MMM 373

Good morning all.  I hope you’re all well.  I have to figure out some way to block the 3rd season of my daughter’s show where they reveal that one of the characters has “two dads”.  It’s not overdone or flashy about this, but it’s a show about art for pre-schoolers.  Why does it need this aberration?  Weimar America, folks.  Part of why I made this series all about mushrooms for a while was a sense that in some small way I was part of the problem, effectively rebroadcasting porn in a sense.  I do find a genuine sort of inspiration (and no small amount of motivational shame) in looking at fit women, but it’d be a lie to say that’s all I’m looking at here.

Tidy room, prolly a hotel.


Good colors here.


Looks warm there.




Pretty smiles.


Her clothes are too small.


Are those drawstrings functional?  Why?


And that’s all for this week.


  1. The three ladies standing together look like very fit women. Great ab definition. Normal ladies (that are fit).

  2. Dog evidently did a line of coke this morning, because he was bouncing off the walls at 5:00. Went out and threw the ball for about 10 minutes which took the edge off. 40 degrees out there this morning, brrrrrrr.

    Nice post, Leon.

  3. Stella finally crashed. She’s sleeping next to the Mop (which loves????), lying on her back, spread eagle.

  4. I went up to Lubbock this wknd to check on my 84 yo mom. Stopped at a convenience store in a small town along the way to buy a fountain coke. Keeping my head half frozen seems to be a key to staying awake while driving. When I entered the following conversation was in progress between the two female employees.

    Girl, I’m so happy. My granny getting out of prison today.

    Your grannie?

    Yeah, she been in prison fo bout eight years.

    How old is she?

    I don’t know. Somewhere in her seventies I guess.

    You gonna let her stay with you?

    Naw girl, she got to stay at a halfway house fo three months so they can teach her how to live in society. They got to teach her how to not go back to prison.


  5. So I guess when I’m having a really shitty day, I can console myself with the fact that my granny never went to prison.

  6. Wow, wonder how big of a bomb was sitting under this field for 70 years until it exploded in Germany:

  7. So I guess when I’m having a really shitty day, I can console myself with the fact that my granny never went to prison.

    Granny got snatched up by the popo
    Breaking in a house Christmas Eve…

  8. granny was in for self prescribed medical marijuana.

  9. Mayor Buttplug has a local issue likely to sink him. Police appear to have shot another good boy who didn’t do anything wrong and was on his way to church or something.

  10. I finally dug into the specifics. Radio wasn’t reporting them at all, just that there were protests related to a police shooting. Victim was 54.

  11. Still a shitton of unexploded ordinance in Germany from the war. I think there’s some database project ongoing trying to track it all, I don’t recall the details.

  12. Cop says he had a knife. No body cam.

    Whoo boy, even if it’s a clean shoot, riots are inbound.

  13. ” I can console myself with the fact that my granny never went to prison. ”


    Well, except for all those conjugal visits………..

  14. Any idea what the “pretty smiles” trio does, Leon? Those look like muscles from an actual sport.

  15. Pretty sure I found that here:

  16. Eh, don’t even know why I still bother trying to make a point at the mothership anymore. I should just stick with shitposting, I’m good less bad at that.

  17. So, not a sport…. 😉

  18. BC, what was the point you were trying to make? (I rarely read the morning threads)

  19. Worky worky this afternoon. Made a list of things that have to get done this morning. It’s rapidly turning into a list of shit that’s not gonna happen.

  20. So, not a sport…. 😉

    Nope, an activity. Like knitting, but less politically-charged.

  21. Yeah, that was probably my problem, I’m just not good at making a point. Probably just an off morning. Oh well, on vacation next week! Not that I’m going anywhere or doing anything. I haven’t had a vacation-vacation since 2003. Oh well, maybe someday.

  22. Or table-top RPGs, apparently.

  23. What happened with RPGs?

  24. Mayor Buttplug has a local issue likely to sink him. Police appear to have shot another good boy who didn’t do anything wrong and was on his way to church or something.

    gay > black

  25. The recent mass-banning of all things pro-trump on Ravelry was compared to the super-wokeness of

    Also, 5e D&D is apparently the SJW-approved edition. I should have seen this coming with the original release of Vampire: The Masquerade with it’s “inclusive female” pronouns way back in ’92 or so. They invaded the hobby, then kicked out any dissenters. Hugos, D&D, etc.

  26. Even Warhammer 40k is starting to get the treatment.

    Female fucking spacemarines. CLONES OF THE FUCKING EMPEROR WHO DON’T HAVE SEX EVER. Now come in female.

  27. Ugh that’s stupid.


    Isn’t there already a faction of warrior-women for 40k?

  28. Tabletop was my big hobby for decades. I’ve drifted way out of it except for very occasional games that never seem to last very long, probably because I barely see my friends that play much anymore.

    Such is life, I suppose.

  29. Isn’t there already a faction of warrior-women for 40k?

    Sisters of Battle, yes.

  30. Aside from the control-freak nature of dedicating yourself to ruining someone else’s good time, there’s also the lack of imagination. Why take over someone else’s show and copy it into your image? Why not do your own thing instead? Fucking commies are perpetual dependents, in all ways.

  31. Step one, remake the original in your preferred image.
    Step two, erase all trace of the original.

  32. When I saw that trio of ab women I had the same thought: athletes of some sort. Did not think CrossFit. I was thinking maybe soccer, gymnastics, pole dancing…

  33. Media will cover for Buttplug as long as he’s a viable candidate. Once he’s no longer a potential for potus or veep they’ll let him hang. By then the urge to chimp out will have passed.

  34. Very interesting take on Going to War with Iran. It’s Whittle.

    Shooting Down Conspiracy Theories about U.S. War with Iran

  35. It’s long but illuminating in the form of historical reference.

  36. I understand Bolton’s position a lot more clearly now.

  37. Project Veritas video at AOS, wow.

  38. It will be interesting to see how Buttplug goes on this situation. He’s going to think siding with the “victim” is a good, lefty talking point. But the police union is a tightknit kind of deal. And they are a block that actually votes.

    I have no idea if the 54-year-old angel was wrongfully shot. However, history tells us that he was probably not an upstanding citizen.

  39. People keep saying Buttplug is smart. I don’t get it when I hear him speak it reminds me of Obama, lots of words saying nothing. Meandering so as not to actually take a hardline position.

  40. I’m watching one of those Sunday show panels and its as if 2016 didn’t happen.

    They’re talking about Trump’s approval rating and how he doesn’t have anything but base support. Only 42% so you know, it’s all up in the air. That’s why there are so many Democrat candidates. They all really think they can win.


  41. “.. I was thinking maybe soccer, gymnastics, pole dancing…”

    No knee socks, so Crossfit never crossed my mind. 😉 I was thinking skiing or something, too heavy for soccer or gymnastics.

  42. I have no idea if the 54-year-old angel was wrongfully shot. However, history tells us that he was probably not an upstanding citizen.

    Good shoot, bad shoot, doesn’t matter. White people aren’t allowed to shoot blacks at any time for any reason. Black cops are implicitly white, so they can’t shoot blacks at any time for any reason either. Black non-cops can kill each other all the time for any reason (especially pre birth) and you don’t get to say anything about that, cracker, because it’s your fault they have to do that. That’s how racism works.

    We’re about to learn where white homos fall in the victim hierarchy forrealz.

    My guess is that the institutional Left will decide Homo >>> Black, because their calculus will be that gays and virtue-signalling dipshits who like gays are a constituency they can actually lose, and blacks aren’t going anywhere. Because ultimately, the Left is racist and thinks blacks are slaves incapable of leaving the plantation.

  43. My guess is that the institutional Left will decide Homo >>> Black, because their calculus will be that gays and virtue-signalling dipshits who like gays are a constituency they can actually lose, and blacks aren’t going anywhere. Because ultimately, the Left is racist and thinks blacks are slaves incapable of leaving the plantation.
    I totally agree.

    The rock hard center of the Dems are black women. They can be taken for granted.

  44. The far left is hard progressive, and most of them are culturally white academic liberals. They’re more likely to have gay friends than black friends.

  45. For the Dems there are two main kinds of black women, welfare queens and government workers. Either kind has a direct interest in the Democrat line. The likes of Oprah are an anomaly to them, explained by “well that’s show business” (another hardcore constituency) and dismissed as insignificant (except for fundraising and maybe endorsements).

  46. Agreed. This is part of my philosophy around why I think he’ll win.

    The media and woke older, wealthy white folks more closely identify with a gay man. And when he loses they can say it’s because America is homophobic, but they certainly aren’t. He’s a moral test they can pass without thinking.

    They know or work with a Warren or Harris but let’s be honest, no one likes a scold. They tolerate these types at work but not socially.

    Sanders is embarrassing. He’s disheveled… and not in a trying-to-look-like-he’s-not-trying kind of way.

    Beto is ugly.

  47. Will you be monitoring Trump’s live tweeting the Dem debate?

  48. When is the debate?

  49. He’s going to live tweet the debate? Hoo boy as mare says.

  50. Wednesday, on MSDNC. Rachel Maddow is the “moderator”.

    fitting, since moderator in this instance means “slow pitch softball pitcher”.

  51. That’s like me “moderating” the Miss Bum Bum competition.

  52. Comment by leoncaruthers on June 24, 2019 2:48 pm
    That’s like me “moderating” the Miss Bum Bum competition.

    “I’m afraid we once again have a tie. We’ll need another round of air squats to see if we can determine a winner…”

  53. I’m telling you right now, I’m not voting for a lefty. I’m especially not voting for a lefty who likes to kiss his gay lover in public. GROSS.

  54. I’m busy with life on Wed and Thursday.

    I’ll have to trust that Buttplug Breaks Out! or whatever dumb narrative the media runs is totally true.

  55. I really should find some way to work for Trump directly. I’m an idiot but near as I can tell I’m smarter than most of the FBI brass, and I’d actually be loyal. Plus my ambitions are modest.

    *waits for position with a pension and a moderator slot in Miss Bum Bum 2026*

  56. “Buttplug busts out” is an appalling visual image. The mind’s eye cannot unsee it.

  57. The possibility whenever you see Buttplug speak that he himself is wearing one at that exact moment is a non-zero percentage.

    Probably one with a raccoon tail or a fake gemstone in the handle like the camsluts all have.


  59. Odds on when we get a furry tossing their, well, in the ring?

  60. Brother Cavil, Beto IS a furry. Seriously. Bing it!

  61. THANK YOU!


  63. The drawstrings pull the shorts up at the sides, while allowing the butt and girlie parts to remain covered. Designed for thongs. Multiple sightings of chones on people that don’t quite get the concept. In NM, boys wear them, too.

  64. Crap. I had succeeded in forgetting about that. Thanks, mare.

    /starts plotting against mare

  65. Back in the day, Coors inspired Stoopid movies. Couldn’t get it East of the Mississippi. Arkansas is the closest state to have Yuengling. Reverse Smokey and the Bandit in NM. Lots of Yinzers.

  66. InRe Ace’s post about Foodie Calls…duh. Mostly older guys. See also Free Drinks at bars.

  67. Soon your kids will no longer get a foul ball at a baseball game.

  68. Dodger bitch was on her phone. Guarantee. I posited empty stadiums and buying games online for viewing.

  69. I was at the game at The Lab where occipital bitch got dinged. I had just told my cousin that there was no way I would stand with my back to the field on the first base side with a left handed batter. She took a foul ball off her face. Sued. Lost, but we still extended the mesh.

  70. Commish was just on ESPN, talking about not mandating the screens at all ballparks. ESPN didn’t think that was enough, of course.

    Those people need to stay home and watch on TV.

  71. If you don’t have reaction time, don’t sit in the front row.

    Person selling tickets should pull a flinch test.

  72. Is it ok for a guy to pull a foodie date?

  73. No. The man pays.

  74. I mean, Ok that was too absolutist in tone. Let put it this way; it depends on the guy and it depends on the gal. She has to be willing for some reason to pay for the pleasure of sitting in his company and watching him eat a meal she paid for.

    This is a traditional guy role. Because women won’t do it.

  75. I’m turning feminist for this one!

  76. I wish you luck.

  77. I would date old guy for meals. I even bowled with him on base

  78. What’s a foodie date?

  79. ‘Sup, cunts?

  80. Meh, if a woman agrees to share a meal or drink with me, I expect her to be a pleasant companion for the duration, keep up her side of the conversation, not embarrass me, and be respectful of me and the fact that I’m paying. That’s it.

  81. Comment by leoncaruthers on June 24, 2019 7:57 pm
    What’s a foodie date?

    The woman goes on a date with a guy she’s not interested in because she wants a free meal.

  82. HQ. Foodie Date is where a chick gets free grub without putting out. Quid pro quo.

  83. I think that happened to me a couple of times.

  84. Like when you had fish sticks at the ghetto bar.

  85. Ya gotta shoot higher than fish sticks…

  86. You take what you can get.

  87. Just learned about a new meat place around here. They sell bison, alligator, elk, yak, boar, goose,frog…..

    Woo hoo!

  88. I had alligator once and really enjoyed it.

  89. Smokapalooza 2!

  90. Yak? I can’t wait to serve that.

  91. Foodie Date is where a chick gets free grub without putting out.

    Had a roommate in college who did that, though she might’ve put out for the guy who took her to the French restaurant an hour’s drive away. He had a BMW or a Mercedes or something like that, and that was a big deal to her.

  92. well, I couldn’t get the knife apart, but the torx set I got allowed me to extract the Die Hard blu ray from the old PS3. Woo hoo!

  93. Gee, when I was growing up, we just called a guy paying for a date “a date”.

    Never even crossed my mind that something other than my company was expected.

  94. Honestly, I think it’s a mixture of the hookup culture, combined with feminism’s constant drumbeat about how every man is a rapist pervert. Women now assume that every guy expects sex in return for buying a nice dinner.

  95. There’s a poat for tomorrow, set earlier, so NO WHINING!

  96. I think it was more that the date wasn’t a date, she was just using the guy for a free meal with no intention of anything at all more.

    Yeah, I don’t know either. Just the same game by a new name.

  97. I took CoAlex out and he didn’t even offer a Handy!

    I kid, I kid. That was when I had retired from the AF and gone back to being an airline pilot. Back then I was on the 737, flying mostly stateside. Good times.

    Got to have drinks (or not, depending on my takeoff time) with Co Alex, Cyn (a couple of times, PHX Comic-Con lunch still makes me laugh), Sean, Andy, Gabe Malor and maybe a couple others i’ve forgot.

  98. I don’t put out for anything less than three stars.

  99. Just got back from Amsterdam and today was a struggle.

    Left 2 hours late (inbound aircraft late due to T-storms in Chicago).

    On Arrival had to hold for 20 mins d2 storms.

    I was pulling up the approach charts for Indy (our divert) when they finally cleared us in.

    Long day.

  100. I thought a chick was supposed to put out if you buy her food.

    Appetizer = handy

    Appetizer + salad = handy with dirty talk

    Appetizer + salad + entree = BJ

    Appetizer + salad + entree + dessert = vag sex

    Appetizer + salad + entree + dessert + 4 drinks = clumsy threesome

    Appetizer + salad + entree + dessert + 4 drinks + flattery = anal

  101. CoAlex,

    Perhaps you need to drill down on the definition of 3 stars.

    And on the definition of ‘put out’.

    That’s probably more relevant.

  102. MJ,

    Do you have a t-shirt enterprise that can make this amazing shirt happen?

    If so, it is on the next H2 shirt.

  103. I think MJ is assuming someone’s gender again.

  104. The funny thing is when you abbreviate it.

    App = H
    App+ S = H + DT
    App + S + E = BJ
    App + S + E + D = straight sex
    App + S + E + D + 4 drinks = 3 some
    App + S + E + D + 4 drinks + 4 more drinks = anal

  105. Phat,
    What’s your take on the ’37 MAX MCAS/Runaway Trim debacle?
    Looks to me like leaving the plane in “Take Off” & climb to altitude at WFO throttle, while MCAS is running the stab-motor to full nose-down could have been killed by pulling the power back and, when slower, putting in one notch of flaps(which would kill auto-trim) and cleaning it up, and RTB.

    How is it different that ‘runaway trim’ in the ’37 Next Gen’?

    Now, everybody(APA) wants full-motion sim time in MCAS fail mode.

  106. I would substitute A for ‘app’ , but I’m confident the hostages can perfect MJ’s concept.

  107. They read your shirt, they’re interested.

  108. This is the best idea ever. And by best I mean worst.

    Which means it’ll happen.

  109. ChrisP,

    I don’t know where you’re getting info, but a couple of words you used are non starters ‘WFO throttle’ is something that I’ve never heard of.

  110. My take on the MAX is that Boeing fucked up. Bigly

    There are two stab trim cutout switches to the left of the throttle quadrant. Initially I that thought that would stop all inputs to the stab.

  111. I’m thinking now that this MCAS system had power to move the Stabilizer, even after I turned off the trim systems

    This would have been bad.

    I’ve spent some time, as a guy with over 5000 hrs flying this airplane, trying to figure this out.

    I hate to say it, but the common denominator tells all.

  112. Phat,
    “WFO” Wide Fuckin’ Open, ie take-off power, 90% N1…
    If the power was backed off, so they were at speed where flaps could be dropped, MCAS is disabled. They could clean it up.
    And no, if you turned off those two switches, MCAS is dead, but so is your thumb electric trim.
    Whatev, have a good evening…

  113. Defiantly, Edgar restored power.

  114. The woman who is accusing Trump of rape (25 years later during an election cycle when other accusations have turned to shit) is an advice columnist???? WTFF?? Listen for a couple of minutes (if you can take the crazy) to her speak, if you’re not convinced she’s nuts, you may need to check your own sanity.

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