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Joe has been at it for a LONG time!


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Next post at the Connecticut Brisket Research Center.


You can relate, you know you can.


Go see your doctor!


Pretty sure this is true. I’m still alive, after all the stupid crap I did as a child.


Watch out, libs.


For the GOT fans. You’ll get it. (No this is NOT the big woman).


Interview skills.


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  1. I wonder if that’s the same guy who mailed NASA an “x-ray generator”. It was square pipes welded into a Y shape. He wanted us to patent it for him. We thanked him, said patent it yourself, and sent it back.

  2. The Joe Biden one is my favorite.

  3. Carin, we did the Dive-in Theater with Diver Ed (on the Starfish Enterprise), and he had two Newfies onboard. One helped him demo the life jackets. The captain said they have to bring the Newfies forward because if they see Diver Ed go into the water, they will go in after him. Sweet dogs. FDIL loved them.

  4. The Newfies show up here

  5. I like the kids are indestructible meme. I’ve seen that unfold in my office for 20 years. It’s a pleasant surprise when parents calmly take their kids through a painful experience but more commonly they’re hysterical which leads to the kids losing their shit over trivial things like simply unwrapping an ace wrap off of a splint or dressing.

    One of my pet peeves is when kids with a couple of butch mommas for “parents” tell me their kid either doesn’t like or has had a bad experience with men. Huh, projection much? This instantly transforms me into RoboDoc, going through my mental checklist to complete the mission and end the visit as quickly as possible.

  6. Curious lack of details in the VA Beach shooting. It was late breaking news for sure but had the shooter been a MAGA hat wearing deplorable I’m sure there would have been wall to wall coverage of it so far including pictures and TV cameras at his house. So far I’ve learned his name is DeWayne, he was disgruntled and he used a legally purchased handgun with extended magazines.

  7. Vendetta.

  8. This just cracked me up

  9. Comment by Pendejo on June 1, 2019 3:03 am
    Oso, I’ve no intention of going to Amarillo. I lived in the panhandle of tx for the first 26
    Years of my life and never once heard the term sod poodle. Attached to prairie dogs or
    Otherwise. I’m thinking it’s a lame as fuck marketing strategy.

    Yeah, like ‘Yard Goats.’ Everybody here was like, WTF?

  10. WTF and don’t forget “RACIST!!!!”

  11. Gotta head up to camp and take a pass at the lawn which is growing quite well in our absence.

  12. their kid either doesn’t like or has had a bad experience with men.

    This is so incredibly insulting and dumb.

    Everybody has had bad experiences. It’s inevitable that some of these will be associated with a person, possibly male. Since men and women are each half the population, their sex is literally one of the least significant characteristics of any person you have an altercation with.

    The only reason for bringing this up is because they can’t allow an opportunity to go by without letting you know that they hate you for your sex. They want you to feel slighted. As if!

    Imagine if you were of a different race and they told you that their kid had a bad experience with a person of your race. What does that have to do with you and why should you give a fuck?

    Or imagine, “my kid doesn’t like women.” That wouldn’t be allowed to stand. DCF would make them take the kid to a shrink.

    These are ridiculous people. I feel sorry for the kids.

  13. Wakey wakey.

  14. Tried watching the Good Omens series on Amazon last night, but turned it off after the second episode. It was awful.

  15. It looked pretty stupid from the previews. If you’d like to see John Malkovich try to pull off being a diminutive Belgian, and Ron Weasley a Police Inspector, check out “The ABC Murders”, it was actually pretty well done except for those two casting reaches.

  16. “..incredibly insulting and dumb….”


    You rang?


  17. I was at my granddaughter’s high school graduation last evening, and I saw a girl, maybe 12, with a tee-shirt that said GIRLS ARE IN CHARGE. I thought to myself, suppose a boy was wearing a tee-shirt that said BOYS ARE IN CHARGE…

  18. Today in the arguement room, resident non-thinking lib links to a huffpoo article a bit about how Trump is going to jail when he gets out of office for obstruction. Little digging and the group putting this out is Bill Kristol’s outfit.

    /insert nice hearty laugh.

  19. Since men and women are each half the population, their sex is literally one of the least significant characteristics of any person you have an altercation with.



    If you don’t like one half of the population you are mental.

  20. If you don’t like one half of the population you are mental.


    On the other hand, I’m not really fond of lefties so….

  21. I got the mower started for Ben. He tried a few times before giving up. It started right up for me … it’s amazing when you do it the right way! Camp is freezing cold inside.

  22. Camp is freezing cold inside.

    Little known fact: freezing cold cabins are caused by mosquitoes in the chimney.

  23. So VA shooter is a black guy. That’s going to wreck the “why are all mass shooters white guys” narrative.



  26. The mosquitoes were quite thick up at camp. On the road side of the lot is a small swampy area where I’m sure they plot their chimney-clogging schemes. After all the rain in the last week the skeeters are showing up in ones and twos at home

  27. I’m reading The Thorn Birds and it’s pretty good. Growing up I saw the book everywhere and never had any interest in reading it. It was a kindle deal for $1.99 so I said what the hell and bought it. In places it’s a bit like a chick-lit novel but on the whole I’m liking it. Apparently the TV mini series was the second most watched event behind Roots. I was too young to watch Roots and by the time Thorn Birds was on TV couldn’t give a rat’s ass about watching it.

  28. Jimbro going trans?

  29. I was too young to watch Roots

    I remember watching Roots.

    That Fred Sanford guy was hilarious.

  30. We let Erin have people over last night. Not as bad as New Years, but I did go downstairs when I was ready for people to leave and encourage all that. Moose smells like beer and some plants were run over (NOT happy about that at all). Moose probably lay down in a puddle of beer (outside).

  31. Roots was out when I was in Junior High School. All I remember was calling our black friends Kunta Kinte.

  32. Foreigner was big then. And kids were talking about which version of the new Kiss album they were gonna buy.



  35. Moose is, evidently, a partier. Stop making excuses, Carin. He’s a boozer.

  36. My husband enjoyed the khakis deal, Pups.

  37. And, Carin, stop the denial, Moose is not a good driver (especially after a few beers) hence the plants getting run over.

  38. And with a name like “Moose”, I’d encourage him not to join a frat.

  39. Carin’s kids seem so smart and together, where did she go wrong with Moose? Too much Crossfit, too little attention?

  40. Got to hand it to Moose, he worked it so all of Erin’s stupid suiters got blamed for the beers in the tree line and party damage.

  41. I picked up Good Omens because Terry Pratchett was a co-author. Threw away the book when I finished it, I hated it that much.

  42. I didn’t watch Roots, but I remember Robin Williams’ skit about it.

  43. Someone recommended the Good Omens series on Amazon. We’ll probably give it a try because Penelope likes David Tennant.

    I don’t have high hopes. I read one Neil Gaiman book and hated it. I tried a couple of Terry Pratchett books. The attempts at humor didn’t work for me. Couldn’t finish them, and that was rare for me at the time.

  44. We had to watch Roots for a class in school. 7th grade??

  45. Ridiculous

  46. I like almost all the Discworld books by Pratchett, especially the ones with Sam Vimes. Never picked up another Gaiman book.

  47. ha ha haaa … Mare brought it today.

    I really should have seen the signs. He’s obviously sleeping off a bender today .

    (he’s barely moved)

    WHen Erin has friends over, he insists on being in the middle of everything, and since they were up most of the night … so was he. He’s always a bit of a mess for a day or two until he catches up on his sleep. Such a goof.

  48. I loved Good Omens, the book. I just don’t like the way that they did the series. The narrator especially is annoying. They use her too much.

  49. Carin’s kids seem so smart and together, where did she go wrong with Moose? Too much Crossfit, too little attention?

    That’s Future Senator Moose Blutarski.

  50. We had walls like that, and I got spanked a lot.

    Went to see Aladdin today with my four year-old. Decent flick. We both had an Icee and shared a bag of popcorn – $22.

  51. Gaiman did a great job with the Sandman comic book. I tried reading some of his books but never got into them. American Gods was just confusing to me. Kind of like any recent Stephen King book.

  52. I never read comics.

  53. Stephen King is still writing? Why?

  54. Ooh, paneling…had those in my bedroom. Got spanked.

    Love wood paneling.

  55. Ooh, paneling…had those in my bedroom. Got spanked.

    Love wood paneling both.

    Fixed it for ya BC.

  56. my favorite was the Don’t Eat Anything Fatty

    Thought that would make an impact. Oh well, tough crowd.

  57. I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t get American Gods. I love Ian McShane.

  58. Today I was in a beautiful historic home that was decorated with antique art and furniture. Absolutely gorgeous.

    Off of the kitchen was a sunroom, more like an attached greenhouse.

    That is where the cats shit. Not in a box, just anywhere in the room.

    Right next to the kitchen and dining area.

  59. Had beef rib at a local BBQ place today. good, but was way too expensive.

  60. That was a common room in colonial America, the cat shit room

  61. I guess that’s better than a cat doot on a Louis XVII sofa but people are weird.

  62. According to the interwebs that house is from the 1800’s and has chestnut floors.

  63. I accidentally walked into that room. There were three visible turds just sitting on the carpet. I cant imagine what was in the plant pots.

  64. Ew.

  65. Some people decorate with cat shit, I’m told. Creative types.


  67. Friend in college was really bad about not taking out the garbage, to the point the cat tried to cover the trash can (cat litter everywhere), but even she didn’t have turds on the floor. Gross.

  68. I saw something about tomorrow being a day of prayer for Trump. He needs it, having to deal with cat turds like Nadler.

    Now watch Nadler get sick again and make me feel bad. He looked gray the other day.

  69. I wouldn’t feel bad.

    The man is evil.

  70. He’s the Penguin.

  71. He even looks like the Penguin.

    True story: he hates Danny DeVito because he got the part in the movie.

  72. Oh yeah **waves to Pupster from the airport **

  73. Did you fly out of Logan?

    That is 90 minutes away.

  74. Which has nothing to do with Nadler or the Penguin and everything to do with me remembering he wasn’t in southern Canuckistan any more.

  75. No, we flew out of Bangor. Got to meet Jimbro and Paula. Also since we didn’t fly out of Boston or Portland, we were up to driving to Schoodic. Hadn’t been there in 31 years.

  76. Today’s low temp at home is higher than the high in Bar Harbor.

  77. I need to get up there before I get old.

    Driven by it, but I had lobster on my mind.

  78. Bangor to Minneapolis?

  79. There was a lobster pound half a mile from the rental house. $9/lb for lobster and for $1 more, they’d cook it. I made side dishes and didn’t have to wash the big lobster pots. They also had really good blueberry pie and whoopie pie ice cream.

  80. That was my last solo motorcycle vacation.

    Lake Placid NY for dinner.
    North Conway NH for breakfast (Peach’s – best breakfast ever}
    Bar Harbor for lobstah.

  81. Haha, lady in Bosch season 1 drinking Iowa Rye, Templeton!

    Woo hoo!

  82. Mare!

  83. Lauraw and Pendejo, latest WTF is people calling Georgia “Y’allywood”

  84. Determine efficiency, repeat procedures.

  85. Good morning

    Yeah, we’ve had a slow start to warm weather this year. It’s been just “okay” meaning generally warmer and at least overcast but not raining on the nice days. Could really use some sunshine. Despite that I’ve been wearing shorts and a t-shirt for days.

  86. Having lobster prepared somewhere else is always key. A long time ago my ex made a huge bowl of steamed mussels for a party but by the time they were served people weren’t hungry for them. For some reason they ended up in the compost pile which was on the north side of the house. Could not open the windows in the room adjacent to it for a few months.

  87. About a half mile from me is a marine terminal with a deep freeze storage site. It’s not super busy these days but was more active in the past. Some time after I had lived here, maybe early 00’s, there was a problem with the freezer unit of the cold storage. It happened on a weekend during a rare stretch of hot weather. The freezers were filled with pallets of lobster bait which began to melt. By the time it was discovered the bait had started to go bad. The boxes on the pallets collapsed which led to enough pressure on the walls to cause them to fail. The already big problem became exponentially worse. It took months for the dead fish smell to dissipate. Flies were having the time of their lives.

  88. How about those Bruins? I hope they can keep the intensity up for another win in St Louis and get the cup in Boston. It’s been months since we’ve had a duck boat victory parade.

    Red Sox are tanking this year and really ought to start bringing up a few minor leaguers to gain experience in the bigs.

  89. I can finally understand why Carin hates you all so much

  90. Fine. There’s the best red dog in the world at my feet and we’re playing frisbee

  91. wakey wakey.

    That should get things going here.

  92. Howdy.

    I may build a hat for my coal chute today.

  93. I made bacon and sourdough toast for breakfast, and country gravy from the bacon grease. I’d say y’all wish you were me but I dumped in too much onion powder in the gravy and it turned into chip dip.

    Still, it’s not rotten lobster bait.

    L to R

    Jimbro’s comments – H2

  94. Nice catch

  95. Hahhhahahahaha

    You’re all douches.

  96. “I may build a hat for my coal chute today.”


    I don’t understand this euphemism at all…..

  97. You don’t want to.

  98. It’s code for something Pepe. We probably shouldn’t google it. Rule 34.

  99. Coal chute jimmy hat

  100. Has anyone told Hotspur that he’s a jackass lately? And if not, why not?

  101. That’s your jerb mare. I’m the wakey wakey lady.

  102. I’ll take pictures. It’s a weird problem to have.

  103. Quit insulting the jack asses, Mare.

  104. ** show of hands for who all wants to see pics of Leon ‘s coal chute

  105. Only after it’s covered with a hat, thank you

  106. Such a lovely morning. Shame it’s been so damn hot.

  107. I saw Leon’s coal chute once. You cannot unsee that fucking thing

  108. I saw Leon’s coal chute once. You cannot unsee that fucking thing


    BWHAHAHAHAA . I’m glad (pun intended) Hotspurs come out.

  109. Coal chute’s extra.

  110. Coal chute? Your mom’s got it covered…..

  111. Guhmermih.

    Yesterday I worked one of those fake doubles that Carin is always bragging about. Rather tired. Gonna go back and do an easy 8 hours today.

    (OK just a 12 hour shift, not a double. People at my work do doubles, they work 16 hours. I have signaled my disinterest in joining this barbaric practice)

  112. I thought Leon’s coal chute was well proportioned and neatly kept.

  113. Well, we know it’s not bleached.

  114. I know I didn’t work “real” doubles, but since we don’t get *any* breaks – working 10-12 hours like that is sorta hard.

  115. Yeah, at that first nursing job we frequently did our 12 hour shift at a dead run with no time to pee, never mind eat. I’m so glad I ended up where I am now.

  116. Hickenlooper was giving a speech to dems and said “Socialism is not the answer” and got “shouted down.”

    I think this is good for conservatives. Democrats (lefties) have gone full socialism crazy and I think middle America won’t back the full lefty garbage.

  117. That was the story with Paula’s first ER job. When she did get a break it meant asking your equally overburdened colleague to cover your complex patients. Needless to say, she was miserable there. Any time she even mentions going back I firmly (SYWM) remind her of that. Usually followed by “What are you, fucking crazy?” Current job allows her much more normalcy. Things like being able to go to the bathroom, eat and occasionally check her phone for messages.

  118. Lauraw, are your units divided based on acuity? IOW, do you have separate units for the acute crisis people who are off their meds and potentially at risk of harming themselves or others? Back in the Stone Age when I did moonlighting at Westboro State there was one unit for the acute admissions and all the rest were lots of older patients who just needed a structured environment.

  119. Just did my bit for the environment. Sprayed Roundup in my gravel drive to kill the vegetation.

    I love buying Roundup in Ann Arbor.

  120. The utter crap you get from patients in that situation is unbearable, too. When someone is in pain, they don’t want to hear that you have several other patients who are all in worse shape than they are and that pain, while unpleasant, is not actually dangerous. Nurses have to prioritize a lot of other conditions higher than pain. If you are sitting there with a mangled wrist, sorry, but the guy in the next room who is having trouble breathing is more important than you and will get all the attention. The staff at the hospital did not cause this situation, they just have to deal with it.

    And they treat you with contempt like they think that while you’ve been away from their room, you’ve been off sucking down bon-bons with your feet up. It’s such a miserable work day. Fuck that shit. Give me my crazy people any day. I get much kinder treatment from them.

  121. Our units are divided by age and acuity. In the geriatric pop, few paranoid schizophrenics are still actively dangerous. They’ve been this way for a long time, and they don’t have the energy or attitude that they used to, when the disease was fresh and new and filling them with terrible ideas.

    Our unit therefore does combine your ‘normal’ depressed/ bipolar/ personality disorder people, with the schizoid/schizophrenes. However we have a variety of levels of care; so if someone is acting just not quite right they get a higher level of observation, up to and including a personal sitter who goes with them everywhere they go.

    And also, the entire unit is designed so that it’s virtually impossible to get your hands on anything that can be used as a weapon or ligature. Even the doors have alarms if anybody tries to suspend anything off them.

  122. Over the years I’ve learned the patients I like caring for the most are kids, elderly people, retarded people and crazy people. I still remember a guy I met in the psych unit who said hi to me by name when I was at another hospital and ran across the street to go to the convenience store for snacks. I bought him coffee and a sandwich.

  123. ….virtually impossible for older people, I mean. The juvenile unit is another story. Kids are endlessly inventive with finding ways/things to hurt themselves. Recently I heard that a girl in the adolescent unit chewed a plastic magic marker cap into a sharp bit of plastic that she then slashed herself with.

    The nurses on that unit are always tearing out their hair at the drama and vicious crap these kids get up to. No thank you.

  124. The worst thing I had to deal with was a guy who tried to escape by ramming his head through the glass portion of the door. Massive scalp lacerations that I bandaged up and sent to the ER. Another guy had to resuscitate a woman who managed to hang herself in her wall locker. She waited until the 15 minute check guy walked by and slipped into her locker where she hung herself. He was an anesthesia resident and he was able to tube her with gear from the EMT’s. She was an organ donor within a few days. The job lost its luster after that.

  125. One of my classmates was a GI fellow at UMass and I was on the phone with her at least once a month with someone swallowing pen caps and even entire pens or pencils

  126. Ring ring

    “Kelly, this is Jim”

    “Oh crap, you’re moonlighting, aren’t you?”

    “Send them in …”

  127. The utter crap you get from patients in that situation is unbearable, too. When someone is in pain, they don’t want to hear that you have several other patients who are all in worse shape than they are and that pain, while unpleasant, is not actually dangerous.

    Yea, well I think it’s just generally the lack of common courtesy that our society has. It’s like waiting tables, but more urgent because people are in pain not merely “starving to death”.

  128. Let’s talk about happy things now. Like being a vet tech.


    You guys know how much I use tinyurl right? Every day, a couple of times?

    Well, when doing BBF I do a gif search for “thingsthatbounce” which is a keyphrase from The Chive, but I typed “tingsthatbounce” one time. Once.

    I’m used to typing “t” and zooming to tinyurl, but now I have to type “t- i – n – y ” and I’m just sick of it man. I have to type at least three extra letters or back out of a search window full of boobs at least a couple of times a day now.


  131. The struggle is real, Pups.

  132. Hats

  133. I don’t remember how to set up a password-protected page in the Meatup folder. Jay? Pupster? (cries silently for Cyn)

  134. Or I can just put a couple of pics in the media folder.

  135. Heh. I just finished watching Major League on Prime. Vaughn’s walk-up music montage in the championship game may be the finest cinematic sequence ever put to film in the history of movies.

  136. I dunno either Roamster, I could probably figure it out if I could remember the password(s).

  137. Pics uploaded. And after Jimbro said how polite my children were!

  138. Awesome pics!!! Roamy and Jimbro!

  139. Where has Beasnssnnsnsnsn been?

  140. Beasn was moving Beasnette out, I thought.

  141. Very cute pics!

    Here in TiFW land, the birdies have finally settled down – we had several gullywashers yesterday, and I think many nests were disturbed or destroyed around the neighborhood.

    We had water up several inches above the curb more than once, and had to warn the kids playing in our street to be careful so that they wouldn’t get swept by the current into the storm drains next to our house.

    It was flowing high enough and fast enough that one of them brought out their body board!

  142. Gullywashers… that’s where it comes from.

    We had a local weather guy use the term gullywhumper.

    I saw this live and nearly wet my pants. His finest moment

  143. How your mom eats ice cream

  144. Pepe, only chocolate…

  145. I’m guessing more than one person hereabouts has keys to the blog. Gotta admit I’ve been trying to puzzle it out. Not that I have anything worthy of a post, just, wondering.

  146. Hereabouts?

  147. almost everyone has keys to the blog

  148. I have a page setup for Maine Meetup roamy and jimbro fams. edit that page, and I’ll get the links set up.

  149. I broke the garage door. Opener wouldn’t close it, so I was trying to get it to close at the bottom. pretty soon the panels and cockeyed, and now I have to call the door store.

  150. Next time make sure the car isn’t under it.

  151. Oso family theater. Julianne Hough is a judge on America’s Got Talent. Dan: Damn. She looks rough. I’d fuck her brother before her.

  152. I can’t stop laughing. Dan: You can’t tell this story. Oso: H2. Hostages still laugh at stupid shit.

  153. Historical Roasts on Netflix. So far, Abe Lincoln, MLK Jr, and Anne Frank had me WTF? I still laughed. I felt bad about it.

  154. G’night. We all know that I’m the crazy one. We had ants. Dan killed them. Blocked passage with coffee grounds. I’m still feeling ants. Pretty close to skin mite level itching.

  155. Diocletian expanded religious persecution.

  156. Was Diocletian a tranny?

  157. Justinian was an apostate.

    MMM in 13 min.

  158. I was hoping that Sean’s derp would be “diatomacious earth repels pests” in response to Oso.

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