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Your model for today is from Upstate New York, and currently resides in Venice Beach, California.  She doesn’t have a lot of searchable data but seems like a fun chick.  Please open a private window and say hello to Miss Cassie Becker AKA Cassandra Starr!




  1. Bartender, model, actress, dancer.

    Nobody puts Cassie in a corner.

  2. *bangs service bell with spatula*

  3. Wakey wakey

  4. She looks fun.

    How many baby daddies does she have?

  5. She looks a bit like Sophie Turner married a banker and had a couple of kids.

  6. “Stroking the tortoise neck”

  7. BPF “Hipster Shakes” sounds like The White Stripes (they’re not, I looked). Awesome band t-shirts too

  8. Cassandra seems like a woman with no pretensions

  9. I have a subscription to Spotify, a music streaming service. Black Pistol Fire is in the same genres as White Stripes, Black Keys, The Reconteurs, Fu Manchu…hard blues/stoner rock / swamp rock/ dirty blues.

  10. Replacing all my hardwired smoke detectors today! One down, ten to go. Good thing I had some margaritas last night. This slight hangover will get me through it!

    Also, glad I don’t have to stare at Cassie for hours to certify her non GMO.

  11. That’s a lot of smoke detectors. I have 3 in my house.

  12. National spelling bee ended in an 8-way tie because they ran out of words. Should have done like they did in 4th grade and just picked random words from the dictionary until there was one winner.

  13. 8 way tie?

    What a bunch of bullshit. They should have instituted a duck duck gray-duck or king of the mountain playoff.

  14. Goddam is she ugly

    2/10 would smash

  15. She looks a bit like Sophie Turner married a banker and had a couple of kids.

    That’s what I was just thinking. Sophie Turner off the low carb diet.

  16. They probably didn’t have a dictionary app on their iPhone.

  17. 8 way tie.

    Sure. Everyone gets a trophy these days.

  18. Heh, I remember king of the mountain on the snowpiles off Lake St Claire. Those were really big. Kids couldn’t play on those today, too dangerous.

  19. Look at all the boobs!! And BBF.

  20. I would describe her looks as the girl next door. A real girl next door. Not a supermodel, not the hottest chick in school but if she didn’t make fun of you in front of her friends you’d like her and be friends and want to touch her boobs when her parents were out.*

    *Some unscrupulous “photographer” told her she could be a model.

  21. Bartender, model, actress, dancer.

    And she’s a New Yorker. Hell, she’s practically congressional material.

  22. She has decent muscle tone in her thighs. I’m surprised Leon hasn’t already diatribed about that.

  23. The Althouse commenters have been having fun with the spelling bee story.

    They could have winnowed the field of the final eight by asking each to spell the name of the next competitor. Five or six eliminated right there.

  24. She seems fun. By which I mean actually fun just to be around.

  25. BC, she’d grab a couple of beers and join you out by the fire pit once the kids are in bed.

  26. 2/10 would smash

    Dude, you’d smash a dyke in a flannel shirt with Doc Martin’s, hairy armpits, and dreadlocks.

  27. I’d have asked Cassie out between wives. There’s actually a superficial resemblance to Possum’s mom.

    Would smash without complaints.

  28. And she’s a New Yorker. Hell, she’s practically congressional material.

    Upstate New York, which is more like if Alabamans fucked Canadians.

  29. Would it have been more fun or less fun to ask her out, if you knew you were “between wives?”

  30. Yeah, upstate can be quite West Virginia-ish in spots.

  31. Also, N8’s flapjacks comment cracked me right the hell up. Good one!

  32. The thing about these descriptions isn’t that Alabama or West Virginia are alien–it’s that they are much closer to the norm, and their metro areas are what’s so different from everything else.

    Nothing so parochial…

  33. That’s a lot of smoke detectors. I have 3 in my house.

    I miscounted – 10 total. First one died the day we moved in. Tried replacing the battery, but kept beeping. They were all about 20 years old. Big Smoke Detector has such a hustle going on.

    Car in will appreciate I had Aenima blaring.

  34. Would it have been more fun or less fun to ask her out, if you knew you were “between wives?”

    I only dated once without the intention of marrying if things went well. Disaster.

  35. International Residential Construction Code smoke detector requirements:

    One in every sleeping room
    One outside of and within eight feet of every sleeping room door
    One per floor

    Ten in one house means there are probably some that aren’t required and are redundant.

    Most manufacturers recommend replacement if units are over fifteen years old, which many jurisdictions are now enforcing.

    Smoke detectors save lives, so I’m generally in favor.

  36. Re: Smoke detectors

    I should have replaced them sooner – I was so dreading it. A lot easier than I thought, although my neck feels like I went to a headbangers’ concert. The hardest part was reading the reviews of the various kinds and deciding on one. According to the reviews, they all suck and will die in 3 months.

  37. BTW, I scheduled a meme poat for tomorrow.

    You’re welcome.

  38. Dude, you’d smash a dyke in a flannel shirt with Doc Martin’s, hairy armpits, and dreadlocks.
    1/10 would smash

  39. Dude, you’d smash a dyke in a flannel shirt with Doc Martin’s, hairy armpits, and dreadlocks.

    Does she have a nice ass?

  40. You know, you’re basically describing all of the hot chicks in the 90s.

    Flannel shirt, docs, dreads, loose morals and hygiene.

  41. You know, you’re basically describing all of the hot chicks in the 90s.

    Flannel shirt, docs, dreads, loose morals and hygiene.

    It sounds like a magical time.

  42. The spelling bee winners are very diverse, and by diverse I mean that seven of the eight are brown with funny names.

  43. Nobody puts Cassie in a corner.

    She does have a Jennifer Grey thing going on.

  44. *kicks poat in the poon*

  45. Ok, I really have a thing for Cassie now.

    I’d dye her hair red and impregnate her.

  46. They should have made the spelling bee peps work it out with a nice old fashioned game of dodgeball.

  47. Sudden death overtime mushroom ingestion match

  48. Or boiled eggs.

  49. Rush just played that Fauxcahontis snippet where the host compares her to Rachel Dolezal.


    Put the spelling bee kids in the octagon.

  50. Waiting interminably for Ben to get done at school. I was in town so I stopped on the way home. Been here an hour and he just texted me that he had one more teacher to talk to. As I reclined my seat to nap the mosquitoes started biting me. Eh, at least it’s not raining

  51. Whoever eats the bull penis wins.

    Sandeep and Rajit would be fighting over it. Can you imagine all of the studying down the drain just because you don’t want to eat a bull penis?

  52. And you do?

  53. Medium rare bull penis.

    Can you sous vide that?



    First one done eating it and singing a preselected ABBA song wins

  56. It’s almost unbelievable how much gardening I have gotten done today. And this year, in general. Doesn’t seem possible.

    Today I planted a shittonne each peppers. Basil. Lobelia. Salvia. A couple more artichokes. Then I sowed three kinds of pole beans, and made four compost mounds for squashes and sowed those too. Lots of wheelbarrowing and shoveling going on today.

    I made another big batch of potting mix for starting the later season lettuces/ greens, onions etc.

    I’m sweaty, covered with dirt, and beat. Made the mistake of sitting down. Not sure I can get up again.

    Still some crap on the potting bench that needs to get planted. Extra leeks and tomatillos and salvia. Couple more artichokes. OMG. I just can’t.

    Somebody bring me an ice cream. I deserve it so hard.

  57. *gives lauraw a cold beer instead

  58. that’s even better

  59. I deserve it so hard.


  60. Carin

  61. if that was a trans male, he’d be handicapped now.

  62. “salvia”

  63. 11! I got you some of that.

  64. It has rained almost every day for a couple months. How do I even describe this mosquito situation? It beggars description.



  67. Are we talking blot out the sky level?

  68. No, but you can lose 1 pound in 10 minutes by standing outside my porch door.

  69. The Spelling Bee is limited to the words in the book and 20 rounds. I remember being pissed that I went in cold. I didn’t know I needed to get the book of that years words from the newspaper. I could’ve memorized the shit out of that booklet.

  70. They may as well call them memorization bees. They don’t impress me much.

  71. Let’s try that again. Apologies if this is a double comment.

    Today has been the only day for mosquitoes. I could hear their tiny, high-pitched laughter at my Deep Woods Off.

  72. All of my smoke detectors were clubbed to death in the 90’s.

  73. Still in Maine?

  74. Roamy, had my first hummingbird dive bomb me. No mosquitoes…yet. Rainiest Spring in 8 years. River is full and the desert is green.

  75. Elephant Butte thanks you.

  76. Scott, yes, in Maine, leaving tomorrow.

    FDIL complained about our hiking every day. Her idea of a vacation is doing nothing but sleep and watching anime. Maybe an occasional venture out.

  77. Brother C, I lost to a memorization nerd in 1977. We moved to TX in Oct 1976. I couldn’t even understand the moderators accents. Rendezvous and melancholy were two of the words that made me angry. Moderator: REN-DEZ-VAS. Oso: Use it in a sentence. M: I have a REN DEZ VAS with death. Oso: Rendezvous? M: ?
    MEL AN CHOLY. OSO: melancholy? I’m still pissed 🤣🤣🤣

  78. You are about 5 hours from the best pizza in the world.

  79. 👋🏻 Pendejo. Are you going to Amarillo to watch the Sod Poodles? People in West TX: WTF is a Sod Poodle? Sod Poodle front office: That is what people in West Texas call prairie dogs. Oso and people in WT: I don’t care! I want a tee shirt with a prairie dog wearing a cowboy hat!!! Take my money!

  80. I am sad to report that I went on my last Beehive Trail hike. Between the bad heart and bad knees, I had to rest a lot, and there’s places where you can’t stop without blocking the path. (Iron rungs in the stone) Still, I made it.

  81. Google says that looks like fun.

  82. Osita, I lost the said 4th grade spelling bee to the girl who became our class valedictorian. 45 minutes of random words out of the dictionary. I misspelled bouillabaise, and she got it. (Not looking it up.)

  83. Beehive was the most challenging hike I would do. Precipice Trail is closed due to nesting peregrine falcons. Both have spectacular views of the park and the ocean. There was something related to rhododendron that was very pretty.

    We also hiked Great Head (sywm) and Ship Harbor trails and wandered around at Otter Cliffs, Schoodic Point, Anemone Cave (this was taken off the map when jackholes were taking the anemones), and Cadillac Mountain.

  84. And the Beech Cliff trail. We turned into the parking lot and both Rocketboy and Mini-me exclaimed, “Oh! I remember this!” A short hike with great views of Echo Lake.

  85. Ah, Kalmia (Mountain Laurel). Are they blooming in Maine already? Seems early.

  86. Don’t know. I’ll post pics when I get home. There were violets, too.

  87. Today was the last day.
    I wasn’t gonna do it, Anita already has an Evil Black Rifle, but I thought that if WA legislature don’t want me to have and EBR, I need to get an EBR.
    I went down to the little store in Orting WA and bought a S&W M&P-15, another Magpull 30 round mag, and 500 rounds of ammo.
    A Glock-30 yesterday, an EBR today.
    So it goes…

  88. Roamy, do you need me to head East and kick her ass? I’m Messican. We are good with regular knives, not fancy ass Pepe knives.

  89. We are looking to move out of NM. PUEBLO AND FLAGSTAFF.

  90. I got through an entire Friday without going to a doctor or ER. Huzzah!

  91. Oso, I’ve no intention of going to Amarillo. I lived in the panhandle of tx for the first 26
    Years of my life and never once heard the term sod poodle. Attached to prairie dogs or
    Otherwise. I’m thinking it’s a lame as fuck marketing strategy.

  92. Duncan enjoyed resolving problems.

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