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Your model for today was born on December 1st, 1992 in Portland, Oregon.  She stands 5′ 7″ and measures 36 – 24 – 36 and 110 lbs.  Please form a line to say hello to Miss Bunny Colby (AKA Nadya Nabakova).





  1. She looks healthy. Like a chameleon the way she changes looks.

  2. yikes! Early
    My company is based in London, but what I do has offices in Dublin. Belfast and Cork. I am thinking to transfer to somewhere in Ireland, but I have to stay there for 2 years.

    Any thoughts?
    A guy from Dublin transferred to Houston and says the cost of living is much less here.

  3. If you’re looking for an Irish adventure I’d take the plunge. I haven’t been back to Ireland in over 20 years, pre-EU. Ireland has gone through a few cycles of prosperity and declines since along with a lot of immigration. When I was there my uncle was always complaining about the VAT tax. He had a few scams going including an underground gas tank in his yard for his “company vehicle” which was a van or two and his wife’s car. I still remember him smiling at me and saying “Jimmy, there’s always something going on here, you just need to open your eyes and look around”. Cork is where I’d go, that’s where my family is from.

  4. 2 years is enough time to work, see what you want to see and get back to the US of A for Trump’s second term. Most of my Irish relatives have moved to the US, Singapore and London for finance and pharmaceutical jobs.

  5. BBF’s aren’t supposed to have fakies. I thought that was an unwritten rule or something.

  6. Will you get a cost of living raise, Vman?

    Good to see you here. You need to update us on your house, your doggies and your love life.

  7. Sounds like an adventure V. You know your business better than I do, but I guess I would be concerned with all the strange laws and ways of doing things that would be unknown, foreign if you will, that would make for a steep learning curve at work. Moving dirt around in Europe might be pretty exciting though.

  8. Unwritten rules are a tool of the patriarchy, and I refuse to be defined by your societal norms, mare.

  9. Check out the musical selection if you like blues, it is really good. The concept is they recorded different artists all around the world and mixed them together, my favorite is the middle eastern guy with the finger cymbals who really ties it all together.

  10. Whoops, dudes from Morocco so African I guess.

  11. This is the grill that guy XBrad linked was using to make a 20 lb roast

    I hope it comes with delivery because at that price you can have a vehicle or a grill, not both. As far as the video I liked everything up until he seared the shit out of the individual ribs at the end. They were big enough that they were still good in the middle but it looked kind of charcoaly

  12. Wakey wakey.

    Ax throwing is sorta big up here. @@. We’re becoming douchebag central.

    I prefer Fowling.

    The dinner experience is really weird. I can’t explain how a waiter could possibly fuck up that badly.

  13. Keb Mo is great. Haven’t listened to his music in a while.

  14. Those look real

  15. real fake.

  16. Chameleon tits

  17. It’s about effing time I get some recognition for my patriarchal something, something!!!

  18. Comment by n8sebaka on May 24, 2019 6:55 am
    Those look real


    Oh, you, sweet, sweet delusional fool.

  19. I like the purple bra and panty set.

  20. Oh, you, sweet, sweet delusional fool.


  21. Ok, don’t yell at me because I don’t have my phone handy, but Moose is under my feet, and Stella a just snuggled up to his head as close as can be.

    so freakin cute.

    But if I get up to get my phone, she’ll just follow me.

  22. I bet she follows a blog where every Friday is Dadbod Friday with pics of middle-aged men sitting at desks looking at spreadsheets and PowerPoints. In that blog they argue:

    “That guy uses Just for Men.”
    “No way!”

  23. The see-through bra pic where her eyes are open at different heights makes me think she may have imbibed a drug or two once upon a time.

  24. That’s the roofie picture.

  25. Hmmmm, when I hit the Imgur links on this stupid tablet, I get 10 gifs on the page. Pretty sure Co Alex needs to meet the girl in this one….

  26. Ok, I think I’m being dropped as a friend. Said friend is now a grandmother, and she seems to be leaning toward other friends who also are grandmothers.

    Whatever, motherfuckers.

    I’ve got my dogs, my family, and my Tool. And my crossfit. And you guys.

    That’s all I need.

    And this lamp

  27. How is it I always feel like crap right before long weekends? Pain in side, feeling nauseous, lasted through the night, sleep poor. I really, REALLY don’t need to be out today, either, but I gotta get this dealt with.

    I gotta take better care of myself. This shit is getting old.

  28. /insert joke about Car in’s Tool

    Is it long enough to shape into a perfect circle…?

  29. (See this is why I should stick to shitposting. Serious stuff or anything about my life just makes me sound like gloomy Gus.)

  30. Tappa tappa tappa got talent

  31. Carin’s friends are forming a GILF Blog

  32. Paula is on day 3 of a 3 day stretch and she always meal preps beforehand. Since it’s day 3 and she’s at work I had one of her meals that was sitting in the fridge for breakfast: broccoli salad, brussel sprouts and boneless chicken breast.

  33. thanks
    I don’t think so Mare

  34. From the WSJ

    “President Trump is expected to release an executive order as early as next week to mandate the disclosure of prices in the health-care industry, according to people familiar with the discussion.”

    It’s about time.

  35. The dinner experience is really weird. I can’t explain how a waiter could possibly fuck up that badly.

    Agreed, that’s bizarre. To be completely overlooked…? I guess time flies when you’re on meth.

  36. Comment by beasn on May 24, 2019 1:57 am
    Alex, wings are too….uppity. I’m thinking pot leaves.

    Nah, the pot leaves go on the front, just above her hip bone.

  37. Maybe Grandma Friend is allergic to dogs, and just can’t be with you, Car in?

  38. Well, I think pot treats people the same way, judging by the service at StlMU at the bar with the bartender there, haha.

  39. Weird looking BBQ guy is Steve Raichlen, and he’s one of the experts in the field. Lots of books and shows to his name.

  40. So, with Theresa May resigning, does that signal the end of Brexit?

  41. 29 degrees here this morning.

  42. BBF’s aren’t supposed to have fakies. I thought that was an unwritten rule or something.

    If that were a rule, we’d have run out of chicks years ago.

  43. Comment by Jay in Ames on May 24, 2019 9:38 am
    So, with Theresa May resigning, does that signal the end of Brexit?

    We’ll see. It could very well mean a “no-deal” exit. May seemed to be trying to slow-walk Brexit and keep the UK in the EU as much as possible, against the wishes of voters.

  44. But May said she was trying to get Brexit passed, as it was the will of the voters. I don’t pretend to know much about British politics, but they are confusing. So now the Tories will get back into the EU?

  45. Weird looking BBQ guy is Steve Raichlen, and he’s one of the experts in the field. Lots of books and shows to his name.

    But is he a liberal douchebag like Meathead has turned into?

  46. But May said she was trying to get Brexit passed, as it was the will of the voters. I don’t pretend to know much about British politics, but they are confusing. So now the Tories will get back into the EU?

    She’s a lying sack of shit and regularly enjoys playing the meat whistle.

  47. May was opposed to leaving, IIRC, but claimed that she would respect the will of the voters. The Brexit negotiations have been a clusterfuck of epic proportions, with May pushing a proposal that would leave the UK heavily intertwined with the EU and subject to a lot of their regulations even as it nominally “separates” from the EU.

    She’s basically facing a huge backlash from the leave side.

  48. looks like one of the stumbling blocks was Northern Ireland, again. They were staying with the EU, so now they were back to borders and checkpoints. What a mess.

  49. Not sure on Raichlen’s politics, nor Meathead’s. I think Meathead has just stepped on his dick on social media.

  50. Check out this morning. Impressive sand sculpture!

  51. A decision was made here


  52. you guys are boring.

  53. No U.

  54. English friend on faceass was a Tory for all of his adult life. Was. His vote cast yesterday was the first one ever not as a Tory. They are pissed.
    I saw several American friends warn him way back when but he shot them down in his most lawyerly English way. He had confidence May would get it done. Had.

  55. Pain in side, feeling nauseous, lasted through the night,

    Do you still have your appendix? Any history of kidney stones?

  56. Ordinarily, women who play the meat whistle aren’t the worst sorts.

    May sucks tranny cock.

  57. If you need proof that Britain is totally fuxxored you need look no further than May. Electing a snaggletooth cunt like her PM tells you everything you need to know.

  58. How is Kamal Harris not guilty of cultural appropriation with that straightened hair?

  59. “It is a mistake for the Church to try to hold onto old traditions or to have clear answers for everything, Pope Francis said Thursday.”

  60. We’re going to church at my cousin’s winery on Sunday, and he’s the pastor!

  61. “It is a mistake for the Church to try to hold onto old traditions or to have clear answers for everything, Pope Francis said Thursday.”

    What else is it good for then, Frankie?

  62. Coffee and danishes after mass

  63. Or vino if you attend with Jay

  64. Coffee and danishes after mass

    It won’t be “mass” much longer at this rate.

  65. Here’s an old church tradition: men shouldn’t stick their gentleman’s sausage inside another man’s pooter.

    Maybe that’s one of the traditions he’s referring to .

  66. Frankie’s gonna allow women priests and change his name to Francesca.

  67. What else is it good for then, Frankie?

    For him and his buddies, it’s a big meat market.

  68. Tranny priests will be the next thing. The old-guard “conservatives” will be defending men and women as priests and the radicals will be pushing married chix-with-dix throuples as priestly families that God wants.

    The men-only crowd will have become Russian Orthodox by then and will be arguing Filioque.

  69. Phone interview in 30 minutes. Pray for oso.

  70. I’m not arguing with any fucking Russians. They’re usually drunk.

  71. Carin hardest hit.

  72. I sure hope Oso gets the job.

  73. That crackfat article is a big effin’ deal, as a former VPOTUS would put it.

  74. HEY N8 . Your wordpress site is all jacked up, cuddy say he can’t hang . Do you wordpress, and do you know what happened to Chi ?

  75. That article is dead on. People have been … i dunno if upset is the word, confused fits better – since they went dark on social media. But kudos for that article. They are dead on. they don’t need social media .

    Anyway, some asshat was going on that it’s all about money. Uh ok.

    Since Crossfit didn’t monitize facebook, since no one can.

  76. Interviewer: “So, tell me how your experience fits with the position.”

    Me: *starts to explain*

    Interviewer: “Oh look, we’re out of time.”

  77. Sorry Alex. You must have sounded white and male or something.

  78. SMH

  79. SMH

    Do you want a viking uprising? DO YOU?

    These people are busy digging graves for others, and those others are going to push them in before long.

  80. Comment by PepeLp on May 24, 2019 3:23 pm

    Not surprising.

    The only ones who will be surprised will be the idiots who push this stuff, when they discover that it only enflames racial tensions. If you’re choices are:

    1) renounce your heritage utterly, or
    b) be called a racist bigot

    a lot of people are going to say “fuck it” and chose b.

  81. b) be called a racist bigot

    That’s the problem, we’re starting here. Eventually people being called racist bigots will decide that they are already doing the time, may as well do the crime. If you’re a Swede who used to have a nice neighborhood before all the Somalis moved in, and they tell you that your wife has to wear the hijab out in public and that you can’t have a woodcut with runes on your door, eventually ‘racism’ is going to be an appealing strategy.

    This holds for Minnesota Swedes too, I suspect.

  82. You think my Word press site is jacked up?

    *Puts donut on desk and kisses both biceps*

    I can’t figure it out. Can you not see it, or does it just plain suck?

  83. doesn’t exist
    Do you want to register


    That’s what I see there.

  84. Chump don’ want no help, chump don’t GET da’ help!

  85. Hey Leon, how many farm animals can Possum recite from Phylum to Species?

  86. Try now

  87. Chi, if you are out there lurking, please drive to wherever N9 lives and sleep on his couch until you wear a profile view of yourself into the fabric.

  88. not there

  89. Nope, just like Alex’s love life, “does not exist”.

  90. Gals, I really don’t think Bunny Colby would taunt with fakies. She doesn’t seem like that type.

  91. No change.

    Hey Leon, how many farm animals can Possum recite from Phylum to Species?

    She likes unicorns.

  92. However, this one DOES exist:

  93. “Comment by Jay in Ames on May 24, 2019 4:14 pm
    However, this one DOES exist: ”


    Damn, just like Columbo………

  94. I h8 WordPress. If I ever get my sh*t together, I’ll tell y’all about myself on one of my dang sites.

  95. Broken blog blog

  96. OK. Went to doc. Doc took usual readings. Doc says “your BP is way high, get your ass to ER”. (190+ BP)

    ER got my BP down, I have prescriptions for antibiotics and BP medicine (the infection is probably raising my BP), and I’m home.


  97. To explain–I have two things going on. 1.) is a history of kidney stones since ’16. 2.) is a procedure AFTER that stone incident where a certain opening had to be re-widened…after which, certain gear no longer extends. Result, I’ve become prone to UTIs. I’ve been told there’s a surgical fix, but with everything else going on in the past year and change it’s been back burner.

    I am now sufficiently sick of the situation I will ask the urologist I’ve been recommended to for options. Fuck all this.

  98. Is it too much to ask for the National Weather Service to say exactly where the tornados are, instead of just repeating Counties in BF Texas? Fog from Amarillo to Tucumcari. We called the rainout last night. Sod Poodle management insisted on playing. 3+ hours of torrential rain. They were still “readying” the field when we got back to our hotel. I have really cool Sod Poodle stuff.

  99. All pumpkin seeds sprouted and appear healthy.

    Operation: New Pumpkin Mound is a go for launch.

  100. Linked at AoS

    SMH again

  101. “Pumpkin Mound ”

    Worst euphemism evah…….

  102. Pepe, your link gave my phone Aids and then shot it in the face.

  103. “Learn How To Decorate” is the suggested alternative to fixing shit at home

  104. I find it encouraging that the comments are roasting the pegging enthusiast that wrote this shit.

    Learn to fight, to hunt, and to fix things. Learn to lead. All this sissy home decorator twats will fear you and beg you to impregnate their girlfriends.

  105. Wait, how is he not banned from all social media for that “learn to code” crack…

    Wait a minute…

    This is a psyop, a complete farce, meant to stoke opposition and actual manhood.

  106. I wonder if Heartiste wrote this under a pseudonym and submitted it to asksoyboy, knowing what would come of it.


  107. Made a joke about the small bus at the Amarillo zoo. Anti-Texan joke. Turns out, it was a “True” small bus. My bad.


  109. Pepe, God bless TX

  110. Oso,’what the cornbread thunder are you doing in Amarillo?

  111. Hmm, so it looks like there are indications that Obama was illegally using the NSA database to spy on political opponents back to at least 2012. The whole FISA charade was just a last ditch effort to cover it up well after the fact.

    I’m really hoping someone will be punished, or at the very least they will disclose the abuse.

    I still say they used something to blackmail Roberts into giving that Obamacare decision.

  112. We wanted to go to a Sod Poodle game. Ran into weather.

  113. Pepe, his kids were illegally adopted from Ireland.

  114. I grew up 45 miles from Amarillo. It was my goto place as a kid and college student.

    Sod Poodle sounds a bit gay to be honest.

  115. It was very relaxing. Sod Poodle is pretty gay. One of the images has a Sod Poodle “drawing”. If you look closely, he has a TX belt buckle, no guns. Pendejo, I love Braums. I will always miss PA.

  116. Pendejo, We’re On RT 66. Why does Amarillo get better restaurants?

  117. I don’t know. I don’t get up there much any more.

  118. Bro Cavil, oh man that sucks. Well get yourself uninfected and definitely see that urologist. UTI is no way to go through life. Make it a priority.

  119. Bro Cavil,
    My older brother had, what he called, a “roto rooter” procedure as his prostate choked off the ureter. He said it was humiliating, and there was blood in the urine for a few days, but after that, it was good.
    So it goes…

  120. I lived in Lubbock when I was a wee lad. We were there around 1970??? when the big tornado hit.

  121. Darren enjoyed “Rat Patrol.”

  122. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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