MMM 367

Mother’s Day went well at our house, and I pray the same is true in yours.

Not my mom.3rWpQTU.jpg

Pretty sure this is Alice Matos.


This might be as well.


That’s a weird boat.  Looks like something new that was made to look old.


Looks warm there.


Fancy locker room.


Don’t pick up hitchhikers.


Seriously.  She’s probably a serial killer or something.


  1. Happy Father’s Day to all our models!

  2. Just joking. I’d soooo impregnate red shorts.

  3. Alice is more my type, but I wouldn’t kick any of them out of my rumpus room for being rowdy.

  4. 2 and 3 – bolt-ons.

    Five is very nice. Why do women wreck themselves with bolt-ons, tattoos, and piercings?

  5. ww

  6. Last night’s GoT was *something*.

  7. Don’t pick up hitchhikers.

  8. Why do women wreck themselves with bolt-ons, tattoos, and piercings?

    Capitalism. It’s responsible for all things wrong. Maybe a bit of post-colonialism as well.

  9. lots and lots of violence, Car in.

  10. Folks do funny things when they’re taught to hate themselves.

  11. I’m going to be at the Tool show next Sunday – so I’ll be late. Pay says he’s going to watch it w/o me.


  13. It’s at a soccer stadium, so it’s not as if that’s going to be huge. I’m still debating which seats to get. Here’s a link to the stadium.

  14. Or, here’s just a picture of the stadium.

  15. My boss and group leader are working on another assignment that was supposedly assigned to me. They’re literally speaking with the assigned lawyer in the cubicle next to mine and did not think to bring me into the conversation.

  16. 35 degrees here this morning. Really going to start warming up now, though.

  17. 34 here when I woke up. 80s later in the week.

  18. My longstanding theory is that women disfigure themselves as a sign of emotional pain. The more tattoos/piercings she has, the more issues in her head.

  19. At the motherfucking secretary of state. I’m #7. They just called 85. FML.

  20. @ CoAlex……You need to get the fuck outta there. Those muthafukas are going to set you up before its all over with.

  21. I’m submitting my resume right now.

    I bet they’ll write up the analysis and put my name on it, and if they do I’m going to refuse to sign off on it.

  22. That boss will have her career come to a bad end and take some folks with her. Praying you aren’t part of that six-career pileup.

  23. You should put your head up over the cubicle wall and clear your throat.

  24. I like beach babe’s bikini. There was a time I could have worn that.
    *stares off into the distant, pre-kid, past*

  25. It’s a government job, so I’m pretty sure my boss is safe.

    I’m not the only one she does this to; the other new guy has the same problem.

  26. Whistleblowing time.

  27. Gonna finish painting today.

    There was a discussion on someone’s poat on FB about ‘queen bees’ (bitchy, sabotaging, women bosses, an article where of 1000 people surveyed, 40% said they were bullied by one).

    Someone in the comments mentioned there is a character in Mandarin that represents two women in the same house — meaning…’war’.

    I laughed and laughed, because true. That’s why MIL has her own separate space and why I have to get the younger woman out. I’m tired of walking on eggshells with that one and you’d think there would be some deference on her part since I am the matriarch of this house and haven’t demanded anything from her — which I should have.

    Exhibit ‘M’ – Husband and I are okay with walking away from the deposit for the reception luncheon just to get her to STFU. They went to look at a newly opened civic center where there will be windows for her to see ‘green’. I told her that it was fine with me and that if we can secure the date and she gives the green light, then I don’t want to hear another whine from her about the wedding. She gets all bent out of shape and tells her dad to forget about calling the civic center.
    So she wants to torture us.

    This week….this week….

  28. If 40% of people say women bosses have abused them in some capacity, perhaps it’s a good indicator women don’t belong in managerial positions.
    Or perhaps women should be made to take some course in their university studies on how to be more like men and temper their inner bitch.

  29. The “two women under one roof” thing is an urban legend, but works because it reflects something true.

    Your future son in law needs to man up and take your daughter in hand over her behavior. If she behaves that way towards you, then it’s a bad sign for their future together. Maybe she’s just a nervous nellie who needs someone to be the rock and the decision-maker, but it’s obvious that it’s not him.

  30. Beasn is being misogynist and is a tool of the patriarchy.

    More seriously, not nearly enough is said about toxic femininity.

  31. The group leader isn’t bitch, quite the opposite. She is generally friendly with me. She just… goes behind my back and works on this stuff along with my supervisor, without my assistance.

  32. The first warning sign, IMHO, was that she’s never done any sort of group lunch or the like. No, “hey, welcome to the team, let’s go eat. I’ll pay.” No, “we’re doing a team lunch before things kick into high gear next week.” No, “Let’s all grab a drink after work.”

    Coming from the military, I’m used to the idea that little things like that are how you build team cohesion, learn about your subordinates, and show that you actually care. It also builds up good will for the times when you need them to stay late, work weekends, or when you have to chew someone out for screwing up.

  33. It’s really going to be interesting when this shit corrects. And by “interesting” I of course means “holy fucking shit, that’s pretty fucking harsh”.

  34. I have found that the VAST majority of civilian managers couldn’t lead a pig to mud while standing in a wallow. Just fucking clueless when it comes to LEADERSHIP.

  35. Hell, I’m happy when someone says “thank you”, much less buy lunch.

  36. Maybe she’s just a nervous nellie who needs someone to be the rock and the decision-maker,

    So much this. She’s got more of her grandmother, my MIL, in her, than she has of me.
    Come October, I may imbibe to the point of giddiness as we ‘give’ her away. Her boyfriend thinks she’s the nicest person he’s ever met. They’ve been dating for 5 (?) years, so he knows her negatives.

  37. Beasn is being misogynist and is a tool of the patriarchy.

    Beasn has had bitchy female bosses. I’d rather work in a garage full of men.

  38. Mr. B. is going to set down with her tonight and settle the venue thing. (he ignored her request and put a hold on the civic center) Tell her he’s the dad, it’s his money and he can do whatever with it he wants — we think part of the problem is, she’s a huge penny pincher – like her gma – and when we gave her the $$ amount, she immediately didn’t want to spend it. He’s going to lead her into figuring it out for herself.

    I’ll try not to be here. Me breathing sets her off.

  39. Bitchy bosses trying to be like men don’t understand how asshole male bosses actually work. Either he’s demanding, but also fair and willing to give you your due, or he quickly develops a reputation as a sonofabitch and people avoid working for him.

  40. They’ve been dating for 5 (?) years, so he knows her negatives.

    Don’t be so sure.

  41. The worst part about flying in/out of SBN is having to hear the voice of Mayor Buttplug over the PA welcoming you to town.

  42. We have to stop with calling him Mayor Buttplug. That name almost came out in a political discussion at Mother’s Day. Caught myself just in time!

  43. Even when he’s saying it on the PA, that’s what I hear.

  44. I accidentally used Buttplug at work. oops.

  45. “Accidentally”.

  46. I’m still finding out negatives for Mrs Jay!

  47. Yea, my filter wasn’t working. Said it to an elderly lady /regular sitting at the bar. She died laughing.

  48. Comment by Car in on May 13, 2019 1:38 pm
    I accidentally used Buttplug at work. oops

    “THIS isn’t the muddler…”

    “Maybe not, but it makes one hell of a mint julep!”

  49. Yeah, if nobody took him aside and explained to him “Look, between that name and your…other particulars, get ready to be called anything from the following list…”

    Me, I go with “Bootyjudge”, which is supposedly closer to proper pronunciation. Whatevs.

  50. The only booty judge I recognize is me.

  51. So. Chickenmaster it is.

  52. I imagine he’s spent a lot of time choking them.

  53. Amusing postscript to the saga of my late dad’s estate…you may recall there were some pending tax questions that could potentially have resulted in liabilities for a previous year. Well…turns out there was a refund coming, and still money in the estate on top of that!

    So, one last check coming. Not nearly as big as the main one was, but still a happy way to end that whole deal.

  54. Positive outcome, gotta like that!

  55. Hey everybody!!!! Cavil’s buying the whiskey!!!

  56. Unfortunately, the tree frogs in my area aren’t those kind of tree frogs.

  57. mmmm, smoked tree frogs.

    Taste like chicken.

  58. This is so stupid, but it cracked me up.

  59. Here we go again!

    Right down to the red hat! Only the actual events have changed!

  60. If Moochelle runs for POTUS in 2020, will it be under the N.O.W. banner, or under the Transgender’s Rights banner? Discuss.

  61. Sanded and primed 1/3 of the kitchen cabinets. I’ll finish paint them tomorrow, remount them, and start attacking the next section. Wish I had started this project sooner, but oh well.

    After this is done, new floor.



  64. I won Slug Bug, today.

  65. * loads slug cannon *

  66. Got my after work work done! Her Royal Highness Princess Pei Pei Goodpuppy has received her spring grooming (clippers and a 3 guide) and is now presentable to the court. Well…..shes semi presentable. The groomer (me) is a amateur. But close enough for small town Illinois.

  67. La-ti-da

  68. So live ones are still ok?

  69. I’m sure the Law and Order episode is going to be exhibit #891 in the defamation trial.

    My intern rotated to another assignment. She was great, and I really appreciated the help, but I thoroughly enjoyed only being responsible for myself today. I got a lot done. This is why I am not a manager.

  70. Has there ever been a mass shooter who was a member of the NRA?

  71. I think Las Vegas was.

  72. Nope, guess not!

  73. McVeigh used to be a member of the NRA, but he left because they were too soft. But he wasn’t a shooter.

  74. Dieter enunciated Russian properly.

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