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Your model for today was born June 24, 1990 in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England, U.K.  She stands 5″ 6″ and measures 35-25-37 and 121 lbs.  Please follow the leader  and say ‘ellolove to Miss Zara DuRose!






  1. Latex nurse with a weiner under glass edited out to keep this a family blog

  2. Apparently my cable company does not carry LFTV (Latex Fashion TV). Such a loss for society as well as myself. How will I keep up with the latest trends in bondage wear?

  3. Wait, what? I missed a wiener?

  4. Rosetta used to link some fetish suit picture all the time. I gave up looking for it after the first few images took a weird turn.

  5. The naughty nurse picture had a weiner in a suction device in the lower right corner.

  6. *suction device*

  7. In my defense, the glass was opaque.

    Wiener Blog!

    I fixt. Thanks Doc.

  8. L to R: Weiner blog, censor

  9. Ah, much better.

    *asks hospital to adopt new uniforms*

  10. Butter face.

  11. Freaky.

  12. Clicked on Beasnsnsns link to the Statue of Liberty Museum opening. Holy cow, Oprah not only doesn’t look good, but she also looks fatter than before. Her dress, glasses and hair look horrendous. This woman is a billionaire.

    Remember this cow is the one who bought part of weight watchers and made commercials telling people they can eat bread every day! She’s their spokesman.

    If that doesn’t tell you the diet industry is a scam, nothing will.

  13. My reaction upon seeing The Oprah was pretty much the same

  14. I believe the term of art in her homeland is “slag”.

  15. If that doesn’t tell you the diet industry is a scam, nothing will.

    Oprah herself is and always has been a scam. A black lady who learned how to “talk white” and fake sincerity for the camera.

  16. well Oprah has a lot of cauliflower crust pizza to eat.

  17. Confirmed. Natural red head.

  18. But… her face…

  19. You can practically smell the crazy and daddy issues through the computer.

  20. Oprah. WTF? I thought we were done with that wagon.

  21. Apparently diabetes hasn’t finished her just yet.

  22. So how does everyone like Game of Thrones?

  23. The raccoon limping between my garage and truck is more interesting than GOT.

  24. Helluva figure, but what a schnozz!

  25. I like how Drogon solved his late night King’s Landing Taco Bell run.

  26. Pray for beasn: Grumpy Cat dies

  27. Tits and dragons, tits and dragons
    Who doesn’t love some tits and dragons?
    Burn the peasants, whack a willy,
    The sword-fighting is so silly!

  28. I was just wondering yesterday if Grumpy Cat was still extant. 7 is young for a cat.

    Can’t see the raccoon anymore. Hope it found some hole to die in, don’t want to have to drag it out of the barn.

  29. So, this is heaven?

  30. Hope she doesn’t develop an allergy to latex. That’d end her career.

  31. “Career” for this chick will end in heroin or opioid OD regardless of allergy status.

  32. Speaking of allergies, how many bullwhips are shoved up your ass RIGHT NOW, n8?

  33. “Career” for this chick will end in heroin or opioid OD regardless of allergy status.

    My bet is that she ends up marrying either a porn director, or some beta schlub.

  34. Or she could marry a 80 yo rich oilman and fuck him to death like Anna Nicole did. And then die by OD shortly thereafter. That’s the gold standard.

  35. Is this a trick question?

  36. No, it’s a hazing ritual.

  37. My third eye is uncharted territory. If this hazing continues, I’ll continue to comment, even on the hunk days!

  38. Hazing doesn’t start until Hotspur gets here.

  39. I’ the backup hazer. It’s in the H2 employee handbuch.

  40. Callback to yesterday, where is PETA on fishpussyman?

    Has the vegan community weighed in?

  41. You can now raise your kid’s SAT score by getting laid off or divorced, or claiming to be a native american.

  42. From Leon’s article:

    If a student wants to be an engineer, she makes sure to show other options. She sends affluent students to volunteer in poor neighborhoods. Branch out from tennis, or chess club, or taekwondo, she tells them. Learn a language other than Chinese. Avoid writing your essay about your parents’ journey to America.

    Instead of just handing students a violin or a piano and saying pick one, Zell says, HS2 offers them a buffet of interests and hobbies, encouraging students to pick something that excites them.

    It reminds me of an article about the Rhodes Scholarship and how the applicants were all the type of people that the Rhodes Scholarship folks were trying to avoid: cookie cutter perfect resumes but no real substance beneath them.

  43. Would be cool to see Navin Johnson with a Harvard sweatshirt. I see a potential screen play.

  44. Howie Carr was talking about the Adversity Score and was coming up with multiple ways to scam it on air. Quickie divorce, rent a PO Box in the inner city, etc

  45. I plan to encourage Possum to leverage her African ancestry if she insists on college.

  46. HA! Funny, Leon.

    I just said to my husband, that if our kids were applying for college they (and we) would be absolute morons for not checking the Hispanic or “other” box.

  47. I should buy a burnt-out house in Detroit and list that as her address, with mail to a PO box.

  48. Actually, I think I’ve got a business model here. I could rent out rooms in the Detroit house. Like a hundred of them.

  49. So how does everyone like Game of Thrones?

    I gave up on that bullshit years ago.

  50. I’VE GOT IT!

    Adverse Impact Solutionstm.

  51. Oh, and when they take the SAT be sure to check income between $0-25. And check the Hispanic or other box. The system (that we pay for) is rigged against you, you’re silly not to fight back.

  52. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Animosity Internationaltm.

  53. $25,000

  54. If a drug lord’s kid is taking the SAT how much monetary adversity did they experience?

  55. The drug lord’s kid on El Senor del los Cielos is named Heriberto and is called “Beto”. It makes that puke from Texas extra funny to me.

  56. LOL…..idiots.

  57. Don’t you guys have anything better to do?

  58. I’m waiting for assistance from a remote mental defective so I can heed the unreasonable demands of my customer while I consider whether I feel ready to approach the confessional tomorrow.

    So no.

  59. I’m waiting for attorneys to finish writing their pieces of various budget amendments so I can add in my part.

    So, no.

  60. Grumpy cat (originally named Tartar Sauce) was only 7 years old?!

    I had to put my cat down when he was 16.

  61. Urinary tract infections are killers. My best cat had urinary crystals and went through a few rounds of near death before succumbing at 11.

  62. Wonder how many tons of litter I bought.

    15lbs × 52 ×16 = 12,480

    He was worth every scrape of the litter box.

  63. Hotspur, shut the hell up.

    If we want to waste time at this POS blog, we’ll do it.

  64. So, if the driver wasn’t ‘driving’ can the insurance company not pay the life and auto claim?

  65. My second-best cat who was his contemporary was a twice-daily insulin-dependent diabetic. He made it to 14.

    That’s not fair, they were both the best. The diabetic would have been my last cat if I’d had my way. I didn’t want another after he passed, but we already had a kitten that failed as a barn cat.

  66. My car’s autopilot goes straight to your mom

  67. I’m still at the I-don’t-want-another-pet-ever-again stage of grief. He was a rescue of sorts from my WT neighbor. POS was gonna drive him and his mom out to the country and just leave them. I took them both. Mom disappeared about a year later.

  68. If our barn cats “fail”, we just never see them again.

  69. He was still a kitten, Pepe, and got sick. Wife brought him into the house and then took him to the vet. He’s 5 now and not awful, but I don’t want another cat after he passes.

  70. And his name is Klaus, so hearing Possum transition to that from calling him “Krouse” (rhymes with house) was a nice milestone.

  71. I would love a dog or cat. The last couple months I was in CA, a feral cat gave birth to a little of kittens and I would see them running around the farm. If I had been staying longer I would have tried to capture mama and the kittens, the former to get fixed and the latter to go to good homes.

  72. Wife just called. Told her about Adverse Impact Solutionstm. She’s on board.

    This is going to fund my retirement, people.

  73. Our baby is Native American.

  74. Mine is a Neanderthal American by virtue of my lineage.

    Underrepresented minority achievement: UNLOCKED

  75. We’re watching the Sopranos and Meadow is trying to get into good colleges.

    The bullshit they have to put up with extraordinary. Our kid is going to be a kid and not worry about where he goes to school. The reality is that unless they go to an Ivy League college, it doesn’t matter all that much.

    U of I could really use a guy like Joel.

  76. I’m hoping to get Possum into professional Druidry. No Druids in my area, so I think she’ll corner the local market.

  77. I saw very few episodes of The Sopranos. I do remember them going to Maine to look at colleges and Tony kills a guy he recognizes there

  78. Glad I had the day off today. This weekend is gonna SUUUUCK, lol. Working day shift.

    Scott: Day shift? After getting up at noon today? Tomorrow 5:30am is gonna hit you like a hammer!

    Me: (laughter, then somber silence)

  79. Did anyone listen to the musical selection?

    It’s a love story.

  80. Well she’s just
    Skin and bones, and scabs
    Best little woman that I ever had
    Better not cross her or you might get stabbed
    Beware her, quirky gaze

    Well she’s just
    Skin and bone, and scabs
    Once blew up in a local meth lab
    Didn’t even phase her now she’s twice as bad
    But I love her, all the same

  81. Those kinds of lyrics are reminiscent of the epic love songs of the 40’s.

  82. Watch the sunrise on a tropic isle
    See the pyramids along the Nile
    Just remember darlin’, all the while
    You belong to me
    See the market place in old Algiers
    Send me photographs and souvenirs
    Just remember when a dream appears
    You belong to me
    I’ll be so alone without you
    Maybe you’ll be lonesome too and blue
    Fly the ocean in a silver plane
    See the jungle when it’s wet with rain
    Just remember ’til you’re home again
    You belong to me
    Fly the ocean in a silver plane
    See the jungle when it’s wet with rain
    Just remember ’til you’re home again
    You belong to me

  83. ^ That was my parents’ “song.”

  84. The Duprees. Love that song. I think it came out when I was in seventh grade.

  85. Mare loves Hotspur

  86. John Cusack was in DC to talk to politicians about “removing” Trump. When I read this kind of stuff it’s disheartening, not because I think it can happen, it’s more that there is no way to REASON with insane people who are invested emotionally into crazy. And these same people meet with elected officials (who are themselves, crazy). Read some of his tweets and comments. I know, I know, he doesn’t matter but, Lord, is it drugs? Alcohol? The “artistic” side of the brain doesn’t allow reason? What?

  87. Oso: Cake or cupcakes? Member: Cake. Oso: Name? Member: “Rachel” Oso: Could it be under another name? Member: Tiered Cake; last name. (Her Name was spelled Raciel. WTF people! Happy Birthday, Aka! Who has names like this?)

  88. Cusack has spent his entire post-Savage-Steve-Holland career trying to make it impossible to re-watch One Crazy Summer.

  89. I LOVED One Crazy Summer and The Sure Thing.

  90. Better Off Dead, One Crazy Summer, and Sure Thing. He was meh in 16 Candles. Serendipity was ok. Grosse Point Blank and Say Anything are overrated. 👋🏻 Sean

  91. We have 200 orders for tomorrow. I’m working bakery, again. 100 orders for Sunday.

  92. I gathered some wild morning glory seeds last fall with the intention of growing them in a hanging planter this spring. Finally got around to snipping* and soaking them last night. Checked on them while telling Mr. B. about it. Them suckers have already sprouted!! WoOT!

    I’m a weed lover.

    *I’ve read previously to snip the seeds because hard shell. Snipping and soaking speeds up the germination..

  93. Musical selection was dope.

    The Sure Thing is rad.

    My undergrad years were the best six years of my life

  94. Comment by osoloco11 on May 17, 2019 7:45 pm

    I’m working bakery, again. 100 orders for Sunday.


    They’re making use of your legendary culinary skills?

    Member to Customer Service: “This cake has plastic in it!”


  96. Lol

  97. –Member to Customer Service: “This cake has plastic in it!”–

    I worked with a gal that would prep her icing bags over the cake. A couple of times, customers found the tips of said bags in their mouths….come back and complain…BOOM, free cake.


  99. Damn, the look on that kid’s face. Dad better sleep with one eye open.

  100. Chesterton would be correct.

  101. Someone sum up everything for me that happened today.

    Who used to do those summation things?

  102. Doggie is making a super easy transition. Shy when we were introduced, but then once I picked her up … she’s all in on living with us. Like Moose. Loves our lawn. Seems pretty darn happy.

    SHe just crawled between my feet, licked my legs for a bit, then fell asleep.

  103. Pepe, they tried to get me to decorate cupcakes. I have an aversion to touching raw food. We try to catch all plastic. Most cakes are thawed before decorating. Nothing cooked in Club.

  104. Beasn, WalMart is notorious for free cake. We have 50 cakes with 3PM pick ups tomorrow. Scammers know. I got scammed today. Couldn’t find a 3PM pick up. Started a new order. There was never an order.

  105. I predicted you would have a puppy by the end of yesterday.

    What took so long?

  106. Yay…Hockeytime. Golf time is over. I dreamt that Dan had a secret house to get away from me. I never watched the King of Queens where Doug kept an apartment. Ruling, is it ok to be pissed at spouse for stuff that happens in dreams? It was a nice little 2B2B with swimming pool and hot tub.

  107. Ariel. She doesn’t look like a Stella.

  108. I would never bet against you in poker or anything Scott. I didn’t have time to pick her up until today. Had to travel to the badlands of Ohio to get her. 13 total transit time (with stops)

  109. As I said, Ariel is her slave name.

  110. I’m thinking of using a Mennonite name. I didn’t promise I would raise her in their religion, but giving her a family name might make up for it?

  111. Oso, where are the cakes baked?

  112. I’d never been in a mennonite home. It didn’t look that different, to be honest.

  113. –Couldn’t find a 3PM pick up. Started a new order. There was never an order.–

    Occasionally we’d be scammed that way, but if they couldn’t provide their copy, they were SOL.

  114. Baked at corporate slave site. We just thaw and decorate.

  115. Puppies fix everything.

    I am happy for you.

  116. Slave name is so 1800. Dead name is the new BS.

  117. REMOVE THE PLASTIC thaw and decorate.

  118. Babylon Bee :
    Caravan Of Unborn Babies Heads Toward Alabama To Apply For Asylum

  119. New puppeh is adorbs. She looks so cuddly.

  120. n8sebaka, tell us about yourself.

    I keep reading your name as Neil Sedaka, which makes me think of the earworm “Laughter in the Rain”.

  121. Andrea Bocelli and his son, Matteo, who would be a great candidate for HHD.

  122. No Shirts! Oops, Paul Anka.

  123. Publix has “Aprons Recipes”, where someone is cooking the recipe of the day, offering samples and recipe cards, next to a cooler and a shelf with all the ingredients for the recipe. Smart marketing, except today’s was just awful. It was steak salad with strawberry vinaigrette. The steak was tough, and the salad included arugula, big slices of raw red onion and wasabi peas. The bitter arugula, the pungent onion, the mustardy wasabi did not go with the super-sweet strawberries blended with chipotle-garlic seasoning. I made a face at the poor cook, felt bad about that, then moved down to the produce section so I could throw the sample away.

  124. I should have stayed meatless since it’s Friday. If I’m gonna break meatless, it should be worth it.

  125. Your mom doesn’t stay meatless.

  126. Mini-me’s baccalaureate was today. She received awards for chemistry and altar serving and her cap, gown, and honor stole for next week.

    I knew something was up when her class cheered when they announced they would sing the alma mater. One of the lines is “live responsibly”, and they loudly sang, “drink responsibly!”

  127. Determined educators reformed Pamela.

  128. I never thought Pamela would make it.

  129. Sitting in parking lot, watching my cow orkers walk in to work. ITS TOO EARLY BITCHES

  130. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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