ACD: Acute Canine Deficiency


Since we’ve been deprived of puppy photos and/or videos I thought I’d try to make up for that deficiency here.








Who knows, maybe we’ll see this “new puppy” soon …



  1. Ok ok.It’s raining out, but once the sun comes out I’ll take the puppers outside and get some good pictures.

    wakey wakey

  2. Did you name her yet?

  3. Yes! Stella. It is stella

  4. the only holdout is Ethan. Can’t please everyone.

  5. “Billionaire Robert F. Smith, who received an honorary doctorate at Morehouse College’s Sunday morning graduation exercises, had already announced a $1.5 million gift to the school.

    But during his remarks in front of the nearly 400 graduating seniors, the technology investor and philanthropist surprised nearly everyone by announcing that his family was providing a grant to eliminate the student debt of the entire Class of 2019. ”


    You know, if I had been responsible, worked my way through college, and didn’t borrow money, is be a little upset.

  6. I bet kids were on their phones borrowing money as he spoke.

  7. Stella is a fun name to yell.


  8. Stella.

    Very nice.

  9. Stella is both cute, but regale. Imho.

  10. By the door, I have a basket for shoes. Pupper is going to the basket, grabbing one, and bringing it next to me to play with. I take away the shoe. She goes back and gets another. Seems to be there is a solution to this problem, but heck if I can figure it out.

  11. Return dog to Amazon. Defective pupper.

  12. This is the cousin of a friend/coworker. I don’t know why kids are so stupid, but I’ve had to educated my own. The word is – among young drivers, is that they don’t HAVE to wear seatbelts in the back seat. @@@@@@@.

    Three kids, two were unbuckled. Guess which two got ejected from the car? The buckled kid had a few minor injuries, and was out of the hospital the next day.

  13. Return dog to Amazon. Defective pupper.

    They’ll probably just charge me a bogus restocking fee.

  14. Nah, just select, ‘not as advertised’ from the dropdown menu.

  15. Just another entitlement for Morehouse. I’d be pissed too, if I’d had a job for 4 years serving the rest of the students who were living on student loans, driving lease cars and listening to the stereos they bought with loans.

    People don’t understand why kids want to go to college? It’s a vacation for most of them. No one works, no one budgets time. *spit

    /rant over

  16. There isn’t a law that you have to buckle up in the back, is there? Not that it isn’t a bad idea.

  17. It’s pretty hard but doable. My niece is going to graduate next month with no debt. She worked through college and got a few scholarships.

    She could have gone to a private school but chose a state school.

    Pretty smart kid, actually. Very proud of her.

    Her sister, on the other hand, spent 40K on her first year then dropped out. Still paying that back 4 years later working as a bank teller.

  18. I think it’s awesome that some billionaire picked up the tab though. Good for him. A break like that can really help someone.

  19. People don’t understand why kids want to go to college? It’s a vacation for most of them. No one works, no one budgets time. *spit

    /rant over

    This. Exactly this. It’s four more years of party. One of the girls who used to work with me – her friends went off to college, and she was waitressing for a bit. But seeing how much fun they were having, she applied and got into a community college near where her friends were, so she could live with them. Since week ONE – her “i’m at college’ pictures have all been of her at a party. I don’t know what her major is,but I’m going to bet $100 it’s going to be useless.

    Hannah has a 3.9 biology, nutrition, and honors college, and is working in a hospital (mostly nights) as a medical whatever it’s called (follows the doctors around and takes notes for them) .

    Pretty different experience.

  20. A large majority of the young people I know are wasting their college years. Either useless degree, or just partying. Or both.

  21. I know it’s a good break for someone, and I’m just being jealous. That’s why envy is one of the seven deadly sins.

    Still irritates me. But I’m happy for the recipients. Really. I keep telling myself that.

  22. I wasn’t nearly as serious of a student as I should have been when I was an undergrad. I’d been pushed by my family to go to college straight after HS and I really didn’t want to go.

    Ten year later, as a grad student, I was a lot more studious. We’d probably be better off if student loans were restricted to students over the age of 22.

  23. After that billionaire’s thing, Oprah caught hell somewhere she was doing a commencement for not following that example and paying off that class.

    I’d be more upset if not for the sweet blue-on-blue infighting.

  24. Plenty of people were not as serious as they should be. But this has backslided into “this is the college experience”. Then you add in how many MORE kids go to college, and the rising cost … it’s just insane.

  25. Hannah has a 3.9 biology, nutrition, and honors college, and is working in a hospital (mostly nights) as a medical whatever it’s called (follows the doctors around and takes notes for them) .

    You ought to be rightfully proud of her accomplishments. That kid has a good head on her shoulders.

  26. Yes, that’s it. Scribe. She looks SUPER cute in her scrubs too. now, I’ve got some issues with her. Her boyfriend …. for one. And on the weekends, she’s not at home with a good book and getting plenty of sleep. But she’s always been a work hard/play hard person, and work comes first. Hopefully she’ll outgrow her night ragers/music stuff.

  27. Med school has a way of channeling your energies. The all night ragers become less frequent because of academic obligations and at some point, after the passage of more time, you discover that you’ve grown up and what you’re craving is a warm bed rather than keg beer in a Solo cup in a run down apartment building.

  28. If I could have one wish it’s that the Dem candidates get asked at the debate, “Is it bigoted to refuse to date someone because they’re trans.”

    I bet you Cory Booker would claim to have dated a tranny.

  29. I saw that the other day.

    The man has brass balls the size of coconuts, and a brain the size of a tangerine.

  30. People could do what they want with their money but Mr. Billionaire could have done the young people more good had he set that up as scholarship $$. It obviously helped ‘all’ on the receiving end, but what did it teach them?
    And whoever gave Oprah shit for not doing same can GFT. If I remember right, she tried that before – not exactly with college but just handing people cash instead of having them work for it – and got burned.

  31. Shane is going to wind up worm food.

  32. And I’ve said it before, both my kids graduated with zero debt as they went to affordable state universities, picked usable majors, and mostly worked their way through.
    I’d have felt the chump had their partying classmates been forgiven the loans they partied on.

  33. And FACK! I am so tired. Tornado warnings went off 4 times after midnight with the huge line of storms that blew through. Lots of spin happening and one confirmed about 20 minutes from here.

  34. That many storms, and they played a double header yesterday? Must have been really late!

  35. Holy shit! That guy isn’t dead yet? Daaaaaaaaaaamn.

  36. Jay, it started around midnight. Most of the day was pretty nice.

  37. I’m calling b.s. on Shane’s story…unless that’s not his real name. LWOP doesn’t mean they can’t reach out and touch you.

  38. Garden is really pumping out spinach and those little white japanese turnips now. Sauteed in herbed chicken fat with a couple fried eggs on top…breakfast of champeens.

    I’m so happy I cracked the spinach code. Got a second crop to plant in the shady side of the garden coming up now. Hope it doesn’t bolt too soon.

    Planting tomatoes today. Wayyy too many tomatoes.

  39. My head parts like spinach, my gut parts do not.

    I need to get out and plant tomatoes too but it’s been too rainy when I haven’t had to go over to the other house. Those ones made from scratch are already going crazy. I don’t have enough room for all of them.

  40. Also…MS13? Do you really think MS13 would let you walk away without checking the brick first? And what kind of stupid do you have to be to try to hustle a guy fresh out of incarceration wayyy across the country for a measly $5k? Yeah, b.s..


  42. Ooooh, widdle puppeh!

  43. Guy down the street has two basset hounds. Cracks me up every time I see them go for walkies.

  44. It is a rather astonishing story. I want to believe.

  45. It’s entirely possible, Car in. There are a lot of stupid people with death wishes, out there.
    I’m more a self-preservation kind of gal and had I found a brick of something stuck in my engine compartment, I’m taking it to the nearest police department for a sweep and some advise.

  46. Okay, I’ve got a fourth vote for the high neck chantilly lace gown over the long sleeved gown. Me, grandma, husband, and her Godmother, think the high neck is more elegant. Also, going by the number of views, the high neck wins nearly ten fold.

  47. I planted a new hibiscus, a tropical one in a pot (to bring inside, replaced the old one that died because Mrs. Jay doesn’t know where the water is for plants), 2 rhubarb plants, an asparagus and a horseradish. Dug in the mud, because we live in a tropical jungle in monsoon season, and I’ll be leaving the house for 4 days soon, so they couldn’t stay in pots.

    /takes breath

  48. LOL Smallwit is getting unsealed.

    With any luck that corrupt cunt of a prosecutor is going bye-bye.

  49. I mowed, weed eated, and watered the Esperanza.

  50. My rhubarb rows like crazy. It was here when I moved in and I put some compost on it in the fall every few years. Horseradish did okay, asparagus was a bust. I don’t know what a hibiscus is much less an esperanza.

  51. g

  52. I’m planting the rhubarb as a filler plant, plus I like it, too.

    Hibiscus is the huge plate sized flower. Can’t help on the Esperanza.

  53. Planted the chard and offered the extra seedlings to my new neighborhood gardening friend.

    My original plan was to bring extra seedlings to work, but a couple months ago when I brought extra seed packets to share, these two women were like, competitive about it. You could see one of them getting upset when I would split a packet between the two of them so they could each have some. Like anybody with a home garden is going to grow 150 cabbages anyway! Jeeeez.

    And, how can you get all tensed-up about sharing something you didn’t even know fucking existed before I came in to work that day? I’m never sharing shit at work again. I make donations to the clothing closet for our homeless patients. That’s it.

  54. Beanananasnsn you need to link the 2 finalist dresses (again).

  55. you aren’t supposed to say chard anymore, that’s an insult.

  56. I use to eat rhubarb straight from the ground. Whew eeeeee, I told you I was a stupid kid. But Rhubarb pie mixed with some other berry is pretty fantastic.

  57. Mowed. moped. Took moose to the vet. Now I have to run the trailer down the road so they can figure out how they screwed up the wiring. After that 5 mile run (half mile increments) and then dinner.

  58. mopped. I think I moped too, so it can stay

  59. Your mom is a mo-ped.

  60. Fun to ride, but you don’t want your friends to find out.

  61. Are we talking moms or mopeds?

  62. Yes.

  63. Smells like someone spilled a can of tuna fish in the guitar practice room. I’m here for another hour. Pray for Oso.

  64. Mosquito Magnet has been deployed.

    They are everywhere.

  65. We’re just getting black flies now. Skeeters for June.

  66. I have encountered those in NH.

    I hates them.

  67. Smells like someone spilled a can of tuna fish in the guitar practice room.


    That’s just Hotspur’s mom…..

  68. #groupie

  69. Had a company event tonight, I came in second place:

    Like darts only more dangerous.

  70. I don’t understand the axe throwing business.

  71. Welp, they charge $20 per hour per person, minimum of 6, they take reservations and have leagues. When I got there, 4 people were throwing, with one coach, and three other people were behind the counter. We had a group of 10, two other smaller groups came in after us, and some people were warming up before a league started at 7. Overhead is new pine boards for the targets, and insurance is probably kind of expensive. I think if you are friends with the coaches you can just kind of walk in and pick an open lane and start chucking hatchets at the target. They had a cooler with soda and beer and snacks they sell. I think it is probably just a fad but there are still lots of bowling alleys out there so who knows. I had fun but probably won’t go again. Once I got the motion down and stopped thinking about it I could hit the target and make it stick 8-9 times out of 10.


  73. I don’t understand the axe throwing business.

    Hipster and urban soyboys wanting to feel manly without lifting weights.

    And corporate events after you get banned from all the Vegas convention centers.

  74. Daughter chose mine and pupster’s favorite gown! I’m giddy. Off-the-rack sale, the veil, and tax, brought the total to just under a grand. The fitting fee comes later this summer.

    Mare, flickr is down for maintenance. I’ll link it tomorrow.

  75. Pepe, that actually sounds interesting. Didja get anything for 2nd place….like at least your entrance fee, back?

  76. How many scumbags are still in the intel communities willing to sabotage and do more coverup?

  77. Beasn, the dress is lovely, but she doesn’t have enough back and shoulder tattoos to make it work. She’ll have to change that before the wedding.

  78. My company paid for everything Beasndjfrnes, It was a team building and bonding experience for us hipster soy boys and girls.

  79. Oops, how the heck did I mistake you for Pepe?

    Duh, he posted right above you. Had a dyslexic moment or something.

    Did they allow you to put pictures of certain people’s faces on the target? That may have been a hoot.

  80. CoAlex, how about I draw some skulls on her shoulder blades with Crayola markers, instead? Take it down to sleeves.

  81. Massive angel wings across her back are traditional. Add in a garish sleeve.

  82. I am glad she picked that dress, it is very flattering.

    I mean, to me, it is flattering to me that she would pick my favorite.


  83. Hah!

  84. and, goodnight shmoops

  85. This is one weird looking dude, but OTOH, look at the beef!

  86. Mini-me is now a high school alumna. The celebratory dinner afterwards was a disaster, though. We had late reservations at an Italian place. We got our drinks and a little bread on the table, we placed our orders, and we waited…and waited…and waited. Flagged down the waiter, asked him how much longer, he said not long. So we waited…and waited. No more bread. Not even salads have been brought out. An hour and a half later, we flag down the waiter again, WTF is our dinner? He goes to check, comes back, and has the gall to announce it’ll be another 30-40 minutes. We blew up at him and walked out. Went to Five Guys next door and had delicious burgers in 10 minutes.

    I feel a little bad that the waiter probably had to pay for our drinks, but I’m willing to bet he forgot to put the dinner order in. I don’t know what the problem was. There were other people from graduation who ate and left in the time we were waiting for food.

    $20, includes peanuts and a big bag of fries.

  87. You fucked up. You trusted him.

  88. Some guy who looked like the owner or the manager wanted our phone number so he could “make it up to us”. Fuck off, I’m never setting foot in that restaurant again.

  89. If the waiter had to pay for your drinks, boo hoo for him. It is part of his job to make sure his customers are being properly looked after in a timely fashion. He failed miserably. You may have dodged a bullet..maybe he was out back doing meth.

    Years ago that happened to me when I took the kids, still babies, to eat a ‘healthier’ dinner than just doing fast food. Only a handful of customers in the place and it took the waitress 20 minutes to acknowledge us. I told her to just take our order first and then bring drinks. Took her another 20 minutes to bring drinks. Then she disappeared. An hour after stepping foot in the place, I got up and left, took the kids to McDonalds after all.

    Called Dennys manager when I got home and she apologized profusely, offered free dinners, and said the girl just forgot to bring our food…which had been sitting in the back since shortly after the order was placed. Forgot. How do you forget when I’m one of two occupied tables in her section, she disappears where I couldn’t flag her down, and I’m pretty sure she wasn’t the cook. Told the manager ‘nope, not coming back’. And I have never gone back.

  90. Alex, wings are too….uppity. I’m thinking pot leaves.

  91. Down East, rectitude prevails.

  92. STELLA!

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