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Happy Thorsday



  1. Comment by ChrisP on May 29, 2019 10:52 pm
    WA state is implementing several stupid gun-laws on 1June that will make it a L O N G process to get a new fire-arm, including required safety classes to get an “Assault Rifle”.
    Under their new definitions a Ruger 10-22 is an “Assault Rifle”(magazine fed semi-auto).


    That may be the most fun gun I own and every kid should learn long distance shooting on that sweet, sweet, little masterpiece of simple.

    This may be related, the WA legislature is full, of quarter-wit, lefty, assholes.

  2. Hope Thor is okay.
    Knew a guy from Maine in the Army. Wicked odd. Funny as hell sometimes. He tried to shave his head when we were in the field cause he got chewed out for his appearance. Had to quit shaving just above his ears. The sight of it made me howl. His recruiter should’ve been court martialed.

  3. I’ve shot the 10-22 before. Fun to shoot. Pretty much any 22LR pistol handgun rifle are fun to shoot. Shooting multiple rounds of 357 in a small concealed carry pistol leaves your hand feeling like it was hit with a hammer, not so the 22.

  4. The Ace hardware store one town over got new owners a couple of years ago. Last time I went in I was shocked to see boxes of ammo on the shelf in the middle of the store like we lived in America or something. That’s encouraging. Hopefully the local nannies won’t come down too hard on him. The store has a grade school, middle school and high school all less than a mile away from it.

  5. WTF is everyone? No offense, Nate.

  6. Ohai, Jimbro.

  7. G’morning Mare. Sun is actually coming in the window behind me … I haven’t seen the sun without a filter of clouds in a couple of days

  8. wakey akey.

    I’d like to see the sun today.

    Pray for oso

  9. Paris, ME voted to become a Second Amendment Sanctuary town. The usual pearl clutchers are poo-pooing it. It’s a response to anti-2A legislation working its way through the Dem-controlled *spit* government.

    We now have any medical professional able to do abortions (PA, NP, MD) because no pregnant woman should have to drive further than she would to get take out burgers to have an abortion.

    Just passed the no gay conversion therapy bill because that was super important.

    Up next, assisted suicide!

  10. Have you all noticed when the idiots in our local governments get together and pass laws it’s always garbage and costs us something, money or freedom?

    Legislators should get together about once every five years. Idiots.

  11. Well, I’m awake. Going to blame my shit sleep on my extra meds. And that damned infection.

  12. Libertarians: The expansion of the state power inevitably creates abuses which threaten the liberty of ordinary people.

    Me: Yes, that’s correct. I agree.


    Me: Fucking nutjobs.

  13. Libertarians.

  14. Should have read “libertinians”. Stupid autocucumber.

  15. GA is safe for now.

  16. Safe for what?

  17. To be normal

  18. These two dogs adorableness is too much. Sleeping head to head.

    Yesterday Moose did to Stella what he used to do to Oschi – on the way out, he GRABBED her to make her go out. Moose is lucky she’s so little, because right now she can outplay him. When he’s tired he can just lay there. She can jump on him all she wants – he doesn’t care.

  19. Be Bold With Bananas (Bitches)


  20. So, is the NE Cabal a member of Bruins nation? Did you see the game last night?

  21. Politico link, but it’s ok this time:

    Who knew Kristy Swanson wasn’t an intolerant lefty (notice I didn’t say conservative, no idea on the politics, but this is a risky role in hollyweird). Sarah Gellar never went with the flow, either. Second look at Buffy?

  22. Heh, I should read AOS more:

    Already canceled, because of threats of violence.

  23. Dan just can never …focus. If you asked him what color the sky was, he’d just accuse you of ignoring the color of the trees or something. He’s basically NEVER on point.

  24. ha ha haaa …good one.

  25. Wow, all the websites and their notifications now. Gonna have to seriously look into a totally private browser experience. No info from me!

  26. I turned it off mid-second period at 2-2. First thing I did this morning was turn on NESN to only be disappointed. Playoff hockey is worth watching but it’s on late here. I’ll watch the whole game if they can clinch or go home losers.

  27. Oh, Dan’s on point. It’s the point of being the total polar opposite of Trump, no matter what.

  28. Yeah, it gets late when it goes to OT. I’m surprised it doesn’t start earlier. Boston is probably a bigger market than St Louis.

  29. It turns out that the tarp was hung over the USS John McCain to cover up the ship’s exposed breasts.

  30. Hey, is Justin Amash in leon’s district? Is it his fault?

  31. Jay, that joke is pretty old, but it’s a good one.

    I heard it as “…if the sheetrock those assholes deliver from the lumber yard is worth a shit.”

    Now it’s all Home Depot and Lowe’s. Fucking big boxes. Full of messicans. We won’t buy from them.

  32. OMG. I’m done for the day. I have TWO newfies curled up at my feet. Moose is on my left foot, and Stella just crawled in and curled up on my right.


  33. Ha. J’ames is bringing the funnah today.

  34. I may die of the cuteness right now. Seriously.

  35. Car in, we need pictures.

  36. Hope she’s on her phone. If she’s on the computer, it’s all over.

  37. I’m pretty sure I’ll repost that one in the future. Just like everything else.

  38. The local lumberyard stopped selling retail, and caters to contractors now. Do you see the same thing, HS?

  39. Continuation of joke:

    Mom: If my 5 yo daughter is going to be allowed to continue working on your crew y’all are gonna have to work on cleaning up your language.

    Foreman: Ma’am, we just call a spade a spade sometimes.

    Mom: According to my daughter, you call it a motherfucking shovel.

  40. computer. I did take a picture

  41. Good add on, PD!


  42. University of Maine is going to go downhill.

  43. Wow, compared to the category-fest the other day, this is kinda sparse…

  44. Hey, is Justin Amash in leon’s district? Is it his fault?

    No, I have Kate Upton’s uncle.

  45. I moved 5 good wagon-fulls of old horse droppings into a mound yesterday. Planting pumpkins at noon. Shouldn’t even need to water them in with how wet it’s been.

  46. Yeah, man! Cool. I’m gonna sow my squashes tomorrow too. Also pole beans.
    Gotta transplant the peppers…sigh. It’s a busy time of year. Probably shouldn’t have taken on a painting project at the same time, but whatever. Life is awesome and I’m still the luckiest man alive.

  47. Jay, the local lumber yard (third generation) just closed its doors. They had ten acres in the middle of Ann Arbor that they sold to the UofM for $23million. Both brothers are in their late fifties/early sixties, so they’re set for life.

    We still have a nearby lumber yard that is quite good (Jeff Daniels’ family), but who knows how much longer it can compete.

    We give our guys a fifty cent an hour allowance for tools, but I tell them that if you buy from Home Depot or Lowe’s it won’t count toward your allowance.

  48. LOL Good add on to the joke, PD. Ima steal.

  49. I have beef ribs in the oven low and slow, hopefully to finish up before I go to work this afternoon.
    We finally ate our way to the bottom of the deep freeze, emptied and defrosted it. The ribs were the last thing that didn’t fit into the kitchen fridge-freezer.

    Feels good to get all that old food dispatched. I had a bunch of stock scraps that I made into broth. That needs canning, and then I’m done.

    Not sure if I want to restock the deep freeze or not. Maybe I want to eat fresh as much as possible for the remainder of Summer, instead.

    The big cases of nice Chilean salmon don’t come out until Autumn, anyway. And I wouldn’t have to worry so much about losing power in a T-storm this Summer.

  50. Oven? Is the PBC broken? Sous vide? WTF?

  51. dap caulk

  52. Maybe I want to eat fresh as much as possible for the remainder of Summer, instead.

    “Remainder” of summer?

    blink blink

    Some of us are still waiting for summer to start.

  53. Dude who lite himself up on white house lawn the other day … fully engulfed, just walking around. Crazy. Not surprising that he died, after seeing how “on fire” he was.

  54. It’s one tiny four-rib chunk, Jay, nobody here eats them but me, and the skeeters outside are descending in droves and fighting over me like seagulls on a french fry. Not worth the cost of charcoal or a blood transfusion.

  55. scott won’t eat beef ribs? hmmm. Plus smoke is an excellent mosquito repellant

  56. You have never lived on a New England swamp. The skeeters here consider smoke a delightful seasoning.

    Carin, that guy probably lit himself on fire because DC is built on a swamp and they have our skeeters there, too. Nothing political about it, except maybe a plea to end the ban on DDT.

  57. I’ve been to Minnesota. The mosquito is the state bird, and some are rumored to take down moose and bears.

  58. University of Maine is going to go downhill.
    They already have. It’s been years since they’ve had a decent hockey team. Ticket prices are being lowered to put asses in the seats. My brother attended UMO in the Kariya years.

  59. The trick with beef ribs is braising them for stew rather than cooking them like pork ribs. Way too tough for anything else.

  60. If Minnesota’s skeeters are worse than this, that is solid reasoning for the USA to nuke our own territory. Drop leaflets first, of course.

    The Mosquito Magnet can’t keep up with this onslaught. As usual, I blame Mare.

  61. When cooking beef ribs, start them in your slow cooker, then throw a couple of ribeyes on the grill. When the ribeyes are grilled to rare, take them off, add salt and pepper, then enjoy.

    As to the ribs, let them continue to cook, but otherwise ignore them.

  62. Leon, I did salt and dry-rub, then sealed them in a dish with foil and went low and slow. They braised in their own juice until they could be cut like steak, then I put a little steak bbq sauce on them and roasted them uncovered at 450 just to crisp up the fat and brown the sauce. They came out not fall-apart tender, but just almost there and still juicy. Very brisket-like. Just finished it in time to get ready to go to work, of course.

  63. I did sous vide with the last rack of beef ribs and did not like the results. I don’t think I went with a high enough temperature. I agree with the need for braising and ignoring. They would have come out a little better if I had done crockpot or something like that.

  64. Hotspur, when you buy animals by the quarter, you get parts you might not otherwise choose. I find a way to make something out of everything I get.

  65. go for longer time instead of higher temp, for those results, also.

  66. that girl had her shit together.

  67. On Fire!

  68. *Bangs drum in post’s face, lights post on fire.

  69. My mom just posted three stories about the john mccain bullshit. @@.

    I need this fucking rain to stop.

  70. Comment by MJ on May 30, 2019 2:35 pm
    *Bangs drum in post’s face, lights post on fire.


    Poat dangerously close to kicking MJ’s ass. Will simply smile until further notice.

  71. Eff John McCain, and the crashed fighter he rode in on.

  72. Thought your mom would be busy, since PG and HS are around.

  73. “Can you believe people are actually stupid enough to believe this? My sister was commenting on this. I’m disappointed that my educated sister is so dumb“

    That was a text from Paula about her sister posting on the McCain thing on FB

  74. They want to believe. I did a search for info the first I saw of the story.

  75. I’m not saying Minnesota mosquitos are huge, but word is the CIA is arming them with Hellfire missiles and releasing them in Yemen.

  76. Can confirm.

  77. Vampires never got a foothold in Minnesota because they couldn’t compete against the mosquitos.

  78. but word is the CIA is arming them with Hellfire missiles and releasing them in Yemen.

    Arm them with sickle cell and turn them loose in Little Mogadishu, Minnesota.

  79. Terminator 6 spoiler


    Trying to decide where to go for dinner.


    What is it?

    Brazilian Steak House for dinner! I’m having hamburgers.

  82. No one tell Leon, because he’s always yammering on about this but one of the guys got rhabdo on monday after the Murph. He hasn’t been working out a ton lately, and he’s a marine, so… you know, go hard or go home attitude. He’s still in the hospital.

  83. I was binging historical roasts on Netflix. The Anne Frank and Abe Lincoln are the best so far. I liked Jaleel as Nelson Mandela. Dan is home so we’re watching the Food Network.

  84. The kid in Houston is ok. MLB is considering more nets.

  85. The Ryobi cordless hedge trimmer kicks ass.

  86. Of course they are, oso. Now kids can’t even get a foul ball at a game, because 1/10000000 of the people get hit.

  87. WTF rahbdo sounds awful.

  88. MCPO Airedale? NOOOOO!

  89. J’ames, true Story. I was at an Isotopes game. Law suit game. I had just told my cousin “Who stands with their back to the game with a lefty on the 1st base side?” Woman took a foul ball off of her face. We heard her facial bones breaking. She lost. Kid in the outfield at a picnic party with his dad, won. Nets extended. First game this season, I was nearly hit by a foul ball. I have my Joe Carter glove. I hide. We were at a Tucson Toros game. Fat kid eating a hot dog. Dad not paying attention. She took a foul ball to the chest. She was behind the net. Netting isn’t fucking magic. Pay attention. Stay aware.

  90. Murph is a hard workout. And it’s long. As a runner, I’m more used to that.


  92. 5% tariff on all Mexican goods, huh?

  93. Everything he touches turns to shit.

  94. How’s Ned doing, scott?

  95. He’s worse.

  96. ugh, that’s terrible

  97. A republican will probably be the next governor here.

    Malloy was the worst.

    Lamont is making him look good.

  98. That’s what we thought last time.

  99. True. Lefties are ditching him because he isn’t embracing legalized weed.

    Half of his base will go third party next time.

  100. I thought that was the standard position now, legal weed. Gov in IA just vetoed expanding medical weed here. Republican.

  101. The episode of Chernobyl with the dogs. Wow.

  102. Browsing dating profiles. Just came across a coworker of mine. Open marriage. Ew. This town is weird. I’ve seen more poly/open marriage profiles here than I did in CA.

  103. Do their spouses know?

  104. I always assume they don’t.

  105. Gorgeous day here today, but my face is windburned.

  106. I think my comment about Mulloy ended up in the spam bucket. Kind of appropriate.

  107. Don’t see one there

  108. Fucking hell. Cannot abide an argument that claims to be for a thing but effectively works against that thing.

    Why do I even bother anymore? I should know better. Been on the Internet 30 years, arguing on the Internet never changes one bit.

  109. Eff it. Need to calm down so I can sleep. Peace out, Hostages.

  110. Just point and laugh, it’s all you can do.

  111. Or I am incompetent at commenting on this phone. Thanks for looking, Jay.

  112. Where Oso at? She usually dominate this timeframe

  113. Oso had a bowl of rocky road ice cream and blacked out. I’m assuming.

  114. Evidently the whole fucking blog blacked out. Either that or they’re all at H8.

  115. Dieters eat reduced portions.

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