Saturday, in the park, must have been the 4th of MEME!

Happy weekend! We Made It! Climate change hasn’t killed us yet!

Now for the content!

MJ emailed in a request that we get more kinky in here.

Stella got a new pool.


Hotspur designed this, and brought it to a meatup.


My life at work.


This is therapy from work.


MoonPie hired a new social media director. Intern for Wendy’s.



Another day that ends in Y for mare.




laura got the sourdough out…


Where do you want to go eat?


Remember where the like button is? Not a lot of clicks last week, so here is your punishment!



  1. I’m not sure if I should wakey wakey here.

    /gets nervous.

  2. I think you’re good. No one’s here, anyway.

  3. I peeked in but thought this was some kind of internet scam.

    /refuses to give this post my credit card number

  4. Mare – there is nothing to be afraid of. BUt we’re playing a little game called “What’s Your Porn Name”.

    To play, I need the name of the street you grew up on, your first dog, and the last 5 digits of your ss#.

  5. Re: the solar cycle link Carin posted – I don’t believe him. He’s predicting solar minimum in 2022, and I don’t see that. The same people who hotly argued last cycle that the F10.7 cm radio flux couldn’t physically go below 65 are now predicting flux numbers in the 50’s. I do think this year solar activity is going to bottom out, we’ll have probably ~270 days this year with no sunspots, then we’ll come out of it in late 2020 into another weak solar cycle.

  6. Interviewer this morning: “Describe your typical morning throne session.”
    Me: “Well, sometimes it’s like gliding down a ski jumping slope and, at other times, it’s like trying to pull a sequoia through a keyhole.
    *Interviewer last seen running from scene, mouth agape crying.*

  7. Uh, what?

    Pretend you’re teaching a 5 year old, RFH. What does ^^ this mean?

    I’m guessing we have more than 12 years on this blessed planet?

  8. I thought AOC (dumbass extraordinaire) told the press that the 12 year deal was a joke and anyone who believed it is a moron?

  9. /attempts to translate science to English

    It means Roamy doesn’t think the cycle will bottom out in 2022, but instead will next year and come back up slightly for a while. Something something about the signals of sunspot activity? I just dabble in this science stuff, enough to make myself look like an idiot on the Internet.

    Why It Matters: Increasing indications that climate cycles follow sunspot cycles, and low activity means cold, and next to no activity for an extended period of time means Little Ace Age Redux Maybe?

    Like I said, just enough to look like an idiot on the Internet.

    /stops digging hole

  10. Grand Solar Minimum is coming, MJ. The next major glaciation has already begun.

    Roamy is an Ice Age Denialist.

  11. MJ, the sun emits all kinds of energy, but the 10.7 cm radio flux is closest to the sunspot activity and also relates to the predictions I have to make for materials on orbit. It can’t go to zero like sunspots because you can’t turn off the sun. We are near historic minimums, but that doesn’t mean your model can go below a certain level, and I think the guy at Carin’s link is playing with the numbers and is wrong about how quiet the sun is supposed to be for the next three years.

    What does that mean for you? Probably a colder winter. I personally think God is laughing at the climate “scientists”. “You think you’re going to get warming? Watch this.” (dials down sun)

  12. Which reminds me of the line a colleague actually said at a conference, “Modeling is like masturbation, you do it enough, you start to think it’s the real thing.”

  13. What BroCav said, except this year, not next year.

    Another Ice Age? I don’t think so, but I am guessing colder, not warmer.

  14. Leon is already preparing to rule the icy wastelands of Michigan.

  15. It’s up to 60!!! yea. NOT TODAY LEON.

  16. Huh. Guess I understand it OK after all.

    It’s worth noting the Russians seem convinced it’s going to be very cold for quite some time, have been for a while. Keep in mind they’re pretty much responsible for the green scam from the bad old days when they wanted to cripple the West…wait that’s kind of now too…from the bad old days when they were Soviets and not just a bunch of oligarchs…wait still not that different…well you get the point.

    Add that to the Chinese island building–NOT the actions of someone convinced ocean levels will rise!–and one gets the sense “warming” ain’t on the menu anytime soon.

  17. Snowball Earth is what this placed looked like for nearly all of modern anatomical human history. The cycle will repeat, it’s just a question of when and what will precipitate it. The only way I can see an exception is if the comet-impact hypothesis is correct and our current interglacial was caused by an extra-solar agent.

  18. Is it too much to ask for a fucking email, when you send scheduling information for a production deployment? Oh no, it’s too difficult to do that, since you’re in charge, and actually responsible for the application. GRRRR.

    No just let Jay send emails for 2 days while you ignore it.

  19. Sorry, just venting. Can’t hit the cabinet in the cube farm, or I’ll get sent to HR, for making all the snowflakes cry.

  20. I nearly pulled my remaining hair out and stayed up past midnight last night trying to figure out why there was a $20 million discrepancy between the amount for a line item in the most recent budget version and what my calculations said there should be (I was coming up over). Went through every proposed amendment in the database looking for the one that someone might have accidentally added in.

    Finally spoke with my boss this morning about it. Her response, “oh yeah, they made the change without putting in any budget amendment.” WTF?!

  21. I just quit Netflix. Fuck those cock gobblers.

  22. I got rid of my subscription a while back. I’ll probably sign up in July when Stranger Things Season 3 arrives, and binge it and the final season of Jessica Jones before cancelling again.

  23. Which reminds me of the line a colleague actually said at a conference, “Modeling is like masturbation, you do it enough, you start to think it’s the real thing.”
    Thanks for the clarification. I’m really not interested in the politics of environmental science but I am pretty interested in modeling. It seems so piss poor as to be on par with economics.

    There’s basically no science in either.

  24. Anyone else see a rainbow in a logo now and think “virtue signaler”?

  25. Which reminds me of the line a colleague actually said at a conference, “Modeling is like masturbation, you do it enough, you start to think it’s the real thing.”

    What’s the old line? “All models are wrong. Some, however, are useful.”

  26. I see rainbows and think “God wants that back.”

  27. Gosh, Jay, you’re a sweet guy, I see that and think jackass.


  29. Lol

  30. Gym fail gifs for Car in

  31. Heh, good ones.

    mare, I’ll try to stop being a jackass, but I am what I am.

  32. hey pepe, I tried lubing the CRKT Cuatro pivot point, but it’s still really hard to flip open. Any suggestions?

  33. Bacon grease

  34. slicing bacon! THANK YOU!

  35. J’Ames, if it’s hard to get started, that’s the detent. If it flips, but doesn’t open all the way, that’s different. You can contact CRKT, they usually warranty everything, or you can send it to me and I can check it out.

  36. You better plant extra veggies, beasn, since you’re eating for two now.

    *rolls Jay in banana leaves and drops him into a roasting pit*

  37. *rolls Jay in banana leaves and drops him into a roasting pit*

    Man, you’re getting some weird cravings.

  38. Black flies are bedeviling wildlife in Iowa due to all the rain this year. The two eaglets from the Decorah nest, and now the eaglet from the Decorah North nest, have either fallen out of their nests or fledged before they were ready. All three have been evaluated and taken to SOAR for treatment and fluids. All three bitten up, dehydrated, and anemic.
    And it’s not just the birds that are suffering. The gnats are so bad, even the workers at the fishery, which is a reliable food source for the Decorah nest, are being chewed on.

  39. If’n you want to, you can help in the care of all the various raptor patients, by donating here…

  40. is there anything I can do myself, pepe?

  41. I donated all of my money to the AOC re-election campaign. Sorry.

  42. Hey CoAlex, can you check the pit to see if I dropped the barbecue fork in it? Kthnx.

    *poises foot*

  43. *squirts hotspur with lighter fluid*

    *laughs like lauraw after dosing a chipmunk with lead*

  44. Deadlifted 270 today.

    /rests on laurels.

  45. I remember when I was in the 200 range … and I thought I could *never* get this high.

  46. I just deadlifted over that, by standing up.

  47. /deadlifts poat. Puts it on the gurney and applies paddles


    /shocks poat

  48. Don’t shock the poat, you know the state beasnsnsnsss is in.

  49. Michigan Hostages: Troy? Shithole? Nice?

  50. heh, Floppy Joe is Rush’s nickname for Biden

  51. Troy is nice enough, close to very nice on one side and not so nice on the other. You could live in very nice and drive into Troy without much trouble.

  52. Man, it’s almost like the Democrats don’t know how to handle an opponent that actually fights. It’s magnificent. Like a forty car, two train, and an airliner all smashed up in a single, glorious catastrophe. You can’t not watch in awe, horror, and hilarity.

  53. As I said on the HQ, Trump’s genius is that the man can read a room. He knows how to read the mood and use it to his advantage.

    Just as Biden starts to flag he throws an insult that is almost calculated to cause Dems to rush in to support ol’ Joe.

  54. The best part will be Joe talking about how smart he is.


    I’m less worried about a Gattica future than one where all these designer babies end up with nasty problems because, hey genetics is complicated and hard, and all the kids who were designed to be super smart are also much more likely to be autistic, the ones designed to be top athletes end up with numerous physical problems, or the ones resistant to disease also have overactive immune systems, etc…

  56. Joe won’t make it. Once its obvious that he’s OAF, I’m hoping the dems do the traditional thing by getting excited about 10 of the candidates and then settle on Buttigieg or whatever.

  57. Troy is sbout the middle between me and Detroit. Lots there, and plenty close. It’s doable to live by me and work in Troy- it’s not uncommon.

  58. OAF = old as fuck

  59. I still don’t get Bootygig’s deal. A failed mayor of a small Midwestern town? There’s literally nothing in his resume to recommend him over the other twentyodd candidates. Baffling, it is.

  60. South Bend’s murder rate is higher than Detroit’s.

    Buttplug for president!

  61. Buttigeig is running for Veep.

  62. Oso bait:

    J’Ames found a new dog groomer

  63. But her knees didn’t pop!

  64. J’Ames, send me an email to: at hotmail and we can figure it out.

  65. *releases one of those Sams Club-sized pickle jars, filled with buffalo gnats down Jays britches*

  66. We used to live in Troy. Nice place. Then we bought our first little house in Clawson.

  67. Pinterest has been blocking several conservative sites for a long time now.

  68. I used to work in Clawson. Not bad.

  69. We lived on Tecumseh. Pretty sure Barb’s Pizza is still down at the end of the block.

  70. Clawson has the best sushi place in the area. It’s a little Japanese grocery with a sushi bar in the back. It is amazing.

  71. Jay, I didn’t call you a jackass! I called people who virtue signal with a rainbow jackasses!!

  72. I miss having an Asian grocery/Chinese buffet more than I thought I would after moving.

  73. I would literally kill any one of you for some good Chinese food rn.

  74. Meetings with clients out of the way. Now I can hang out with you dick weeds.

  75. I have zero desire to see another biopick about a gay singer. The one about Freddy M was fine, but really not … THAT great. I found it jumped around a lot, and really didn’t dig that deep (Freddy was private – so perhaps that didn’t help … but then why make the movie?)

    I watched the movie about Liberace the other day. THAT … man, I had no clue.

    I just don’t think there is anything about Elton’s life that … is bring to the big screen worthy.

  76. The only good thing about Queen were the movie soundtracks for Highlander and Flash Gordon.

  77. It’s perfect weather out and I think I’m actually too lazy to pick strawberries right now.

  78. Bert had a problem with oversleeping and was always late for work. His boss threatened to fire him if he didn’t do something about it. So Bert went to his doctor, who gave him a pill and told him to take it before he went to bed.

    Bert slept incredibly well; in fact, he woke up before the alarm went off. He had a leisurely breakfast and a pleasant ride to work.

    “Boss,” he said,”that pill my doctor prescribed actually worked!”

    “That’s great,” said the boss, “but where were you yesterday?”

  79. J’Ames found a new dog groomer

    Looks more like Riley. Lucky Shawn.

  80. Queen was a great group. Don’t care if Freddy was gay. How many other bands have an astrophysicist as a guitarist, too?

  81. No worries, mare, I am a jackass. Proud one!

  82. No, I felt bad (or is it badly) that you thought I called you that!!

  83. Huh, now they tell us

  84. So now being pro-life is racist?

    STFU Gillibrand. Idiot.

  85. Regarding the florist and wedding. Would it be bad form to ixnay wrist corsages and boutonnieres for parents/grandparents and just have the wedding party carry/wear the flowers?

    Does the father of the bride have to wear a tux?

  86. If we ordered a corsage for my MIL, as grandmother, would we have to order the same for daughter’s other grandparents (my parents), who have not had anything to do with her for the past 10 years.

  87. Daughter doesn’t care. I really don’t want to wear a corsage and think anything outside the wedding party is a waste.

  88. Literally no one will ever notice or care. If someone wants to wear flowers, get a grocery store bouquet, scissors, some florists’ tape, and long pins. $15, ten minutes of time, all nonsense behind you.

  89. But really, just skip it. Focus on what’s important. The food.

  90. Just another day in retail remodel Paradise. I think the Oso bait Dachshund was named Margaret. Member: Do you know where the baby cheese is? Oso walked the Member to the Baby Bel new location. Really really really wanted to go all Gloria from Modern Family. (She kept getting baby Jesus from Amazon Alexis)

  91. That’s what I was thinking, laura. I couldn’t even remember what we did at our wedding regarding flowers outside my bouquet, which was low budget roses/baby’s breath. I had to pull out the wedding album where, alas, though I don’t remember ordering them, parents and grandparents had corsages.

    I think we’ll skip it for daughter’s wedding and focus more on the dessert table — the banquet hall is catering the food, so the choice there is limited.

  92. For dessert, I’m playing around with the idea of a half dozen kinds of tasty homemade cookies. Or a naked cake or maybe small cake for the bride/groom with tiers of cupcakes made out of a mix I can consume, in daughter’s favorite flavor.

  93. Naked cake

  94. Looking at all the pretty cakes on pinterest, I get excited because I know I can make those and not screw them up.

  95. So Oberlin is on the hook for millions over the faux rayciss mob attack on a bakery.

  96. We had our reception at a nursery. Wedding party never picked up their arrangements for pews or reception tables. Nursery gifted us all of the flowers. Wedding guests always thought we paid bank for the flowers.

  97. No way you should buy flowers for anyone not deserving. Don’t care who notices.

    Also, have you been working on H2 accommodations for the shindig?

  98. Oberlin screwed themselves. The piece de resistance was saying how wrong the jury was, when the jury’s not done with the punitive damages yet. Please, sir, may I have another.

  99. Contractor tried to tell me the results of an experiment from the late 80’s that I worked on. I corrected him and added details he missed. The stunned silence on the telecon was worth the “get off my lawn” moment.

  100. Screw big flower.

    Everyone gets a cigar.

  101. I like the cake, beasn.

  102. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on June 11, 2019 9:16 pm
    Contractor tried to tell me the results of an experiment from the late 80’s that I worked on. I corrected him and added details he missed. The stunned silence on the telecon was worth the “get off my lawn” moment.

    Haaaa ha ha haaa AWESOME! I wish you had a recording of this event.

  103. Quote for the flowers is about $900.
    Brides bouquet – $175
    8 centerpieces – $380
    $15 per boutonniere
    $35 per mother’s wrist corsage
    Don’t remember the bridesmaids bouquet (there are two of them)

    Take off parent’s, one grandparent’s flowers …$100 less.

    Hmmm. Should go to the dollar store and buy some coffee filters..make our own centerpieces. Sound crazy? Go look at the faux flowers people make with coffee filters. I should give it a shot before signing that contract.

  104. —I like the cake, beasn.—

    I really like that too. Should be super easy to make with the help of Duncan Hines. Do something like that plus 80 matching cupcakes. Done.

  105. Oberlin having to close it’s doors would be sweet justice.

  106. But True Believers of Dumb Fuckery will never learn their lesson.

  107. “YouTube Pulls All ‘Seinfeld’ Clips Featuring The Soup Nazi”

    Okay, Babylon Bee, you got me with that one.

  108. LOL, did contractor issue an apology?

  109. Beasn, no, but that was okay.

  110. Suit against google moves forward into discovery. If only these googly goons can be slapped down…

  111. My boss is a lazy POS. She’s transitioning to a he. Her gay marriage broke up over her BS. She has lived as a male for one year. Psych docs are continuing her transition. She gets away with her lazy bullshit because of her transition status.

  112. Darren’s employment remained provisional.

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