Everybody Wants to Rule the Meme

Oh come one, you didn’t see this one coming, with that title?

Tell the truth!

Ivy League school.

Stop Procrastinating!

The Argument Room.

You know that one person…

Having trouble with people stealing your lunch?

Laura’s real garden setup.

Let’s not do this.

Children learn from you.

Heya, sexy thing!

That reminds me of this guy.

Jewelry ideas.

More fun songs, because you were so nice and hit that like button!

Keep up the good work!


  1. I don’t get it

  2. (that’s for MJ who is probably busy teaching new words to MJr like intersectionality, reparations, amortization and weener)

  3. And explaining the ins and outs of a foodie date (there is no “in and out”)

    wakey wakey

  4. Jebus, everyone has to have the adblocker off these days.

  5. Wonder when someone will write an adblocker that spoofs having no adblocker.

  6. Better title: Everybody Wants to Meme the World.

  7. Nice.

  8. If I can’t figure out a quick way around the site asking me to whitelist them I usually just say fukkit and either return to my previous page or x out of it. I’ve allowed ads every now and then and I think between using DuckDuckGo and Firefox those sites haven’t remembered me. Maybe that only happens after a restart, I’m not completely sure.

  9. If I have to allow more than 2 scripts and any of those belong to GOOG then fuck it I don’t need to read your shitty site.

  10. that’s my feeling too. I’m reading less and less these days.

  11. I drove my brother and a couple of his friends to see Tears For Fears at the Worcester Centrum back when he was in high school. Even as a 20 year old college student I felt like an old person among the crowd.

  12. Always liked their music.

    Break it down again.

  13. It’s the data, GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out), whatever you want to call it:

    Mr Reagan: Why the left will ALWAYS be wrong

  14. You know where I can choose to ignore ads?

    An actual newspaper.

    But I read them in a real paper, generally, because they are far less obnoxious.

  15. The newspapers is where all this crap started.

  16. 8ch is raiding Ravelry. Ravelry doesn’t use CAPTCHAs or block Tor.

    This is the digital equivalent of walking through a rough neighborhood in a short skirt and no panties.

    Godspeed, autists.

  17. Wait, so Pixy standard?

  18. Apparently. You just need a live email address. Plenty of temporary email services out there.

  19. Good for them. By calling attention to themselves (for an activity probably a minority of its members even did at all) in the name of virtue signaling, they’re going to have much bigger problems now than a few Pro-Trump comments.

  20. Closest CDL school is Kazoo, but if I incorporate and track expenses, I can deduct travel to there from my taxes. Not sure how I can manage a 3-week sabbatical, though.

    Then it’s a matter of buying the honey wagon so I can start work as an owner-operator and deal with many orders of magnitude less shit on a daily basis,

  21. Jay, this is an A+ poat. Any puns were ignored because of the funny.

  22. Pixy doesn’t even check email addresses. (I used a garbage address for years for privacy reasons, I no longer do.) So it’s slightly more secure? Still about as safe as walking through Oakland wearing only a minidress covered in $50 bills.

  23. Friend of the family has a honey wagon. He’s 72 and a farmer.

  24. I got out of bed with your mom this morning for this?

  25. Comment by Hotspur on June 25, 2019 11:49 am
    I got out of bed with your mom this morning for this?

    I thought you got out of bed because otherwise she was going to charge you for another 15 minutes.

  26. Then it’s a matter of buying the honey wagon

    Hotspur just rents his mom out. I don’t think he’d sell her.

  27. That’s like walking through South Bend, IN wearing only a thong and an Obama mask.


  28. Gross.

  29. Scythe-mowed about bale and a half on a short lunch break.

  30. Did you wear your Amish hat?

  31. Was offline most of yesterday. Was too pissed off after reading some feminist judge in the UK ordering a disabled woman to abort her baby because disabled, while ignoring that the grandmother wanted to take care of the baby. Twenty-two weeks pregnant.

    Judge has since been reversed.

    Pro-aborts are truly repulsive and makes me want to Attila the Hun all of them.

  32. The NHS and their social worker took the case to court. Srsly. You’ve put out the welfare welcome mat for any and all migrants from all third world shitholes, not to mention vast swaths of your own good-for-nothing fatties sitting on the dole, and you choose to target a disabled woman’s baby for extermination because you say she can’t care for it?
    The fu?

  33. Instead of targeting an innocent baby with your totalitarian bullshit, why not go after the dog who impregnated this retarded woman?

  34. Did you wear your Amish hat?

    Closest thing I’ve got. Gotta keep the sun off my neck.

  35. So the guy who shot and killed the cop the other day in N. St. Louis, has a long history of dindonuffins. Langsdorf, the cop, was shot after responding to a call about dindonuffin trying to pass a bad check. Our local news station has been pretty good about covering the story. The store clerks did what they could to comfort him while waiting for a bus.
    It has upset the community in that they saw Langsdorf as one of the good guys.

    This is a picture of him when he was a rookie. He just got done catching this baby boy from the roof of their burning house. The boy is now 16-17. They interviewed him and his dad.

  36. The community he served is mostly black.

  37. “Martin said video surveillance showed that Meeks, the man suspected of passing the bad check, and Langsdorf began to struggle near the counter. During the struggle Meeks pulled a gun from his waistband and shot the officer in the side of the head, dazing the officer, Martin said.

    Meeks was able to stand up and shot Langsdorf again, this time in the back of the neck, Martin said. The bullet went into the officer’s spinal cord and came out the front of the chest. He was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

    Meeks ran from the store with the gun and was captured a short time later, Martin said. The gun had not been reported stolen but police were still trying to determine how Meeks, a convicted felon, obtained it.

    Langsdorf spent 17 years with St. Louis police before joining the cooperative just three months ago. The cooperative provides police service for seven communities in north St. Louis County.”

  38. I should have just stayed on the sofa to work on the blanket. But then…ravelry. You can’t get away from the fuckwads can you?

    This calls for an emergency dose of cuteness.


  39. If I had a bucket list, Nagasaki Bio Park would be on it.

  40. Oy, just read the person who called for help for the cop, took two minutes of video while he was on the ground dying. She did apologize..”I didn’t know he was going to die.” Geez, come on you ‘tard.

  41. MOAR emergency cuteness.



  43. Picked up two shipments today. Both were 3 -4 times bigger than advertised.

    End of June is full of stupid people moving.

    Me – Your estimate was based on a shipping weight of 665 lbs.
    You have at least 2000 lbs here.

    Customer – Is my cost going to go up?

    I actually laughed in her face.

  44. I hope your online review is favorable.

  45. J’ames, they’re going insane in the argument room.

  46. Me: The estimate was for 665 lb. I’ll ship 665 lb. If you want me to ship more, I can estimate it right here and now and then, you choose. Dumbass.

  47. Going insane, car in? They’re already there. It’s the weed.

  48. My sister poated the prayer to St. Michael. She’s Luthern.

  49. Martin Luther was buried with his Rosary.

  50. Yes, they are crazy.

  51. I picture them as looking like bitchy Hillary or Swawell or Bernie. Either retired from a government job or unemployed and on the dole.

  52. Smoking weed in front of an altar to Moloch.

  53. good god Dan is annoying.

  54. Wait a minute, the lunatic who accused Trump of raping her has said other millionaires have raped her too?

    Yes, incredibly credible.

  55. *whispers “baseball is dumb” in Oso’s ear*


  56. The “rape” in the Bergdorf dressing room?


  57. OH MY GOSH, Chrispy!!

    Good link. She’s nuttier than an outhouse rat.

  58. 🙂


  59. Don’t taunt the bear, Pupster!

  60. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Thanks for the back up, TIFW.

  61. I watched a couple of minutes of that SVU video. The acting is so overwrought and the soundtrack is annoying.

  62. Nightly news came on and one of the stories was going to be something about ‘the children’ either being denied toothpaste and soap or they weren’t given any. Told husband to turn that shit off before I stroke out.

    You bring your children to a different country and you didn’t even pack a fucking tube of toothpaste or think ahead about bathing them? Why the hell do we let these kind of people in? Why is it our responsibility to give them toiletries? They suck.

  63. Cut off benefits for the illegals here. Line up buses for illegals on the border. Fly the Africans back to Africa. Indict Soros.

  64. We have Jihadi camps in NM being “Monitored” by the FBI. FUCK THE FBI. Deport the Jihadis

  65. Interesting Twitter threat

  66. Wayfair employees don’t like that they sell beds to border camps, housing children. AOC: You Go, Comrades!


    Assholes trying to capitalize on the moral high ground.

  67. I’m all about bus companies. I could GAF about upscale beds.

  68. I’ve had three + years of Dan Fucking with me about Birth certificates BS. I finally start Birth Certificate BS and Dan is being a total twat. $108 to start.

  69. https://tinyurl.com/y5upgupm

  70. my sourdough is REALLY sour, trying to revive it.

  71. I finished the Tim Conway autobiography. That man lived for making Harvey Korman crack up.

  72. Heh, he was good at it.

  73. It was a good read, but I have a feeling it doesn’t tell the whole story, especially about his kids.

  74. Six biological kids, one stepdaughter, only two grandchildren, and I think Tim and his 2nd wife ended up raising one granddaughter, at least for a few years.

    Though I can see keeping mum on family stuff to keep the peace.

  75. Who is the author, roamy?

  76. Met a former co-worker I hadn’t seen in ages, found out her son is the same age as Mini-me. Asked if and where he was going to college. She answered with the name of a college I’d never heard of, so I said, “I’ve never heard of that one.” She got a little bent out of shape about that. It’s a historically black college, 1,800 enrollment, average ACT score of *16*, liberal arts, bachelor degrees only. Yeah, there’s some reasons why I never heard of it.

  77. Beans, it’s Tim’s autobiography. The ghost writer is Jane Scovell.

  78. Diminished education remains problematic.

  79. Wide awake at 4:45. Welp, I’m old. But I think I’m sleeping better. My night sweats have not been memorable which is a huge change. I still have hot flashes during the day. And lest you think I’m a total old lady I go to bed about 10:15 (pm-heh).

    Admit it, this is the most interesting comment in the history of comments.

    At least I don’t have Wurther’s in my purse (not a euphemism).

  80. An AVERAGE score of 16? hoo boy.

  81. New poat, Mare…….

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