MMM 366:New record!

Got every bit of mowable lawn mowed in 2:50 yesterday.

Wrist tat ruins this.27l7yy4tpmv21.jpg

Does she have hair extensions?obulll25ypv21.jpg

Fake bewbs.


Seems like you’d want more shorts in your shorts.


Pretty setting.


I bet she spends a lot of time in hotels.


Happy Monday.


  1. That first girl has some abs!!!

  2. Meh.

  3. Also, that was a long 10.

  4. The post was up in 10, I neglected the notification comment while doing other crap here.

  5. New Tool Wakey wakey

  6. Weekend after action report:

    Kids came up Saturday. Smoked some ribs. My nephew (pat’s brother’s son) showed up with HIS newfie in two (apparently he’s got a thing for one of my boy’s female friends). Graham (his dog) is only 8 months. MUCH fun was had with those three dogs.

    Yesterday – I finally got one bed cleaned up (garden) dinner in Detroit with my sister /mom. Home for GoT. Woke up to two new Tool songs blowing up my life.

  7. I’m betting I see Graham a lot. I think nephew is coming again next weekend.

  8. Comment by Brother Cavil on May 6, 2019 9:16 am
    Also, that was a long 10.


    That’s not what your mom said.

  9. He should just leave Graham at your house. It will be easier on everyone that way.

  10. you mention a baby newfie but you do not post pics

    fuh the whuh???

  11. Laura, she’s currently putting all the newfie puppy pics into a video montage set to the new Tool song. If we want to see the puppy we have to endure the sound of cats fucking in a closet.

  12. The baby newfie is taller than Moose. He’s thinner though. Obviously he’ll put on bulk, but his hips are narrower and everything.

  13. Cats fucking in a closet is QOTSA.

  14. I stand corrected.

  15. So, is tool Hungry Monkeys Confined In A Cage?

  16. The Hungry Monkeys were an alt-rock band from the early 90s. “Confined In A Cage” was their must underappreciated album.

  17. No speakers, no screeching.

  18. Acoustic Monkey, “Apeshit For Bananas”

  19. /ignores everyone, listens to new song for 6th time

  20. I – cute
    2 – cute
    3 – bolt-ons
    4 – yuck
    5 – cute
    6 – bolt-ons


  21. Decorator wrote “Celebrados 3 Anos Grace en espanol” Family ordered 3 cakes. Kathy wrote exactly what was on the order form. I was like “Did anyone call to confirm the message?” Bakery Lead: We had 300 orders this weekend. No time to call.

    Yeah, someone is getting 3 cakes for free.

    300 cake orders in a weekend? Holy shit. That’s how those mistakes happen. How many decorators do you have?

  22. I remember having 100ish cake orders Fri – Sat, with 2 decorators, and wanting to cry while cutting some bishes.

  23. When Graham left, he had his head out the car window and moose was right there – noses touching. It was pretty cute.

    Oschi was “fine whatver, he’s leaving?”

    lol. Graham LOVED oschi. LOVED her. He’d sit there and lick her head and ears.

  24. The daughter and I went to some rich and schmancy mall yesterday, after finishing our business at the house. She had to exchange some jeans (Madewell). So here we are in sneakers, gym shorts, and old tees – mine had a hole under the armpit, I wasn’t aware of until daughter put her finger in it, moments before exiting the car – in Plaza Frontenac, host of stores like J. Crew, Kate Spade, Coach, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, etc. Felt soooo out of place, especially when seeing myself in reflections. Good thing tall/willowy beasnette can rock running gear and mismatched tee (something she usually wears with jeans).

    But, I just had to go into Tiffanys. Didn’t know we had one in the St. Louis area.

  25. “he had his head out the car window and moose was right there – noses touching. It was pretty cute.”

    Pictures or it didn’t happen.

    *miffed you could tell us that without taking pictures*

  26. Jay, who wrote that? The Chinese?

  27. I took ONE picture, and it turned out blurry.

    I think the Nephew is coming up next weekend. I’ll get pictures then.

  28. Carin, will not be the official H2 photographer. On the other hand, she may be our best prospect.

  29. Have you seen her selfies? Yeesh.

  30. My selfies are TOP NOTCH. The quality and beauty is enhanced by not actually including myself in the aforementioned “selfie”.

  31. My selfies are TOP NOTCH. The quality and beauty is enhanced by not actually including myself in the aforementioned “selfie”.


    I find this works for #MeToo

  32. I went to Plaza Frontenac once during my St Louis year. Even as a guy earning my first decent salary I knew most of the stores were not for me. It was quite deluxe though.

  33. Heh

  34. Nice crop this week Leon.

    We went to see Avengers: Endgame yesterday, it was OK. I guess I’m glad they didn’t stretch it out any longer than they did, but it could have been two or three movies. It was the first time I’ve been in a movie theater since 2015.

  35. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve wanted to do that Pepe.

  36. Holy shit, dead at work, about fell asleep a couple of times this afternoon. That time of year hereabouts.

  37. If you can’t go the speed limit, take you and your bike and find a sidewalk.

  38. Looks like everyone fell asleep here , too, Bro Cavil. That, or they’re at H15.

  39. Ok all you grill masters……Ive been advised Im cooking ribs on the grill this weekend. Any advice? Saw a blurb online about cooking in a foil wrap for a hour or so and then removing from foil and cooking on grill for another 15 mins.

  40. I set up 2 zone cooking, where the charcoal is all on one side and the ribs on the other, and cook/smoke them for an hour or so, then fire up a bunch more charcoal and finish them on direct heat with sauce.

    Takes longer but really good, same concept with the foil really, cook them slow for a while then fast, just like your mom likes it.

  41. gas grill

  42. I’ve done the same thing with my Weber. Front, middle rear burners. Turn the front on medium, middle on low and leave the ribs on the platform at the rear with some wood pellets in a wire box. Even down low it gets high so I usually lower it if possible. My back deck is super windy so it can blow the burner out if it’s too low.

  43. So far the wrapping with foil seems to be the most idiot proof, which is the real struggle here……I don’t have the patience necessary to be a good cook……or any kinda cook for that matter.

  44. My back deck is super windy

    Try taking some Beano™ for that.

  45. And what in the fuckety fuck is Fox news problem? Do you care about transgender refugee sex workers in Pakistan? Cause apparently that and what some bride thought of her brides maids behavior at the reception is national fucking news. And what the fuck with news articles they post? Half researched, barely any info there paragraphs of stupidity. We truly live in clown world…..

    *I’m pissy cause I want supper but there is no supper. That and the smoking cessation is a factor. That’s going well, proceeding as planned, no shallow graves dug yet or anything…

  46. You would think hot glue would fix a cracked fuel line.

  47. I saw a propane line “repaired” with duct tape. :)

  48. I use epoxy for gas leaks.

  49. Someone that I knew long ago kept bumper stickers in his glove compartment for emergency hose repair.

  50. definitely 2 zone cooking. Only use direct for shorter cooks, and searing.

    You want slow cooking for over 2 hours. Pork has to break down. Wrap up some wood chips in foil, poke a few holes in it, and put it right over the lit burner for smoke. Yes, picking up a small pack of wood chips is worth it. Adds a lot even on a gas grill.

  51. Hey Jay,

    I saw you have a draft post, you can put my scheduled one back in draft if you want, it is set to pop in the morning.

  52. It can sit until needed. I have some more to go in, save you a little trouble.

  53. Just tried to make fried rice. FAIL! Can’t even eat it, too dry.

  54. Penelope was watching a program, and Corbin Bernsen is guest starring. I remain from Major League, and LA Law. Checked his IMDB to see what else he’s been in. Holy crap, crazy amount of credits. Amazed at his career.

  55. “remember him”

  56. Jay, add a little broth?

  57. rice needed to cook longer with some more water. Oh well, live and learn.

  58. Gonna watch Chernobyl, looks like it could be good, if it isn’t preachy.

  59. I scrolled an entire poat for this???

  60. your finger needed the exercise

  61. Watching Chernobyl. Those guys had no idea what they were dealing with, and the people in charge just let them. Wow.

  62. Donnie enjoyed raunchy pornography.

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