We all know how that turned out for Mel Gibson.


[That’s a promo picture from a movie I’ve never heard of before: “The movie Megan Leavey is based on the true story of young Marine Corporal Megan Leavey, played by Kate Mara, as she is assigned to the K-9 unit and partnered with an aggressive, intelligent German shepherd named Rex. Together the two serve two deployments, completing over 100 missions, and form a deep bond that saves Leavey’s life. The tearjerker hits theaters June 9.” From 2013 I think]




As a kid I can remember sitting on the sidewalk for the Memorial Day parade and being told to watch the WW1 veterans march by because they were getting older. I can imagine parents telling their kids the same about WW2 veterans now




May God Bless the USA

(This is where STELLAH!!!! goes)




  1. Well, can’t post the link to Facedouche, since there’s a Lee quote.

  2. Will it just not happen or will the shrieking hordes of SJW’s get you banned?

  3. Remember the ones who didn’t come back.

    Going to dad’s today, gonna give my little brother a hug.

  4. Paula visited her dad yesterday afternoon and brought the dogs to walk in the woods. He’s got a ton of land and the dogs can go off leash. Of course Rowan decided to roll in some shit and Paula didn’t know what kind. I sent this helpful guide which she did not find amusing

    Also failed to laugh at my calling it bear shit because everyone knows that the bear shits in the woods. Women, right?

  5. RIP, Uncle Carl, KIA WW2.

    One of these days I’ll make it to France and visit that cemetery and battlefield.

  6. no one appreciates H2 links on Facedouche. They wonder who the hell would read that crap.

  7. Bunch of uptight prigs

  8. roamy, is that Normandy?

  9. Is Car in boycotting wakey wakey today?

  10. What’s a good hedge trimmer for trimming yews? They’re so soft and floppy our regular trimmers don’t work very well on them.

  11. “What’s a good hedge trimmer for trimming yews? They’re so soft and floppy our regular trimmers don’t work very well on them.”

    Hire a Mexican who owns a lot of hand tools.

  12. Carin has the Murph, and a new puppy. Her priorities are all in disarray until things settle down and she can get things sorted.

    Here, let me…I been practicin’…

    *dons little grey wig and skort*

    *strikes a classic pose*


    *takes off wig and slouches*

    I think I fucked it up again

  13. Thanks Clint.

  14. I just got a picture of my two Murphers so I guess they survived

  15. Whoops, posted on the old poat.

    Ahh, the good old days…..

  16. 2 murphers?

  17. trimming yews sounds like a CT GOP thing. Racist.

  18. About 95 or so, my parents went on a long driving vacation to Virginia and back. Somewhere along the way they spent the night in a cheap motel and their Shetland Sheepdog picked up some fleas. They didn’t discover the flea problem until they got home. Mom washed up the dog with flea shampoo and resumed life it’s own self. A couple of days later dog has fleas again. Wash, rinse, repeat. They discovered that the fleas were loose in the house. So dad’s best friend is a farmer/rancher who bought a 55 gallon drum of DDT before it went off the market. Dad went out and borrowed a pint, mixed it in a sprayer, and sprayed all the carpets, drapes, and baseboards in the house. Locked it up, grabbed the dog, and went to visit my brother and sister in law for a week. When they got back all the fleas were deceased. Along with about 3 five gallon buckets worth of cockroaches they didn’t even know they had. The house was built in 1910 and they began a massive rehabilitation and remodeling immediately to keep future bugs out. We moved them out of the house in 12 and no one ever saw any kind of insect inside the house to that day. Dad thought it was due to his expert installation of new flooring. I think it was the DDT.

  19. I just looked up a few articles about DDT trying to figure out its longevity in the environment. Nothing concrete other than it can “persist”. I bet it could persist in a dwelling a good long time.

  20. I was kinda worried that my parents would die of liver cancer or something but Dad lived another 20 years and basically died of starvation due to his intestines refusing to work and mom’s still on this side of the grass. On the other hand, we rarely have sightings of bald eagles in the panhandle of TX.

  21. Two Murphers: Paula and Ben. She did it solo without the weight vest and she partnered Ben with her worry wart friend Izzy. He was relieved because before Izzy asked he was supposed to partner with Paula who would have pushed him harder.

  22. It’s a spectacularly gorgeous day today. Spent some time out in the garden this morning. Life is awesome. Now to clean up and go see Dad’s side of the fam. Houseguest is coming too, she made a fruit salad to bring.

  23. I’m at work.

  24. Dry rub ribs round II on the grill, mango habanero this time.

    I got an early Father’s Day present and set it up, Walmart version of this with a new table and base:

    My life is pretty dope.

  25. Umbrella drinks at Pupster’s!!

  26. Thanks for leaving me at the old thread loser. Just for that, I’m not going to publish my pupper post today.

    And yes, I’ve been busy.

  27. Old thread comment:

    I can’t nap. I work at 4.

    51:17, with a weight vest – but I did a scale up the pullups because my shoulder is still fubard. Seated pullups with a bar. It’s a nice scale, because it’s a strict pullup, just with a little less weight (plus a little more because of the vest).

  28. I was going to add some Memorial day stuff to the pupper post, but I guess I can leave that out now.

  29. Post is done and scheduled for tomorrow morning. You guys can change that if you want to. don’t care.

  30. But there are lots of dog pictures. I’m not just teasing – it’s true. Dogs and dogs for days.

  31. Isn’t there a name for that formation /flying up there?

  32. Missing man. right?

  33. See, now we have controversy.

    The Murph is supposed to be done with a weight vest – because that’s how Lt Murphy did it. That is considered “Rx”. There is nothing special about doing it rx or scaled, really it’s hard either way. The time is obviously going to be waaaay different with a vest. So … that’s why you’d indicate that you did it “RX” meaning with a vest.

    So a couple of gals did it w/o the vest, and put their scores in under RX. Beating, of course, the women with did it with a vest.

    Egos. I mean, they just can’t bring themselves to say that they “scaled” a workokut. Despite the fact that people “Scale” Murph all the time, because it’s freakin hard.

    average time is 45 – hour (without a vest even). Top athletes are sub 40 minuets.

    One of the guys came in from the run with a time of 6 min 24 seconds or something crazy. I think he went out too hot.

  34. What is this “partnered” stuff, Jimbro. I assume they split the work?

    I saw a lot of non crossfitters did it that way. (on my facedouche)

  35. Old Guard ceremonies – hawt.

    Good poat Jimbro.

  36. Yeah, they split the work. Paula did it on her own, sans vest, in 47:10. Her hip surgeon said okay for running short distances and she didn’t want to tempt fate with the vest. No idea what Ben/Izzy did for time. She was wiped out for days afterwards last year so I think she did it mainly to support the cause and her CrossFit box. Didn’t buy the shirt but made a donation for both of them.

  37. Thanks Beasn.


    This is from a noted conspiracy theorist (Mike Adams the “Health Ranger”) but it does make sense.

  39. I mentioned it on your facechimp, car in, that in Old Town St. Charles, where Lewis and Clark (and their newfie) launched their expedition, they have placed life-sized painted statues of newfies around the city, sitting on corners. There is a black one a couple of blocks from our rental and husband saw one the color of Stella somewheres else.

    I’m thinking they went up within the last six months. I’m wondering if we will come up on a Moose flavored one.

  40. Jimbro, that’s what worries me. These guys are total snakes. I hope Trump — and Barr — have upped their security, too.

  41. Grill is clean as a whistle.

  42. If there’s going to be a false flag attack, it’ll be on Zuckerberg. He’s worth more to the Deep State dead than alive at this point.

  43. At this point they won’t kill Trump. That would just make him a martyr and turn a political movement into a crusade. I don’t think the Left’s leaders are that stupid. The rank and file, on the other hand…

    Anyway, don’t know what’s causing it, but whenever I’m hungry it feels like I’m starving, and I am, in fact, eating, so…

  44. I’m eating some pie. Local grocery had a red, white, and blue pie for $5. One third is blackberry, 1/3 cherry, 1/3 apple. Pretty good.

  45. That would just make him a martyr and turn a political movement into a crusade. I don’t think the Left’s leaders are that stupid. The rank and file, on the other hand

    More than a few people on the right have said variations of, “if something happens to Trump, I’ll fully support whatever President Pence does in response, no matter how brutal.”

  46. I cooked a top round roast yesterday, low and slow. Husband wasn’t here, but he was here for tonight’s leftovers. He goes sits in his chair with his plate, takes a bite, and says, ‘Man, this is soft.’

    Me: ‘That’s what she said.’

    Husband gives me a look*.

    BAHAHAHA. I crack myself up. But yeah, the roast was super tender.

    *this was right after I caught him snacking before dinner. I ask him what he’s eating and he says, ‘Jim’s sausage’. SNORT (his buddy just gave him some deer sausage.)

  47. Rubbed down a roast yesterday with onion powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and italian seasoning. It’s been slowly cooking in the oven for the past two hours.

  48. I hope you’re making mashed taters with that.

  49. No mashed taters. Probably some green beans.

  50. average time is 45 – hour (without a vest even). Top athletes are sub 40 minuets. I just don’t want to.

  51. Top round roast is the best.

  52. More than a few people on the right have said variations of, “if something happens to Trump, I’ll fully support whatever President Pence does in response, no matter how brutal.”

    I’m not convinced they’ll limit themselves to the “official response”, which I suspect would be…inadequate to the cause. Word on high or no, that would be the final casus belli and the deathknell for the United States.

    God willing, his security is good enough we’ll never face that scenario.

  53. got a rump roast, cut it into 1/2″ pieces, sous vide for 48 hours. Shocked.

    When I got home from Memorial Day in Elk Horn, I discovered them in the sink. Into the garbage. Gah!

  54. Uncle Carl is buried in the Brittany American Cemetery in France. I have the letter one of his squadmates wrote to my aunt, so I think it was a battle in Brittany but I’m not where I can look it up.

  55. I am plenty happy with the way that federalism is reasserting itself. See: Abortion policy in the various states. This is a bloodless version of ‘national divorce.’ We go back to living our lives differently from one another, and we tell the national government to fuck off with their intrusions into regional religious, cultural, and lifestyle differences.

    Ideally. We shall see how this progresses. It is in the leftists’ best interest to leave things alone, but you know they are control freaks and can’t stand to see people happily living their lives without their ‘input.’

  56. Jay, I’m not following. Who put the beef in the sink?

  57. ‘Bloodless,’ not including the victims of blue-state abortion policies, of course. Don’t come at me over words.

  58. I did, to bring the temp down quickly. I forgot to put it in the fridge.


  59. Should be, 1/2 slices, perforated with a jaccard. was going to make chicken fried steak, gravy from the sous jus in the bag. It was only 1.99 a pound, so only about 8 bucks, but 48 hours in the tank!

  60. Well, the leftists in 49 other states aren’t happy with what Alabama did. Now Missouri is pushing one through, too. Probably with the same results.

  61. We smoked a couple chickens on the Pit Barrel Cooker. Next day, I took most of that meat and made chicken salad with it. O.M.G. The smokiness carries through the meat even in the chicken salad. Delish. DELISH. It works so well with the crispy cool celery bits and green onion.

    Recommended. Smoke that chicken before you make ck salad with it! I think I need to smoke a bunch of them ahead of time, pick the carcasses, and freeze the meat just for making ck salad quickly in the future. Nice to do now, to avoid having to cook when it’s hot in Summer.

  62. I smoke 8 breasts at a time, to use in salads during the week. Cheap and delicious.

  63. Watching The Hot Zone, someone is wearing a Dukakis shirt.

    No, not Nick Searcy.

  64. Party of seven- right at close. Ordered five well done filets. Didn’t get their order in until10 minuets after close because it was special order everything.

    Then the food gets delivered and it’s “oh yea … I want this too …”

    dudes … there is NO ONE IN THE KITCHEN.

  65. Five well done fillets?

    That’s when you get in your car and go home.

  66. Yea, not only that- they wanted mozzarella melted on them.


  67. People are really weird.

    Now remember – tomorrow morning, before most of you are awake, my puppy thing should post. I don’t know who’s toes I stepped on … but if it’s a big deal it can be delayed.

  68. I wore my vintage Reagan tee from Allahpundit’s original website, defunct now many years.

    It hails from when Allahpundit was a conservative. This tee spends most of its life in a drawer, I’ve probably only worn it three times in the last sixteen years.

    It has a picture of Ronald Reagan raising a glass of champagne, with the words, ‘hey comrade, you’re welcome’ superimposed.

    I love it so much, I almost never wear it.

  69. Fillet well done?

    Sorry, this isn’t Denny’s.

  70. Allah’s in the House was the best.

  71. Butterflied and well done.

  72. Well done beef should be a crime.

  73. I ❤️ Well done. Prime Rib WELL Done. Butterflied or the end. I want my meat cooked! Texas BBQ is all Flintstone Beef Rib or brisket. I’m team 🐷

  74. You are wrong.

  75. I don’t grok well done. Especially when there’s sous vide, and absolutely no chance of any type of bacteria.

  76. mozzarella on a burnt filet? That’s Italian!

  77. I’ve not been to many Texas BBQ joints that didn’t serve pork ribs. I rarely get them anymore because they’re charging north of $12 for a three rib plate which is bullshit. Plus, I have several friends who can put most bbq joints to shame when it comes to ribs. And brisket. And yardbird.

  78. 👋🏻 Scott. Mustard BBQ. CAROLINA.

  79. For branding, Penelope cooked 8 racks of ribs in the PBC. They were excellent.

  80. Dedicated. Exemplary. Real patriots.

  81. Yes we are.

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