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Your model for today was born on September 23rd, 1992 in Reading, England. She stands 5’6″, and measures 34-24-36 and 128 lbs. Please mind the gap and say howdy to Miss Harley Gacke  AKA Harley G !


  1. Solid entry in the series

  2. Another excellent band; UVB

    I’m listening to some of their other stuff on YT this morning.

  3. Thanks Jimbro, I’ve been listening to this song on a pretty heavy rotation and not getting tired of it. Pupster family drama related to the move to Charlotte has me feeling sentimental.

  4. wakey wakey

  5. She definitely seems nice.

  6. Gorgeous work. Suck it, Bayeux Tapestry! Not really. Sorry. I’ll see myself out


    That made me laugh.

    Both tapestries deserve to be cherished and admired.

  7. Looks like the Bruins are going to be missing their duck boat victory parade this year barring a “miracle on ice”. St Louis, aside from Game 3, has looked like the better team. Boston sports media is losing it over a missed call. Eh, they miss stuff all the times going both ways in all sports, just feels worse when it’s your team.

  8. Ok, I know you guys hate my music, but this is phenomenal.

  9. “2. Tariffs come for avocado toast. President Trump has said the U.S. will impose tariffs on all imports from Mexico starting on Monday. That would include the 99% of raspberries and strawberries and 80% of tomatoes and avocados in U.S. supermarkets that are grown south of the border.”
    From the WSJ “What’s News” newsletter this morning. I didn’t read the article, don’t care enough about it. People will either pay a little more for their produce or skip it altogether. Growers in Mexico are going to be faced with a surplus of perishable food. The economic and gastronomic pain will be felt two ways but will inevitably be focused on US Millennials despairing how the high price of avocado toast forced them to delay exiting their mom’s basement all in an effort to raise the ire of the people who weren’t going to vote Trump 2020 in the first place.

  10. Gojira is good but they’re not “Ugly Valley Boys-Good” good

  11. Tightest band in metal – possibly ever.

  12. Didn’t Chipotle estimate that a tariff standoff will cause a 5 cent rise in prices.

    Get over it, basement dwellers.

  13. I love the pic of our “model’s” body in the jean shirt.

  14. Mare likes the Dong Sarong?

  15. Strawberries are only imported in winter. Growing them in greenhouses here is easy enough.


    This is a really weird story. I remember reading about it in the past but lost track of the story. The whole thing is still kind of confusing, guess I’ll need to read it again.

  17. I would prefer to import a 25 million + underclass rather than pay 5 cents extra for my terrible burrito.

    –the Left

  18. I would rather enslave millions of women, children, and men rather than pay my nanny legally, saving me .000002% of my take home income.

    –the people who tell the Left what to think

  19. 7/10 would smash

    –MJ’s gentlemans sausage

  20. Jimbro – I can’t make heads or tails of the story.

  21. Jimbro, I laughed when I saw a headline that said, “The jean bathing suit is here just in time to ruin summer.”

  22. Today’s model looks like she’d make a fine companion on a cold night.

  23. I do worry about the occult significance of the bunny mask in her photo shoot video, though.

  24. Terrible burrito with e. coli.

  25. The Ugly Valley Boys need a banjo. Pretty good!

  26. UVB > Godzilla misspelled

  27. I watched Shaving Ryan’s Privates last night in honor of D-Day.

    Too bad it couldn’t have starred someone who gave a shit about the U.S.

  28. Your story looks better. It was the first one I found and, yeah, a little scatterbrained.

  29. I didn’t read The Longest Day but A Bridge Too Far is fantastic.

  30. MARE!!!!! Go to this morning. You will see what I mean.

  31. HA! Clint!! I wish.

  32. Gojira is Godzilla in Japanese. They originally were Godzilla but changed it.

  33. True, but my version is better, and more fun.

  34. I usually try to avoid buying any produce coming from Mexico, ever since one of the programs like 60 Minutes did a story on how they irrigate their fields with sewage.

  35. Between UVB and Gojira, Imma voting UVB. For today.
    Tomorrow might be different but today it is just noise grating on the nerves. Sorry Car in, I normally like your musics.

  36. How about this:

  37. Gojira, I understand, is not for everyone. I just love them.

  38. How about this:
    Now you’re talking

  39. Did those lesbos ever describe the men who attacked them?

  40. Gotta be muzzies if they’re not specifying

  41. I saw Easily Spooked Cornered Possum perform in Back Yard Pond in 2016.

  42. They are country inspired electronic stuff. A friend hears Pucifier in them. The singer just died a few weeks back. Addidsons, I think.

  43. CLINT!!

    I can’t eat donuts or I’ll be a fattie again!!

  44. Oh, come on, Mare. Just one.

  45. Warm mayo filled donut.

  46. Well that put me off donuts for life.

  47. You’re welcome.

  48. I was already off them, but now my tummy is upset like when your mom talks about her “dates”.

  49. Lauraw, get thee behind me SATAN!!

  50. mmmm donuts

  51. I love how literal you are, Jay.

    Straight up puns and hot donuts.

  52. Ooof, family member is adding evidence to the stereotype about redheads.

  53. Which stereotype? The one about awesomeness or hot dumpster fires?

  54. Its not a stereotype. They are all crazy.

  55. One man’s offensive stereotype is another man’s hard-won wisdom.

  56. Hot dumpster fire at the moment. I asked a reasonable question of her, another person (the wrong person, apparently) chimed in, and boom. Wine consumption up sharply.

  57. I am happy that my Bama co-workers are all in favor of giving the money back. Apparently the donor wanted a higher enrollment in the school of law and other conditions, and the university said, naw, we don’t need your money that badly.

  58. Some guy in Florida is refusing to pay me.

    I have had his oil painting for 5 months. When I call he makes silly excuses and claims to be too busy to deal with it right now.

    5 months.

    I quoted him up front so the price isn’t the issue. He owes me about $100 and he paid $3600 for the painting.

    I have spoken to him 3 times, sent at least 6 emails and about 20 Paypal invoice reminders.

    Oh, and I think the guy is a lawyer.

    Any idea what he might be up to?

  59. Rent free art storage.

  60. It’s going on a wall tomorrow.

    Free art rental.

  61. I hope he’ll start worrying once the reminders stop.

    I had an eBay seller send me reminders when I’d already paid, that was weird.

  62. Yay for Gibson’s Bakery!

    I will be glad when the tuition bubble bursts and some of these SJW schools close due to lack of funding.

  63. I just informed him that his bill will increase by $20 a month.

    I bet nothing happens.

  64. Okay, this is gross to think about, but I am a Hostage and seeing this made me snort-laugh.

    “Who do you think is better with the blow job, Kamala or Buttigieg?”

    I denounce myself.

  65. Roamy, based on comments from my Gheys, Bootyplug would be better.

  66. Kamala seems like the type who gives beejers grudgingly.

  67. Beasn. Based on my graduation era bakery cake experience I know why those bitches ended up with a display cake. TX WalMart

  68. the bartender is wearing what looks like a bathing suit as a top, and her tits looks like they’re about to pop out the sides. I love this bar.

  69. She didn’t roll sideboob into her bra?

  70. Nope. Sideboobpalooza.

  71. She must be behind on the rent this month and needs those extra tips.

  72. I kind of want to direct her to a bra professional. Old lady boob story

  73. The Filling Station in Powell?

  74. Back in the day, bra measurements were universal. Upper rib cage measurement followed by boob measurements. Whatever plus whatever. Difference = cup size. I h8 bra shopping.

  75. Comment by Pupster on June 8, 2019 12:42 am
    The Filling Station in Powell?


  76. Damn, Edwin’s really portly!

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