Mare’s Black Hole

First thing that popped into my head. Sorry for the visual.

Today we will be exploring dumb black hole memes. In case you live with TerribleTroy, a black hole is a made up thing that NASA people (looking at you RFH) use to distinguish the smart people from you people.

I have it on good authority that they don’t exist.

Exhibit A: a shitty picture of an out of focus orange man’s butthole.

Exhibit B: a guy in Connecticut tole me so.


  1. Is this where we talk about how black our holes have become?

  2. My CPA emailed me some payment forms for my taxes yesterday afternoon. Hoo boy … painful this year. I always owe some and plan accordingly with my savings to settle it. I did notice my account balances were rising this year and chalked it up to fewer big expenditures. Nope. Orange Man was giving more of my own money every week, now Pelosi wants it back to pay for additional Dreamers.

  3. Found a tick crawling on Rowan after he played frisbee again. Time for Bravecto again.

  4. WTFITS?

  5. I’ve come around on Mayor Buttlove, and I’m now hoping he gets the nomination.

    I’d really like to see what becomes of the Black vote in a Trump v Buttplug contest.

  6. Dammit, I KNEW This thread was here and I commented on the old one anyway! /puts on dunce hat and sits in corner

  7. BC, same here.

  8. I’d really like to see what becomes of the Black vote in a Trump v Buttplug contest.

    Harris/Buttigieg is a distinct possibility, and I don’t see black men turning out in large numbers to vote for that ticket.

  9. A lady at the bar last night was asking me political question, and she was trying to remember Buttigieg’s name and I said “you mean buttplug”? She almost fell out of her chair.

  10. Intersectionality don’t sell in the ‘hood.

  11. In a deep, almost providential irony, the author of Libido Dominandi lived two doors down from Buttbanger for quite some time. He just did an architecture chat with Patrick Coffin and dropped that nugget into the conversation.

  12. Your moment of baby Wisdom.


    I find it completely bizarre that Williams would believe that Islam could save British culture, but again, I sympathize with the desperation.

    A decade ago, I visited an old friend who was at that time living near Bath. She and her husband and I planned to go to dinner downtown in that beautiful ancient city, and she warned me that I might see some disgusting things. Binge drinking among the young was common, and she said I should not be surprised to see a number of teenagers and young adults vomiting in the streets when we left the restaurant. And so we did. It was just an ordinary Saturday night. Mind you, I was no slouch in my undergraduate years at LSU, regarding beer and spirits consumption, but this public drunkenness and vomiting was something I had never seen, not even at Mardi Gras. It was like stepping into a Theodore Dalrymple column.

  14. I see coalex has made his way to the argument room. When did you arrive?

  15. Last week, I think.

    I’m not dipping my balls into that pool just yet. I’ll stay on a lounge chair off to the side and observe.

  16. I’m working on a very long poat that is turning into a novel. So fuck all of you. I’ll post it when I’m damned good and ready.

    MJ, thanks for poating the Wookie’s hole.

  17. An empty cup begs to be filled.

  18. Maybe I’ll try to stir something up. It’s a shame you missed the train wreck that was Mikey. He was something else.

  19. Car in, exactly.


  21. I rarely binge drink in the bath. I don’t want to go like Whitney Houston did. It’s much safer to binge drink in the laundry room.

  22. If you’ve ever been inside a gothic cathedral (or other such structure) you know that the ceiling of stone is a self supporting structure independent of the roof structure.

    The roof structure is usually made of wooden timbers, hence the conflagration that occurred at Notre Dame, and hence the reason why the ceiling structure is mostly intact today.

    My question is why the fuck did they not have a fire suppression system in the attic to protect the roof structure? This is Two Thousand and Fucking Nineteen, you frog douchebags.

    And how did it take two fucking hours to get your 30 hour workweek, 6 week vacation asses to the site?

    The only reason Notre Dame wasn’t bombed in WWII is because you chickenshit fight with your feet and fuck with your face assholes surrendered in two weeks.

    The whole thing makes me want to puke. And yes, I will donate a significant sum to its reconstruction. Probably end up in the pocket of some lily livered frog bureaucrat.

  23. If they rebuild it, it should be rebuilt somewhere else, where it’s properly appreciated. No idea where that would be, but it’s time to knock the dust off the sandals and move on from France.

  24. Poland.

  25. Happy Birthday, Pupstah!!

  26. This whole fire has me thinking about that Follett novel “Pillars Of The Earth”

  27. And how did it take two fucking hours to get your 30 hour workweek, 6 week vacation asses to the site?

    Somewhere I read they’re even blaming the tourists.

  28. Right, because tourists don’t know what a siren means.

  29. Probably scared them into sitting in the middle of the road. You know, like civilized people always due when a siren goes off.

  30. There was a fire in Pillars too, right?


  31. Pupster has 7 birthdays a year, which is 358 less birthdays than Michael or PJmomma.

    Happy birthday, Pups, Michael, and PJM!

  32. no one even noticed I was gone.


  33. I did. I even commented about that tip.

  34. That was irritating to me, at dinner. Come on, guys, step it up! At least I wasn’t alone.

    The point was that a $200 cash tip was better than a credit tip. Maybe true, but that’s a technical point. Our waiter did a kick ass job. All the courtesy steps were followed. Only thing was that he was the fastest talking guy I’ve ever met. Hard to understand.

  35. Oops, I still had another window open from yesterday’s poat and commented this there…

    My white lilac is blooming, the trees are getting ready to launch their helicopters, and everyone’s lawn is lush. But best of all, all the birds sound so happy. Lots and lots of cardinals over at the rental house because there are lots and lots more very mature trees.

    *thinks into the future when we have to cut down the fat 50ft cottonwood*

  36. Heh beasn is in argument room too. This could get fun.

  37. lauraw, love your magnolia. There are a couple of houses on the block of our rental that have magnolias and they look so nice. Besides the ginormously wide cottonwood, in the front yard, we also have one of those smelly assed pears about ten feet from the house. That will be chopped down this summer and I’m going to replace it (further away from the house) with a magnolia or dogwood.

  38. jay, I’ve already commented once over there and then got too busy to look in and finish it. It was on something about pro-lifers being all pro-lifey and yet they support some bill that would hand out the death penalty to women who abort. Said I’d be good with it, especially if the baby was viable.

  39. A what would you do question…

    So, something went amiss – due to inexperience, bowed/out of level walls and stupidity – while tiling the bathroom walls (3 x 6 subway tiles) and we wound up with less than a 1/2 inch space in the corner of the shower – which would mean every other row up to the top we would either have to cut a sliver OR take a 4 x 8 tile and cut it down to 3 x 6.5. By the time we realized the mistake, we were already hot with frustration (SYWM) and it was too late to rip out 3 feet of 3 x 6 tiles. (I had to pull off a few to fix another mistake and it pulled off pieces of the waterproofing…pulling off 3 feet woulda had me cutting bishes.)

    Husband didn’t want to mess with slivers, so we went with the other option. It doesn’t look horrendous but it bugs when I look at it because it’s a reminder of the pain of it all.

    Anyway, we are now encountering the same problem on the other side. In our rush to get the corner of the room done, where the toilet sits, before the plumber came to hook it all up, we didn’t measure twice and started from the wrong ‘center’. I’m more skilled at cutting slivers, so should I cut those slivers or just cut the larger tiles down like we did on the other end of the shower?

    Or, just say ‘f*ck it’ and have one row out of whack and start the next one proper where there’d be no slivers or cutting down of the big tiles?

  40. Slivers.

  41. Larger tiles. You aren’t going to live there.

  42. Can you buy colored caulk?

  43. Corner trim won’t hide it?

    Well that was fun. We went out to pick up 3 pieces. 3.

    I inventoried 37.

  44. They’re going to start out with an intention to rebuild the cathedral, but after much graft and grift, it will end up a mosque anyway. Save your money, Hotspur.

  45. Jay, why didn’t you put down $85,000 on Tiger Woods?

  46. I was 84500 short

  47. Hotspur, concerning Notre Dame, I’m NOT calming down with you.

  48. Anyone know of a delicious (EASY) marinade for beef sirloin tips?

    If not, screw you.

  49. I gave this poat a thumb’s down because MJ is a jackass.

  50. scott, it’s where two walls meet in the shower.

    I’m not sure what to do. In all the ‘professional’ videos I’ve watched, they said to avoid slivers – I’m guessing because they’re hard to cut? Husband thought the cutting down the bigger tiles ingenious and wants us to continue that way but it’s screwing with my OCD. He doesn’t care and just wants to finish. I wouldn’t mind the cutting down the bigger tiles if the bigger tiles were 3 x 8 or 3 x 12…thus only one cut end. There are two cut sides in cutting down the 4 x 8 (I do try to smooth them with one of those stones.)

    Where’s hotspur and the thrashing he’d give any of his crew for creating such a problem?

  51. You know who this sounds like a perfect job for? Your future son-in-law.

    Four days off is plenty of time to figure out a solution.

  52. And it looks like that wall widens as it goes up.

  53. OMG, Coalex. Just no.


  54. Gah. It’s going to rain all week here. I have zero motivation. booooo

  55. It’s starting to get hot and humid here, however, today is one of those glorious days wherein it’s 80 degrees and low humidity and just gorgeous.

  56. For Car in, so she can start planning to participate next year.

  57. So … they rule out arson with “no evidence” but …

    “Investigators anticipate that the probe will be “long and complicated,” especially since much of the building involved is now little more than a pile of ash, and is unlikely to produce any “material evidence” of what, exactly, went wrong. It still may be a while until investigators can enter the building; firefighters and French officials have closed off the space until building inspectors can be sure the Cathedral’s stone facade is stable. “

  58. I think the fact they ruled out possible causes before the fire has gone out (yesterday) is telling.

  59. The New Mexico way would be to fill that huge gap with caulk, Beasn. The gap in the tile, SYWM.

  60. Sounds like fun. 35 pound pack.

  61. pepe said CAULK!

  62. My husband has suggested that, Pepe. He keeps telling me caulk takes care of all the gaps no matter how big.

  63. CAULK!!!!

  64. “Investigators anticipate that the probe will be “long and complicated,”

    I doubt it. It will be kinda like the investigation into the Vegas shooting. Short and then ‘POOF!’ Down the memory hole.

  65. I’d really like to see what becomes of the Black vote in a Trump v Buttplug contest.
    Trump gets 10% of the female black vote and 60% of the black male vote.

  66. My husband has suggested that, Pepe. He keeps telling me caulk takes care of all the gaps no matter how big.

    You forgot the part about “shut your whore mouths”.

  67. New poat.

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