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  1. Nice one Pups.

  2. Local weather people are having multiple thrills running down their legs because it’s snowing in the Western ME mountains. They’re broadcasting from Sugarloaf Ski Resort which just closed 2-3 weeks ago. Yawn. We’re getting rain here.

  3. Huh, just lost power and we’re on generator now

  4. I’m cooking peasant stew in the instapot.

  5. Chicken thighs, turkey breast, turnips, carrots, celery, and onions. Got a 4# turkey breast in my CSA box and this was my best idea for it.

  6. Wow, great job, Pups!

  7. That’s a pressure cooker. wakey wakey

  8. I didn’t realize leon was part of the cult, too.

  9. Dieter is a traitor, if he’s speaking Russian. He should speak in mother fuxxing German

  10. Nice write up on the tariffs at AOS.

  11. The IP was a Christmas gift for the wife that I use most of the time.

  12. Honestly, I can’t recommend peasant stew these days. God only knows what diseases those peasants had.

  13. Heh, I read that as Pheasant stew, and wondered why leon had pheasant this time of year.

  14. I call it that because it’s got all the things a French peasant might have handy.

  15. Or, you hit a pheasant on the way home from The Swamp, and you were feeling frugal.

  16. I did almost gather weeds from the yard to put in it, dandelions and wild onions. Maybe next time.

  17. Comment by Jay in Ames on May 14, 2019 9:03 am
    Nice write up on the tariffs at AOS.

    Free Trade advocates spent decades arguing based on their simplistic models of how the world worked, and gaslighting middle-America about how things were actually wonderful and if you saw your town was dying after the factory was moved to China then you were obviously crazy. Or deserved it.

  18. Don’t wait too long on the dandelions. Once they pass a certain stage they are inedible.

  19. I have roughly a million of them at various levels of development.

  20. Comment by Jay in Ames on May 14, 2019 9:15 am
    Heh, I read that as Pheasant stew, and wondered why leon had pheasant this time of year.

    He’s making pissant stew.

  21. Hah, the Argument Room is entertaining today.

  22. He’s making pissant stew.

    Given my state in life, any stew I make qualifies.

    It was quite good, by the way, had two bowls.

  23. Lots of info on the China situation on theconservativetreehouse dot com

  24. cool, thanks pepe

  25. I can only take the argument room in small doses. A couple of those people are perpetually high.

  26. Cool blog you have here.

  27. Too bad they just let anyone in here, amirite?

  28. No, we’ve banned nearly everyone, that’s why there are so few of us.

  29. And you haven’t run me off yet? I’m not sure whether to be honored or insulted…

  30. Can’t be bothered to look up the password for the banhammer.

  31. Brother Cavil? Whos that?


  32. Damn, Tim Conway passed away.

  33. How can this poor creature be forced to perform for her evil masters?

  34. This post had a lot of sex and laughter. Much like your Mom.

  35. Everyone be nice to Car in today. Just because.

  36. “Damn, Tim Conway passed away.”

    RIP Mr. Conway.

    When I was out in LA there was a late night radio station and one of the shows had Tim’s son as a DJ and the guy would always tell stories of growing up with his ole man. If the stories are even half true Conway was a helluva a good guy and Father. In our home as a kid Carol Burnett Show was looked forward to and I’d sit next to my Noni (grandma for you uncultured muthafukas) and we’d both be laughing……good good comedy and good memories…..

  37. Carol Burnett was watched in our house too. Only 3 channels? Doesn’t matter, only need this one!

    There was other comedy shows like that, too.

  38. McHales Navy was banned at my house when I was about a third or fourth grader
    Because my dad got sick and tired of me trying to act like Tim Conway. True story.

  39. Heh, his daughter (who gave the press release) is named Kelly.

    Imma gonna look it up, but if her middle name is Anne…

  40. dark chocolate is called for.

  41. I cant “be nice” just “because”…….I need motivation…..and how far does this “being nice” stuff supposed to go? I mean am I supposed to be real nice? Or just nice nice? Nice in passing? Nice like close friend nice, or like neighbor from down the street nice? You cant just task us without providing parameters…..Im just saying……nicely…

  42. I had to put Oschi down. I thought she had a tummy ache – throwing up all night – from eating cat crap.

    It was bloat. Given her health and complications that already exist, the vet felt she probably wouldn’t do well with surgery AND/or recovery.

  43. OMG. I’m really sorry Car in.

  44. My sincere wishes of comfort are extended to you and your family.

  45. So sorry, Carin. We lost a horse the same way.

  46. Ah, jeez. So sorry to hear that Car in. I swear, a big part of why I hesitate on getting a four-legged friend is the knowledge of how brief a time they’re with us.

  47. Sorry to hear that, Carin.

  48. Jay, give me one good reason why we give a shit what some bulldyke soccer bitch thinks of the National Anthem.

    I mean FFS. It’s soccer. It’d be like if some cunt in the shot-put event wanted to kneel during the Anthem.

    This is relevant to anything, how?

  49. Hotspur, do you, or do any of your cabinet guys know, if there is such a thing as concealed cabinet hinges for kitchen cabinets that are framed and have 3/8″ inset doors? I’m starting to believe these things do not exist.
    Which would make sense, because old houses are just that stupid.

  50. …and because half this house was built by an idiot nephew of the original skinflint owner, some of the cabinet doors are 3/8 inch inset, and some are…I don’t know what. Deep, 3/4″ I think. Heavy as hell. We need two different hinges. Pain in the ass. I can’t even find any of these like the original hinges. If I can’t find them, I will have to chisel 1/4″ tongue openings into the backs of 9 doors.

  51. Damnit, sorry Carin…

  52. Oh Carin, I’m so sorry. Sweet little thing she was.

  53. @ Spur. Check your fire Sir. He didnt deserve that kinda response. If you have no interest, that’s on you alone.

    @ Jay. Pay no mind to the Swabbie, he must be having a bad day or sumpthin.

  54. he’s not responding to me, just to my post. It’s meant sarcastically, and he took it that way. It’s how it’s done round these parts.

  55. Aww Car in, I’m so sorry. Sweet Oschi. You did your best for her and gave her a terrific home/family/lurves.

  56. I didn’t go to the house because MIL shopping day. Came home thinking I’d get stuff done and suddenly got vewy vewy tiwed. GAH.

  57. Talked the husband into barbecuing. He’s still not home.
    Hmm…think I’ll make tater salad but that would require me to get off my tookis.

  58. So very sorry, Carin.

  59. First Moses, now Oschi. Awwwww. I’m so sorry, Carin.

  60. I came here to offer condolences to Wiser. I knew how much he liked Tim Conway. Ended up crying about Oschi. Still crying about Moses. Being a Hostage is tough. At least the laughs outweigh the tears. Love you guys.

  61. In happier news, my niece had her baby this morning, a 7 lb. 14 oz. healthy boy.

  62. Always tough losing a dog. Sorry to hear it Carin

  63. So your niece is going with a gender? That’s so retro it’s charming.

  64. Ben had his first day at Chick-Fil-A today. Mostly orientation stuff.

    Another man’s working life begins.

  65. Crap..So sorry, Car in.

  66. Working at chik-fil-a must be like a combination of fast food joint and finishing school. Everybody there is so nice.

  67. I was doing some very limited spring cleaning and found a 12 pack of Sam Adams “Beers Of Fall” tucked behind a few other random boxes. Oops. One of them was a Spruce Lager and after I put it in the fridge I was secretly dreading drinking Pine-Sol flavored beer. It actually tasted better than I imagined. Very subtle flavor. Not that I’m going to set an alert to buy it in quantity next fall but it was better than I was anticipating.

  68. He’ll fit right in. A few of the managers have seen him at Crossfit with Paula and observed him to be a polite kid. He made Student Of The Quarter at his HS which earned him some kind of extra for his airplane pilot video game (from us, not the school).

  69. Welcome to the world, Romacita nephew

  70. One of my Target kids is a Chick-FiL-A manager in Texas. Good kid. He was a youth minister at his church. He’s not really a kid anymore. Father of three. His wife manages a Chick-FiL-a as well. Good people.

  71. We love you too, Crazy Bear. Did you hear they are making a live action Lilo and Stitch movie?

    I’m sorry to read about Squirrel, CARin. I’ll cut you a deal on a slightly used GSD.

  72. Now this is just hurtful.

  73. Pups, I did. Don’t see the need. Animated original captures Kauai.

  74. Sound on.

  75. Should have waited to buy underwear at Sam’s, but it was the last package my size, oso. Counted bands in an open pack, but got home and one was missing, now I have to go back. Who steals underwear?

  76. They wanted clean underwear while they read their stolen bible.

  77. Underwear adds friction to bibles.

  78. Underpants Gnomes


  80. Packs of ladies cotton panties are frequently opened and pilfered from, at the big retail places like walmart and kohls. I don’t get it, either. These are not expensive items.

  81. So your niece is going with a gender? That’s so retro it’s charming.

    I know! And she and her husband were married before she got pregnant, and she took his last name!

  82. @stephenfry

    I really will not allow the simple 👌 gesture to belong to the moronic dogwhistling catfishing foghorning frogmarching pigsticking dickwaving few who attempt to appropriate it for their own fatuous fantasies.

  83. Ouch, not the Braves’ night tonight.

  84. It’s no fun trash talking roamy. Now, if this were the Reds, or the Cubs…

  85. Underpants thieves steal a pair and then wait for the Orange Tag. Cheap underpants at a 30% discount. Always count. Always.

  86. Yeah, Jay, I saw that the Braves were playing the Cardinals and thought, oooh, I’ll tease FDIL about the game. Then I saw the score….

    Cubs permanently lost me as a fan in any way with the okay sign bullshit. I hope they lose every game and it’s another 110 years before they get to the World Series again.

  87. I had forgotten Tim Conway was in The Apple Dumpling Gang. I need to watch that again.

  88. Car in, I am SO sorry to hear about sweet Oschi {{{gentle hugs}}} to you and your family. And Moose, too. 😢😢😢

  89. Ca rin,
    I’m so sorry about the puppy. It breaks my heart that you would lose your baby. I has the sad…

  90. Wonder if they will orange tag me tomorrow?

  91. Sorry to hear about Oschi, C arin. However much time we get with them, it’s never enough.

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