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    wakey wakey

  2. Do I gotta?

  3. “Liked” for Pickup in Aisle 3

  4. 199.5

  5. It’s too long, but

    For example, one participant indicated that they were not interested in dating “non-humans” or people with “make believe” identities.

    My man here is a hero.

  6. <block

  7. Finally, a minority of individuals mentioned a desire to only date people with whom they could have biologically related children, however, often these reasons were still expressed using dehumanizing language, such as saying that a trans man “was not a natural man” or a “real man” and that therefore it would not be possible to have children with him.

    Um, chicks-with-sewed-on-dicks are not real men, and are incapable of fathering children. Do psych students get to skip 8th-grade biology now?

  8. 1 Note: ‘cisgender’ refers to someone whose current gender identity is the same as the one they were assigned at birth, while ‘transgender’ refers to someone whose gender identity differs from the one they were assigned at birth.)

    They left out …whose current, past, and present

  9. The implication of the article is that the shorter lifespan of trannies is because they have a small dating pool.

    No, the mentally ill generally die younger, that’s why mental illness is considered maladaptive in evolutionary terms. I thought you people f*ing loved science and stuff.

  10. I’m not participating in other peoples crazy. If you’re a trans, you’re nuts.

  11. If you HAVE, HAD, or Will HAVE a schlong I am not interested in you.

    If you HAD, or WILL HAVE a cooter I am not interested in you.

  12. Our 50 year old daughter is living with a “guy” whose name used to be Kelly, but is now named Keegan. “He” is a nice person, and is never in your face about such things.

    There are certain questions where we don’t go.

    La lal la la la la la la …

  13. I’m so sorry, Hotspur. That’s terrifying.

  14. Heh, the steps we will go through to deceive ourselves, volume 3.1416 of the leftist view on the world.

  15. I don’t mind that my friend decided he was gay after having 4 kids, and going through a divorce from his wife, and is now married to his husband.

    I mind the in your face gay rights crap that sometimes escapes.

  16. Sorry, Hotspur, I’m sure he’s a nice guy, I’m not disputing that, but there is some serious mental illness. No thank you.

  17. I don’t mind that my friend decided he was gay after having 4 kids, and going through a divorce from his wife, and is now married to his husband.

    I mind. That guy is an asshole who betrayed his obligations as husband and father.

  18. I don’t mind, because it doesn’t usually affect me. And he’s dealing with his issues in his own way.

  19. He left the mother of his children – and his children – so he could get dorked in the squeakhole by other dudes.

    He’s every bit as bad as the bitch from CNN who went gay over an SNL performance.

  20. I think it’s gross.

  21. The mother left him, leon.

  22. Well, that’s a little different.

  23. His children were mostly grown, and he’s still taking care of his daughter who has special needs, but is on her own for the most part.

  24. Was he acting out prior to her departure?

  25. My like button doesn’t work anymore, so I shared this post on facebook and twitter.

    Good jerb Jay.

  26. no, he wasn’t, leon.

  27. damn, missed the share buttons

  28. *prepares to be banned from facebook and twitter, because of the opening pic.

  29. Look, it’s not hard. If it’s a detail, that’s one thing. If it’s their definition, that’s entirely different.

    It’s rarely healthy for ANYONE to completely define themselves by one aspect of their lives. This is no exception.

  30. well, sometimes, it IS hard!


  31. Blondie was quite the talented hottie. Favorite song of mine was “Heart of Glass”


    Twenty years ago trannies I knew were discussing whether or not they should tell a potential partner that they were trans. The conclusion was yes, but only because such a person might otherwise find out and kill them. The whole notion that a potential partner had a right to know something so basic and fundamental to the relationship was never brought up.

    I fully expect within ten years it will be pushed as immoral to ask if someone is transgender when dating them.

  33. I fully expect within ten years it will be pushed as immoral to ask if someone is transgender when dating them.

    They are already pushing that line with dating apps and websites.

  34. Then again, dating apps are about to die off anyhow:

    The future is (an app) finding a suitable breeding partner for a one-off exchange of DNA or a womb to gestate your clone-child.

  35. It was weird, because “he” was a friend of HotBride’s (employee actually, but then they became friends away from work.) We invited him to a few picnic type parties, and that’s where he met our daughter.

    She was having difficulties in her marriage. Her husband was one of these really nice people who are just hard to be around except in small doses (unaware of the timbre of his voice, occasional inappropriate laughing, difficult to converse with intellectually, etc.) I told her not to marry him, but did she listen to me? Nope.

    Eventually she decided she had to end her marriage, which she did two years ago. Next thing we know, she’s dating Keegan.

    They’re very discreet around us (no holding hands, kissy face shit, etc.) but its still feels weird.

    I suppose it’s like finding out your kid is gay. What are you going to do?

  36. I can almost believe in the concept of malevolent demons jumping from one person to another and spreading these awful ideas.

  37. Observation of objective evil is what led me to faith in God.

  38. … malevolent demons jumping from one person to another …

  39. Does anyone wear curlers anymore?

  40. Your mom leaves hers in sometimes while she’s doing her thing.

  41. I just go to bed with my hair wet. Gives me the crazy curls.

    Finally checked out that Bill Whittle video. Noticed it only has 18K views. Yes, they are suppressing non-lefty media. It’s disgusting.

  42. Whittle used to have a quarter milllion hits a day.

  43. That article is example #1 of why I don’t trust or respect the field of psychology. I mean, the things presented in it are a horrorshow, but that are professionals peddling this crap?

    Overall, it would appear that the most important step moving forward in terms of increasing the dating prospects for transgender and non-binary individuals is improving general knowledge and understanding concerning the diversity of gender identities and what each identity means.

    For the health of the mentally ill, the rest of us need to agree to date them.

  44. Come now, Car in. You need to be more tolerant. I mean, after all your daughter is dating a little girl pretending to be a boy.

  45. Tiiiiiiiiiime…is on my side…yes it is…

  46. A line in the article said something along the lines of being in a relationship has an effect on health much like smoking or drinking and focused on obtaining a relationship as something beneficial for these people’s health and well being. If you’re going to go at it from that angle, IMO, you need to consider the health and well being of trans people compared to the general population which the article obviously did not.

  47. The healthy:healthy relationship thing is also just a strong correlation. There’s no proof that the arrow of causation is that healthy relationships make people healthy. Just as plausible that healthy people are the only ones capable of healthy relationships.

  48. In fact, I’d posit that the latter is more likely true.

  49. I believe it. Folk not of sound mind don’t have relationships, they take hostages. (Hey, wait a second…)

  50. I need to re-arrange my desk. I’m starting to have uncontrollable twitching in my right bicep whenever I reach for my non-work mouse.

  51. This truly is the Best Timeline

  52. I started watching the Whittle video. Then I looked down at the subscribe button and was like, wut? I know I had previously subscribed to his channel and never unsubscribed my own self.
    Fucking leftist assholes.
    Had to subscribe again.

    I wonder if he knows there’s another video hosting site – bitchute dot com?

  53. I miss doing the debate livechat like we did in ’08. If we could do that again with the presidential tweets folded in that’d be hilarious.

  54. Can someone check the pit to see if a comment of mine went swimming?

  55. “For example, while only a very small minority of cisgender, heterosexual individuals (3.1%) were willing to date a trans person, a much greater percentage of individuals who identified as bisexual or queer provided inclusive responses (55%). ”

    The queer may be willing to date the confused/in denial-about-their-sexuality persons, but what is the percentage of queers willing to date those of the opposite sex, hmm?

  56. I would love it if Ace did a live chat again. That was fun. Plus, with the Dem clownshow it would be a target rich environment.

  57. Not very inclusive at all.

  58. nothing in pending beasnsnsnsnsnnnsss

  59. The M-F trans I have met are really in a relationship with themselves. Others are only there to serve that relationship. The eye is turned inward; there will be few healthy acts of relationship maintenance that focus outside of themselves.

    I find it interesting that the M-F trans are the ones that almost nobody wants to be in a relationship with. No matter what you do, men are perceived as more threatening. In this case, M-F trans are actually more dangerous and unpredictable, as is quantified by their rates of violence and suicide.

    The article states as a conclusion that people need to be better educated about trans people and also that they need to get rid of inaccurate media portrayals of trans people.

    Well, no, you need to tell fictions about them, actually, in order to deceive people about them. That’s what you’re really saying. Because anybody who has met a few M-F trans knows there is something wildly wrong.

  60. I would agree with the M-F trans being in a relationship with themselves. I work with one, pretty decent worker, keeps to herself (I know, I know, but it’s just easier to refer to them that way).

  61. Over at the house, the neighbors are a couple of gay dudes. The dominant one will speak to my husband. His partner kind of lurks in the shadows. Don’t think he’s ever said anything to Mr. B..

    Right about the time beasnette was moving in, I was in the house doing some painting and beasnette went outside to put her shoes on before going out for some lunch. The partner flits over to introduce himself to her and if she ever needs anything…blah blah.

    Neither will acknowledge me. Right now they have pride flags all over their yard.

  62. The M-F trans I have met are really in a relationship with themselves. Others are only there to serve that relationship. The eye is turned inward;

    Astute observation. I concur.

  63. I started watching the Whittle video. Looked down at the ‘subscribe’ button and was like ‘wut’? I subscribed to him a long time ago and never unsubscribed my own self.

    Effing leftist POS unsubscribed me.

  64. Desmond is amazing supports the premise.

    His “I just want to be me” is – in actuality – attention whore mentality. His parents should be arrested for child abuse.

  65. Astute observation. I concur.



  66. His “I just want to be me” is

    What he was taught to do by the adults around him, who would be better off being thrown into the ocean collared by a millstone than what’s coming to them.

  67. Yes. He’s been taught to be an attention whore.

  68. Is Desmond that kid who dances for adult men?

    HTF is that legal?

  69. If you need to smile or feel good or whatever this did it for me.

  70. Aww, that is sweet, mare.

  71. Yep. It’s legal because stop being a hater.

  72. Desmond is FABULOUS! Just ask him!

  73. Oh boy, a Showtime documentary on Fox News “The Loudest Voice”! I’m sure its jam packed with facts!

  74. Worky worky. Damn autocucumber keeps trying to change that to wormy wormy.

  75. Raining all day. Looks like another wet week ahead. This spring has been ridonkumous.

  76. Why is John Cusack trying so hard to make his old movies unwatchable?

  77. Sad, isn’t it? He used to seem so charming and upbeat. Now he looks like a pessimistic, paranoid old nutter.

  78. Answering the question nobody but Jimbro asked:

    Nessie the Wonderdog is a strong, independent dog who don’t need nobody to throw the frisbee for her. Mrs. Pupster and Boy1 in the back yard, check out the teeth snap at the end, she does that when she gets impatient.

  79. I have such an eclectic workload. This morning it was demonstrating getting an Android phone/tablet to display on an HDTV for presentations. This afternoon it was following a cloud link to print a presentation. Neither is my “standard” job, but hey, it’s variety.

    Besides, it’s pretty dead this time of year anyway.

  80. I just want to go back to writing code or up to software architecture. All I do anymore is administer elasticsearch, try to use undocumented/poorly documented features at the insistence of a customer deaf to constructive commentary, and occasionally refactor/fix old crap. It’s a complete waste of my talent, training, and inclination. I’d rather drive a garbage truck.

  81. Most days I miss the Army. Even though I know that there was plenty of bullshit, at least I got to occasionally do something fun.

  82. If you can train Nessie to throw the bean bag for herself, and she does it for hours, you’re a genius!

  83. I feel ya, leon. Spend most of my day explaining things to people, because others don’t want to.

  84. Usually I have to explain in documentation, because no one will read an email, and no one speaks around here.

  85. Jay, you work for the Ohio state government?

    Oh wait, you actually document crap. Never mind…

  86. Iowa, Ohio, Idaho, whatever. I’m the only one documenting, anyway.

  87. Sorry mare, you missed your chance:

  88. My frisbee time with Rowan is a lot of fun when he wants to play which is most of the time. In the early morning there are so many sights and sounds that he is more interested in checking out that he’ll chase it a couple of times and then act like an idiot wandering around smelling stuff. He gets a short frisbee session as a result of that crap.

  89. Overall, it would appear that the most important step moving forward in terms of increasing the dating prospects for transgender and non-binary individuals is improving general knowledge and understanding concerning the diversity of gender identities and what each identity means.

    Unfortunately for the writer of that article, the sad truth is that the public ALREADY KNOWS “what each identity means”, and the overwhelming majority don’t want to be anywhere near that kind of a train wreck.

    I have no doubt that most of them are nice people, but the fact remains that the person who participates in our annual neighborhood parade is still a dude in a dress (with a beard and a moustache).

    {It’s possible that he may be a resident at the neighborhood house where all of the (non-violent) people with medical head injuries stay}

  90. I used to go to the main library in my hometown after going to the Y to lift weights and play hoops with my friends. There was a dude wearing women’s clothes there who was obviously mentally ill. Always there. That was my early exposure to a trans person and left an impression on me. I’m sure the homeless crowd at the library has only become worse in the decades since. Thankfully our local library is not on a bus route.

  91. If you love science sexually like I do, you’ll realize that anyone who’s willing to date trannies is destined for the genetic dustbin, so I’d assert that every subsequent generation will be significantly less tolerant of this bullshit than it is at present.

    This moment, right now, is the best trannies will ever have it. It’s all downhill from here.

  92. Good actors in that play.

  93. I used to see the occasional man in a dress when contra dancing, although I’m not sure if they were trannies or just very weird dancers. There were a couple I’d see regularly when dancing in Portland.

  94. And now I just spent half an hour reformatting a Powerpoint for cell phones, or really for cell phones to show on an HDTV.

    Well, I haven’t been bored today.

  95. (The entire chain of events makes sense in context.)

  96. ” This morning it was demonstrating getting an Android phone/tablet to display on an HDTV for presentations. ”

    Wish I could do that. We tried, but evidently our phones are too old. No screen mirroring or whatever it takes. Or else I’m too technically inept to make it work, this is entirely possible.

  97. I love how the video after Nessie is “Aggressive German Shepherd Attacks Trainer!!”

  98. Same video really.

  99. Cordless glue gun is here!

    Cordless glue gun is here!

  100. It gave us fits too. My Galaxy S6 managed to do it reliably, my boss’ S5 less reliably. I think they’re just commandeering a laptop to be done with it. Whole thing was kind of short notice, but I think the parts weren’t even in place until today.

    On the plus side, I learned some neat new tricks, so it’s hardly time wasted.

  101. So, scythe blades don’t ship especially sharp. I got some mowing done, but I need to spend a good bit of time putting a nice edge on that before I go back for round 2.

  102. A Dremel will do that in about 5 minutes, but I bet you use a stone.

  103. Honing the scythe

    Heating the glue gun

    Hurling the frisbee

    Rubbing the felt

    Medicating the crazies

    Punching the phone

    We’re a fascinating group

  104. Lopping the limbs

  105. Some limbs need a good lopping

  106. I’m not opposed to using a dremel, but I have a stone and going slower makes me less likely to foul it up.

  107. I have stones, but I wont use them unless the power is out.

  108. Damn, Trump’s speech was pure red meat.

    Also, his public speaking has really improved. At this point I’d say he’s the best politician in a generation. Perhaps better than Clinton.

  109. Oh, I don’t know. I’ve seen a Trump speech, and he’s no Slick Willy.

  110. I don’t understand our new remote. We were watching Trump. Watching MLB. Bad batteries. I wanted to finish binge watching Once.

  111. This speech is better than his others, you are correct!

  112. He really is getting better. His cadence is better, and the little asides are rarer but more effective, and he really plays with the crowd.

  113. Dedicated entertainers rigorously perform.

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