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  1. I had to to take a break and rest my scrolling finger while working through these memes

  2. Comment by PepeLp on July 6, 2019 12:56 am
    This was hilarious

  3. “Sierra on the pole” was the perfect combo of dad joke pun and visual humor where you could reconstruct how it developed

  4. #TrumpOnTheNickel is brilliant

  5. I’m gonna buy my grumpy old man t-shirt now so it’ll be nice and broken in when I retire.

    Who picks up guide dog shit should’ve been the crescendo.

    Thumbs up.

  6. From Pepe’s link I learned there is a retired professional wrestler named Kamala. Whose real last name is Harris.

    For decades, he played wrestler Kamala, a 6-foot-7, 400-pound, uncontrollable “Ugandan headhunter.”

    Dressed in a loin cloth and war paint, he was known for slapping his belly like a wild man and bludgeoning beloved grapplers such as Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant.

    I mean, what are the odds? He’s not doing well in retirement.

  7. I mean, someone ought to let the 4chans know. Tying the presidential candidate to Ugandan Headhunter search terms shouldn’t be that hard.

  8. wakey wakey

  9. Sierra on a pole was my favorite.

  10. Must be good gardening weather today.

  11. It’s hot.

  12. Africa hot.

  13. Gonna reach 90 today which is “Extreme Heat” for us. Awfully humid as well. Dogs look distressed but they want to be on the porch with me.

  14. I stopped BJ’s Wholesale on the way to camp today and when I checked out the cashier was a college age girl who I’m sure likes to party. She was a tall, college-age girl with multicolored dreadlocks up out of her face and she was wearing a short sleeve shirt and Capri length jeans. Her calf (among other locations) had a big anime style tattoo of a girl with huge tits. There was a bandaid going crosswise presumably covering the tattoo nipples. I made a comment about it and she said management requires her to do that.

  15. Ribs on smoker. baked beans in oven.

  16. Anime boob tat covered up. For the Children.

  17. Doing boat shit. For the children.

  18. I stopped BJ’s Wholesale on the way to camp today.

    Well it’s about time you did. You need to concentrate on the road.

  19. Is there any quality difference between BJ that are wholesale v retail?

  20. Heh, “stopped at” lol

    I really wonder why they thought BJ’s was ever a good name for a chain of stores

  21. I get my BJs from Crazy Eddie’s discount BJ superstore. Retail BJs at a wholesale price!

    People ask him, “Eddie, how can you offer BJs for such a low price and he tells them ‘It’s because I’m CRAAAAZZZZY!'”

  22. Two five mile runs on tap for today – to start mimicking the ragnar. I have one more hour then it’s time.

  23. I had a Crazy Eddie’s t-shirt back in the day. Bought it when I visited a girl I briefly dated from Montclair, NJ.

  24. Mr. RFH has a Crazy Eddie shirt. I think they were giving them away, maybe if you bought a TV.

    He also has the album from the Uncle Floyd show.

  25. Liberal friend posted a sob story about some couple arrested by ICE. They have been here for 20 years. I think that’s more than enough time to get your shit straightened out and not be here illegally.


  27. >>>> Beasn?

    Yeah, that might get you a throat punch or your finger removed because I’d never say ‘yes’.
    Years ago, at a friend’s wedding, some guy asked and I accepted the offer, to dance. He’s like, ‘Your hair smells nice’ and I’m like – in my head – ‘Creeper’ because I know it didn’t. I had taken a quick bath after running but didn’t wash my hair.

  28. My SIL and her family gave their mother a nice send-off. Tons of people came to support the family. Three of the six siblings…besides the departed mother…were big into their church.
    Looked as crowded as a Rosetta funeral minus the hawt chicks and frat bros.

  29. Sadie is loose. Poor DiT. Keep praying

  30. RFH, allergic to eggs. Usually substitute yogurt or mustard. Dan made a dill pasta salad. Cream cheese based. Tonight is left over brisket beans and brisket.

  31. Sadie?

  32. DiT’s new pupper

  33. Dave’s new beagle.

  34. I am officially referring to the junior Senator from California as Kamala “Ugandan Headhunter” Harris from now on.

  35. Skankles

  36. Coalex – tickets to the show are secure. And I got pretty good ones.

  37. Content warning

  38. xbrad posted that Sadie is home!

  39. dave’s ecstatic! Returned pupper!

  40. Huge storm last night. Gonna be a great day today though.

  41. boom boom ~sparkle~ Bang!

  42. Car in, awesome. How do you want me to get you the money?


  44. Scott’s got a retirement plan!

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