MMM 364: Financing

I’ve got some running around to do in the immediate future, coping with us being a one-car family for the morning then heading to my credit union to arrange the loan for the new-to-us truck that’s eleven years younger than our old new-to-us truck.  In the midst of that I’ve got morning meetings to not attend.  Good times.

Camo pants.




Shoulder vein.


Abs and booty triptych.


Abs in the sunroom.




Is that the Mach 5 back there!?


How do people work out with those giant things on their heads?


Happy Easter, y’all.


  1. Would lemon bear dick punch all of these ‘ladies’.

    9/10 would LBDP.

  2. I’ll add that category for next week.

  3. Some of the filters in pictures these days are a bit weird. Everyone looks so airbrushed.

    The second to last one doesn’t even look real.

  4. The “Easter worshippers” thing isn’t just silly leftist political correctness. It’s a standard atheist slur against Christianity that the latter “stole” all of it’s holidays and beliefs from pagan religions.

  5. I generally don’t accuse people of malice when stupidity will do.

    All of the politicians have social media directors (GEOTUS excepted) that just copy what the other 22 year olds say. It’s a 22 year old thing to say that sounds clever and serious but in reality is dumb.

    All of the politicians that used the phrase ‘Easter worshippers’ went to church and then got day drunk at brunch. Their social media directors got day drunk and copied someone else’s tweet.

  6. I kinda dig chicks with visible veins.

  7. Second to last needs some sun. Possibly a vampire.

  8. I generally don’t accuse people of malice when stupidity will do.

    All of the politicians have social media directors (GEOTUS excepted) that just copy what the other 22 year olds say. It’s a 22 year old thing to say that sounds clever and serious but in reality is dumb.

    All of the politicians that used the phrase ‘Easter worshippers’ went to church and then got day drunk at brunch. Their social media directors got day drunk and copied someone else’s tweet.

    I think that it likely slipped through because for most leftists that kind of talk, even among nominal “Christians” is common. Hence why it didn’t sound weird to anyone.

    And yes, they just copy each other’s tweets.

  9. Urrrgh. Penelope’s phone went off with an amber alert at 4:00 AM. I’ve got all that stuff turned off on my phone. Can’t find the box to turn it off on hers.

  10. wakey wakey

  11. Local news discrediting that the Sri Lanka attacks were perpetrated by a “local militant group”. Just can’t mention any religious affiliation.

  12. “Discovering”. Autocorrect on this tablet is horrific.

  13. The weather here for Easter was spectacular. Open windows, cool air, get stuff done in the yard for our daughter kind of day. We had a really nice (for me keto) Brunch at her house. Ham used for Eggs Benedict. My sauce was really good and boy is Hollandaise simple. Need to make that more often. Hey, dickface, my casserole was fantastic, I just had a taste.

    I have never heard of the term “Easter Worshippers” sounds like fricken druids or something.

  14. Easter Worshippers makes it sound like a cult. You know, like Sun Worshippers, or Abortion Worshippers.

  15. To AOC…

  16. Your mom likes my hollandaise sauce.

  17. Keto is a commie plot.

  18. Corn flakes are the real commie plot.

  19. Apparently some people did something in Sri Lanka yesterday.

  20. Corn Flakes are a plot to steal your masculine essence.

  21. Actual fact.

  22. Shredded Wheat is where it’s at.

  23. And I find pale girl quite delightful.

  24. They’re all a bunch of bimbos.

  25. Dicking bimbos – best line Cheney ever muttered.

  26. No wait. That was Colin Powell.

  27. Speaking of dicking bimbos, how’s your mom?

  28. Speaking of dicking bimbos, where is Mare?

  29. I still prefer bangin’ skanks.

  30. I saw Bangin’ Skanks and Dicking Bimbos open for Wyld Stallyns.

  31. I’m gonna google bangin skanks just to see what shows up. BRB.

  32. A bunch of t-shirt ads. Whodathunkit?

  33. Whoa, surprisingly powerful moment for Sir Brianne of Tarth. Well done, GOT!

    Wut? You can’t just drop that and walk away. Whose head did she lop?

  34. WTF? Obama’s tweet was bad enough, but hillary?

    “On this holy weekend for many faiths, we must stand united against hatred and violence. I’m praying for everyone affected by today’s horrific attacks on Easter worshippers and travelers in Sri Lanka,”

    Pray tell me how many faiths celebrate Easter?

  35. Obama and Hillary ARE STUPID WHORES.

    No offense to whores.

  36. Yea, the fools in the argument room are completely on board with Easter Worshippers making perfect sense.

  37. Lets just say it’s a real feminist moment, beasn. Others have requested no spoilers.

  38. They just keep digging.

  39. Christian haters of the world, UNITE! Form of Dan and Joe!

    Coreen and Colleen will join in later.

  40. I can’t even with those a-holes in the argument room. Dan is either an extreme troll or his head is so far up his ass, his brain rotted.

  41. Jay, check your facechimp IM. I like spoilers.

  42. got it

  43. Also, I am 3 pounds heavier than I was yesterday morning. I did not overeat yesterday but did have one slice of ham and a brownie.

  44. Easter worshiper = people who were targeted because of their faith, but we won’t mention what faith that is.

    Holy weekend for many faiths = we won’t name the people who actually celebrate Easter, and if celebrating Easter means muslims donning suicide vests and blowing shit up, then yeah I guess they’re included too, plus everyone knows jews, hindus, and buddhists all color eggs, eat chocolate bunnies, and enjoy honey baked ham.

  45. What about the Rohingas you bigot!

  46. Where have all the young drivers gone?

    It’s depressing, really. Having a car meant freedom. Nowadays, why bother with the hassle of a car when you can play video games while living at home? Not to mention that millennials have been convinced by pop culture that everyone needs to live in a loft in a shitty part of the city, riding the bus or their bike everywhere, while working some new “knowledge” industry job.

  47. Go ahead and do spoilers, J’Ames. I’ll just avoid the interwebs for a while.

  48. Eh, seems like a rational evaluation on their part. God knows I frequently order from Amazon rather than drive to the store these days. Same with taking the pressure off of having to engage in face to face socialization. Which- the telephone did that to a certain degree, back in its day, too. You could check up on family without having to actually go there. I’m sure Hotspur remembers what it was like when you had to load up the wagon and fight Indians in order to go see Granny.

    Also; modern cars are completely uninspiring. They all have the same wind-tunnel-derived appearance and the ones in the middle class price range don’t seem very exciting to drive. Meh.

  49. *slams tiny fist on table*


  50. naw pepe, I’ll message her privately.

  51. I understand it to some degree. It’s difficult to find a decent used car for cheap in a lot of places these days, new cars are expensive and ugly, and the cost of gas keeps rising.

    Getting your license used to be a sign that you were entering adulthood, but we’ve slowly pushed back adulthood for successive generations.

  52. Also, it seems like a trend for schools is to ban student cars from campus as well as students from walking/biking to school. The result is that everyone has to either ride the bus or be chauffeured by a parent.

  53. *looks around*

    *spots Laura*

    *farts in her direction*

  54. That wasn’t a plane at all!

  55. *crumples, senseless, to the floor*

  56. *walks back into room*

    Hey, what happened to Laura?

  57. I got a new sports bra today. That’s sort of exciting.

  58. 32A?

  59. Winter weight has me up to a d cup. SO THERE.

  60. I added dried fancy mushrooms to my 8 min instapot (it’s a pressure cooker) cauliflower soup.

    OMG. so good.

  61. When I think of the great religions, I always think of Easter Worshipping first.

  62. F-150 replaced. Big red Tundra in driveway now.

  63. Does the back window roll down?

    Isn’t it awesome?

    Don’t keep anything flyaway in the cabin you can’t lose, it’s like a convertible pickup. Also the leaves and cigarette butts in the back will whirlwind right into the cab, but still awesome.

  64. Winter weight has me up to a d cup. SO THERE.

    L to R

    CARin, Mare…stage left Pup

  65. L to R, and R to L, Car in


  67. Well the term came from a bunch of Abortion Worshippers, so…

  68. Great point, Brother Cavil.

  69. Mare?

  70. Sister Mare.

  71. I hope everyone has had a spectacular Earth Day

  72. Was today earth day?

  73. Pepe, Dan turned off Amber Alerts. I did, most recent update cancelled my turn off. In NM, they are always at stupid times. Friend at work forgot to set his alarm. Made it to work on time, because of the Amber Alert. Remember the little girl and her brother that were abducted in the Four Corner area? Brother was found and they still didn’t issue the Amber Alert until they were “Sure” it was necessary. One dead little girl later….

  74. We’re still planning on sacrificing our 2001 Xterra and our 2014 Versa for a Kicks.

  75. One of my favorite movies this time of the year is The Passion of the Easter.

  76. For Earth Day I commuted 90 miles round trip in the 64 Falcon, the least efficient vehicle we own. Turned about 7 gallons of pasteurized processed dinosaur in to heat, sound, fun, and smiles. That car has two natural constituencies. Bikers and old black guys.

  77. Xbrad’s favorite movie this time of year is The Passion of Esther.

  78. For Earth Day I duct taped Pepe to the street in front of my house to act as a speed bump. Slow those cars SAVE THE PLANET!

  79. Good job, Will! Sounds like a fun family day.

  80. Will, it would be great if you could convince the Mrs. to occasionally pay us a visit.

  81. It was fun meeting her at the Banglar meatup in 2010.

  82. I’m ashamed of your antics on Earth Day. Shame!

    Not one tire fire.

  83. MJ is a dumpster fire, so that must count.

  84. Mrs. Peel and Aaron were home today, because the teachers at his school set up their “in service” day to back up to Easter and get a four day weekend. I took Sam to daycare in “the loud black car”, but he doesn’t really appreciate the rumble. He’s always been more sensitive to sound than Aaron ever was.

  85. She initially cut back on H2 because of Dick’s antics back in the day. Then she just got too busy to keep up with the roving chat room that is this place. We’re not piling up multiple 300+ comment threads these days, but she’s also busier than ever moving up in the management/administrative ranks. She gets her H2 news from me second-hand now.

  86. I was gonna blame Hotspur and mare.

  87. she’s also busier than ever moving up in the management/administrative ranks.

    I’m happy to stay a lab rat.

  88. I mean, more power to Mrs. Peel if that’s what she wants, but I’ve seen too many people leave the lab because they want a GS-14 or higher and end up desperately counting the days until they can retire or buying Zantac in the economy-size box to deal with all the frickin’ meetings.

  89. I don’t want management either, with the board we have at this time.

  90. My last meeting was about 25 years ago.

    I got up, slammed my head against the wall, and walked out.

  91. She never spent much time in the lab. She’s basically lived paperwork, management, and hardware delivery. This is a fairly natural progression for her. She likes having some executive input (aka bossing people around). The ability to telecon/telework is also huge for dealing with the curveballs the munchkins throw at us.

  92. Yeah, I don’t have as much telework as I used to. Once they slammed the firewall shut where I couldn’t check email from home, I pretty much quit doing telework. I have a desktop computer and refuse to trade it in for a laptop. I miss having the telework on days where my heart craps out on me.

  93. I see her commenting at the Mothership every now and then. Those losers don’t even recognize her importance in the Splitter movement.

  94. Oso, tell me about Ben Ray Lujan.

  95. In theory I have the option of telework, but I’m not going to try it until we get into July and the budget is done.

    One thing I do miss about working for my old company in Colorado Springs: telework was authorized, and if I only had to spend the day editing training slides, well I could do that just as easily from my couch with a beer in my hand.

  96. Same thing happened to Penelope’s phone, Oso. My alerts were off, but here got out on again. 4:01 in the morning., Perfect time to set off everybody’s alarm.

    Nightmares for Oso

    Finally watched the new GoT episode. Gotta figure out how to watch it sooner. Ended up streaming it on a tablet. We’ll figure out how to download it somehow. #nottechsavvy

  97. New nickname for Elizabeth Warren: Taxajawea

    I still like Lieawatha.

  98. Jesus, this autocorrect….

    Hers got turned on again.

  99. Ben Gay comes from a long line of corrupt Democrats. He was the DNCC chair and the 2018 House win is being credited to him and his ability to choose viable candidates. He’s on the fast track for House leadership, yet he chooses to run for Senate.

  100. He’s related to our new crappy governor. Lujan is a pretty good last name in NM.

  101. Dark energies remain potent.

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