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  1. In the pocket of Big Hostage

  2. That one about the wife suggesting a lane change hit a little too close for comfort.

  3. Any of the “looking for something” memes hit close to home for me.

  4. Rainy weekend for us. I’m in MA visiting my mom until Monday morning. She’s doing well. Modern chemo seems to be better tolerated than old school chemo. She showed me one of her surgeon’s office notes and told me that other than shaking her hand he never examined her. The note had every system of a full physical exam on it. Pretty sure that’s fraud. She mentioned it to her Oncologist who will hopefully reach out to the guy to clue him in to the fact not all his patients are clueless. She didn’t mention it to my nurse sister because she knows that won’t end well.

    In the grand scheme of things it probably means about a $20 difference in payment from the government so I’m sure it’s standard practice.

  5. Tattoo of a Bible verse…..me and my niece

  6. I hate being called a whore….

  7. haaahahhhhhahahaha, I see a husband/wife heavy meme set today.

    Husband looking for things, nailed it.

    And I love the Dr (I didn’t put a period because it could be Dr Pepper) telling the patient he should die. LOL

  8. “week kneed mees”


  9. Just read a story about how Ancestry d0t com pulled an ad where a southern man wants to run away with a black slave woman to be happy together. It was a huffpo article so no link. Lots of indignation followed.

  10. “Pretty sure that’s fraud.”

    All the cool kids are doing it.


  11. My last dentist was filling fake cavities. My mom’s last dentist tried to give her 5 crowns that weren’t needed.

    I bet fraud accounts for about 35% of healthcare cost.

    * submits $12,000 bill for reg reft *

  12. I changed eye doctors because the previous one was billing all of us for blepharitis, which none of us had. It showed up along with “high blood pressure” in my electronic medical record, and I had to protest to get it removed. He never checked my blood pressure, he just assumed I was taking Toprol for it.

  13. How goes the job search, TTroy?

  14. When I was taking my grandmother to dialysis, about twenty five years ago, the doctor would walk into the room and wave ‘Hi’ to her from the doorway across the room (this was a large room where multiple people were getting dialysis together). This brief movement of the hand generated a notice of medicare payment for an examination.

    Later, when I switched Dentists, all my dental problems went away. It’s important to find a dentist you trust because those ruthless fuckers will create cavities and also fill them in the same visit.

  15. wakey wakey

  16. About 25 years ago a young doctor fresh out of med school started a badly needed practice out in our little shithole dump of a town. His daddy and granddaddy were doctors up in Midland. This young fellow joined the local holy roller non-denominational speak in tongues and pass out carefully in the aisles church. And held himself out to be Mr. SuperChristian in the community. Within about 3 years Chevron and BP, two of the larger employers in town, made his services off limits to their employees. Their insurance got tired of the paper rapings he was delivering. He had to pack up and move his practice to Odessa. I’m not sure how he reconciled his hyper-christianity with his rampant appetite for insurance fraud.

  17. Ok, I have to motivate in a few. WOrk was buy last night, I did $1000 in sales. Slow start this morning, but I have stuff to do.

    Send me your best kick in the pants.

  18. Penelope took our son to the dentist when he was 5 or 6. Guy said he had 8 cavities and provided a treatment plan. Going to cost $3k or something. I had her visit another dentist who said there were no cavities at all. Nothing like a guy who would torture your child to make extra money. I was not happy. Refrained from breaking his legs, though.

  19. **waffling on whether to say “git ‘er done” to Carin or nothing so she’ll say “I hate you all so very much**

  20. The weather is terrible. Freezing. Overcast. Maybe if I went out and bought some cut flower, that would get me motivated?

  21. Calm down, Carin. Maybe you should just give up. Go crawl back into bed. It’s just not happening today.

  22. Cut flowers are for closers. Stop having dreams.

  23. Put on some Tool and QotSA and kick ass at life.

  24. I was up all night binging on the new season of Bosch. Now I’m being lazy about going to the gym.

  25. You should eat a sundae and watch cartoons for a couple hours, Colex.

  26. I don’t know why I keep watching “The Kitchen” other than it’s on after “Pioneer Woman”. One of them made the most disgusting looking bowl of seafood stew with a green sauce and purple potatoes, and everyone is telling him how wonderful it looks. It looks horrible.

  27. Why does Coalex get a sundae?

  28. A trip to the hardware store is in my immediate future, then some inside projects.

    I may never go back to Lowes, I went there in a hurry on a weekday evening and stood for 8 minutes at one of the two open checkouts, both about 6 customers deep. One guy’s card wasn’t working and his cashier was on the phone trying to get it straightened out. My cashier walked out of from the register to show her customer the Ring (TM) security camera/doorbell thingies that are in a cage against the wall. 8 minutes I stood there before I put my things back and went home.

  29. I turned off the tv. That’s the one accomplishment for today. But I do taht every day. I live in a house of tv turner on-ers. I turn it off.

  30. /tells Pupster’s table I will be right with them, while I bullshit with the other waitresses

    RIGHT with you.

  31. I’ve been with the same dentist for nearly 30 years. There have been a couple of times I wondered if he was yanking my chain about cavities he found conveniently between teeth. How do we know these f*ckers are on the up and up?

    A few of years ago, I almost fired him. It started off at a cleaning – where the once a year x-rays were taken. He looked at them, it’s all good, and sent me on my way. Six months later, he looked at that same x-ray and said ‘cavity’. I kick myself for not saying ‘WUT?’ at that point. Went in for the filling and it went downhill immediately. He shot me in the wrong place and mainlined the numbing agent = uncomfortable racing heart….and it didn’t take. Then while working on a half numb tooth, he was applying so much pressure, I thought he was going to break my jaw. I could barely open my mouth to eat or brush my teeth, for several days after, my jaw was so sore. And then at the point of objecting to how painful the procedure was becoming, he tells me ‘ah, lucky for you, I got out the last bit I needed to’.
    Don’t know if he was having a bad day, needed to pay off a bookie, if any of his kids needed bail money or what his problem was (did I somehow piss him off) but the next time I had a procedure done, he was very attentive and gentle.

    I didn’t leave his practice because we’ve been with him for so many years and most of his staff stick around for years. He’s still on probation with me, tho. He’s around age 60. I should start looking for someone else.

  32. Our Lowes has 4 registers at the self-checkout.

  33. Okay, off to try and finish the tile today.

  34. 8 minutes I stood there before I put my things back and went home.

    I wonder if retailers have done any kind of studies on the cost of losing disenchanted customers, not only on a daily basis but on a “I’ll never step foot back in that mofo” basis, versus the cost of having a couple of extra employees on hand to help customers get their shit and get out during a crush. WalMart gets a bad rap for long cashier lines, but understaffed retail outlets are everywhere. Maybe it’s the financial pressure from online vendors but giving customers a negative experience inside your store isn’t helpful in that battle.

  35. Modern cartoons suck. Everything went downhill after Darkwing Duck.

  36. Phineas and Ferb is pretty good.

  37. @ roamy

    I don’t have to start applying just yet. Ole man says 4-5 months for a orderly shutdown. I doubt it takes that long. I’m going to use the time to get in shape and then probably try to get on at the nuke plant.

  38. Phin and Ferb……Jimmie Neutron……Masha and the bear

  39. We were at a WalMart somewhere (AZ??) and there were 2 registers set up for cashiers (none available), and the rest were self checkouts.

  40. Heh, that’s funny, alex.
    I don’t need no ‘Seahag’ to strike down those who defy me. If I want to tap into my inner beast, just don’t put deodorant on that day.

  41. Pepe, the Walmart by my house has like 20 registers for cashiers – of which only maybe 4 or 5 are ever in use. There are probably another 20 registers for self checkout, that are always busy.

  42. When I owned my own retail store, how lines form and go from zero,to a unacceptable wait, became fascinating to me.

    You can be working at a decent clip to get good turnaround for your customers, but then rush hour + one customer’s question or their searching for change can mean a 10-deep line of angry people develops in a few minutes. You have to pay attention to the time of day and do everything you can to work swiftly and head off anticipated issues, *even when there is no line.*

  43. At least you put your things back Pupster. When that happens, maybe once every couple of years, I’ll just casually walk away with my basket left on the floor or my cart placed near an end cap. I try to go to the Walmart early on a weekday or not at all. Same with hardware stores or the grocery store. Hell, pretty much any shopping I do at a B&M store.

  44. Lowe’s used to get really bad for wait times when the irresponsible people who work there would constantly call out at the last minute and leave us short handed. I hated that because it meant I’d have to step up and ring for a few hours, and their cash register program was pretty foreign and complicated to me.

  45. I’ve noticed that too Lauraw. Sometimes when I’m buying groceries I’ll notice lots of people in the store and if I have a list I stick to it and rush to the checkout. If I finish my list and pull up to long lines I’ll go back and peruse the meat or liquor aisle again until the lines die down.

  46. And then there are the totally unreasonable people who think 8 minutes is too long a time budget for a trip to the store.

    *runs away while hollering whoop whoop whoop*

  47. Went out to get gas and stopped into a packie in downtown Middleborough. It’s convenient buying beer at the grocery but I do miss the neighborhood package stores in MA. I bought some grapefruit beer and the guy gave me a sample to make sure I’d like it. Narrow aisles jam packed with everything under the sun. Fun.

  48. Only one guy in front of me in line at the packie. Guy who might be a plumber or just wears the stereotypical uniform buying a couple of Bud Light 40’s. Probably doing a tile job in an old house.

  49. If he was buying a tarp, a shovel, and a bag of lime you’d know he was a married man tiling an old house.

  50. Aldi’s usually has only one register open, but they usually scan just as fast as I can put items on the belt. No bagging, though you have to watch them on fragile stuff. Had one throw a carton of blueberries into the cart, it broke open, and blueberries went everywhere.

  51. It’s raining out like pouring piss out of a boot.

  52. Stop pissing in the boots!

  53. Piss in Boots. (belongs in bad children’s books poat)

  54. It’s raining like a tall cow pissing on a flat rock. Not here though.

  55. Since we’re back to soup making weather, I made some mushroom soup today.

  56. If the line had moved once or twice in the 8 minutes I might have stuck it out. Nobody was checked out in all that time and there were still 5 people in front of me.


    Home Depot had 4 self and 4 cashiers working today, Saturday afternoon and there was no wait for me.

  57. I like the new self checkout at Home Depot.

    I go when it is slow and cash in all of my loose change.

  58. I caved and turned on the heat today. 43 degrees.

  59. We are still assembling furniture and unpacking boxes and putting things away. We have probably 10 boxes that have been moved from OH to TN to OH to MN to NC have not been opened. I know this because they still have the stickers on them from the first move and the good tape that those guys used. I don’t know what is in them, but it is well traveled.

  60. https://tinyurl.com/y658a7jq

  61. We’re up to 45. But it’s raining really hard. Turrible day.

  62. Comment by Car in on April 20, 2019 3:12 pm
    We’re up to 45. But it’s raining really hard. Turrible day.

    Perfect weather for a run!

    I just got back from the gym, and will hit the treadmill in a couple of hours.

    Then it’s salsa dancing tonight.

  63. It was dark, stormy and cloudy yesterday from about 12 to 5.

    Even Father mentioned it being Good Friday weather.

    It’s gorgeous but windy here today.

    Also, CAULK!

  64. My husband and I watched Passion of the Christ last night (not the first time but it’s been a few years). Hoo Boy that’s rough in spots. The actor who played Christ (too lazy to look up how to spell his name) was perfect. Good looking but not distractingly so. Didn’t overact.

    It seemed so different last time I watched it, but I can’t put my finger on it.

    Unlike your mother.

  65. Jim Caveizel, wasn’t it?

  66. That’s it, but I didn’t know how to spell it.

  67. I’ve found The One.

  68. Ain’t she a winner!?

  69. Making a cheesecake in the Instantpot for tomorrow. Dinner for 8 at some friends.

  70. Lazy Mare gets everybody else to do her work.

  71. I don’t understand the first meme in this post, with the candy.

  72. The high was 37 here 2 days ago. Right now, it’s 76 and blowing 25 mph.

  73. Is this Crossfit, Carin?


  74. I think he’s picking out his favorite flavors and giving his kid the remainder, Laura.

  75. Going to the Easter Vigil tonight. Only two people joining the church this year. Will say prayers for JimbroMom and OsitaMom.

  76. Probably doing a tile job in an old house.

    Pulls shorts up over butt crack.

    “If he she was buying a tarp, a shovel, and a bag of lime you’d know he she was a married man woman tiling an old house.”


  77. I finished laying the tile! WHOOP WHOOP!! I decided to tile from the window over to the corner of the shower and only had to cut down 4, 4 x 8s at the bottom and then somehow, it worked itself out with a little jiggling of the handle from me. I had to cut inch tiles over by the window but it’s okay.

    Will be grouting it this week and painting trim around doors. Beasnson is in town and helped his dad nailing up the trim.

    Beasnette lightly sanded closet shelves and wet swiffered the floor in the masterbedroom. Noone is allowed in their with their shoes on.

  78. Our Aldis is usually super busy. Most of the time they have 2 or 3 speedy cashiers.

    MIL is usually someone who holds the line up as she counts out each cent. But hey, when you’re 90, take all the time you need.

  79. When I was four, I sang the This Old Man song as, Piss Old Man because that is what I thought it was. Instead of just correcting me, my dad washed my mouth out with soap. Total injustice. Jerkface.

  80. Beasnson is in town and helped his dad nailing up the trim.

    It’s nice when dad and son can bond. Did they also get to work on the house?

  81. Is this Crossfit, Carin?



    That falls under the categaory – “would this be at all interesting if she were wearing more clothing”.

    Both in fitness and talent.

  82. That’s in response to Coalex ^^

    Both kids came to the house to help a little. They came together and then he left without telling her. So Mr. B. had her start cutting the grass.

  83. The first comment in that link is pretty funny.

    “Where were the wimmins? All I saw was Paul Bunyon and his younger tranny brother…”

  84. It’s a meme about working hard and sacrificing for others benefit, which of course became funny and corrupted, Lauraw.


  85. I did not know that meme. Funnier with the background. I saw Starburst candy and mentally blanked out.

  86. Today was brutal. Last night, I had to cashier in cafe. Today, I was running at the register. (Emptying carts at cashiered registers and then filling the carts.) We were extremely busy. Sam’s has Scan & Go. As long as I’m not buying alcohol, tobacco, or items over $700 dollars, I can shop and pay on my phone. No lines. Better than self-check. I adore Site to Store at WalMart.

  87. Happy Easter! Bawk Bawk

  88. Happy Easter!

    I was happy to be wrong, it was two baptisms tonight, five more people joining the church, and two more being confirmed.

    Everything went okay, though the priest spaced out during the Alleluia and remained seated. I stood up, and maybe a fourth of the congregation joined me. The rest followed the priest’s lead. Mini-me was altar serving and said she could see the stink-eye look on my face. (I was about two-thirds back, all the new people and their families get reserved front rows.) The choir got to the end of the Alleluias, and there was a long pause. Part of the congregation was still standing, most were still sitting. Father waits and waits and waits, then looks up at the choir and says, “Aren’t you going to sing the gospel acclamation?” (which is the Alleluia)
    Choir leader: “We just did, that’s all you get.”
    Father: “Oh. (pause) Sing it again.” and stands up.

  89. 🤣😘 I haven’t been able to attend a Holy Saturday in years. Late 80s. Retail is bad. We lit our candles and were part of the processional. My Aunt Monica: Why are you here? Get a program and go party. (Dr Muller thinks my mom is cancer free. Organs adjusting to not having huge tumor. Still not a candidate for plastic surgery)

  90. Danielle enjoys rambunctious parties.

  91. https://tinyurl.com/yx9hlexk

  92. I bet Roamy’s priest was exhausted from Holy Week duty. My mom was telling me how 2 priests cover 3 churches here. One of my HS classmates became a priest, he’s somewhere in MA in one of the crappy cities.

  93. Huh, just looked, he is now the pastor of a church in a nice little town

  94. Happy Easter all you God fearing rejoicers. As for the heathens, no chocolate bunny for you.

  95. Anybody headed to the bathroom? Take a piss for me, wouldja? I’m too comfortable to get up.

  96. *aims for Pendejo’s left boot*

  97. Buona Pasqua! Happy Easter, everbody!

    *loads jellybean shotgun*

  98. Jimbro, I’m sure he was exhausted. We helped take down the Lent decorations and the covers off the various statues after the Good Friday service, and we tried to help him with the Easter banners. He was being OCD enough that after an hour, we left him and one of the church employees to it and went home.

  99. Hmmm, local news is mentioning the bombings in Sri Lanka, but just says “churches” and doesn’t mention what type, also no speculation at all on perpetrators or motive. I wonder how long before it drops off the radar.

  100. One of my Faceplant friends went on a fine rant about where are Debra Messing, Mark Ruffalo, and Alyssa Milano now?

  101. https://tinyurl.com/y2utcrqj

    Hmmmmm, NYTimes on the bombings. Details, discussion of civil war, discussion of social media shutdown, way down in the article:

    “given Sri Lanka’s long history of ethnic and religious violence, including a nearly three-decade civil war that only ended in 2009, it was premature to jump to conclusions about whether radicalized Muslims might have played a role in the attacks.”

    The only mention of the “M word”.

    I wonder if everyone will have to wear crosses to show sympathy, like they wore hijabs in New Zealand.

  102. Happy Easter, Good People! And Hotspur!

  103. https://tinyurl.com/y49mlm3w

  104. seems legit

  105. It’s quiet. Too quiet.

    *loads Cadbury Egg cannon*

  106. HAPPY EASTER!! It’s going to be a beautiful day.

  107. We’re going over to BIL’s house later today. SIL left a voice message on husband’s phone. One of her nieces, the tomboy, who will be present at today’s festivities, has decided she is a he. So if we hear people calling her by her real name and another name, don’t react.
    Good grief. The infection spreads.

  108. Good luck beasness. I’ve successfully avoided using any pronouns in office visits with a few trans kids. It’s kind of weird but so are they so it’s a wash.

  109. After reading this article I demand my reparations


  110. Happy Easter. Don’t fall on your keester.

  111. House is clean. I have 2 and a half hours before anyone gets here. I’ve got time for a run.

  112. You should tailgate instead.

  113. https://tinyurl.com/y2xmu54z

  114. Good grief. The infection spreads.

    It honestly does. My fellow investigator in Seattle has a trans daughter (that’s the one who had the surgery within four months because they were afraid Obamacare would be overturned), and he said that he doesn’t know a single family that doesn’t have someone transitioning. His daughter is growing a beard now, which was disconcerting him, and I’m like, too late now, you idiot, where was your concern before she started this crap? Why didn’t you put your foot down then?

    There’s one of Mini-me’s classmates who decided that she is trans, but she’s doing it purely for attention and isn’t considering drugs or surgery, thank God.

  115. I have Instantpot beef stew cooking for lunch and sauerbraten in the crockpot for dinner. 9.5 lbs. of beef cooking on the countertop right now.

  116. https://tinyurl.com/y5lald47

  117. Well, I noticed where some people did something in Sri Lanka earlier today.

  118. https://tinyurl.com/y4ckxqjw

  119. Those people made me look up Sri Lanka again. I have a vague idea where it is, sort of near India and confirmed that this morning.

  120. We had turkey and ham with a bunch of sides prepared by Market Basket (supermarket chain in NE). Way more reasonable in price than the Thanksgiving meal from Asack’s Turkey Farm. Like 1/3 the price. Live and learn.

  121. https://allthatsinteresting.com/stuckie-mummy-dog

    News of the weird

  122. https://tinyurl.com/y4ckxqjw

    Roamie, nobody’s looking at her eyes….. 😉

  123. I have stamps from when it was Ceylon.

  124. Who knew the Sri Lankan Amish could be so violent.

  125. Well, they do make up 7.5% of the population, so….

  126. Happy Easter, y’all. My mom asked me to get her Cadbury Eggs. I got them at Sam’s. Dan: Should you really be buying a diabetic chocolate? Oso: It might end up being her last Easter, might as well make her happy. We arrive at rehab center. My mom is on the phone with my brother. Her eyes light up and she thanks me for the Cadbury Eggs. Continues to talk to my brother. Her blood sugar was in the 400s last night. She was given a fast acting insulin. Blood sugar fell to 39. Staff has been monitoring her all day. As we were walking to the car, Dan told me I probably just insured it was my mom’s last Easter. Fin. No $20

  127. Easter dinner at a restaurant was meh. Hanging out with the fam at the old homestead afterwards and watching youtube real estate videos for $100 million+ houses in Bel Air, laughing our asses off, was pretty fun.

    “What? This one is only $88 million?? Not interested, don’t waste my time with this piece of crap..” …” …that vanity costs $250,000 but it’s UGLY!,” etc.

    Some of these houses came with staff. I can’t even imagine it. A house that comes with PEOPLE. Anyway, that was kind of fun.

  128. My nephew’s gf just finished a nursing program and is orienting at a hospital in CT. Part of the orientation is a week of overnight shifts 7-7. After the third night she was on the way home and drove the wrong way on a one way right up to a cop who put the lights on. He heard her story and gave her a warning. The lap full of Cadbury eggs she was stress eating on the way home may have swayed him.

  129. Nice time at the BIL’s. SIL’s family was all there, including the confused girl. I remember her coming to dinner with us once when she was staying the week with our niece – about 5 years ago. Nice, chatty girl. Seemed well spoken and mature for her age. Puberty may have hit her later than usual and it seems to have messed with her head. She is 16 now and looks 12. Hair chopped off, boy cloths, binding her chest. Tons of angry acne which makes me wonder if she went on ‘T’.
    SIL is not happy.

  130. I ate a brownie. Who wants to bet that will put me 3 pounds heavier when I step on the scale tomorrow morning?

  131. If I had a couple of hundred million, I doubt I’d spend even a million on a house. Though I may employ a maid. And a cook.

    Now land? I’d buy a bunch of that.

  132. *loads M&Ms into BB gun*

  133. Skipped mass, went shopping, skipped tango class. Now I have a crockpot ragu cooking.

    I need to call my grandparents and wish them a happy Easter. That and maybe call mom and dad.

  134. What city, Jimbro.

  135. New Haven. Is that Yale?

  136. Probably. I think they have purchased everything in the area.

  137. They’re both good kids. Similar stories, 4 year degrees and extra education to get where they’re going. She took some nursing program for people with bachelors degrees in other fields and he was a poli sci major who is now working in a cancer clinic and taking the prereqs for med school. She’s living at home and until next month he’s been living with his parents too. They’re moving closer to my mom and he’s getting an apartment closer to work which is in Providence. I’m hoping they get married before too long.

  138. I used to make deliveries to Yale New Haven. There were miles and miles of underground tunnels that connected all of their buildings.

    That place is massive.

  139. Dinner went well. I just have a few more dishes to wash and then I can relax before GoT.

    Whore moufs. Shut. ’em.

  140. Car in, I’m not going to watch GOT because no cable. So summarize what went down on the first episode of this last season. Who died?

  141. Basically everyone gathered at Winterfell. And Tarly told Jon Snow “the secret”. No one died.

    Jamie Lannister arrived at Winterfell alone. Bran looked at everyone with ****meaning****.

    Winter is coming.

  142. EVERYONE is there. Except Cersi. Basically.

  143. Don’t get attached to the dog.

  144. Penelope and I watched the free episodes of GoT on HBO last weekend. I won’t pay for it, but she is going to try and download it tomorrow at the library. Her friend has a streaming HBO account.

    We’re going to have to figure out how to download Netflix and other stuff soon. DVDs are going to become a thing of the past soon.

  145. On a newsworthy note for some of you wimmenfolk, #1 son already managed to knock-up his bride. I’m not grandpa material. Urrrgh.

  146. Neither was MCPO, but have you seen him around lately? Yeah. It was nice knowing you, man. At least we have a few months to tell you how we feel about you, before the end comes.

  147. C3PO is an endless poster of pics of the amazing DG. Sohos has succumbed to the grand baby pictures. Carin posts pics of the Newfies. Social media recap.

  148. That’s exciting Pepe.

  149. It’s $18 a month. In perspective, that’s a few movie rentals (with late fees) for me.

  150. My cousin married his HS sweetheart after she graduated nursing school. He was trying to get into med school, but I don’t think that he was accepted. He’s now in nursing school, planning to be a nurse anesthetist. She’s an ER nurse. If the two of them decide not to have kids right away, they should be able to make big money and go wherever they want.

  151. At least we have a few months to tell you how we feel about you, before the end comes.

    Yea … it was nice knowing you. One of my friends is a grandma now and … it’s not pretty.

  152. Carin posts pics of the Newfies. Social media recap.

    I do post other stuff. People just demand the newfie pictures.

  153. I do post other stuff. People just demand the newfie pictures.

    If we didn’t you’d talk about Tool nonstop.

  154. f we didn’t you’d talk about Tool nonstop.

    Oh, just wait until the new Album is release. I’m guessing mid to late June.

  155. Mid to late June of what year?

  156. When I was a CPA, we did work for a nurse anesthetist. He was making $250,000+ 20 years ago. Had a gambling problem, though.

  157. I love newfie pics. Moose is an adorable bear. If you lived closer, I would totally invite you to the wedding so he could be the ringbearer. Daughter would love that.

  158. Congratulations Grandpa Pepe! This is gonna be great!

  159. And Tarly told Jon Snow “the secret”. No one died.

    What’s the secret?

    *still rooting for the dragons to burn it all down*

  160. Car in, Dan is a cunt.

    That is all.

  161. And Tarly told Jon Snow “the secret”. No one died.

    What’s the secret?

    That you have to think about good things and visualize them and they will occur.

    Tarly then tried to convince Jon to attend a time-share seminar in Boca.

  162. Mid to late June of what year?

    Hits the like button, a bunch of times.

  163. “I’m guessing mid to late June.”

    You can’t tell cats when to mate.

  164. Whoa, surprisingly powerful moment for Sir Brianne of Tarth. Well done, GOT!

  165. Congratulations, Pepe!!!! 🍼💕👣🎉

  166. Gonna be quite a week on GOT next week.

  167. No spoilers!

  168. https://tinyurl.com/y3vgwmho

  169. Lol


  170. We got Maisie Williams booty and sideboob. That’s good enough for this week.

  171. Congratulations, Pepe!

  172. For Oso


  173. Delightful Easter. Really pleasant.

  174. MMM inbound.

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