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  1. MARE!


  3. Wait, did that horse do what I think I saw it do?

  4. Trump never grabbed a woman by the pussy. He said you could. Because they’re sluts.

  5. That guitar video was great. After sitting through a bunch of Ben’s lessons I can appreciate their talent even more. Bunch of white guys* playing guitar will not sell guitars though.

    *Tom Morello: “Morello, an only child, is the son of an American mother of Italian and Irish descent and a Kikuyu Kenyan father.”

  6. Arby’s roast beef sandwich made me laugh in my coffee cup

  7. I think couples therapy was a LOL.

    Making new friends cut pretty close.


    Facebook COO (whatever that is) Sheryl Sandberg thinks that it’s all men’s fault this is happening and we need to change.


  9. The reality is that you can spot the women with issues pretty easily, and it’s pretty rare. But you need to be on guard.

    The other 95% you can just treat like anyone else.

    But bitching that reacting to #metoo with caution is the same as discrimination is why everyone hates the 5% of bitches with issues.


    I wonder if the donation to the women’s shelter was the original plan all along or some white knight cover for the Normals reaction to it?

  11. Laughing at the pic of A-rod with the comment “he got caught on turd base”.

    Lower the blinds next time, dude.

  12. Mitt Romney didn’t vote for a conservative judge because he said something disparaging about Obama.



    Mitt, you’re a pathetic, pandering, worm.

  13. I sort of wonder if Obama and Romney would have been the exact same kind of president.

  14. L : R me, my sister

  15. Chancla level = Master

  16. 52 degrees yesterday morning, 30 today. Crazy weather.

  17. NM State Police were invited in to ABQ to help police the city. First night they had two gunfights. Now the Lefties are trying to kick them out.

  18. Watched Catch-22 for the first time in my life last night.


    The movie didn’t age well. It’s crap.

  19. I worked with a gal, who lived in IL, and one day….POOF…never came back to work. Didn’t tell anyone. Just gone.

    Come to find out, she had been on parole and was breaking it by crossing state lines. Her crime? Going through a bad divorce and had tried to run over her soon-to-be-ex who was sitting in their back yard enjoying an adult beverage.

  20. Pepe, I hope that bat was plastic. I suspect it wasn’t. Do you think the kid got concussed?

  21. The past couple of days have been in the 80s, high humidity. Today should be 90ish. Tomorrow storms and a drop to 70.

    We’ve got two bridal shop appointments today. Pray for oso.

  22. Speaking of facebook, from Candace Owens:

    “Many of you that follow me are aware, but yesterday Facebook attempted to ban me from their platform for posting that statistics of father absence in the black community and how it correlates to household poverty.
    Fortunately, after making a ton of noise on Twitter, Facebook reversed the suspension.
    However— yesterday an employee of Facebook contacted Breitbart News and leaked an internal memo, revealing that Facebook is offering “extra credit” to employees that can figure out how to segregate me from their platform. This is SERIOUS and Facebook has already confirmed that the document in question is real.
    I am considering legal action, but in the interim, I need everyone to share this status update far and wide.
    Social media companies are actively attempting to meddle in the 2020 election by silencing voices that are effective against exposing the lies of liberals.”

  23. Beasn, that gif had sound, pretty sure it was aluminum. Concussion for sure. Lucky he wasn’t seriously injured. Pretty much how my sister treated me, which explains a few things… ;)

  24. Yeah, I heard the pop. I wonder who was manning the camera and if it was an adult, hopefully they got their ass beat too, when mom found out.
    Did you ever get your sister back?

  25. I could do this, I just don’t want to..

  26. I could not laugh at the baseball bat deal. That’s how kids “accidentally” kill each other. That kid was either a moron (as in mental) or that was a plastic bat.

  27. I was an incredibly dumb kid but I knew that a bat on the head could be a bad thing.

  28. I’ve seen that guitar GOT thing.

    Bunch of white guys won’t sell guitars? I dunno. Music is a strange thing and a lot of young people “going into it” aren’t actually in the “playing instruments” game. It’s all computers. We can play MJ and his love for dubstep and all that shiit.

  29. Car in, did you decide on a name yet and how is the new bebbeh?

  30. Nothing is settled. “Roo” is a popular latecomer.

  31. Well, that’s cute. Have you linked a pic other than the brochure pic?

  32. Funeral for my stepdad father. Las Vegas. There were people here for another event in the main chapel. Hipster Catholics and a competition between low cut dresses and high hemlines. Pray for Oso.

  33. L to R

    Branch Manager, Assistant Branch Manager

  34. That’s an LOL pups!

  35. Took a few seconds to see the assistant

  36. a competition between low cut dresses and high hemlines

    It’s what he would have wanted.

  37. Worst humidity I’ve dealt with was in Missouri. When I started my year there I had a 10 year old Jeep Wrangler with no AC. After a few weeks of arriving at work just drenched I’d wear a t-shirt to work and carry my dress shirt into work. I was sort of relieved when the Jeep shit the bed and I bought a Nissan Pathfinder with AC.

  38. Comment by Pupster on May 18, 2019 1:17 pm
    a competition between low cut dresses and high hemlines

    It’s what he would have wanted.



  39. Jimbro, do you always have a fever with meningitis?

    Asking for a friend.

  40. I don’t treat meningitis so I’m not 100% sure. I know it can be missed by parents and treating physicians who mistake it for something less sinister.


    Looks like fever is high on the list of symptoms

  42. Thanks, Jimbro. I googled it but thought you smarties would have a special Doctor insight.

    I thought I had tweeked my neck sleeping on it weird. Then I had an ache in my head on the right lower side. It has kind of moved up. I start the morning feeling good then around 2 pm it starts to throb (SYWM).

    Shakes fist at sky MAAAAAAAAAAARE!!

  43. Funeral over, now everyone is having brunch at a Brazilian steakhouse.

  44. My neck muscles have been out of sort for a few weeks too. My mom’s guest bed is one of those foam mattresses and after tossing and turning three nights in a row it developed. It’s continued since then and I’ve bought a new pillow to try and remedy it. So far no luck.

  45. Maybe it’s chronic meningitis

  46. Sorry for your loss, CoAlex.

  47. I like Brazilian steak houses! I’m sorry about your stepdad too, Alex.

    Uffff the order of my comments is not very sensitive.

    Jimbro, I’m banking that my neck is screwed up from a pillow. At least I hope that is the problem. It’s been about a week. No fever, just weird pain at weird times.

    Everyone have a great evening, I’m going to Mass with my husband than to my daughter’s house for dinner….HUZZAH!

  48. Thanks, wverone. I didn’t know the guy well, I’m mostly here to show suppoert for my stepdad. Luckily his family is playing nice, without much drama.


  50. Late to the party. Great memes. This is better than Twitter. Quit it a year ago. Took me a while to *get the “Your wife was run over by a truck.” HI-LARius

  51. My mom’s guest bed is one of those foam mattresses

    Pffft. …..Like there’s anybody here who didn’t already know that.

  52. Back from gown shopping.

    This one may have been my favorite at that shop. She rocked the fitted gowns because she’s so willowy.

  53. This was her favorite.

  54. My favorite at the second shop. The chantilly lace bottom made it similar to my fav above at half the price.

  55. The back..

  56. Full..

    I’m kinda hoping she goes back to thinking $$ and picks this one.

  57. L to R: Me

  58. I liked the other one with long sheer sleeves overlaid with lace here and there.

    She does rock the mermaid dresses! Lovely.

  59. Very pretty, Beasn! I like her favorite one, too.

  60. I like that one too, laura. She is holding the deep cleavage together, which they said they could bring up. She’s going to have to go back to try things on again in order to make up her mind.

  61. Her favorite one has sparkly sequins all over…my favorite has sparkly sequins and tiny pearls on the bodice.
    The picture with her head as a flame, that had sequins top to bottom and she just shimmered in it. It and it’s ‘sister’, from the second shop, flowed on her like butta.

  62. More frontal of her fav.

    I think the other one at the second shop fit her better. As did the one with sleeves.

  63. I like your favorite at the second shop. Also I like potatoes. Lauraw likes cereal.

  64. Well, don’t worry about the fit. That’s what alterations are for.

    When I got married, the look was very spare and simple, flatter fabrics, no ruffles (but still some simple bustles), minimal applique-work, minimal lace.

    I kind of like the return to richer textures and pools of fabric. So feminine.

  65. I’ve got a fevah, and the only cure is more taffeta.

  66. What I meant was, I thought it ‘fit’ her figure type better.

    I added a couple of more pics. This one I really liked but she was a nope.

  67. The back…

  68. Here is the fav from the 1st shop with it’s floofy attachment thingie at the waist.

  69. You can click on the pictures for sooper close up.

  70. Long sleeved one from first shop. My niece lurved this one. Lots more material. I like the long sleeves at 2nd.

  71. Not a fan of the big floofy netting attachment thingy.

    I like the bodice of the long sleeved one from first shop, but not the skirt. Skirt has a ‘nonna’s curtains’ vibe happening.

  72. Wedding dress movie names thread?

    A Fistful of Flowers

    For a Few Sequins More

  73. 12 Angry Bridesmaids

  74. I’m glad you’re getting into the fun part of wedding planning, Beasn.

  75. The Lyin Cunt?

  76. maybe you should sit this one out, beasn

  77. I hope it gets fun from here, laura. I’m going to link her my flickr so she can stare at herself and decide.

    She didn’t change her mind on the venue, than goodness. She checked out the place with a wall of windows that looked out over a lovely lawn and a treeline about two miles from the chapel …and liked that part, but realized she’d lose a lot more than our deposit at the other place, like table cloths..set up/clean up…open bar….Once she figured that out on her own, her attitude got better.

    Then all we need to do is find a photographer who’ll do ‘small’ and a florist. We’re going to make centerpieces.
    And then I’ve got to find a dress. That I am not looking forward to. I want to lose at minimum 10 lbs but that’s proving to be difficult. Once age 50 hit, the metabolism put on a robe and fuzzy slippers.

  78. maybe you should sit this one out, beasn


  79. Boned.

  80. FACK,

    A Star is Boned.

  81. The week in pictures from Powerline:

  82. What are you doing for wedding favors?

    For favors for my wedding guests, I went to a local chocolatier and had them make a bunch of little mini-assortment boxes, plus I got everybody a nice little pierced-metal votive candle holder and several vanilla candles wrapped in bridal netting. The little chocolate boxes and wrapped candles looked nice on the tables. It was all very economical, too.

  83. We haven’t thought of wedding favors. Is that a thing? The last three weddings I’ve been to, did not have favors. Oh wait, at my nephew’s wedding, my SIL paid for a photo booth for guests. Not everyone did it though.

    We’re just doing a lunch after the ceremony. Possibly dessert table with various homemade cookies and cupcakes made by me/SIL/niece.

  84. Thinking about it, my friend’s son’s wedding was in November. The dance floor was outside on a roof terrace of an old car dealership, in the city. Theme was low-key country. The bride left baskets of plaid fleece blankets all over for guests if they got cold…which they could take home.

  85. My BIL had wedding favors – little bottles of local maple syrup. Someone helped themselves to an entire box of bottles, because a lot of people didn’t get a favor.

    I think that’s the only wedding I’ve been to that had favors. There was one who had little bags of rice flour hearts, and I kept mine rather than throwing it at the bride. It was too cute.

  86. Beasnette looks gorgeous in all those dresses.

    I hate Vegas. I don’t understand why some libertarians treat it as a sort of capitalist paradise. Nothing it produced here. It’s parasitic. The whole city revolves around creating the illusion of wealth, disconnection from reality, and the pleasures of the flesh in order to extract people’s money, often through cheap credit.

    Not to mention that you see a depressing cross-section of humanity, and the whole place feels like everyone is running a low-grade fever.

  87. At brunch today my mother was chatting with a woman who is an assistant DA in SF. I kinda regret not getting a chance to speak with her. She knows Harris personally.

  88. CoAlex, I’m with you. There’s a conference I used to attend, and this year’s is back in Henderson, NV. No thank you. I hate flying in there, I hate paying $12 for a watered-down drink unless I’m losing big time at the slots, and I hate having to show my ID to go to my room, otherwise the working girls are knocking on all the doors. Though the in-room bar, with the condoms and the “fun pack”, was entertaining.

  89. It’s fun when you’re with friends.

  90. Now a meetup there, that I would do.

  91. So much silly stuff to do, and enjoy with your friends.

    Las Vegas and New Orleans. 2 places that should have a meatup.

  92. the in-room bar, with the condoms and the “fun pack”, was entertaining.

    Makes it sound like I had a party, but it was more WTFITS?

  93. Heh, I try and leave that stuff alone. I’m afraid if I touch it it will fall apart and I’ll be charged $49.99 on my bill.

  94. Depression erased Reginald’s profits.

  95. I like this one:

    I mean, if we’re voting.

  96. Sitting outside of work in the parking lot. Man, I hope they don’t ask me to work days again for a while. I’m tired. Too hard to fall asleep last night.

  97. All the dresses are lovely. From a male perspective they all say “Happy Bride”. Pick the one that makes her happy and be done with it. I’m stating the obvious (one of my qualities) when I say it’ll be worn for about 6-8 hours and then stored in a box in the attic. Anyone disagree? What am I missing here?



  100. New Orleans is overrated.

    Not overrated: 1989’s Blind Fury. Just watched it again for the first time in ages. God, I love that flick.

    “I should get my license again…”

  101. Car in, we need pupdate pictures.

  102. Pick the one that makes her happy and be done with it. I’m stating the obvious (one of my qualities) when I say it’ll be worn for about 6-8 hours and then stored in a box in the attic.

    Something I didn’t mention before. At the first shop, the fav three dresses are all over $2k. Her favorite there, which Car in/Theresa voted for, was 2100. Not sure if any reduction would be taken if you didn’t want the floofy attachment. That is not including tax and the work of the seamstress, which could run $500.

    At the second shop, all dresses are under 2k, with a 10% off sale…AND…get this, 50% off-the-rack sale. The two favorites – the long sleeve, and the chantilly lace that flowed like butta…would cost about 700, off-the-rack. Add tax and the seamstress, it will still cost less than the regular price of the dress.

    Now, how does that change one’s opinion? I told my MIL that after showing her the pictures and she’s like, ‘So why not she buy this?’ (referring to the butta flowing gown)

  103. I like your favorite from the second shop, Beasndkhadajake;s. Does Mr. Future Beanes Jr. have nickname yet? Why not?

    Married dudes with the scars know it is “not about the dress” but it’s “about the dress”.

  104. No, future Mr. Beans sans scars yet-to-be, doesn’t have a nickname. I haven’t thought of one yet. Any suggestions will be considered.

    Daughter did say “I think ‘X’ will like this dress on me’…referring to yours and my favorite. Not that the dudes care, but for the females, the lace is ivory and the color under it, is champagne. It’s a nice, different, touch.

  105. You know those morning glory seeds I got started a couple of days ago? I came down this morning, to this….(going to put them in a hanging basket and enjoy them that way.)


  106. Daenerys torching Kings Landing to Metallica’s, For Whom the Bell Tolls.

    *looks off into the distance imagining that to be D.C.*

  107. You can always look for the same dresses online – the manufacturers’ numbers may be different, but if you can find that, you sometimes can find the exact dress on sale at other stores for a different (lower) price.

  108. I’m in the “your daughter is going to be stunning because all the dresses are lovely on her” camp. Encourage her to pick the one that she feels the best in regardless of cost in a year that few hundred won’t matter! And you’ll both be happy!

  109. Flight is delayed, which means I’d miss my connection and instead of getting home at midnight I now land at 10am and go straight to work.

  110. MARE

  111. Had she fallen in love with the most expensive gown, which would set us back $3k with taxes and fitting cost, I would have gladly handed over my cc. But she was wishy washy and felt no strong inclination to even her favorite. Seeing as how she is practical to the bone, one must also appeal to that side of her in nudging her to make a decision. Cost has to figure into her reasoning. And we’re talking over a thousand dollars. To her, that is an extra thousand in her pocket to put towards next year’s travel plans or a new marriage bed.

    While mama won’t let her shop for her gown off a Goodwill rack, mama is not above considering a not expected 50% off-the-rack sale…especially if it’s a gown that is rarely tried on (so we’ve been told and can see).

    Teresa, I wish I would have thought of that. Taken a picture of the tag and scribbled down the name of the designer. Rats.

  112. Branding today. First time it’s ever been chilly. About 50 degrees, overcast, with a breeze. Usually, it’s hotter than hell. Nice change.

  113. Tough break there Colex. Connection in Denver?

  114. *hopes Pepe posts pictues of bebbeh cows*

  115. Aww, mare enjoying her jaunty little legs, when she was a pony.

  116. You can always go back and take a picture of the tag – just tell them that you forgot which one was which.

  117. The last couple days at work have been bears.

    Didn’t feel like cooking when I got home. Scott’s getting us pizza tonight. I’m ridiculously excited about it.

  118. Pupster’s, no, they’re routing me through Detroit. I hate third world countries…

  119. If you don’t mind the smell of pee-soaked garbage, Detroit is not so bad.

  120. And screeching birds.

  121. I’ve got two separate leads on getting free rabbit manure.

    My life is getting so magically awesome it’s kind of hard to describe.

  122. Today was the day when the assholes showed up at bakery. 40 10 AM pickups and a decorator was sent home due to illness. Fever and vomiting/diarrhea and you can’t work food. We were 4 cakes behind at 10. Guess who my first 4 Members were? I was being yelled at and a 10:30 was screaming at me. Told me to get my ass back there and find her damn cake. I missed the F-bombs. I was in the cooler looking for her cake. I found her cake just as the manager came back to diffuse the situation. Paperwork wasn’t visible. Other Members were calling her names. We have 81 orders for tomorrow. Already have 55 for next Saturday.

  123. We have a saying in my business. “Psych is everywhere.”

  124. Cake seems like a pretty big deal. You should wear a go-pro.

  125. Lauraw, it really is and you can’t tell who or when. Pups, they don’t even allow access to store video. Our old APe would let us watch funny stuff. And our ghost. (Our ghost is named Milo. He likes balloons, setting off alarms, moving your stuff, and pranks)

  126. Our remodel is at the stage that our freezers were too full to take our ice delivery. We ran out of ice yesterday. Crazy lady told her mom that “Now we have our cake, we’ll just get a bag of ice and go”. Karma.

  127. Seconds the Go-Pro and suggests a taser.

  128. Heh, the people of walmart, cake division.

  129. Ha ha ha! Just assuming you had ice. Sucker.

    In re workplace videos: we has them. One day not too long ago, a bunch of us were watching and rewatching, over and over again, a video of one of our coworkers getting charged (not dangerously) by a patient.

    Imagine a group of people gathered around a computer screen, showing this silent movie, with timing like a Chaplin film:

    Long hallway view. See coworker wheel the med cart into patient’s room.

    Ten seconds go by. Empty hallway.

    Suddenly coworker explodes from doorway backwards, with patient in hot pursuit; coworker blocking patient with med cart and dodging slaps.

    Rest of staff descends on the scene and the patient is given a great big soft hug and escorted back to room.

    We were laughing so hard while viewing the recording. This coworker is known for a certain abrasiveness and lack of tact, and this patient, though cranky, had never attacked anybody before. We were speculating on the precipitating cause but coworker was all “it happened out of nowhere…” right.

    You need to be extra polite to the mentally ill. They’re having a rough time, and you being a bitch may be the only real thing they can be sure of right now.

  130. You need a huge security guard that used to play linebacker for the Patriots. Then the vids would be even more fun, watching the tackles.

  131. Cake season is not for the weak. Our GM doesn’t allow us to stop taking orders. He doesn’t ok OT. 2 other Clubs in Albuquerque stopped taking orders last Monday. We got the overflow. Bakery lead has worked 24 hours in 2 days. She has no feeling in her right hand. Afternoon cakes are expected to be as good as morning cakes. Market Manager from TX is randomly testing Clubs. Put in an order for last night. Broke spec rules. We made the order as requested. Had family member pick up. Member: My brother has an order. Oso: cupcake, tier, whipped, or buttercream? Member: I don’t know. Oso: Pick up time? Member: sorry. Oso: Do you know a name? A decoration? Member: It might be a cake with cupcakes. (I guessed right. PJ Masks)

  132. Also Oso, is it a dick move to check bakery during graduation? Why, yes, yes it is

  133. Seems like a loss leader to me.

  134. Half of those cakes leave the store with a bible under them.

  135. Frosted Bibles

  136. Ice is a loss leader. Cake sales aren’t all SNAP. Scott, we’re getting out of the Bible business. New Release and kids books only. Liquor theft is in diaper bags and strollers.

  137. I asked bakery if I could put books on their tables. Then, no one would care if they are filled or not. 🤣👋🏻 Retail humor

  138. Nobody pays for bibles.

  139. Our baby hawks are here. Stupid tree filled in with leaves. Can’t get good pictures.

  140. Scott, one would think! Whole point to leaving bibles in hotel rooms.

  141. Only in NM do they complain about the Bibles being Protestant.

  142. Go steal a Catholic Bible, ese

  143. All this wedding talk on my 29th Anniversary brings memories. Budget Mexican wedding. Lots of funny stories. My diamond cost more than our whole wedding and honeymoon. I got fat. Diamond has been in safety deposit box for 25 years. My ring finger still shows where my ring was before it had to be cut off.

  144. Heh. Guess the writers for GOT run out of good ideas, when the real pros stop writing books.

  145. Local restaurant adopted the game day model. Pizza place. Lots of games on hand. Board games.

  146. Huh. Guess when I said the crows would win GoT I wasn’t far off.

  147. Happy Anniversary, Oso!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉

  148. Yeah, should have stopped watching after the first episode.

  149. “Heh. Guess the writers for GOT run out of good ideas, when the real pros stop writing books.”

    Real pros actually write books, instead of being a “STAR” and acting like a diva.

  150. Dorks everywhere revolted, practically.

  151. Good morning.

    Rain again

  152. Good morning, good people…and Hotspur!

  153. MMM in 10.

  154. Pups, that pony was such a cute little scamp!

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