Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.





Your model for today was born March 23, 1989, in Yawata, Kyoto, Japan.  She stands 5′ 2″, and measures 35 – 22 – 31 and 110 lbs.  Please be a good host and offer a sandwich to Miss Mai Nishida! 



  1. If only the Japanese would have taken on this fun and friendly attitude during WWII.

    I think there is going to be a lot of smashing going on. Certainly with MJ.

  2. Well, that first link made my day.

    One of the things that make Golden’s so cute is the control over the muscle above their eyes. Precious.

  3. That second link was satisfying. Shut your whore mouths.

  4. With lassies like that in Japan, why aren’t the Japanese having more sex?

  5. I bet she could dust the hell out of a bed.

  6. Hoo boy, I hope that story time was not for children.

    Anyone else wonder what she was asking her audience?

  7. Mai is exceptional in every way, Mare.

  8. Hoo boy, doggie! That second video puts the X in exceptional!

    We need more Mai Nishida Reading Hours and less Drag Queen Reading Hours

  9. I’m not sure the American or world public for that matter needs to know that Trump called off a mission to attack Trump unless that was the plan all along (make it known that “we were gonna strike but Trump is a wise man and held back” or something like that). I’ll put my admiration for the Mossad out there now. Strike quietly and keep your mouth closed.

  10. Strike quietly and keep your mouth closed.



  11. That should read “mission to attack Iran” not Trump lol.

  12. Brode Dalle is Josh Homme’s wife. (Queens of the stone age)

    wakey wakey

  13. Homme and Dalle? No play on words there, nosiree…

  14. On the other hand, using words to calm the markets and whatnot can be very useful.

  15. If Alex is going to move, we need to have a get together. That will be an emergencypalooza. my porch is always open.

  16. * cough *

  17. AHHH! Ebolulosis flu!

    /drenches Scott with Lysol

  18. 9/10 would smash

  19. HA! I knew it. But then, we all know MJ’s predilections.

  20. She has insufficient posterior development. 8/10 tops.

  21. Leon, we can change that. We can make her better.

    Come on Mai-chan, let’s do squats!

    Ich, ni, san, SHI!
    Ich, ni, san, SHI!
    Ich, ni, san, SHI!

  22. Pup, nice post. Just FYI, Lucia Lavorcekova is a potential Friday model.

  23. Jay’s link led me to read some old hostage threads, and I came across this:

    Comment by Sean M. on August 29, 2015 7:57 pm
    Have I mentioned that Dan is leaning Trump?

    Hey, if he wants to vote for a pro-abortion, tax-raising, Pelosi-loving, eminent domain-abusing Democrat stalking horse for the Clintons, it’s a free country.

    What a long strange trip it’s been since 2015…

  24. Heh, sounds like all of us in 2015.

  25. I think I saw this chick working at hooters in Odessa last week.

  26. Every single part of that turned out to be wrong.

    How delightful.

  27. What the fuck is a Thermidan and who left the door open?

  28. I was a reluctant Trump voter. But I was cheering and laughing on election night.

  29. 2020 is going to be hilarious.

    The media will continue to chase polls, none of which matter anymore.

  30. I haven’t really been following things much.

    How many pre teen girls has Biden groped this morning? Round to the nearest dozen.

  31. Whether you liked Trump or not (I didn’t) there was no way I was voting for Cankles. When I think back to that utter asshole Tim Kaine, I think,”Bitch, your first act as the democrat nominee was to pick this dumpster fire.”

    We dodged a fucking round straight out of the most powerful handgun in the world.

  32. I voted for Trump expecting a liberal NY Republican. My only goal was to stop Hillary! from getting power. Everything since then has been gravy.

  33. The Hodge twins on reparations or ‘weppo-rations, suh’. These two must of have been a handful growing up. SYWM

  34. The thought of hillary was horrifying to contemplate. That’s what made me hop on the caboose of the Trump train. He was annoying in the primary.
    Now, the nose twisting he gives the left, makes me laugh and laugh.

  35. I’ll put my admiration for the Mossad out there now. Strike quietly and keep your mouth closed.

    What did I miss while I was painting trim?

  36. Storm moving through. Again. It’s dark like it’s 8:30 pm.

  37. ………… painting trim.


    Is that a euphemism?

  38. *drops from the ceiling, wraps Pepe in cellophane, and ships him off to lauraw*

  39. Is that a euphemism?

    Carpet’s gotta match the drapes, amiright?

  40. Carpet’s gotta match the drapes, amiright?

    Not if the floors are bare.

    Well, except for a little ‘Welcome’ mat.

  41. Lunch decision time. Bacon double cheeseburger with a fried egg, no bun, or a gyro bowl with spring greens and double protein?

  42. Trump was not what I expected when I started supporting for him, or when I voted for him. He’s so much better. I half expect to wake up in a hospital bed, find out I’ve been in a coma since ’16, Hillary won and I’ve just been dreaming to escape the nightmare.

  43. He’s done a great job so far. No real complaints.

    I don’t love the dumb shit he says but then again, his adversaries are just as dumb and probably more so.

  44. *sees cellophane-wrapped package from beasn on front porch*

    SCOTT! That skunk you ordered is here!


    You didn’t? Then why did UPS deliver one? And why is the package leaking so much?


    NOPE. I’m not opening it.

    *calls UPS to do a return to sender*

  45. Mossad hasn’t done anything Beasn. I think. I’m not really sure though. That was the point of my comment, a comparison between countries.

  46. Hey, is heart failure part of methanol poisoning?

  47. I’ve got a big hunk of pork hanging on hooks in my PBC. I’m a little nervous, there’s 4 hooks in the meat but none under a bone. After doing half chickens and slabs of ribs I’m used to the reassurance of knowing my hook has a bone support.

  48. Should be ok with 4. If you want extra insurance tie a few loops of string around, making sure it’s above a hook.

  49. if it isn’t way big, you could put in on the rack, and not worry about hooks

  50. Really not sure. I thought it was a neurotoxin and fried your liver. Hypotension is mentioned which could cause problems for someone who had undiagnosed heart disease

  51. I have the rack but I’ve never used it. How far down in the barrel does it go?

  52. Did not think of string!

  53. PBC Solutions

  54. Grrrrumble, sometimes NM sucks. We need to replace an old, beat to pieces ATV. Dealers in NM are stuck on factory MSRP (strangely enough, they don’t even mention the direct to dealer $500 factory rebate!!!). A dealer out of state sells the same exact thing for $1,600 less ($5,800 vs. $7,400). NM dealers are asking more ($6,200) for a 2 year old used one.

    We ran into the same thing when we had to get a new truck a few years ago. An out of state dealer was about $9,000 less.

  55. I don’t love the dumb shit he says but then again, his adversaries are just as dumb and probably more so.

    Trump is (dear God I hate this word) antifragile. He benefits from chaos because it gives him options. So a lot of times the stupid shit he says is testing the waters, trying to stir up controversy, or just get a rise out of opponents.

  56. Antifragile and a White Swan!

  57. Orange swan.


    (Seen on the back glass of a pickup truck today, also WANT)

  59. The local radio shows said that when Trump had his rally in Orlando at the Amway Center, there were 100,000 inquiries for tickets and the center only holds 20,000. People waited for 2 days outside.

    I think the media and the polls are full of crap.

  60. Thats why I like the boneless pork shoulders that come packed as a round roast in a cotton string mesh sock, Jimbro. Rarely see them at the grocery store, but the restaurant supply place frequently has them. Easy to hang and no worries about losing it in the fire when it gets tender.

  61. The rack goes about a foot down, IIRC

  62. The rack goes about a foot down, IIRC

    Wow, your mom needs a better bra, maybe some surgery.

  63. Should have used the rack … less worrying

    It’s still looking good at 2 hours and 15 minutes.

  64. you can hang the charcoal basket from the rebars, put the grill on top of that, and use it like a regular grill, if you want to sear something.

  65. Never thought of that.

  66. This thread is like Mission Impossible for grilling now.

  67. you can hang the charcoal basket from the rebars, put the grill on top of that, and use it like a regular grill, if you want to sear something.

    Sure, but did you know it’s just a pressure cooker?

  68. Dammit, now I want to sell hanging woven baskets for instant pots on my Etsy store.

  69. I’ve been fighting to keep this stupid cluster alive for 9 hours now. I’m going to have to start logging OT soon.


  71. Don’t worry about the cluster that is H2, leon. Everyone is asleep in the afternoon.

  72. It’s cool, I’m multitasking by looking for a place to get a CDL.

  73. HOLY SHIT, as a military spouse, I could get financial aid or discounted tuition!

    This is gonna be great!

  74. That’s great! You can finally take that class on STDs! Warning, your Mom’s pic is in the textbook. Every chapter.

  75. , Jimbro?

  76. PBC pork shoulder, Bush’s baked beans and coleslaw. Excellent dinner for the first day of summer.

  77. Better than charcoal chicken!

  78. I’m multitasking by looking for a place to get a CDL.

    I think this place is hiring.

  79. Lol

  80. Could be interesting….

  81. ‘Sup, cunts?

  82. Comment by Hotspur on June 21, 2019 9:29 pm
    ‘Sup, cunts?

    I spent 5 hours at the ER today:

    How about you?

  83. knowing my hook has a bone support.

    Nobody wanted a piece of this???

  84. RL friend just got her CDL. Mother of 5.

  85. That stinks Teresa, glad it isn’t serious.

  86. Netflix H2 needs to watch Bad Blood. Me: Canadian Mafia? Sorry, cold poutine. DEAD. Sorry. Rancid Maple Syrup? Sorry. Legit mafia in 🇺🇸🧢. Who knew?

  87. New block schedule tomorrow. Dan still doesn’t understand that he’s the one who needs sleep. Not me. Working at 4AM.

  88. I can’t imagine the poor dears around me having to work at 4am.

  89. Dallas enjoyed relative prosperity.

  90. Morning, good people and Hotspur!

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