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  1. Haha … what a tool! Staged proposals are so cheesy

  2. “Cuz you have a lot of fucking problems” is one of the classics

  3. Where can I get this dog vest?

    Stay away, I’m not interested in your drama, no, you can’t have my change, stop being gross no, seriously, you’re gross. Please consider having some pride in your appearance, WTF told you to wear pajamas to Walmart?” Have a good day.

    Asking for a friend.

  4. I love the “fatter in person” too! *cough*

  5. I don’t understand #4.

  6. whoopsiedoodle

  7. wakey wakey

  8. I don’t understand #4.

  9. I don’t understand #4.

  10. #4 is when you do #2 twice.

  11. Going to meet with a florist today. Daughter made the appointment for noon. This time of year I usually have to wait for a #6 before it’s safe to leave the house.
    Not made better with all the rain. Mold numbers are through the roof into orbit.

  12. Has anyone checked out Parler, yet? Supposed to be a free speech social network do-jobbie to compete with twitter.

  13. Mini-me is headed to the beach with friends. Rain forecast for every day they’ll be there. (figures)

    Praying for safe travel.

  14. Going to meet with a florist today. Daughter made the appointment for noon.

    We’ll pray for oso.

  15. I am trying to figure out what to do today. Not a lot of laundry to do. Trying to get motivated to declutter some.

  16. I should make breffist and do laundry, and then maybe pick up my sketch book or paints and actually get some practice. Plan is to work out this evening.

  17. We’ll pray for oso.

    I’ll appreciate it.

    She is a cream and dusty rose/pink kind of girl but she chose a dusty lavender as her wedding ‘color’ because wanting to be inclusive of the boyfriend’s likes – purple being one of his favorite colors – even though he is generally clueless on these things and more than likely doesn’t give a shit about color schemes.
    I have convinced her to insert pink somewhere in her bouquet. It will be discussed with florist lady.

  18. I would think that those two colors would play well together, so there’s no reason that she can’t incorporate her colors into the wedding as well.

  19. I started laundry, got dressed, cleaned the kitchens, got the chickens out and gave them some treats. It’s already hot out, but I plan(ned) on yard work all day.

  20. A brighter/more intense pink photographs better.

    I literally just made that up, but you were halfway to suggesting it to your daughter weren’t you.

    Be careful when using the internet.

  21. I treated the cabbages to a dust of diatomaceous earth, pulled a few weeds here and there, covered the pole bean sprouts with fabric so the blackbirds won’t take them, brought my gear to the front yard, weeded out a crowd of cleome seedlings, pruned my 4 new baby fruit trees, cut back the lavenders, and planted 7 ‘blue bedder’ salvia that I had started from seed in Winter.

    Still have a British Imperial Shittonne (14.3 shittes greater than the Standard Field-Measure Shittonne) of things to do. I keep running inside and chugging water because the sun is so strong.

    Need to mulch the potato patch.
    Need to put up the a-frame trellis system for my tomatoes.

    I may repair inside afterwards and resume the kitchen painting project.

  22. Oh! Need to pick strawberries and spinach.

  23. If I didn’t have to florist at noon, I’d be getting some gardening done RIGHT NOW!

    It’s not even 70 degrees out, yet. Mostly overcast. Perfect conditions to weed and feed the garden.

    I knew that about brighter pinks. Close up pics would be fine with lighter pinks. She’s been pricing out photographers. Three hour minimums. $1500.


    I’m in the wrong business. Told her she should ask her brother to be photographer. He’s never done anything formal like weddings, but the pictures he has taken on his various trips are pretty good. Pretty sure he can get good family pics and a few decent ones in the chapel.

  24. People just lose perspective on the wedding photographing thing. Honestly, you just need a few good picture. Hours of posing? Etc. Not needed.

    Who wants to look through all those posed pictures? I mean, one to remember everyone was there. And done.

    But it has turned into :

    Pre-wedding prep dressing/etc
    Getting into the limo
    getting out of the limo
    walking into the church
    moments before you walk down the isle
    walking down the isle
    endless service pictures
    first kiss
    turn around and couple presentation
    walking back out the isle
    coming out of the church
    down the church steps
    and the millions of Bride with parents, bride with maid of honor, pride with wedding party, bride with groomsmen

    on. and on. and on

  25. I remember the photos from a friend’s daughter’s wedding. She posted over 300 on Facebook. At least 30 were of the mother zipping up her daughter’s dress. Just 2 of the groom.

  26. Our photos were done by iPhone. We ought to get one printed someday to hang on the wall.

  27. Just mowed the lawn. It takes me a little over 2 hours of constant mowing. I’ve been letting Ben do it so far this year but Paula begged me to do the mowing every other time because he does a half assed job. So much pruning needs to be done. That’s a project for another day (which is probably why it’s so bad).


    Check your change, “W” Mint mark quarters are out there and are worth more than 25¢!

  29. I was starting to set up a pork roast in the crockpot with some apple juice that was leftover from Mini-me’s graduation party. Mr. RFH stopped me and said, don’t, there’s something wrong with that juice. It’s juiceboxes. I checked the expiration date, no problem there. Stabbed one with the straw and took a sip. WTFITS?!? This is gross. Then I read the ingredient list – sweet potato juice, beet juice, regular and purple carrot juice. Well, there’s your problem.

  30. We ought to get one printed someday to hang on the wall.

    You should, y’all are a cute couple.

  31. The DrPizza thing is disturbing and somehow hilarious. Another fat piece of shit gets exposed for who he really is.

  32. I don’t know the DrPizza thing.

  33. A summary here.

    The tech journalist has made the rounds on Twitter as an avowed “male feminist” who once bragged about “dating 3 feminists right now” and spoken extensively about feminist issues and repeatedly condemned the #GamerGate movement for ethics in games journalism. Despite being a journalist in games and technology, Bright often spoke out against “male gamers,” referring to them as “irredeemable.” He also defended the concept of cuckoldry.

    In several posts, Bright claimed to understand the psychology of child molesters, expressed his disagreement with age-based rape laws, and once remarked that one should “please ignore the [child’s] howling coming from the basement.”

  34. Isn’t this Jay’s job?

  35. CoAlex, ew. Glad they caught him.

  36. Roamy, like I said, disturbing because of the stuff he said and was trying to do, hilarious because yet another left-wing male feminist turns out to be utter scum.

  37. “We ought to get one printed someday to hang on the wall.”

    Super easy at

    Printed in under an hour.

  38. Safe to assume that when you see somebody virtue-signaling that hard, it’s a lot of attempts at throwing up a smokescreen. My mom used to say ‘the bigger the cross the bigger the sinner,” in reference to someone she knew who used to wear a big wooden cross pendant and talk a good church game but who actually behaved reprehensibly.

    I hate the stench of hypocrisy. This is why I always tell everybody what a rotten lousy fink I am, right up front.

  39. I’d be one of those people that carries a life sized cross.

  40. Who wants to look through all those posed pictures?

    Srsly. You spend $1500 for maybe two or three really good professional pictures? You’d think my daughter would learn something from my wedding album, which cost a small fortune for the cheapest package. Then the staging, like my mom arranging my veil…me pinning my dad’s boutonniere. Totally fake bullshit that didn’t capture the reality of my mom, who had nothing to do with wedding other than showing up, yelling at me to get out of the bathroom so she can get ready….and me having to wait forever for my sister to take me to the church to get ready in a dark, basement restroom.

    The best pictures were those taken by our friends. Those caught the genuine smiles.

  41. The florist will give us a quote in a few days. Daughter says pink all the way for the bouquets with just a touch of lavender – nice contrast.

  42. Pound of Driscoll’s strawberries on sale. This batch is darned tasty!

  43. Now too sunburned to garden anymore until the shadow of the house covers the yard. I’m not very smart, people.

  44. Just checked Walgreens. Looks good, ima surprise her with a completely out of character gesture

  45. While at Walgreens see if these are on sale, like they are here:

    Get two boxes and hide them from the kids.

  46. I’m not eating them but Houseguest has been picking them up from time to time and Scott is ga-ga over these things.

  47. I had them blow up some vacation photos to 20 x 16. Very nice.

    20 x 16 is pushing it a bit, needs to be a very sharp photo.

  48. We put them under plexiglass and mounted them to the wall with mirror clips

  49. I like the no-frame, minimalist look. But maybe a wedding photo should have a nice frame.

  50. Pound of Driscoll’s strawberries on sale. This batch is darned tasty!

    I’ve got a pound of strawberries sliced up and macarating in the fridge, and a pint of vanilla ice cream in the freezer.

  51. Big storm blowing through Charlotte right now, I got the chicken off the grill and the Tiki umbrella down just in time. I made Caribbean jerk chicken breasts and they turned out really good.


  53. That sounds good, Puppeh.

    No ice cream for me…so a drizzle of honey over them…very good. Gives it almost a cinnamon spice flavor.

  54. Windtalkers is on ThisTV, RIGHT NOW!

  55. I showed Dan, let Oso drive. He said “No”. Our new car doesn’t have a key.

  56. What should we do with a drunken MCPO?

  57. Our photographer and the drunk priest at our parish church were in a passive aggressive fight. We only paid for the Ceremony package. No pre. No reception. I found our wedding album the other day.

  58. Yesterday, when I was coming home, early evening, I saw in many places about ten feet up above the road, what looked to be black smoke. EVERYWHERE. On closer eyeballing, it wasn’t smoke, it was swarms of bugs. Just like those birds (starlings?) that fly in coordinated clouds of birdiness. But kajillions of them all the way home.
    I’m thinking gnats? Normally during summer, you may walk through a small batch here and there, on an evening walk. I’ve not seen so many ‘clouds’ of them, like I did last night. Crazy.

  59. Beasn, we have Millers this year. Not as bad as the Hoppers from a few years ago. I think CA is having ladybug swarms.

  60. Flying ants do that around here every now and then.

  61. Nutmeggers have flying ants?

  62. Hoppers too.

  63. AUGH!!!!

  64. True Story. We had to recall our Bug A Salt. Needed a warning label to not point at face. Warning label is now included.

  65. Dan is cast iron cooking our ribeyes instead of broiling. Smells so yummy

  66. Well, your company just saved the eyesight of 10,000 dumbshits that were gonna shoot themselves in the face with salt. Good for you, but I was kinda rooting for Darwin on this one.

  67. sous vide then sear, best way to cook ribeyes.

    But Oso likes them burnt, so probably doesn’t matter.

  68. (not really, but I know those guys aren’t gonna read the warning label)

  69. Who here has a bug-a-salt? Have you tried it on carpenter bees?

  70. Good for you, but I was kinda rooting for Darwin on this one.

    The eye patches just make them look tougher and attract more women, so warning labels are actually reducing the chances that the morons will reproduce.

  71. Asking for a friend.

  72. Never heard of carpenter bees. Huh.

  73. That’s an excellent and unforeseen point, Colex.

  74. Trying to figure out a recipe for baked waffle fries. Don’t wanna get out the fryer pot and stink up the house.

  75. pepe won a big award at Blade, Best Buy of the year! Congrats pepe, since I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t say a word about it here.

  76. Comment by lauraw on June 8, 2019 9:47 pm
    That’s an excellent and unforeseen point, Colex.

    What doesn’t kill you gives you a bitchin’ scar and a story that chicks dig.

  77. oh wow, never thought of just putting them in hot water, and letting them sit. So simple!

  78. That is a loverly little kanife. Nice job, Pepe!

  79. Yeah, just rest them in hot water, should be ready to go in an hour, man.

  80. *pinches Jay in the back*

  81. well, I was referring to the setup step, but your reply makes mine so snarky!

    Well played!

  82. A guy I know from the gym invited me to come out and see his band. Middle aged white guys doing Lady Gaga covers. Pray for Oso.

  83. There are menopausal women twerking. Kill me nao.

  84. Fries tip is next time. Steak was yummy. Steak sauce was at Cost Plus. HP from Lea and Perrins.

  85. Congrats, Pepe!

  86. Worked with a guy from Africa that didn’t understand OSHA and other lawsuit protection rules. He thought everything forklift related was a joke. It has only gotten worse.

  87. I’m the Elaine Benes/Navin Johnson of twerking.

  88. Heh, ate at pepperjax (good philly sandwich!) and they were out of the steak sauce they labeled as theirs. was my favorite to dip fries in. Turns out it’s a generic brand you buy from a supply store.

  89. This truly is the Best Timeline.

  90. Totally forgot about the Belmont today.

  91. steamed cheeseburgers have made it to Ames

  92. being told now that trump’s tariff threat had nothing to do with Mexico backing down on their southern border enhancement.

  93. Bug a salt might knock down a carpenter bee, but not kill it. It’s not very powerful.

  94. so, a carpenter bee is stronger than the human eye?

  95. thanks for the post, pupster

  96. You betcha. I’ve got two more meme posts in draft for backup, I appreciate your partnership in taking on the Tuesday and weekend meme posting duties Jay. Can we have too many meme posts? I don’t think so.

  97. I just save the pics. I agree on the meme format. I’ll keep posting them too.

  98. Dina enthusiastically read plays.

  99. Always wondered how to make waffle fries

    Do you have an air fryer? The video I found was a close up of a guy opening a bag of Great Value waffle fries, dumping them in an air fryer, turning it on and showing cooked fries. Useless. Except perhaps to idiots. Like the guy who made the video.


    Wakey wakey

  101. Louis Vuitton

  102. That purse deal made me lol.

  103. Dog vomit is rarely funny.

  104. I’m changing the orifices in my grill to convert it to natural gas

  105. Purse made me laugh, too.

  106. There’s a your mom joke about orifices there somewhere.

  107. Ribs are rubbed. Now we wait for signs of awakeness among the Pupster masses.

  108. Read the whole thing. You can’t make this stuff up.

  109. That’s awesome Roamy.

  110. “orifices”

    Hotspur is one sick bastard.

  111. Great story, Roamy.

  112. Mare, what did you do to the poat?


  113. Knocked out a shit ton of pruning. There’s at least 2-3 x as much left to do still. Bittersweet was growing over my blueberries. I need to spend a few days hacking at that hedge which has a mass of oriental bittersweet growing out of control.

  114. Scott accompanied me to pick up a truckload of stinky nasty rabbit manure. Thank goodness because I could never have managed it myself. This chick has been saving up her pets’ poop since last Winter. Horrid.

  115. You really can’t put a price on good shit like that

  116. There’s a Monty Python Holy Grail version of Monopoly. Castles instead of railroads. Book of Armaments instead of Chance. Bring Out Your Dead tax. Markers like the Holy Hand Grenade and the Trojan Rabbit.


  117. If there’s anything more satisfying than creating a tall mound of eye-wateringly obnoxious rabbit shit/urine-soaked hay, kitchen scraps, and yard trimmings, I’ve yet to encounter it.

    This has been a fantastic day. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed any shower more than the one I just took.

    I’m drinking a glass of chilled Torrontes, because it is Summer and I’m not as good at staying on the wagon as Hotspur is. Oh, well.

  118. Planted my garden and ran 9.5 miles.

    /puts check mark next to “successful day”

  119. Poopalooza!

  120. *high fives Carin*

    Lady, I know just how you feel.

  121. I cleaned up the courtyard. 4 bags of crap, lovely.

  122. I changed the orifices in my grill.

  123. I finished the baby blanket.

    Tackling the garden, tomorrow.

  124. Tranny grill.

  125. It’s going to turn everything you cook into hot dogs.

  126. I like hot dogs.

  127. It runs on unnatural gas.

  128. Beanie weenie

  129. Hoping for a Game 7

  130. This poat smells like laraw’s garden.

  131. I drove past a deli yesterday that had a sign “Big Richard’s Hot Dogs”. Made me think of wiser.

  132. Davis expected Rafferty’s protestations.

  133. There’s gonna be a Game 7.

    I’ll give the teams even odds. Blues have been more aggressive at the net, B’s will have home ice. Hopefully there’s no lousy officiating.

  134. Lot of bad stuff happening in the DR lately. Tourists ending up beaten or dead in hotels and Big Papi getting shot yesterday. I’ve always wondered how a nation sharing an island with a third world shithole like Haiti managed to keep its nose clean. The facade is crumbling.


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