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  1. https://tinyurl.com/y4kq7s2q

  2. Pups, you have a gift. The big question is how do you cash in on it?

  3. Beasnsnsnssn, your daughter should know, to get that incredible price of $15.95/person the beans may be canned. At that price you can afford to make her cake/cupcakes fantastic, the dress amazing, and everything else could be top notch. But for $15.95 she might have to say, “save here, pay there.”

    $100/person is about average for a sit-down meal with drinks. I know yours is a buffet but still a great price.

  4. Unfortunately, Ace’s overnight thread is just the tip of the iceberg.

  5. Jewstin, are they real doubles, or fake doubles?

  6. Wakey wakey.

    I never eat catered green beans anyway.

  7. Tens of people show up to hear Beto speak. I love it when the media anoints a loser. How long until Buttplug loses his shine?

  8. Good morning. The cold I’ve been staving off for days finally started kicking my ass last night at work, on the eve of taking a few days off. I was successfully pounding hot tea and zicam for hours before the cold finally overtook me and I became a coughing-fit snotmonster. My disgusted coworkers told me to leave early so as not to ensicken anybody else. Hoping to knock this thing out of me today so it doesn’t ruin my break.

    Pro tip: a heating pad under your skull when you have a head cold is DIVINE. Such relief. Did me a lot of good overnight.

  9. Work sucked last night – every cheapskate sat in my section. Some nights are just like that. Now winter is back in michigan.

    I have got a horrible running workout today. Too cold to garden. I don’t know what I”m going to do with myself.

    Maybe start another puzzle. Wiser got me back on that bandwagon. Also I need to find my book of soduku puzzles. i love those.

  10. You know what you need Lauraw? A puzzle. that will make everything better.

  11. I hope you feel more better soon, Lauraw.


  12. Thanks guys. As luck would have it, I had made a huge pot of chicken broth a couple days ago. Gonna quaff some hot bwoff and go lie back down.

  13. This Florida Man story from the ONT made me laugh


    If I was the judge in this case I’d have a hard time punishing this obviously fun-loving guy.

  14. Crazy neighbor’s house was sold to a flipper.

    Today it’s getting a new roof.

    It will be nice to have neighbors that aren’t batshit crazy.

  15. hahahaahah, stupid O’Rourk’s rally! I could get more people to show up if I said I was making my green bean casserole and giving it away.

    Yeah, that idiot is going to beat Trump? No. Can’t imagine a wimpy gay guy kissing his husband is going to seal the deal for middle America voters either (neither?).

  16. And it’s time for new neighbor roulette! Place your bets and spin the wheel. Will it land on “normal human beings” or “Section 8 slumlord”? Stay tuned for the exciting reveal after these messages from our sponsors.

  17. Exciting, Troy!

    We live in a gated community that I would describe as middle class, mostly retired couples around our own age. Every now and then I chit chat with the neighbor ladies and come to find out we have a guy living in a family owned unit here, who is a meth smoker. Lots of shady people coming in and out. The police have a camera installed in my neighbors back yard. The ladies told me the police have been in quite a few times. I had no idea.

  18. Ignorance is bliss.

  19. This is Scott’s week. His checks cashed and he’s getting new neighbors!


  20. I think this new roof is going to be a fail.

    It looks to me like they might get it stripped just before the rain starts.

  21. My NP and her husband are into real estate for renting out. They buy properties, rehab them and rent through a management company. Not exactly flipping but they’re always looking for the right deal. Sort of a new thing for them over the past couple of years. 3 kids, oldest in 8th or 9th grade and anticipating college tuitions ahead.

  22. Considering what renting a house near Bar Harbor is going for, I would imagine that’s a tidy bit of income in the summer months. Maybe fall, too, for the leaf peepers.

  23. She seems fun


  24. If you want an Apollo 50th anniversary shirt, you can order them here and have them mailed to you.


  25. Oso!!!


  26. Dammit Pepe, I was saving her for Friday.

    Next time you want post a gif check with me.

  27. Heh. That ^ was actually for the red dress backflipper but it’s funnier like this.

  28. Sorry, Pups, didn’t mean to steal your thunder.

  29. Just recycle it, pretty sure nobody except Mare clicks on my links….

  30. I’ve got 6 butternut squash left over from last year’s harvest. Tempted to just toss them in the compost pile. Hardly touched the last couple that I cooked.

  31. Red dress is the future ex-Mrs Colorado Alex.

  32. Squash is a good dinner idea.

    Execution is the stumbling block. It’s just meh.

  33. Butternut squash is a frequent flyer here. Mashed with butter and a little cinnamon, tiny bit of nutmeg and S&P

  34. Red dress wisely gathered her dress as she ran away at the end. I was waiting for her to eat asphalt the whole way through that gif

  35. Ohhhhh Leeeeeeeeoooonnn


    Purty cool thrower of flame video for ya, short. 1 min 26 sec.

  36. HA! Pepe, I do click all of your links (with trepidation).

  37. Jim, do you live near Bar Harbor?

  38. One hour away from Bar Harbor on Rt 1 depending on traffic

  39. I’m exhausted.

  40. Rt 1 goes from Canada to Key West.

    That would be a fun road trip, even if you were in traffic half the time.

  41. Every few years I’ll take the Rt 1 exit off 95 when I come home from MA and drive home that way. It’s gotta be when I’m feeling extra patient because it’s a lot of stop and go. I’ve picked up 1 in Houlton and gone to Canada too. Long drive as well

  42. Looks life flipper guy had a plan.

    Finish the front half of the roof. That must have been the part that was leaking.

    Now he can work inside while it rains and he can do the back half when monsoon season ends.

  43. That’s got my range beat, but I bet mine was 1/3 the price.

  44. Any idea what happened to crazy lady?

  45. **hands Carin a glass of wine and today’s sudoku**

  46. We are going to Bar Harbor to celebrate Mini-me’s graduation. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since we celebrated Rocketboy’s graduation there. FDIL is going with us. This time I’m hoping to meet Jimbro – last time fell through, and it was entirely my fault.

  47. **hands Carin a glass of wine and today’s sudoku**

    Thank you kind lady.

    Lasagna is in the oven. I can rest on my laurels now.

  48. I think crazy lady is in a state run mental institution. She was there one day, and the next the house was empty with a for sale sign out front.

    The police visited a day or two before, other than that I saw nothing.

  49. I know nuffing!


  50. How you feeling, Rocket Chick?

  51. Or did the Connecticut Hunchback strike again? Only the garden knows…….

  52. Yes, I’m sorry I didn’t ask, Roamy. You were feeling poorly for a while, how goes it?

  53. The sequence of events seems to support the notion that her affairs were taken over by a conservator.

    We were looking at her house listing on the internet. She didn’t have a stove, or any other way that I could see, of cooking food. All the time that Scott has lived here, he has never seen artificial light leaking out of that house at night. Full dark.

    She fits the broad outline of a schizoid personality disorder. Maybe with some fear of electricity thrown in. Some mentally ill people have potent delusions about electricity, artificial light, etc. They think it is dangerous or affecting their health (magnetic waves!), or they believe it is being used to monitor them.

  54. “Poway Synagogue Shooter Left a Manifesto – Calls President Trump a “Zionist, Anti-White, Traitorous, C*cksucker””

    Early report. Grain of salt.

  55. False flag, Carin.

  56. I bought a generator several years ago. She must have seen the delivery truck.

    …”only run that on the other side of your house. Generator fumes make me ill.”

    She had no problem with car fumes or lawn mower fumes.

  57. I just want everyone to be aware that I read last night’s derp as “…roasting…”.

    Just, y’know, for the record and all.

  58. I want to be all better now. Please.

  59. Life is boring right now. Can some of you do something? Like, dance around or crack jokes or insult each other?

    I went outside for five minutes all day. Too crappy out. Checked on my peas, which I have under row cover to protect them from the birds. They’re getting big! Their full forms are now straining against the sheer fabric.

  60. cough

  61. I want to be all better now. Please.


    Have you explored the healing magic of Tequila?

  62. Download the latest Jack Ingram cd. That, and Crown; are holding the tort for me.

  63. Fort.

  64. mmmmm tort

  65. Oh God, no booze. Makes it worse.

  66. —Beasnsnsnssn, your daughter should know, to get that incredible price of $15.95/person the beans may be canned. —

    Add two dollars for china and silverware. We asked the guy why so cheap with an open bar. Day hours are not popular and to fill them, they lower the price and limit the time. Had she wanted evening, it would have been $25/person. Had we booked one of their exclusive venues on nice acreage, starting price $45/person.

    Food tasting event is this Monday evening. She’s taking her dad. With the venue being closer to most family, she’s worried a lot of them will skip the wedding.

  67. Their full forms are now straining against the sheer fabric.


  68. The boyfriend took the day off and came with us to the hall. I’m glad he was there. He’s a positive influence on Miss Sulky-pants. Then we went to the house and he sunk a few nails for me.

    All grouting is now complete. Just need to wipe off the haze, silicone around all the things, paint the walls, and put shelves in the linen closet.

    Most of her shit should be out of here by next weekend.

  69. Beasn to the boredom rescue! It’s too bad your daughter has a thing about canned beasn. I really doubt anyplace serves them anymore, though. When was the last time I ever was served obviously canned beasn in a restaurant? I can’t even remember. Is that actually a thing that happens?

  70. Maybe that’s why she’s so snippy with me? She sees me as canned beasns. But I am 100% fresh beasn.

    Last wedding I was at, they had beasns. Had to be canned. Cracker Barrel serves ’em canned too. My problem is when they add butter to the beasns. WTF. How about letting the customer butter all the things?

  71. Cracker Barrel is gross. There, I said it.

  72. I think that’s probably the only place around here that serves canned veg.
    In any case, you could also solve the problem by not choosing to serve beasn at all.

  73. That’s what I told her. She thinks if they dare serve canned beasn, then the rest of the menu is crap. Which it isn’t. They had fresh asparagus at the auction they catered last month. Guy said we can tweak the menu – which has about 8 sides to choose from. NO CANNED BEASN, we want steamed veggies!!

  74. She was given a tortoise for her 10th bday. She’s had him for 56 years.
    Those kind of tortoises can live up to 100 years in captivity.

  75. Barb,
    Put grout sealer on all of it *NOW*. It’s cheap and fast and worth it…

    LauraW, you are gonna feel like shit for at least a week, so slam some vitamin C. If you take too much, you will just piss it out. Eat some chicken soup. Couldn’t hurt…

  76. I’ve been shaky lately and running on little sleep. Voluntarily went to the doctor, as opposed to Mr. RFH browbeating me into going. Still waiting on lab results. Maybe Monday or Tuesday.

    Mini-me is at the prom tonight. She is all grown-up looking and beautiful and not my leetle girl. I had to laugh though, all her friends are in bright spring colors – pink, yellow, white, robins egg blue, and she’s in black. Will post a pic or two tomorrow.

  77. Dude, I consumed almost a gallon of homemade chicken broth today. Vitamins, yep.
    Pretty sure I’m on the mend. Better than this morning, anyway. Gonna turn in now.

    Have a good night, don’t let the bedbugs bite.

  78. I have two shark trapper apps. Doesn’t mean I would “Sissy” up and ride the shark at Gilley’s. 😘👊🏻👋🏻

  79. Rebecca, Mr. TiFW, and I went to The Piano Guys concert Saturday night. We all had a lot of fun, and we sprung for VIP tickets – front row, VIP parking, and a meet-and-greet after the show.

    We had a blast, and Rebecca loved every minute of the show. If you ever get a chance to see them, GO!!!!

  80. Heh, so many of the dem Pres candidates are Ivy League grads, complaining about sexism, racism, and crimes against gay people.

    God, they are so empty.

  81. Debbie’s embroidery remained perfect.

  82. Good morning campers.

    Sound on like you’ve got a pair.


    From here, an album of 50 gifs with sound. Most are excellent.


  83. https://tinyurl.com/y5arsz5k

  84. wakey wakey

  85. That black dog looks so intelligent he could successfully run a small to medium-sized city.

  86. When Phat participated in bring your kid to work day


  87. World-class trolling. I love it.

  88. Ham and bean soup in the pressure cooker.

    The lawn mower I bought used off of craigslist wouldn’t start after one mowing session, I took the cover off the air filter and no air filter. Texted the seller… “must of missed it”.

    5 seconds of a youtube search and I found a 9 year old video of a guy disassembling the fuel bowl and cleaning the carburetor jet of a similar mower, sent it to Boy2’s phone and he had it running in an hour or two. Ordered a new air filter on Amazon.

    I guess my point is that we live in an age of wonders, I mean, what are the chances that the first youtube I click on searching Tecumseh 3.5hp will be the exact thing I need to solve my problem?

    How amazing is it that “Tom’s Small Engine Repair dot com” has exploded diagrams with part numbers for every part on my used lawn mower, right down to bolts and gaskets?

    It is incredible that I can click the mouse 3 times and get a $4 air filter drop shipped to my home in 3 days with no shipping costs.

    We live in a science fiction novel people.

  89. Local news got a new anchor for weekends. She always seems a little bit drunk. Definitely an upgrade.

  90. It is incredible that I can click the mouse 3 times and get a $4 air filter drop shipped to my home in 3 days with no shipping costs.

    Amen, Pups. #1 Son borrowed a couple of hydraulic attachments for the Bobcat. If course the fittings didn’t match. Did a search, first result was a video explaining all the fittings they used and that they changed in 2000. Found adapters on Amazon for $72, free 2 day shipping. Pre internet, something like that would have been a nightmare.

  91. Within the last two months I fixed a chainsaw and a 20 year old snow blower with the help of youtube.

  92. What amazes me about this is that posting all that information online took someone a considerable amount of work. But they did it. Often even on sites where they get no compensation for it. People are wonderful and generous.

  93. …all that information online took someone a considerable amount of work

    Yeah, I kind of felt bad that I found the part at Tom’s but ordered from Amazon, but ordering from Toms would have been setting up the account and entering my CC again, Amazon was click…click…click.

  94. What amazes me about this is that posting all that information online took someone a considerable amount of work. But they did it. Often even on sites where they get no compensation for it. People are wonderful and generous.


    Agree. My husband and I always marvel at the time and effort put into reviews. We’ve learned the most about a product we want through the reviews. Amazing.

  95. YouTube has surgical technique videos to learn or refresh one’s memory of a technique. Or so I’ve heard.

  96. Inspired by the instructional video comments I looked up “How to replace your Weber grill ignitor”. I learned a lot. Now it’s time to check the battery (I had no idea there was a battery in there).

  97. Crazy notion, but sending an email to everyone on Saturday morning saying, “Hey, I’m going to review everyone’s entries for Project X tomorrow morning so have them done by tonight!” Probably isn’t the best way to ensure it’s done on time.

  98. Huh, you’ve described an asshole, Alex.

  99. Chrispy, I used a premixed grout. It has a sealer in it.

  100. Several years ago I was trying to install a new dispose all food grinder thingy eneath the kitchen sink. I was having fits trying to mate the machine up with the ring that holds it tight to the sink drain. Went to YouTube for a tutorial and there were a bunch. And every one of them skipped over that part of the installation. Just presto chango bing bam and it was now attached. I finally put my car jack under there to hold it at exactly the right height until I could massage them together. I didn’t video it.

  101. Yup.

    We’re in the midst of the budget, so I have to enter notes into a database on changes between the executive’s proposed budget and the legislature’s currently amended budget. When I left on Friday I had three more entries to do. I figured I’d get them done this weekend, along with any amendments added at the last minute on Saturday. I got distracted Sat night and didn’t look at my work email until Sunday morning, and saw her email then. Apparently she’s already working on them so I don’t need to bother.

  102. Wow, that must be incredibly frustrating, Colex. Setting you up for failure.

  103. *finished watching all the gifs*

    The one with the Easter bunny. Holy shit, those poor kids.

  104. I was hired about a month after another guy, and he’s been frustrated by the same thing: we get assignments and are then told, “oh, I just went ahead and did that already.”

  105. See, I”m not the worst parent in the world. My kids never did this:


  106. Stole a car, was shot, and returned fire.

    Yeah, that kid was going places.

  107. Fuck that. You can email me all you want after 1700 on a Friday. There is no reasonable expectation that I will read it until 0800 Monday morning. My salary covers 40 hrs a week 0800 till 1700 Mon- Fri. I don’t give a fuck if mgmt has no life and wants to do shit on the weekends. Boundaries….they need to set.

  108. Coalex – also the kids riding around in a stolen ride. For hours. With the driving carrying a gun. At 16.

  109. I like these metal version of pop songs.

  110. Fuck that. You can email me all you want after 1700 on a Friday. There is no reasonable expectation that I will read it until 0800 Monday morning. My salary covers 40 hrs a week 0800 till 1700 Mon- Fri. I don’t give a fuck if mgmt has no life and wants to do shit on the weekends. Boundaries….they need to set.

    We knew that we’d have to check our email this weekend and do some work because this time of year is busy, so I’m not upset about that. I’m mad that apparently my group leader and my supervisor suck at delegating, organizing, or any basic management skills.

  111. Ugh. https://www.cnn.com/2018/04/20/health/turning-points-becky-savage-opioids/index.html


    I read about half of that article and felt sick, so I thought I better just not read anymore.

    I cannot fathom that kind of devastation.

  112. So sad.

  113. I’m a horrible person, but reading the opioid article I can’t muster up a lot of sympathy. Her sons were idiots.

  114. Alex, yes, they were, but usually a mistake doesn’t lead to death. They look like pretty good kids.

    I’m forever grateful my guardian angel was on it because I should be dead with the dumb crap I did. Yikes.

  115. Scott is taking really good care of me these past couple days. Still sick. He’s bringing Mexican food. Which we all know has anti-viral properties.

  116. Mexican food is almost like antibiotics. Eat a shit ton of it.

  117. Gotta agree with Mare. Did a lot of stupid shit as a teen and managed to survive.

    I will say we are seeing a major decrease in the amount of prescribed narcotics. One thing I’d like to see improved is easier turn in procedures. People are nervous about having patients show up to their offices with extra narcotics. Once it’s known that is your practice you become a junkie target after hours.

  118. Four half chickens hanging on the PBC, life is grand

  119. Changed the battery in my grill ignitor and no luck. Need a new ignitor component. Or I could just continue to use a long grill lighter like I’ve been doing for the last year.

  120. Happy Rooftop Korean Week!

  121. Last time I fired up our 1998 Weber I could only get about 1/4 of one burner to light.

    So I turned all three burners to high and waited.

    FOOOOMP a fireball bigger than the grill went up the side of the house. Way bigger than what I was expecting.

    It worked fine after that. This will probably be it’s last year.

  122. Letting others do tasks that take me no time is the hardest part. Some people appreciate the learning experience, while others silently resent you for not doing the work for them. And these people change places, so you’re never sure. Some people just suck.

    My favorite is being held responsible for management tasks when I’m not management.

  123. Clean out your grills, people. That includes the air intakes. Spiders love those. A wire brush by the igniter usually takes care of the spark problem.

  124. My favorite is so many friggin’ managers giving me tasks. Too many chiefs, not enough indians.

    Which reminds me of Rosetta’s number of indians, and that’s not enough, either.

  125. Did Mare just tell Laura to eat shit?

  126. No, Hotspur, but I am telling you to kiss my ass.

  127. Hunchback is tingling. What’s going on here?

  128. That tingle is the residual pepper spray I sprayed into Hotspur’s pants.

  129. Mare’s being mean.

  130. Mare? Mean? Are you sure?

  131. Read the whole thing.


  132. HotBride just made lemon chicken, with cauliflower cheese pancakes, and mixed veggies with onions and mushrooms sauteed in coconut oil and worcestershire. We’re doing keto, with intermittent fasting.

    I’m also giving up alcohol. Quit last Wednesday.

  133. https://tinyurl.com/y6z8j5px


  134. That sounds delicious.

  135. Thinking about fall-cropping cauliflower. Never have grown it before.

  136. I think cauliflower is going to become a bit of a staple. I have a recipe for cauliflower mac ‘n cheese with sausage that looks pretty good.
    I’m addicted to pasta, but the method won’t work with more than about 50mg/day of carbs. 😦

  137. Holy shit. I’m actually playing an MMORPG that went offline (officially) six years ago. This is a crazy age, yo.

  138. Just watched the trailer for the Deadwood movie. I will probably go out of my way to watch when it airs.

  139. Hotspur, the climbing squash ‘tromboncino’ that I’ve been growing for the last few years makes a nice firm zucchini noodle for summer ‘pasta.’ Covers a trellis in a jiffy too.

  140. I soooooo want to argue with my sister about public schools and the Dept. of Education, but it’s pointless. Her solution for failing schools is throw more money at them.

  141. Carin Thank for that link to UMC. Unlike most of your music links those guy are actually good 🙂

  142. Her solution for failing schools is throw more money at them.

    Just like healthcare.

  143. Car in, caught up in GOT for the big death tonight?

  144. How do you expect kids to learn when their teachers are driving American cars?

  145. This article includes a fun video recipe for cauliflower.


  146. Cauliblogging killed it.

  147. I uploaded one of Mini-me’s prom pics to the media folder.

  148. SQUEEEE

  149. Wow! She’s gorgeous. I love her choice of dress, too. Black and slinky.

    And, I hope he was a gentleman…

  150. GOT? That was the setup to end all setups. WELL DONE!

  151. Was Mr. FireHydrant cleaning his guns when she got picked up?

  152. Cracked me up. All of her friends were in bright colors, but not my daughter. It suited her.

    He brought her and three of her (dateless) friends here before midnight. The four girls had a sleepover. Mr. RFH growled at him a bit but seemed content that he had adequately threatened the poor kid.

    I made blueberry pancakes and bacon for the girls this morning before they went to Mass. The two Vietnamese twins cleaned up their dishes and bowed to me before leaving.

  153. Man, I have to find a way to pirate GOT again. I wonder how much it costs to stream it from HBO? Is that a thing?

    OK, just checked. $15/mo. Eh, that’s not so bad, as long as I can drop it as soon as the series is done.

  154. Lauraw, Mini-me got ready at a friend’s house (friend did her makeup), but Mr. RFH sent a shotgun shell with her with “To [boy’s name] From: A Devoted Dad” in Sharpie. She did give it to him. The date has been here for a 2nd Amendment celebration, so he knows.

  155. Pirate it. Stick it to the Hollywood man. Down with the oppressors!

    I’ll pony up 15 to see Deadwood movie…….

  156. Holy shit, that’s funny!

    Just occurred to me: In Connecticut, the boy would have hyperventilated and fainted, and his Mom would call the cops and Mr. RFH would have been arrested for ‘threatening.’

  157. They have emergency-shut-down schools here because somebody found brass on the floor. Empty. I am not kidding.

  158. OK, off to bed. Hoping to not be sick tomorrow. It’s going to be too nice of a day for this nonsense.

    Goodnight shmoopies

  159. If you stream HBO, you should have access to all the episodes. Check Hulu too.

  160. Cauliflower is vile.

  161. Trying to get Dan to go to bed. I just discovered Once Upon A Time. I’m on season 5. Leftover meatloaf and deviled eggs were yummy. Fresh jalapeños make the difference. Gums are still en fuego.

  162. Dubliners expect riveting palaver.

  163. Cauliblogging

    Very clever!

  164. palaver
    I’ve seen the word before and, in context, might have known the implied meaning. In a derp I resorted to the electronic dictionary (edick for short).

  165. Senior Prom came and went for Mini Me. (Very nice picture of the couple). It will be hard for her to concentrate on school for the last part of this semester. At least it was for me. Actually that describes most of my senior year …

  166. So the oldest boy finally moved out over this weekend. He and a friend moved to an apartment in Brewer which is close to where each of them work. His family lives next door to us and he is the same age as Teddy. Similar tracks in life: fast food workers, video games, weed, not pursuing college. I finally lost my shit about a month ago when I woke up to take a leak in the middle of the night and on my way to the bathroom was overwhelmed with the smell of skunk weed and on the following day noticed that my razor had been used to shave who knows what. My superhero name is “The Catalyst”.

  167. Game of Thrones is worth the $15. that’s why I did.

    wakey wakey.

    Last night’s episode was a good one.

  168. It is with interest I read that Chicago’s Kim Foxx has been subpoenaed in the Smollett sham of a case. The likelihood of her receiving any real repercussions is small because, well, FOO (Friend Of Obama) and the usual shady reasons IYKWIM. Expect a show hearing and at worst a reassignment to some low profile spot that lets her keep her pension and benefits.

  169. Roamy, great pic. Love her dress. Mini-me looks so grown up. Love that style. (On my 30th anniversary I wore a short version similar to that one).

    I hope she had a wonderful time. She’s a great Catholic girl and deserves it.

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