just like you.


  36. Thank you, Hotspur!

    Now off to do stuff I’ve put off when I crashed and burned after all the guests left on Tuesday.

  37. Maredottir is lovely. I agree with Hotspurt that Mare is still a babe.

  38. Thank you!

    Caveat to having our small wedding. In October we will be going to California to have a small reception for my Husband’s side of the family. His mother is 90 and there were other factors in deciding that we would celebrate with them in CA.

    Also, even with such a small group, here are the states represented at the Wedding:

    New Hampshire
    New York

  39. *high fives Alex*

  40. Congrats!!! MARE FAMILY. How exciting.

  41. Comment by Car in on July 11, 2019 7:37 am
    this is the last year I will have a high schooler.

    You’re not going to know what to do with yourself once he’s done with school.

  42. If you’re Catholic, you may want to look into the controversy around the upcoming “Amazon Synod”, where it looks like the nominal Pope is going to push some serious effin’ heresy.

    Haven’t we had like, a synod every year of his papacy? Shouldn’t that alone be a tell that something is completely FUBAR? I think he’s afraid to try a Council because it’s likely one of the African bishops will pull a St Nicolas to Arius move*.

    *prays Cardinal Sarah has been working the heavy bag

  43. Congratulations, Mare!

    Comment by Car in on July 11, 2019 7:37 am
    this is the last year I will have a high schooler.

    Rebecca turned 18 yesterday. Where has the time gone?

  44. Who knew Leon was from Missouri?

  45. The pussy is strong with this one:

  46. Gratzeseseses!

  47. GFY Paul Ryan.

  48. First race of the season is saturday.

  49. He saw it as an escape hatch from the voters who were gonna fire his ass. The same voters that caused Trump to carry PA.

  50. Paul Ryan can go eat a bushel bag of dicks..

    Remember when Mare thought he was super awesome?

    Good times.

  51. Feels like we swing from “X is awesome and we must support them!” to “X is a heretic! BURN THE HERETIC!” with disturbing frequency.

  52. Yo, Hotspur

  53. You’re right on that Cavil. I’ve noticed that as well

  54. Feels like we swing from “X is awesome and we must support them!” to “X is a heretic! BURN THE HERETIC!” with disturbing frequency.

    It’s become a lot harder for the GOPe to hide their true feelings, and people are becoming less tolerant of “compromise” where we get nothing.

  55. That’s pretty much my answer to every SJW bitching about anything.

  56. And a reasonable and intelligent answer it is.

  57. Remember when Ryan was going to be the Vice President?


    Romney/Ryan 2012 – Vote for Obama or vote for cunts.

  58. Remember when Mare thought he was super awesome?


    You shut your whore mouth. You are correct but I didn’t need to be reminded of my own dipshittery.

  59. I actually really like xbradtc’s response to SJW. I really do.

  60. I can’t believe I don’t get suspended on twitter more often.

    I’m far more argumentative there than anywhere else.

    You talk shit on twitter, I’mma nuke you. I feel zero fucking compulsion to tolerate bullshit.

  61. Oh, and it’s great to see you xbrad.

  62. Comment by Pendejo on July 11, 2019 2:39 pm
    He saw it as an escape hatch from the voters who were gonna fire his ass. The same voters that caused Trump to carry PA.


    You are correct, Sir!

  63. Leon?

  64. I mentioned something about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia being somewhat more liberal now than it was 30 years ago. I mean, women can (somewhat) drive there now. Thirty years ago, when the US went to aid KSA for Desert Storm, the House of Saud first insisted we not let any female troops into KSA. They folded when we let them know it was a package deal, but that’s how it was back then.

    KSM isn’t MLK, but he’s the most liberal and liberalizing crown prince we can expect.

    But when I mention this, of course, some fucking liberal fuck claps back about how KSA has mass executions of gays.

    You, my douchy friend, get the modified Gadsen flag.

    Because I fucking know damn well you’re talking about the five allegedly gay men that were executed earlier this year. And I know that they were part of a group of 37 men that were all executed on the same day for terrorist activities in 2011 and 2012, and that their convictions were for terrorist activities, not homosexuality.

    And you, douche, either knew that and you’re lying, or you should have known that and you’re being manipulated.

    Notice throughout all this, I’ve neither defended or condemned the KSA.

    Just you, you fucking fuck, for being a lying liar what lies, fucker.

    I mean that in the nicest possible way.

  65. I like the spunkier, hard-hitting, brash, in your face, kick ass, zbradtc.

  66. It’s somehow awful that we work with KSA and encourage them to modernize, despite their positions on homosexuality, but it’s perfectly fine for Obama to cut deals with the Iranians despite their policy of killing homosexuals.

    The left doesn’t give a shit about the fate of gays anywhere in the world.

  67. whose zbrad?

  68. Ok, so I finally saw the Trump quote regarding Epstein in context, and I don’t see the scandal. He was asked about a guy who’s run in the same circles as Trump, and he does his standard schtick of “hey, he’s a great guy”. There’s no indication that they were close, only that the reporter asked Trump about him and Trump responded with some praise for Epstein having a social life.

  69. Mare, I’m guilty of that dipshittery, too. Hell, I had Paul Ryan as HHD one week. He must have hung around Romney and McCain for too long.

    Speaking of the end of high school, I took off today and spent it with Mini-me. We had some spa time, lunch, chocolate, fancy tea, and ordered the cake for her court of honor next week. The day was seized.

  70. XBradTC 2020: Just you, you fucking fuck, for being a lying liar what lies, fucker.

  71. I may have had two Bloody Mary’s with lunch today.

  72. Leon?

    If Nigel Farage weren’t my spirit-limey, Colin Furze would be.

  73. Anyone read this guy’s books?

    Detective Harry Hole -cough-

    He’s up to book #13 but they’re not cheap. I really need to get a liberry card …

  74. I got kicked off twitchnutz about four or five years ago for calling Obama a pussy. I guess that was why though I really don’t know. That was about the only serious shit talk I’d engaged in at that time. I haven’t missed it a bit.

  75. Jimbro, Si. We used to carry his new releases at Sam’s.

  76. Grand Junction is meh. Very High Desert. The drive from GJ to Denver on I70 is stunning. Too many tunnels. Gorgeous.

  77. The only thing I miss about twitter are cuffeymeh and when ace would unload some seriously hilarious ish.

  78. My aunt loves Jo Nesbo but I haven’t read any.

  79. That is a crazy highway.

    Did you stop and look for mountain goats?

  80. Scott, I was bare knuckling it as a passenger. I’ve seen Mountain Goats in NM and by Castle Rock. I just wanted to make it through the tunnels alive. Colorado is still running high. Rafters and kayakers that I saw, weren’t wearing PFDs. Who doesn’t wear life jackets on watercraft?

  81. Did you notice any of the train trestles?

    They make the highway look tame.

  82. Does a passenger train go through there? That would be awesome.

  83. I couldn’t do it.

  84. Trump is going for the citizenship question

    Kept hearing he was backing off. Guess not.

  85. Not on the census, but somewhere else.

  86. Cuffy dropped off of Twitter, I think. The dancing dead babies were too much.

  87. Twitter is a stupid waste of time. I am happier without it.

  88. Dancing dead babies? Do I want to know what you’re talking about? I shudder to ask.

  89. I70 isn’t too bad. Durango to Grand Junction is fucking scary. Lots of passes. Very beautiful. 200 foot drops on one side and a biker gang coming the opposite direction on the other.

  90. Lauraw, I fervently hope it was a fake, but I wouldn’t be surprised if people were that evil. Supposedly it was people at an abortion clinic. I wouldn’t recommend looking for it.

    And waaaaaaay too many people retweeted the video, including Matt Walsh.

  91. My might-as-well-be goddaughter lives in Grand Junction. I was thinking about visiting there, then going over to Utah and seeing Arches National Park and/or Canyonlands.

  92. Passenger train goes through there. I vaguely remember an issue a few years ago. Train stuck. Hard pass. CoAlEx, what happened to guardrails? Durango to GJ…no guardrails. Lots of switchbacks.

  93. Roamy, it is probably beautiful vistas to people that don’t live out here. My co-worker from the PI LOVES Grand Junction. Told me it was pure beauty. Dan and I: Meh. Mesa. Tent Rocks is better.

  94. Guardrails are a scam

  95. Guardrails are for pussies

  96. CoAl, one thing we noticed about CO Bikers, they maintain their lane. They don’t pull shenanigans to advance through traffic. Got really tired of them blinding us with their brights though.

  97. I went to high school near Glenwood Springs. I miss the Roaring Fork valley sometimes.

  98. I know they have no real purpose, I just like the idea that we’ll leave evidence before taking the plunge into the abyss.

  99. But you noticed them, which was the goal.

    Mountain driving is not for the weak.

  100. Glenwood Springs has a Culver’s!!!!

  101. Mountain PASSENGERING is not for the weak. I forgot my Dramamine. Every mile was an adventure.

  102. A Culver’s?! That’s new. They’re getting to be a too-big-for-their-britches city.

  103. Interesting thread. 3 dimensional chess?

  104. Miley Cyrus says she won’t have children until she’s sure the planet will have fish in the seas. Works for me.

  105. It was 98 today and the same tomorrow. That is too damn hot. Is Boise or Salt Lake any cooler?

  106. Dependable elders retire prosperously.

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