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  1. Great stuff. That No Don Quixote sign is is Belarus. I’ve been there. Cat litter box is ingenious.

    Contacted WordPress. Not sure I explained correctly. Years ago I started it. This was when I was on Twitter. Not sure that has anything to do with it, but I see my old Twitter handle on my profile page. I can’t remove it. Anyway my site is

    Gonna keep trying to fix this.

  2. Nobody cares about your blog, dog.

  3. mom joke retort

  4. oy!

  5. Great job, Pups! I’m glad you work at a U.S. meme factory, I wonder if Chinese meme factories screw up the Engrish……

  6. Hey, Jam, just get off a psych hold?

  7. Good morning.

    Still working on the kitchen.As soon as I wake up a little, I’ll be sanding the wood putty patches and applying the first layer of topcoat to the rest of the kitchen cabinet carcasses. Then when the noise ordinance expires at 10AM I will start sanding the rest of the doors outside and then prime them.

    At some point Mom is going to show up to pick produce out of my garden and distract me from my mission for a while, which could be a disaster for the rest of my week’s plans. We’ll see how it goes.

  8. Tomorrow is supposed to hit almost 90 degrees! I guess the AC will be going in. I must say, we did have a proper Spring this year. Long and cool with lots of rain and no-heating days. It’s pretty rare but I guess it does happen. Usually we go from cold to hot, in a day.

  9. “putty”

  10. Synchronized sitting

  11. Stellah.

  12. I didn’t take a vote and invited N8 to be a blerg contributor. Anything that goes wrong from now on is his fault.

  13. Today I will be smoking ribs and other things, it took me almost an hour to trim the fat and bone from an eight dollar package of country ribs, I think I threw away about 5 dollars worth of trimmings by weight. Dry rub, slow smoke, carolina BBQ sauce seer/finish.

    Boy1 will not eat the ribs so I’ll probably cook him a hamburger.


    Paula got two muscle ups

    I now return you to your regular blog activities

  15. Hah!

  16. I think I threw away about 5 dollars worth of trimmings by weight

    I always assumed you had a dog.

  17. Nessie the Wonder Dog only eats the finest Purina has to offer in it’s Dog Chow.

    If you are watching The Memorial Tournament, keep an eye out for Columbus Alex in Handcuffs on the 4th fairway.

  18. Paula got two muscle ups

    Then Jimbro rolled over and went back to sleep.

  19. Wakey wakey

    I must hate Paula now.

    /goes to unfriend her on facedouche

  20. What smells like hot garbage with putty and sawdust?

    Oh, hi Lauraw. It is probably easier to do the cabinets from the outside. Just saying.


  22. Lost interest and had to take a break. We’re gonna go get some H8 chikin and hit up the depot for some more supplies.

  23. Hey, a jam sighting!

    Someone must have let his cell door ajar. JAM, COME BACK!!

  24. Daughter is officially moving out, again, today.

  25. Beasn, congrats. Hopefully she won’t be moving back any time soon.

  26. Wahoo! And into a spiffy new house, no less. Nice job, Mom.

  27. Scott is an evil, sad genius.

  28. I always assumed you had a dog.
    Giving more than a tiny scrap of fat to a kibble fed dog is a recipe for the canine version of Mt Vesuvius. At least it is around here.

  29. Needs sound. This guy is a talented pianist, he plays accompaniment to videos on the internets.


  31. Who did Mare’s Musings?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAhaha! Who do we know in Florida that can get Mare to the Large Animal Hospital? I think she had a stroke.

  32. Boat floats.

  33. I got to meet up with Jimbro and Paula!!!

    Not sure I can put the evidence in the media folder from this phone. But I’m not somewhere having to put the lotion on its skin. We had a nice lunch at a great restaurant. Jimbro gave me Maine beer (now in fridge) and chocolate. Mini-me said “he knows you well.”

    Mr RFH, Rocketboy, FDIL and Mini-me were part of the meet up too. Gotta say they handle meeting Mom’s friends well.

  34. Yaaaay!

    Wait…were you guys someplace where lobster ends with an “ah” or an “aar” sound?

  35. Pupster, yes, and I am ready for round 2 of lobstah.

  36. Roamy has polite kids. Even after traveling all day. First Hostage ever met by me! Now Paula knows that the people I spend my days with on the Internet are not make pretend figments of my imagination.

  37. Oh and lunch didn’t take an hour and a half to not appear, so good pick, Jimbro. I didn’t have breakfast, and our layover in DC was almost too short for Patton’s advice. I was famished.

    Carin, we talked about the Murph on Monday, I assume you are doing that or at least some similar challenge.

  38. Met at a restaurant called Timbah

    Beer chosen for a warm welcome to Maine was called Smiling Irish Bastard!

    I identify with that one

  39. We were trying to remember all the Hostages my kids have met. Mare, Jay, Cyn, XBrad, Cuffy and Mrs. Cuffy. I’m sure I’m forgetting someone.

  40. If meeting Hostages/Morons was like collecting trading cards, Roamy would be one of the most highly-ranked ones. Original crew AOS Moron, works at NASA, cute chick, tests trebuchets, lingerie lover, thrashes to Metallica, funny, great kid stories. Pretty tough to beat.

    Kudos, Jimbro. Hopefully you’ll try to collect the whole set someday. Take your opportunities whenever you can, it is like meeting long time friends for the first time. I missed out on PattyAnn and Lipstick, and I’ll never forgive myself for that. Harrison, Michael, and Rosetta are gone, but my memories of them are right here with me.

  41. Romacita trading card killed it




  45. We should have H2 challenge coins.

  46. I must have missed all of the puppy pictures.


  47. Car in is withholding pupdates because she hates us all so very much.

  48. Don’t expect return postage.

  49. HA! I always forget that’s there, Pups.

    I was riffing on the stupid “deplorables” comment.

    Sexist…I literally don’t know what that even means anymore but I thought being told you don’t like females and wouldn’t vote for Hillary because she’s female is as dumb as saying religious people (who have the most kids) hate sex. There are plenty of reasons not to vote for Hillary and none of them have to do with her sex.

    Racist…not caring the color of people is mostly a leftist deal. Always separating people into groups.

    homophobic…who is actually afraid of gays??????

    And the trans comment? Well, I think they are mentally ill. And supporting that kind of serious crazy, evidently, gets you more of that kind of crazy.

  50. Straw Man arguments. Obama was guilty of making them quite often. All the libs running for president are claiming Trump is dividing the country while ignoring their own anti-capitalistic schemes that sow division between the earners from the so called downtrodden.


    Get Woke, Go Broke

    I’ve been using some off brand razor I found on Amazon ( since the last ad labeling men as evil rapers came out. I didn’t toss my existing Gillette blades or handles but shit like this makes me wonder why.

  52. I buy the Walgreens brand disposable. They are not great, only good for 2-3 shaves, but I refuse to pay confiscatory prices for replacement blades.

  53. I get a new Norelco every 15-20 years,

  54. My boss is a head shaver, pretty sure he goes around the whole globe every morning.

    I never got used to an electric razor, it irritates my skin.

  55. I have a Gillette Atra II (I think) base handle purchased…10, 15 years ago? And I buy knockoff replacement blades at the food store that are like $3 for a pack of 10. So technically I’ve been boycotting them for years already.

  56. No go on electric razors for me too. Too irritating to my delicate skin. Nothing worse than chafed ball skin.

  57. Shoot, that handle might even be 20 years old. Atra Plus, not Atra II. Doesn’t matter, I think the knockoff blades are CareMark brand.

  58. Gonna be beastly hot today. Got to get my stuff done early. Time to start cucumber seeds. And second crops that can go into the japanese turnips’ spot, as soon as they’re all eaten.

    I also want to go out there and see if anything dug up that rabbit we planted last night.

  59. Big razor must have big lobbying.

  60. RABBIT SEEDS! That’s where it starts.

  61. Nothing like going after the .1%

  62. Man, I love this:

  63. I use the old style double edged safety razor. Works great, and doesn’t clog up instantly like the multi blade modern razors.

  64. I use a safety razor as well. I’m half tempted to buy a straight razor. My skin tends to get razor burn easily, so cheap disposable razors don’t do too well.

  65. I was a Gillette Atra man for a long time too, Lauraw, but the blades kept getting more expensive than whatever new wizbang 5 blade monstrosity they where pimping at the time. Once they get you on that gravy train they hook you in to $17 refills.

    Somebody might call it a scam if they were so inclined. I remember getting into an internet conversation with somebody…maybe Stoaty Weasel, about how old houses used to have a safety razor disposal slot in the bathroom. Does anybody who’s name doesn’t rhyme rotdurr remember them?

  66. Nice placement Hotspur. Did you design the bathroom yourself?

  67. Our medicine cabinet at camp is an old Sears model with a blade slot. It’s not labeled as such and I suspect I’m the only one of my family who knows (or cares for that matter) what it’s for.

    I have a safety razor and use it maybe twice a year. If I don’t take my time I end up with nicks and it’s hard to get the whiskers right under my nose without doing some contortions.

  68. I shaved my balls for this?

  69. Yup, my Nonno had one of those slots in his medicine cabinet. Across this country of ours, there are millions of older homes that each have a pile of rusty nasty razor blades inside a wall.

    It’s like the world’s most awful time capsule.

  70. The sun is incredible today. Sapping. I took down my greenhouse, splashed some water around to the bird bath and my various plant pets, and retreated. Scott put the AC in this morning. Thank goodness.

    I might go back out when the shadow of the house covers the garden and plant peppers.

  71. Xbradtc!!!!

    Where the heck have you been? I know we suck but you need to come by more often…and coment.

  72. More often than you’d think.

  73. I don’t think the first girl minded having her legs pried loose by the crew of stud firemen that came to her rescue

  74. Yep, Murph on Monday. 9 am. Which means no drinky drinky for me today. I did an 8 mile run yesterday – and it was a tad too hot for that shit. It’s cooler today. Trying to get some gardening done, but it’s that weird temp where with a light long sleeve I’m too hot, but once I take that off I get cold.

    My garden is a disaster. Yesterday, before my 8 mile run, i picked up two yards of compost and added them to by raised bedS. Which are starting to rot pretty badly. I think at the end of the season, I’m going to take the wood out, and just have it be a regular garden. When we moved here, the dirt there was terrible, so that was the best option at the time. now, I’ve got lots of good dirt, and between the bed has gotten mulch and all sorts of compost material. it will give me more planting space anyway.

    Nephew and kids are all up. Extra pupper. Busy busy. I’ll try to take some pictures and then do a post of them? Not sure when I’ll pull it all together. Kids want to go to an escape room later, and we’ve got ribs on smoker.

    I’M TRYING. But I’m just busy. Plus, newborn puppy is a tad taxing, but she’s totally worth it. Just a little spitfire. She’s got both of those Newfies in her palm. Orders them around. It’s actually hilarious. Moose was lying on his back, spread eagle, and she just jumped right on him. Funniest thing ever.

    Ok, back to work.

  75. The worst fucking thing about quitting smoking is I’ve become a fucking morning person. Literally, I was grocery shopping at 6:30am.

  76. comment

  77. HA! xbradtc, that’s old age too (although you’re much younger than I).

  78. How long have you been off ciggies, Xbrad? Cold turkey, patch, drugs, or gum?

  79. Trying out three different kinds of pickling cucumbers this year. Got my mounds labeled. The excitement around here never ends!

  80. 5 weeks as of today. Spent four weeks wearing a patch. Sox gets yelled at a lot.

  81. I’ve been seeing some hilarious memes referring to states that have restricted abortion and the memes use the “song” Hoe’s Mad.


  82. Well, we’re proud of you, Xbradtc. Quitting smoking is harder than Hotspur cutting down on his C8nt calling.

  83. 11!

  84. You have to love the pride and the face painting, the situational awareness not so much.

  85. Back from the boat early. About to grill burgers in the rain, but we have a big umbrella over the grill, so I won’t melt.

  86. XBrad, welcome back. Congrats on quitting smoking.

  87. Now if you’d just quit buggering little boys.

  88. Decals that go on the outside of your garage door. Fun.

  89. I like the wine cellar one.

  90. Garage door decals that didn’t get selected

  91. Saw this the other day when I picked up Ben and ate a chicken sandwich

  92. Garage door decals that didn’t get selected


  94. Scott loves my giant mulch piles. Shut up.

  95. Imma laugh my ass off when thry end up with an EU parliament full of parties that want it disbanded.

  96. LauraW, I’m so pleased that you read CTH.
    Wonderful viewpoint from “Sundance”…

  97. Darby enjoyed ribald pranks.

  98. Sleep cycle well and truly borked. What to do, what to do…

    /starts drawing pictures on sleeping Hostages’ faces

  99. Osita will like this. It was everyone (team of 4) vs. me in Trivial Pursuit. I won. Then everyone else played a second round, and Mr
    RFH won that one. Old fogies still got it.

  100. Unless anyone has a driving need for a new poat, I’m planning on skipping today.

  101. Maybe after Murph I can throw up pictures of Stella?

  102. Catching up here. Yes, we want pics of Stella. Congrats to XBrad on quitting. Hugs to Jimbro and Paula for a proper welcome to Maine, the beer and the chocolate are excellent, thank you again. Was surprised by the price of lobster, apparently fallout from tariffs on China. Off to see more of Acadia.


  104. You might need a nap after “The Murph”.

  105. Ahh, the good old days…..

  106. I can’t nap. I work at 4.

    51:17, with a weight vest – but I did a scale up the pullups because my shoulder is still fubard. Seated pullups with a bar. It’s a nice scale, because it’s a strict pullup, just with a little less weight (plus a little more because of the vest).

  107. Help me out, there was tweet that Ian Breman (I don’t know who this dipshit is or how to spell his name) broadcast that made it sound like Trump said Kim Jung Ufffff was smarter, better and whatnot than Joe Biden. That tweet (by a blue check marked douche) got repeated by every elitist asshole who thinks they are better and smarter than you.

    Breman admitted it was a fake (Trump Never said it). And yet no one corrected or apologized on their twitter feed.

    Checking twitter (yes, I know, it’s garbage) it appears people did not get the memo it was not real and are still bitching about it.

    Did Trump say something else about stupid, corrupt, Joe Biden or am I missing something?

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