MMM 369: I’m sick

I need to detox or catch up on sleep or something.  Been sick off and on for a couple of weeks and haven’t been to the gym in going on 2 months, just haven’t felt up to it.

So clearly, these aren’t working.

Pretty smile.


Her name is Alice.


Looks warm there.


I can still do this, at least.


Weighted vests must be harder when you’ve got bewbies.


Is this a repeat?


Warning coloration can be black.


Tiny tiles must be hell to do by hand.



  1. wakey wakey

  2. is that beasns tile job?

  3. Everyone is pretty cute! Great bodies. EXCEPT for the black bathing suit/tat person because that’s a guy.

  4. ^concur. Plus he hasn’t saved enough to get boobies yet.

  5. Hey, where has TerriblyTroy been???

    I hope he’s okay. I know jobs may have been changing and some health stuff was going on.

  6. I love the way Trump does stuff more every day.

  7. 202 lbs. this AM. I think by next week I’ll be under 200 for the first time in at least 20 years. My goal is 190. I think I can reach that by end of summer.

    No alcohol, minimal carbs, no sugar, one meal per day, no snacking.

  8. Your mom thinks I look great.

  9. This fucking tosser and I are the same age. He stands like a fucking goon.

  10. you talking about The Donald or Chuck?

  11. 800 g of fruits and veggies a day. So far so good.

  12. Charles needs someone to work on his shoulders.

  13. you talking about The Donald or Chuck?

    No, Trump’s posture is great. Charles, the philandering toffee nosed cunt stands like he just dropped a load in his Depends.

  14. I’d like to work on his shoulders with a taser.

  15. No, Trump’s posture is great. Charles, the philandering toffee nosed cunt stands like he just dropped a load in his Depends.


    We are simpatico about that utter pussy, Charles.

  16. Well, he HAS spent his entire life as a lady-in-waiting….

  17. All the royals have crap posture in that picture. Now if Chuck’s sons were present, they’d have good posture.

  18. Centuries of inbreeding do that to a family.

  19. Charles’s face and body are the crap you get when you inbreed for sure. That affected speech of his also makes me sick. And he can shove his unearned pinky ring up his ass.

    Oh, and eff the “royals.” Any American who gives a shit about them other than as humans on earth is nuts.

    But I mean that in a nice way.

  20. Re: The “Royals”

    See: The Revolutionary War

  21. I don’t dislike the queen but if she was to ever say anything negative about this President, I’d tell her to shove it up her ass too.

    But in a nice way.

    And Megan Markle can kiss Hotspur’s hairy ass.

  22. Well, now that I’ve got that off my mind, what should we talk about?

  23. Oh, and great job on the weight loss, Hotspur. No booze, no sugar, low carbs- that takes discipline. Well done.

  24. They are descended from great kings who would be worthy of respect. Descent, sadly, is no mark of value in and of itself.

  25. Troy and Beasnsnsnsnsn need to check in. Just to let us know all is well, just busy.

  26. They are descended from great kings who would be worthy of respect. Descent, sadly, is no mark of value in and of itself.


    Agree, Leon. That is what I meant about the unearned pinky ring. I’m sure it’s a family signet ring but he’s such a pussy, I feel it’s unearned.

  27. Also, the key word for British royalty: descent.

  28. My ass isn’t hairy.

  29. Mine is, but I’m Irish.

  30. It is an interesting metaphor, the tired, decrepit Old World, basting in its own rotten juices, contrasted with the strong, dynamic New World, taking the best of the Old.

  31. 202 lbs. this AM. I think by next week I’ll be under 200 for the first time in at least 20 years. My goal is 190. I think I can reach that by end of summer.
    No alcohol, minimal carbs, no sugar, one meal per day, no snacking.
    That’s fantastic.

    I’m the fattest I’ve ever been. It’s awesome and weird.

  32. The incel thread on Althouse is depressing.

  33. I’ve fallen off the low-carb wagon these past few weeks, because life is stressful and busy and blah blah blah. I still try to limit myself to about 1700 calories a day, and eat only from about 10am to 3pm. That and going to the gym seems to be working to keep me from ballooning up.

  34. ‘Fully Automated Luxury Communism’ (FALC) refers to a new and different ‘post-scarcity’ society where AI and robots have replaced workers, and perform all the menial jobs, leaving humans free to pursue hobbies and interests and lead a more fulfilling life.

    How is a life of self-serving, directionless, purposeless pleasure-seeking in any way fulfilling?

  35. How is a life of self-serving, directionless, purposeless pleasure-seeking in any way fulfilling?

    It isn’t. It would quickly result in violence and chaos.

  36. I’ve been fatter than my current level of fatness

  37. HA! Jimbro.

    I, too, have been fatter than my current weight.

  38. We don’t have a “scarcity” society. We have an abundance society.

  39. At 21 I was 50# lighter than I am now. At 30 I was 50# heavier than I am now.

  40. I’m 35 lbs heavier than I was At 21 years. I’m 160 lbs lighter than I was at 47 years of age.

  41. Speaking of fat, in a move that shocked absolutely no one, Ben And Jerry’s is making CBD ice cream.

  42. I’m 160 lbs lighter than I was at 47 years of age.

    seriously? That’s awesome.

  43. Seriously.

  44. I’m probably as heavy as I’ve been. No scale, so don’t know for sure. I really need to exercise more, and cut waaaaay down on sugar. I’m 5′ 9′ and probably 155, so it’s not a huge issue.

  45. *eats a handful of praline pecans*

  46. That’s just awesome. I knew you had lost weight, I had no idea it was that much.

  47. I’m seriously dead. Just did three workouts basically. One was just some bench work, but the other two kicked my ass. Work is going to sucky sucky tonight.

  48. File under: Perils Of Modern Love

    Anytime you find your partner on a place called “Black Men Love Fisting” you really need to watch your coal chute carefully.

  49. I found out yesterday that my local Menard’s no longer cuts plywood at point of sale, so I spent yesterday’s coal chute cover work time on all the cuts I had to do.

    Lowe’s next time, mofos.

  50. Lowe’s next time

    Damn straight.

  51. PD, that’s amazing. Well done.

  52. Pay just discovered about the military discount at Home Depot. Saved a shit tonne yesterday.

  53. Is the military discount for contractors or everyone?

    Also, WOW, PD. I’m thinking how fricken hard that would be.

  54. I am well below my prior maximal displacement but not at fighting trim. I’m starting to give less of a shit about it, frankly. I’ll never be a carnival float of blubber but I’ll never be 28 again, either, so whatever.

  55. Well done, Hotspur. I went back to my afternoon beers. It has taken me a week to kill a sixpack so I’m not all that worried…


  57. I’ll never be a carnival float of blubber

    You can do it! We believe in you!

    *opens can of Crisco and bag of sugar*

    *offers giant table spoon*

  58. My scythe handle arrived. Still waiting for the blade and stone.

  59. Stella just jumped off the end of the dock into the water. She seemed pleased with herself.

  60. This is only part of the insanity of the left!

  61. What in the world is making our citizens so insane?

  62. Being steeped 24/7 in a false reality created by media, education, etc. It was bad enough on the TV and radio, but smart phones mean the feed is always there. Go anywhere in public. Pay attention to how many pay more attention to whatever widget instead of what’s around them.

    So blinded by the lie on the screen, they can’t see the truth in front of them.

  63. Hey, Cavil got quoted on the top post at Mothership! Nice.

  64. If you need a pick-me-up this is cute. If you don’t like it kiss my ass.

  65. Hey, Cavil! You’re not the dumbass Hotspur says you are in the secret emails.


  67. Aug 25, 10 pm eastern, Good Eats: the Return.

  68. Is this really what our Country is concerned about? Really?

  69. LGBTQ rights certainly are the most serious issue pressing our nation.

    Among completely unserious people.

  70. Serious question, what rights are the lgbtq fighting for?

  71. For the love of God! Can I settle ONE damn thing about something without getting different stories from everyone I talk to about what was supposed to be what? Or at least KEEP ME IN THE LOOP when you expect me to be the middleman between all these people?!?


  72. Huh. Didn’t notice that was the update. /shrugs

    /returns to primal screaming

  73. Mare?!!! How can you even ask that?

    They need … humn … huh.

  74. Are these people being persecuted in our Country and I’ve not heard about it?

    From my perspective, they won’t STFU and seem to be able to say what they want, get jobs, vote and eat in restaurants. We mock the insane ones who flaunt the crazy in parades but other than that, what’s the deal?

  75. Oh, transgenders can’t serve in the military. Which I think is appropriate. Serving in the military is not a right, it’s a privilege. And adding to what already is mounds of PC bullshit in the military is stupid. Let’s focus on a top fighting force.

  76. From what I gather, as long as one person thinks deviant sex is not normal, they will not rest until we are all on board.

  77. Well, for one, the only president that was pro gay marriage is somehow discriminating against the gays now.

  78. My supervisor assigned me a project. It’s sitting on her desk. She’s in with our group leader who is apparently doing the same calculations.


  79. Cable broke on the garage door, guy fixed it without me being home. Sure hope everything is there!

  80. Poat tomorrow is designed to beat the early risers!


  82. Dayum, someone just posted a pic of jalapeno poppers stuffed with brisket and wrapped in bacon.


    I never thought of using brisket, but that’s an amazing thought.

    The juicy beef fat + the hot pepper + the salty bacon…

  84. Damn. That DOES sound good.

  85. brisket poppers killed it

  86. it would have to be cooked brisket. Cooking pepper for that long might leave them in a bad state.

  87. I’ll take Stating the Obvious for $800, Alex.

  88. How do you know if you haven’t tried it?

  89. Heh, Texas Twinkies

  90. What’s wrong with going to bed at 9:00? Maybe even 8:30? *cough*

  91. Can you mix in some cream cheese with the brisket to reduce the jalapeno burning your mouth off?

    Some times when I make poppers the jalapenos are so hot they have to be put on the grill for another 10-15 minutes. Hoo boy.

  92. cut out all the membranes, mare, that’s where the heat is.

  93. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the Dems who are persecuting LGBT. First, Buttigieg wasn’t gay enough, now this.

  94. I have no idea if Delaney is gay or not, and I don’t care. But if a conservative told Buttigieg he should just sashay out of there, there’d be a riot.

  95. I read “Casey at the Bat” out loud to Mini-me because she hadn’t heard it before. Today is the anniversary of its publication.

  96. Must be nice to be part of the protected class.

  97. Laura, poppers are jalepenos, split open, seeds removed, filled with cream cheese, and wrapped in bacon, then cooked. These added smoked brisket (fully cooked) as an additional filling. Pic looked very good. :)

  98. It sounds great!

  99. Way to keep that coalition together, Dems.

    Diversity is their Achilles’ Heel.

  100. new one I heard: the obstruction that Trump is guilty of is covering up the evidence that Mueller needed.

  101. YAY, DSM city council discussing gun control, protecting against mass shootings!

  102. Bump stocks, trigger activators, and high capacity magazines.

  103. I have a baseball CD that has Darth Vader/James Earl Jones reading Casey at the bat. My “There is no joy in Mudville” gets the same expression as “Lighten up, Frances”. Philistines.

  104. I preferred FLOTUS ensembles in Japan. Meh. I thought Kate Middleton was pretty cute for a Brit. She looked skinny and washed out next to the Trump Women. Even Tiffany AKA Pork Chop dating a billionaire looked healthier than Kate.

  105. I helped former Gov Susana Martinez today. She was shopping with her special needs sibling. I could not get over how small she is. Very nice lady. Kind. Saw Gary Johnson last month. Not aging well. We had PoliSci class together at UNM.

  106. Tomorrow is another day. I want biscuits and gravy. Dan doesn’t Blanco Basura. Good night H2

  107. Distant expeditions require planning.

  108. Brain woke me up early. It wanted to noodle on things I have no control over and that do not affect me in any way. Not bad or anxiety provoking, just repetitious.

    Stupid brain.

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